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Guide to Organic Marketing Support Organizations.  Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing and Trade Resources. Series Combined Title and Author Indexes: Guides 1-7.


Lady with basket selecting pineapples.

Compiled by:

Mary V. Gold
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
USDA, ARS, National Agricultural Library
Beltsville MD
January 2008

Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing and Trade Resources Series, Indexes

About this Series:

This series is comprised of seven Guides. Each guide is a subject-oriented compilation that focuses on a separate type of information or research source. Sources cited in each guide were selected based on their applicability to U.S. organic production and enterprises; ready availability, especially those that are free and online; and timeliness - most sources were created or updated within the past five years.

These compilations are not intended as definitive guides to Federal regulations and rules or to developing a fail-proof business or marketing plan. They will, however, lead the researcher to primary resources and agencies that impact organic marketing, import or export enterprises. Research beyond cited sources, for any marketing or trade project, is highly recommended. Although every effort has been made to provide the most current and correct information available, the author and the National Agricultural Library assume no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information resources presented.

Titles in this series are:

  1. Guide to U.S. Organic Marketing: Laws and Regulations
    U.S. Federal laws and regulations; state laws and regulations pertinent to marketing organic products; other organic-related certification programs; selected background documents about U.S. standards; general Federal food-related labeling and regulatory programs and information; general state food-related labeling and regulatory programs and information; related food safety resources

  2. Guide to International Trade in Organics: Laws and Regulations
    Exporting and importing organic products - U.S. regulations and information sources; selected international organic-specific law and policy sites; general U.S. export and import regulations, certifications and information; selected international general food law and policy sites

  3. Guide to Organic Marketing and Trade How-to Publications
    Organic-specific marketing publications; related alternative farm marketing publications; publications about international trade; selected business guides and enterprise budgets

  4. Guide to Organic Marketing and Trade Research Tools Online
    Internet portals, cyberguides and news services; business directories and commodity trading sites; organic price indexes; literature guides: catalogs, bibliographies, bibliographic databases; selected events calendars

  5. Guide to Organic Marketing and Trade Periodicals, Calendars and Trade Shows
    Trade and marketing magazines and e-zines; market research journals; selected events calendars and organic food trade shows

  6. Guide to Organic Market, Industry and Consumer Studies (2004-2008)
    Bibliography of publications with links to abstracts or full text

  7. Guide to Organic Marketing Support Organizations
    Selected national support groups and resources; where and how to find additional support

  8. Series Combined Title and Author Indexes: Guides 1-7

These guides are available online at

For more information, or to request print copies, contact the Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

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Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing and Trade Resources:
Series Combined Title Index Guides 1 through 7

Numbers refer to reference numbers in the text

2002 Farm Bill: ERS Analysis: Organic Agriculture Provisions   Guide I, 56
2007 Organic Cotton Market Report: Preliminary Highlights   Guide VI, 136
2007 Organic Farmer Survey   Guide VI, 137
The 6 Top Trends in Food Processing   Guide VI, 93

