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Program Committee Members

Sponsors' Representatives and Local Arrangements' Committees

Part One

A. Keynote Address

   "The Role of Small and Mid-Size Family Farms in American Agriculture, and USDA's Commitment  to Small Farmers"

      Jill Long Thompson

     Under Secretary, USDA-Rural Development

B. Research and Extension Needs as Seen by Farmers

    Kathy Bomar, Shelbyville, Tennessee

    Richard Molinar, Fresno, California

    David Serfling, Preston, Minnesota

C. 1996 Farm Bill

     Implications of the 1996 Farm Bill to small and Mid-Sized Farmers

      John Riley

      Congressional Liasion to Congressman Kirka De La Garza, U. S. House of Representatives

     Farm Bill Challenge for the Land-Grant System

     Fred Woods

     Policy Specialist, USDA-CSREES

D. Luncheon Address

    Linking Research and Extension to Meet the Needs of  Small and Mid-Size Family Farmers

    Dan Kugler

    Section Leader, Processing, Engineering and Technology, USDA-CSREES

   Alternative Agriculture

   Harold Benson

   Administrator, Kentucky State University

    Small Farms in North Carolina

    Daniel Godfrey

    Administrator, North Carolina A&T State University

Part Two ----Panel Discussion----

    Key Components of a National Policy for Small Farms

        Lou Anne Kling

        Suzanne Jenkins

        Erroll Mattox

        Fred Woods

Session A:----Technology Transfer----

    1. Adoption of Conservation Practices to Enhance Farm Programs

        James Ford


    2. Putting Research Technology to Work in the Agricultural Community

Mike Brown and Bill Tallent   


    3. Assisted Technology on the Small Farm

        Eileen Griffin and John Schweitzer

        AgrAbility Project

    4. Selecting the Right Tools and Equipment for Small Farms

        Ron Macher

        Small Farm Today, Clark, Missouri

Session B:----Environmental Issues----

    1. Environmental Concerns Create New Opportunities for Small Farms

        John E. Ikerd

University of Missouri

    2. Conservation Provisions of the 1996 Farm Bill and Their Impacts on Small Farmers

        Gary W. Jackson

University of Wisconsin

    3. Delivering Effective Educational Information to Improve Water Quality

        Fisseha Tegegne

       Tennessee State University

Session C: ---Program Delivery----

    1. Farm Clubs and the Agriculture Options Network

        Larry J. Smith

        University of Idaho

    2. Reaching the Agricultural Community by Electronics

        Dave Varner

        University of Nebraska

    3. An Alternative Educational Delivery Opportunity

        John G. Richardson

North Carolina State University

    4. Para-professionals: Teaching in a One-on-One Setting

        Terry Gibson

        Kentucky State University

    5. National Agricultural Library Databases: A Sampler

        Andy Clark and Mary Gold


General Session I ----Research and Extension Priorities---

    1. Forum on Research and Extension Priorities for Small and Mid-Size Farms

        Discussion Leaders:

            Colette DePhelps... Washington State University

            Mickie Swisher....... University of Florida

            Thomas Omara-Alwala... Lincoln University

    2. On-Farm Research and Extension Priorities for Small Farms

        Carol Miles

        Washington State University

    3. The Role of the Land Grant System in Meeting the Needs of the Limited Resource Farmers

        Sam Bass

        South Carolina State University

    4. Priorities of Farmer-Initiated Research and Education: A Midwestern Perspective

        Cornelia Butler Flora

        Iowa State University

General Session II:

Session C: ----Program Impacts and Accountability----

    1. Challenges in Documenting Program Impacts in Measurable Terms

        Desmond A. Jolly

        University of California Program

    2. Impacts and Accountability

        Mitch Geasler


    3. Making Evaluation Work for You

Robin Shepard

University of Wisconsin

Session D: ----Marketing Strategies----

    1. The Role of the Land-Grant System in Strengthening the Marketing Skills, Practices and Opportunities of Small Farmers

        Monika Roth

        Cornell University

    2. What Producers Need to Know About Research and Education to Develop a Strong Local Market

        Eric Gibson

        Placerville, California

    3. Customer Service Makes Good Business Sense

        James C. McConnon, Jr.,

        University of Maine

    4. Points to Consider in Pricing Your Product

        Albert E. Essel

        Virginia State University

Session E: ----Economic Opportunities----

   1. Business Opportunities for Small Farmers

        Dwight Carmon


    2. Value Added Opportunities for Small Farmers

        Alan E. Ware

        Kerr Center

         Poteau, Oklahoma

Session F: ----Social Issues----

    1. The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Providing Assistance to Small Farmers

        Edward J. Pennick

        Federation of Southern Cooperatives

    2. The Small Farmer and Social Issues

        Ntam Baharanyi & Robert Zabawa

        Tuskegee University

    3. What is a Farm and Why Does It Matter?

        Ronald C. Wimberley

       North Carolina State University

General Session III

Session A:

    1. Facilitating Market Access for Small Farmers

        Errol R. Bragg


    2. Land-Grant Universities in Support of Small Farm Families

        Edward "Ted" Wilson

       Deputy Administrator, USDA-CSREES

Session B: Reports from Concurrent Sessions

    1. Technology Transfer

        John Harris


    2. Environmental Issues

        John Ikerd

University of Missouri

    3. Program Delivery

        Alfred Wade

        Prairie View A&M University

    4. Economic Opportunities

        Joe Julian

        Colorado State University

    5. Social Issues

        Sarah Warren

        Alabama Consortium for Forestry Education and Research

Part Three ---- Contributed Papers

Early Rearing of Channel Catfish Fry in Aboveground Raceways and its Impact in the Farm Fingerling Production in Western Alabama

L. M. Bailey, J. C. Jones and J. R. Morrison

The Small Farmer Outreach, Training and Technical Assistance Project

Ntam Baharanyi, Bobby England, Bob Mants, Jeffrey Moore, Miles D. Robinson,

Nii Tackie, and Robert Zabawa

The Impact of Socio-Economic Factors on Sustainability of Agriculture in the Alabama Black Belt

Ntam Baharanyi and Andrei Cotton

Developing Aquaculture Businesses among under Represented Groups in Rural Communities

Carol Engle, Robert Rode and Nathan Stone

Environmental Issues for Small and Moderate Sized Farms

Joe Julian

Colorado State University

Agricultural Insurance Needs of Small Full-Time Farms

Robert Dismukes, Joy Harwood and Robert Hoppe

Overview of Small Farm Programs at the Land Grant Colleges and Universities

Denis Ebodaghe


Effects of Organic and Conventional Farm Practices on Soil Quality

M. E. Collins, E. E. Huntley, and M. E. Swisher

Exotic Meat Marketing

David Zimet

On-Farm Farmer-Conducted Research

John Mayne

A Program for the Retention and Expansion of the Aquaculture Industry in the Northern Mississippi Delta Region

R. Beck, C. Kohler, and S. Kohler

Addressing Organic Sustainable Farmers' Needs

Robert G. Hadad

Instant Recordkeeping Book for Small Farmers

Emmanuel Ajuzie

Developing A Small/Part-Time Farmer Cooperative

Terry Poole

Rutgers Farm Business Management/Marketing Training and Information Program

F. E. Adelaja and R.G. Brumfield

Ways to Grow: Alternatives for Small Farmers

Valerie F. MacAlpin and M. Ray McKinnie

An Innovative Means for Providing Information to Small Farmers in Nash County, North Carolina

John G. Richardson and James D. Stephenson

What Tasks are Appropriate for Farm Kids?

Dee Jepsen

A Computer for the Small Farm

Larry Dorsey

Response of Small and Mid-Size Ohio Farmers to Computerized Farm Recordkeeping

Dave P. Miller & Christopher T. Zoller

Expanding Marketing Opportunities for Small Farms in Athens County, Ohio

James M. Barrett, Gini M. Coover, Christopher D. Penrose, and Penne L. Smith

Sustainable Use of Goats as a Vegetation Management Tool

E. Nelson Escobar

Perceptions and Attitudes of Small Farmers in Tennessee Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Some Survival Strategies

S. Dennis, E.Ekanem, S.P. Singh, and F. Tegene

"Using Computers to Manage the Modern Farm:" A Series of Computerized RecordKeeping Workshops

J. C. Campbell, J.C. Castllaw, S.C Danehower, K.W. Ferguson, A. Galloway,

D.C. Gerloff, R. W. Holland, J. E. Jones, R. C. Lacy, J. H. Looft,

C. D. Manning, D. R. Perrin, and D. A. Yates

The Sex Life of Codling Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Rural Utah Pome Fruit Orchards

Diane G. Alston

Vegetable Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture: Attitudes, Practices and Needs

Dan Drost and Gilbert Long

The Women's Agricultural Network: Multiple Strategies for Evaluating Program Impact

L. L. Bartel, K. A. Duesterberg, and M. L. Peabody

Developing Programs for Start Up Farmers: Programs Targeting Women

L. Bartell, E. Barton, D. Browning, K. Duesterberg, A. Hausslein, D. Heleba, and M. Peabody

Part Four

Poster Abstracts

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