The ABCs of Marketing to Restaurants   Guide III, 36
About Organic   Guide I, 57
Accredited Certifying Agents   Guide I, 5
Accredited State Departments of Agriculture   Guide I, 35
Acres U.S.A. - The Magazine of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture   Guide V, 1
Adding Value through Environmental Marketing: Opportunities for Food Producers, Processors and Retailers   Guide III, 27
Adding Value through Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship: Overview and Resources   Guide III, 90
Administrative Measures for Certification of Organic Products 2005 [China]   Guide II, 39
Adolescents’ Attitudes Towards Organic Food: A Survey of 15- to 16-Year Old School Children   Guide VI, 138
Advertising Guidance (FTC)   Guide I, 158
Ag Risk Education Library   Guide IV, 76
AgEcon Search - Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics   Guide IV, 77
AgMRC Action Newsletter   Guide V, 2
AgMRC Value-added Directories   Guide VII, 34
The Agreements: Agriculture: Fairer Markets for Farmers (WTO)   Guide II, 118
Agribusiness Online   Guide IV, 1
Agricultural Biotechnology and Organic Agriculture: National Organic Standards, Labeling and Second-Generation of GM Products   Guide I, 58
Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources   Guide III, 91
Agricultural Marketing   Guide III, 92
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)   Guide VII, 3
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC): An Information Resource for Value-added
Agriculture   Guide IV, 2
Agricultural Outlook Forum 2004, Washington, DC, Feb. 19-20, 2004   Guide VI, 29
Agricultural Standards: The Shape of the Global Food and Fiber System   Guide I, 59
Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC): AgEcon Search: Agricultural and Applied Economics Resources on the Internet   Guide IV, 3
The Agriculture Network Information Center Ag Calendar   Guide V, 75
Agriculture: Food Safety (EPA)   Guide I, 186
Agriculture: Organic Farming (EPA)   Guide I, 25
Alcohol Beverages Labeled with Organic Claims   Guide I, 27
All Organic Links   Guide IV, 23
All Things Organic Conference and Trade Show   Guide V, 81
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)   Guide VII, 4
AMAD Agricultural Market Access Database   Guide IV, 78
Amber Waves   Guide V, 66
American Fact Finder   Guide IV, 98
American Farm Bureau (AFB)   Guide VII, 46
American Grassfed Association   Guide I, 39
American Journal of Agricultural Economics   Guide V, 67
American Journal of Alternative Agriculture   Guide V, 3
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Peer Evaluation Report and NOP Response   Guide I, 14
American Organic Standards   Guide I, 40
American Small Farm   Guide V, 4
AMS Eastern Cornbelt Organic Grain and Feedstuffs Report   Guide IV, 71
AMS Find a Farmers Market in your State: Farmers Market Search   Guide IV, 62
AMS Fruit and Vegetable Market News (FVMN) Portal   Guide IV, 72
AMS Market News   Guide IV, 99
AMS State Marketing Profiles   Guide IV, 100
AMS Upper Midwest Organic Grain and Feedstuffs Report   Guide IV, 73
AMS Weekly Certified Organic Poultry and Eggs   Guide IV, 74
An Empirical Analysis of Producer Perceptions of Traceability in Organic Agriculture   Guide VI, 19
An Experimental Investigation of Consumer Willingness to Pay for Non-GM Foods When an Organic Option Is Present   Guide VI, 105
Analysis of the Decision on January 26, 2005, by U.S. Court of Appeals for First Circuit, Boston Massachusetts, in Case of Arthur Harvey v. Ann Veneman, Secretary of Agriculture, No. 04-1379   Guide I, 66
Annual Guide to Food Industry Services   Guide IV, 24
Appetite for Change: How the Counterculture Took on the Food Industry   Guide I, 60
Approaching Foodservice Establishments with Locally Grown Products   Guide III, 37
Assessing Consumers’ Valuation of Cosmetically Damaged Apples Using a Mixed Probit Model   Guide VI, 60
Attaché Reports   Guide II, 8, 71   Guide IV, 122
ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service   Guide VII, 5
Auditing in the Food Industry - From Safety and Quality to Environmental and Other Audits   Guide III, 93

Basic Provisions, Federal Crop Insurance Reform, Insurance Implementation, Regulations for the 1999 and Subsequent Reinsurance Years; Group Risk Plan of Insurance Regulations for the 2001 and Succeeding Crop Years; and the Common Crop Insurance Regulation   Guide I, 29
The Battle between ‘Good’ And ‘Better’: A Strategic Marketing Perspective on Codes of Conduct for Sustainable Agriculture   Guide VI, 94
Behind the Label: A Guide for Retailers   Guide III, 28
Being the Shopper: Understanding the Buyer's Choice   Guide III, 94
Beyond Organic: Consumer Interest in New Labelling Schemes in the Central Coast of California   Guide VI, 95
Beyond Organic: Information Provision for Sustainable Agriculture in a Changing Market   Guide VI, 1
BioFach Newsletter   Guide V, 5
BioFach: Where Organic People Meet   Guide V, 82
Biofuels Send Organic Meat Prices Soaring   Guide VI, 202
Bioterrorism   Guide II, 95
Body-Care Brawl: Organic Labeling of Hydrosol   Guide VI, 2
Breaking into the Trade Game: A Small Business Guide to Exporting   Guide III, 81
A Brief Retrospective on the U.S. Organic Sector: 1997 and 2003   Guide VI, 96
Bringing Agricultural Products into the United States   Guide II, 96
Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions: A Resource Guide for Farm-to-School and Farm-to-Institution Programs   Guide III, 38
Building a Sustainable Business: A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses   Guide III, 95
Building Better Rural Places: Federal Programs for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry, Entrepreneurship, Conservation and Community Development   Guide VII, 50
Building Trust in Organics: A Guide to Setting Up Organic Certification Programmes   Guide I, 61
Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)   Guide II, 86
Business Basics for Alberta Food Processors   Guide III, 96
Business Data and Statistics   Guide IV, 101
Business Development   Guide III, 97
Business Planning and Management: Online Publications   Guide III, 98

Calendar of Events and Happenings   Guide V, 76
Calendar of Sustainable Agriculture Events   Guide V, 77
California Certified Organic Farmers Magazine   Guide V, 6
Canada Organic Regime: A Certified Choice   Guide II, 35
The Canadian Market for Organic Food and Beverages   Guide VI, 3
Case Studies of Direct Marketing Value-added Pork Products in a Commodity Market   Guide VI, 4
CBI AccessGuide   Guide II, 47
CBP Contacts   Guide II, 92
Census of Agriculture 2002   Guide IV, 102
Center for Cooperatives   Guide IV, 4
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)   Guide I, 166
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Food and Cosmetics: International Activities   Guide II, 100
Center for Minority Farmers   Guide VII, 55
Center for Rural Affairs   Guide VII, 6
Cert ID Non GMO Standard   Guide I, 41
Certification and Labeling Considerations for Agricultural Producers   Guide III, 1
Certification Archives: Questions about Handling   Guide III, 2
Certification Archives: Questions about Labeling   Guide III, 3
Certification of Organic Foodstuffs in Developing Countries   Guide III, 82
Certified Humane Raised and Handled   Guide I, 42
Certified Naturally Grown   Guide I, 43
Certified Organic Food Directory 2007-08   Guide IV, 25
Certified Organic Processors/Handlers   Guide VII, 25
Challenges Facing a Second Green Revolution: Expanding the Reach of Organic Agriculture   Guide VI, 97
Challenges in Measuring the Benefits of Organic Foods   Guide VI, 98
The Changing Face of Organic Consumers   Guide VI, 139
Chefs Collaborative: Partners in Local, Artisanal, and Sustainable Cuisine   Guide VII, 28
Chemical Properties and Consumer Perception of Fluid Milk from Conventional and Pasture-Based Production Systems   Guide VI, 140
China’s Organic Food Disappoints Consumers   Guide VI, 141
Choices of Marketing Outlets by Organic Producers: Accounting for Selectivity Effects   Guide VI, 99
Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issues   Guide V, 7
Choosing Organics: A Path Analysis of Factors Underlying the Selection of Organic Food Among Australian Consumers   Guide VI, 5
Civic Markets: Alternative Value Chain Governance as Civic Engagement   Guide VI, 100
Cloning Recommendation   Guide I, 19
Code of Federal Regulations, Part 101 - Food Labeling. Title 21 - Food and Drugs, Chapter I - Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health and Human Services   Guide I, 128
Codex Alimentarius - Organically Produced Foods   Guide II, 21
Collaborative Marketing: A Roadmap and Resource Guide for Farmers   Guide III, 99
Commerce Offices and Services near You (Directory)   Guide II, 89
Commercial Transactions   Guide I, 116
Commodities and Products   Guide II, 72
Commodity Policies and Product Differentiation: The California Milk Marketing Order and the Organic Dairy Sector   Guide VI, 142
Common Ground: Linking Health and Sustainable Agriculture   Guide VI, 6
The Community Farm   Guide V, 8
Community Farms in the 21st Century: Poised for Another Wave of Growth?   Guide VI, 7
Community Food Security Coalition - Related Websites   Guide VII, 29
Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC)   Guide VII, 7
Community Foods   Guide III, 39
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the Midwest United States: A Regional Characterization   Guide VI, 61
Community Supported Agriculture on the Central Coast: The CSA Grower Experience   Guide VI, 8
Comparative Analysis of the United States National Organic Program (7 CFR 205) and the European Union Organic Legislation (EEC 2092/91) and Amendments   Guide I, 62
A Comparison of Conventional and Organic Milk Production Systems in the U.S.   Guide VI, 143
Compliance Assistance (FSIS)   Guide I, 149
Congressional Caucus on Organic Agriculture   Guide I, 31
Considering Selling Value-Added Products at Shopping Malls: Not a Straightforward Issue   Guide III, 40
Consumer Goods Industries   Guide IV, 103
Consumer Interactions and Influences on Farmers’ Market Vendors   Guide VI, 144
Consumer Involvement and Perceived Differentiation of Different Kinds of Pork - A Means-End Chain Analysis   Guide VI, 145
Consumer Perception of Meat Quality and Implications for Product Development in the Meat Sector - a Review   Guide VI, 9
Consumer Perceptions of Pasture-raised Beef and Dairy Products: An Internet Study   Guide VI, 10
Consumer Perceptions of the Safety, Health and Environmental Impact of Various Scales and Geographic Origin of Food Supply Chains   Guide VI, 146
Consumer Preferences for Organic Standards: Does the Final Rule Reflect Them?   Guide I, 63
Consumer Protection (FTC)   Guide I, 159
Consumer Response to Functional Foods Produced by Conventional, Organic, or Genetic Manipulation   Guide VI, 11
A Consumer Survey of Specialty Food Shoppers: Understanding of the National Organic Program and Willingness to Pay   Guide VI, 12
Consumer Trends in Organic Food   Guide VI, 13
Consumers Torn between Buying Local and Buying Organic Food   Guide VI, 147
Consuming Ethics: Voluntary Certification vs Mandated Uniformity - Lessons from the Organic Food Industry   Guide VI, 14
Conveniently Organic   Guide VI, 62
Conventional Stores Go Organic   Guide I, 64
Co-op America's Green Pages Online   Guide IV, 26
Cooperative Extension System Offices   Guide VII, 64
Cooperative Grocer   Guide V, 44
Cooperative Grocer's Information Network (CGIN)   Guide IV, 5
Cost Share Program   Guide I, 9
Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Effects of Federal Regulation for Organic Products   Guide II, 36
Costs and Benefits of Marketing Differentiated Beef through Process Verification Systems   Guide VI, 63
Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 On Organic Production and Labelling of Organic Products and Repealing Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91   Guide II, 45
Country of Origin Labeling   Guide I, 136
Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)   Guide I, 117
Country Profile: China   Guide II, 42
Country-of-Origin Labeling: Theory and Observation   Guide VI, 15
County Business Patterns   Guide IV, 104
Court Finds in Favor of USDA in Organic Case   Guide I, 12
Crop Rotational Budgets for Three Cropping Systems in the Northeastern United States   Guide III, 127
The Crunch Lunch Manual: A Case Study of the Davis Joint Unified School District Farmers Market Salad Bar Pilot Program and a Fiscal Analysis Model   Guide III, 41
CSA Resources for Farmers: Selected Books, Reports, Articles, Periodicals and Videos Focusing on the Business of CSA Farming   Guide III, 42
Customer Willingness to Pay for Multi-Ingredient, Processed Organic Food Products   Guide VI, 16
Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers: Learning Marketing   Guide III, 4

Dairy Pay-Price Comparisons (DPPC)   Guide IV, 67
Davis Fresh Pro-Safe Certification Program   Guide I, 44
The Demand for Organic Food in the U.S.: An Empirical Assessment   Guide VI, 148
Demeter Certified Biodynamic©   Guide I, 45
Demographics of Consumer Food Spending - 2007 Edition   Guide VI, 149
Determining the Methods for Measuring the Economic and Fiscal Impacts Associated with Organic Crop Conversion in Iowa   Guide VI, 150
Differing Organic Standards Impede International Trade, Report   Guide I, 65
Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook   Guide III, 43
Direct Marketing of Fresh Produce: Understanding Consumer Interest in Product and Process-Based Attributes   Guide VI, 101
Direct Marketing Options: Online Publications   Guide III, 44
Directory for Organic Cotton and Organic Cotton Products   Guide IV, 27
Directory of Flower and Herb Buyers: Marketing Botanicals from the Farm or Wild   Guide IV, 28
The Directory of Organics in Canada   Guide IV, 29
Directory of Rural, Farmer, Rancher, and Fishery Cooperatives   Guide VII, 48
Directory of State Food Export Certificate Authorities   Guide II, 73
Disaster Readiness and Recovery: Legal Considerations for Organic Farmers   Guide III, 100
Discovering the Organic Spice Route   Guide VI, 17
Diversity of Livestock Systems and Definition of Animal Welfare, Proceedings of the Second NAHWOA Workshop, Cordoba, 8-11 January 2000   Guide II, 29
Do Food Labels Make a Difference? . . . Sometimes   Guide VI, 151

E-answers   Guide IV, 79
The Eat Well Guide   Guide IV, 30
Eating Better than Organic   Guide VI, 152
Ecolabel Value Assessment Phase II: Consumer Perceptions of Local Foods   Guide VI, 18
Ecological Citizenship and Sustainable Consumption: Examining Local Organic Food Networks   Guide VI, 102
E-Commerce for Farmers: Yes, You Can!   Guide III, 45   Guide IV, 105
The Economic and Social Values Consumers Place on All Natural/Healthy Beef Products and How this Value Added Commodity Effects Demand: A Literature Review   Guide VI, 153
The Economics of Organic Vegetables Production   Guide VI, 103
The Economics of Pasture Raised Animal Products: Food, Markets and Community   Guide VI, 154
Economist Intelligence Unit   Guide IV, 80
Elevating Antioxidant Levels in Food through Organic Farming and Food Processing   Guide VI, 64
Emerging Agricultural Markets Team   Guide III, 5
Empirical Investigation of Wholesalers’ Market Power with Organic Fresh Produce   Guide VI, 155
Energy-Efficient Grass-Based Meat and Veal Production and Marketing Manual   Guide III, 101
Enforcement Policy Statement on Food Advertising   Guide I, 160
Enhancing Commercial Food Service Sales by Small Meat Processing Firms   Guide VI, 20
Enterprise Budgets and Production Costs for Organic Production   Guide III, 128
Environmental Laws Affecting State Agriculture   Guide I, 33
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Agriculture   Guide I, 24
ERS Agricultural Exchange Rate Data Set   Guide IV, 106
ERS Agricultural Outlook: Statistical Indicators   Guide IV, 107
ERS Data   Guide IV, 108
ERS Food Consumption Briefing Room   Guide IV, 109
ERS Food CPI, Prices, and Expenditures Briefing Room   Guide IV, 110
ERS Food Marketing System in the U.S.   Guide IV, 111
ERS Foreign Agricultural Trade of the United States (FATUS)   Guide IV, 112
ERS North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Briefing Room   Guide IV, 113
ERS Organic Farmgate and Wholesale Prices   Guide IV, 75
ERS Organic Farming and Marketing Briefing Room   Guide IV, 114
ERS Organic Production   Guide IV, 115
ERS Outlook Reports   Guide IV, 116
ERS Procurement and Contracting by Organic Handlers   Guide IV, 117
ERS State Fact Sheets   Guide IV, 118
ERS Subject Specialists Directory   Guide IV, 63
ERS World Trade Organization (WTO) Briefing Room   Guide IV, 119
EU and U.S. Organic Markets Face Strong Demand Under Different Policies   Guide VI, 104
Europa - Eurostat   Guide IV, 120
The European Consumer and Organic Food   Guide VI, 21
European Consumers’ Conceptions of Organic Food: A Review of Available Research   Guide VI, 22
The European Market for Organic Food: Revised and Updated Analysis   Guide VI, 23
European Organic Food Market   Guide VI, 156
Evaluate your Organic Grain Marketing Opportunities   Guide III, 6
Experimental Study of Health Claims on Food Packages: Preliminary Topline Frequency Report   Guide VI, 157
Export Arrangements and Recognition Agreements   Guide II, 30
Export Arrangements with Japan   Guide II, 49
Export Inspection and Weighing Waiver for High Quality Specialty Grains Transported in Containers   Guide II, 10
Export Library   Guide II, 105
Export Potential for Organics: Opportunities and Barriers [Australia]   Guide II, 32   Guide II, 88
Exporter Registration   Guide II, 82
Exporting Food and Cosmetics from the United States   Guide II, 101

Face to Face Farming and Eating: Personal Relationships in Alternative Food Systems   Guide III, 46
Factors Affecting Consumer Choice and Willingness to Pay for Milk Attributes   Guide VI, 65
Fair Trade Certified   Guide I, 46
Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide   Guide III, 83
FAIRS [Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards] Export Certificate GAIN Reports   Guide II, 74
Fancy Food Shows   Guide V, 83
FAO/WHO Food Standards Codex Alimentarius   Guide II, 20
FAOLEX   Guide II, 111
FAOSTAT   Guide IV, 121
Farm Direct Marketing: Guide to Educational Resources   Guide III, 47
Farm Fresh: Direct Marketing Meats and Milk   Guide III, 48
Farm Loan Programs - Farm Service Agency (FSA)   Guide VII, 58
Farm Management Planning Guides   Guide III, 129
Farm to Hospital: Supporting Local Agriculture and Improving Health Care   Guide III, 49
FARMDOC - Farm Decision Outreach Central   Guide III, 102
Farmer Resource Guide: Managing Risk Through Sales to Educational Institutions   Guide III, 50
Farmers and their Diversified Horticultural Marketing Strategies   Guide III, 51
The Farmer's Legal Guide to Producer Marketing Associations   Guide III, 103
Farmers' Market and Store Finder   Guide IV, 31
Farmers Market Resource Guide   Guide III, 53
Farmers Market Search   Guide VII, 32
Farmers Markets and Small Farm Marketing Strategies Project: Case Studies   Guide III, 54
Farmers' Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities   Guide III, 55
Farmers' Markets Today   Guide V, 9
Farmer's Pledge   Guide I, 47
Farmers’ Market Handbooks   Guide III, 52
Farmland Information Center/Library (FIC)   Guide VII, 8
FarmWorld Agricultural Exchange (FAE)   Guide IV, 32
FAS Attaché Reports   Guide IV, 122
FAS Export/Import Statistics for Bulk, Intermediate, and Consumer Oriented (BICO) Foods and Beverages   Guide IV, 123
FAS Overseas Offices (Directory)   Guide II, 75
FAS Production, Supply and Distribution Online   Guide IV, 124
FAS Publications and Reports Index   Guide IV, 92
FAS Subject Directory   Guide IV, 64
FAS U.S. Export Sales Reports   Guide IV, 125
FAS U.S. Supplier List   Guide IV, 65
FAS U.S. Trade Internet System   Guide IV, 126
FAS Worldwide   Guide V, 10
FDA EAFUS: A Food Additive Database   Guide IV, 93
FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Directory of State and Local Officials - 2006 Edition   Guide I, 175
Federal Court Requires Stricter Organic Rules on Synthetics, Non-Organic Ingredients, and Dairy Feed   Guide I, 66
The Federal Food Safety System: A Primer   Guide I, 178
Federal Regulation of Organic Food: A Research Guide for Legal Practitioners and Food Industry Professionals   Guide I, 67
Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP)   Guide I, 143
FedStats   Guide IV, 127
Filling Their Sales: If Organic Food is so Popular, Why are so Few Farms Transitioning Their Land?   Guide VI, 158
Final Results of the Fourth National Organic Farmer’ Survey: Sustaining Organic Farms in a Changing Organic Marketplace   Guide VI, 24
Finding a Service Provider (GIPSA Directory)   Guide II, 83
Fish-Eye Lens Frames Wild and Organic Debate   Guide I, 68
FITA Global Trade Portal   Guide IV, 33
Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers   Guide III, 7
The Food Alliance (TFA)   Guide VII, 9
Food Alliance Certified   Guide I, 48
Food and Cosmetic Guidance Documents   Guide I, 167
Food and Values: An Examination of Values Underlying Attitudes Toward Genetically Modified and Organically Grown Food Products Guide VI, 66
Food Chemical News   Guide V, 45
Food Cooperative Directory   Guide IV, 34
Food Export Association of the Midwest USA   Guide II, 16
Food Export USA (Northeast)   Guide II, 14
Food Industry [Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC)]   Guide IV, 81
The Food Industry Center   Guide VII, 36
Food Industry News Internet Edition   Guide V, 46
The Food Institute Report   Guide V, 47
Food Labeling   Guide I, 118
Food Labeling and Nutrition   Guide I, 168
Food Labeling Compliance Review   Guide I, 127
Food Labeling Fact Sheets   Guide I, 150
Food Law and Regulations   Guide I, 122
Food Law Web Site   Guide II, 107
Food Law.Org   Guide I, 123
Food Laws and Regulations   Guide I, 124
Food Marketing and Processing (FoodMAP)   Guide IV, 6
Food Master: Buyers Guide   Guide IV, 35
Food Miles: Background and Marketing   Guide VI, 203
Food Processing   Guide V, 48
The Food Processing Center   Guide VII, 37
Food Processors North America 2007   Guide IV, 36
Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) of 1996   Guide I, 129
Food Regulation and Trade: Toward a Safe and Open Global System   Guide II, 109
Food Safety   Guide I, 179
Food Safety Briefing Room   Guide I, 185
Food Safety Information Center (FSIC)   Guide I, 184
Food Safety Magazine   Guide V, 49
Food Safety: A Team Approach   Guide I, 180
Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA)   Guide IV, 82
Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book   Guide I, 151
Food Technology   Guide V, 50
Food Technology Buyer's Guide   Guide IV, 37
Food Traceability Report   Guide V, 51
FoodMAP - Food Marketing and Processing   Guide III, 104
Foodnews   Guide V, 52
Foodsafety.Gov: Gateway to Government Food Safety Information   Guide I, 182
Foodsafety.Gov: Government Agencies   Guide I, 174 International (Web Site Directory)   Guide II, 110
FoodUSA,   Guide IV, 7
Foreign Accredited Certifying Agents   Guide II, 3
Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), U.S Department of Agriculture   Guide II, 5
Free-range Poultry Production and Marketing: A Guide to Raising, Processing, and Marketing Premium Quality Chicken, Turkey and Eggs   Guide III, 105
Frequently Asked Questions - Organic Alcohol   Guide I, 28
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Import Manual   Guide II, 64
Fresh Produce Audit Verification Program   Guide I, 137
From Organic and Natural to Fair Trade   Guide VI, 106
Frozen Food Age   Guide V, 53
Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: Looking Ahead to 2020   Guide VI, 25
Fruit and Vegetable Marketing for Small-scale and Part-time Growers   Guide III, 106 - The Global Fresh Produce Portal   Guide IV, 8
FTC Models Advertising Policy on FDA Food Labeling Standards   Guide I, 161
Funding Opportunities   Guide VII, 51
Funding Resources for Farmers' Markets   Guide VII, 59
Funding Resources: Rural Information Center   Guide VII, 49
Funding Sources for New Farmers   Guide VII, 52
Funding Sources for Transitioning Farmers   Guide VII, 53
Funds Availability: Rural Development   Guide VII, 60

The Global Market for Organic Food and Drink: Business Opportunities and Future   Guide VI, 107
Global Market Review of Organic Food - Forecasts to 2012   Guide VI, 108
Global Organic Food   Guide VI, 159
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)   Guide I, 49
The Globalization of Organic Agro-food Networks   Guide VI, 26
Going Organic: The Profits and Pitfalls   Guide VI, 109
Good Food, Good Business   Guide III, 8
Good Organic Retailing Practices Training Manual   Guide III, 29
Got Organic Milk? Consumer Valuations of Milk Labels after the Implementation of the USDA Organic Seal   Guide VI, 160
Gourmet News   Guide V, 54
The Gourmet Retailer Magazine   Guide V, 55   Guide IV, 9   Guide VII, 63
Grass Fed Marketing Claim Standards   Guide I, 139
Grazing Contracts for Livestock   Guide III, 107
Greener Choices: Eco-Label Center   Guide I, 38
GreenMoney Journal   Guide V, 11
GreenPeople   Guide IV, 38   Guide IV, 39
Grower Perspectives in Community Supported Agriculture   Guide VI, 27
A Growing Appetite for Healthy Pet Food   Guide VI, 161
Growing for Market: News and Ideas for Market Gardeners   Guide V, 12
Growing Sprouts in Retail Food Establishments: CFP Issues 02-III-01 and 04-III-012   Guide I, 187
Growing your Range Poultry Business: An Entrepreneur's Toolbox   Guide III, 108
The Growth in Organic Agriculture: Temporary Shift or Structural Change?   Guide VI, 28
The Growth of the Organic Market: Producers’ Perspectives   Guide VI, 29
Guidance Documents: Textile, Wool, Fur Apparel, Leather   Guide I, 162
Guidance for Industry: Voluntary Labeling Indicating Whether Foods Have or Have Not Been Developed Using Bioengineering (Draft Guidance)   Guide I, 169
The Guide for Security Practices in Transporting Agricultural and Food Commodities   Guide III, 109
Guide to Food Laws and Regulations   Guide I, 126
Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables   Guide I, 188
A Guide to Successful Organic Marketing Initiatives   Guide VI, 30
Guide to U.S. Certifying Agents   Guide VII, 24
Guide to US Organic Certifiers   Guide IV, 41
The Guide: The Packer Produce Availability and Merchandising Guide   Guide IV, 40
Guidelines for Exporters of Cut Flowers to the European Market   Guide III, 84
Guidelines for Exporters of Fruit and Vegetables to the European Market   Guide III, 85
Guidelines for Exporters of Medicinal Herbs to the European Market   Guide III, 86

The Handbook of Organic and Fair Trade Food Marketing   Guide III, 87
Handbook of Organic Food Processing and Production   Guide III, 30
Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture, Volume 1   Guide VI, 31
The Hartman Report on Sustainability: Understanding the Consumer Perspective   Guide VI, 162
Health vs. Environmental Motivation in Organic Preferences and Purchases   Guide VI, 67
A Hedonic Analysis on the Implicit Values of Fresh Tomatoes   Guide VI, 110
Herb Consumers’ Attitudes, Preferences Profiled in New Market Study   Guide VI, 68
Herbal Green Pages   Guide IV, 42
Herbal Harvest: Commercial Organic Production of Quality Dried Herbs   Guide III, 9
HerbWorld Online: Herbal Business Tools   Guide IV, 10
The Hidden Life of Clothing   Guide VI, 32
Holistic Management International (formerly the Savory Center)   Guide VII, 10
Horticultural Business Information Network: A Guide to Strategically Managing Green Industry Firms   Guide IV, 11
House Committee on Agriculture, Subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture   Guide I, 32
How Low has the Farm Share of Retail Food Prices Really Fallen?   Guide VI, 111
How Much Do Americans Pay for Fruits and Vegetables?   Guide VI, 33
How the Media Missed the Organic Story   Guide I, 69
How to Add Oomph to ‘Organic’   Guide I, 70
How to Direct Market your Beef   Guide III, 57
How to Direct-Market Farm Products on the Internet   Guide III, 56
How to Say it Organically   Guide VI, 69
How Will Imported Organic Agricultural Product Be Handled under the National Organic Standards?   Guide II, 4

Identifying Barriers to Entry into the Organic Market and Possible Strategies to Increase the Likelihood of Success for Potential Organic Producers   Guide VI, 163
If You Can’t Trust the Farmer, Who Can You Trust? The Effect of Certification Types on Purchases of Organic Produce   Guide VI, 34
If your Farm is Organic, Must it Be GMO-Free? Organic Farmers, Genetically Modified Organisms, and the Law   Guide III, 10
IFST: Current Hot Topics: Organic Food   Guide VI, 70
IFT Events   Guide V, 78
IFT Food Laws and Regulations Division   Guide II, 108
Impact of International Organic Markets on Small U.S. Producers   Guide VI, 164
The Impact of Message Framing on Organic Food Purchase Likelihood   Guide VI, 35
Implications of Organic Certification for Market Structure and Trade   Guide I, 71
Import   Guide II, 93
Importing Food and Cosmetics into the United States   Guide II, 102
Improving Sustainability in Organic and Low Input Food Production Systems. Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of the European Integrated Project "Quality Low Input Food" (QLIP) University of Hohenheim, Germany, March 20-23, 2007   Guide VI, 165
Improving the Safety and Quality of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: A Training Manual for Trainers, Section IV   Guide I, 124
Indexes Guide 3
Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiology A)   Guide IV, 83
Industry Assistance (   Guide I, 183
Industry Events   Guide V, 79
Influence of Information about Manufacturing Process on Beer Acceptability   Guide VI, 36
Influencing Consumer Purchase Likelihood of Organic Food   Guide VI, 112
Information about Food Allergens   Guide I, 172
The Inspectors' Report   Guide V, 13
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)   Guide VII, 11
Institute for Food Laws and Regulations (IFLR)   Guide VII, 12
International Agricultural Trade   Guide II, 57
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)   Guide II, 22
International Food Legislation Online Guide   Guide II, 112
International HACCP Alliance   Guide VII, 38
International Harmonisation of Organic Standards and Guarantee Systems   Guide I, 72
International Harmonization   Guide II, 23
International Issues (NOP)   Guide II, 2
International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food   Guide V, 68
International Marketing Services   Guide II, 59
International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS)   Guide II, 24
International Organic Inspection Manual   Guide III, 11
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)   Guide I, 50
International Portal on Food Safety, Animal and Plant Health (IPFSAPH)   Guide II, 113
International Resources - Organizations, Standards, Regulations, and Information (FAS)   Guide II, 7
International Trade Administration (ITA)   Guide II, 87
Internationalization of the Organic Fruit Market: The Case of Washington State’s Organic Apple Exports to the European Union   Guide VI, 71
The Internet is a Farming Tool   Guide III, 58
IPM [Integrated Pest Management] Product and Service Recognition Programs and Information   Guide I, 53
ISO 65: Agriculture   Guide I, 51
ISO 67: Food Technology   Guide I, 52
It's a Natural   Guide I, 73

Japan: Organic Products: U.S. Organic Export to Japan: Export Procedures 2004   Guide II, 50
Johanns Offers $1 Million to Defray Costs of Organic Certification for Producers in 15 States   Guide I, 10
Journal of Food Distribution Research   Guide V, 69
Journal of Food Law and Policy   Guide V, 70
Journal of Food Products Marketing   Guide V, 71
Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing   Guide V, 72
Journal of Marketing   Guide V, 73 Business Knowledge Providers   Guide IV, 12

Key Points about Regulations   Guide I, 74
The Key to Successful Direct Marketing: Use your Head!   Guide III, 12
Korea, Republic of: Organic Products: Organic Certificate Requirements 2004   Guide II, 52
The Kosher and Halal Food Laws   Guide I, 131
Kosher Organic: Double Certified   Guide VI, 113

Labeling of Pesticide Products under the National Organic Program   Guide I, 26
Laws Enforced by the FDA and Related Statutes   Guide I, 130
Laws Enforced by the FDA and Related Statutes   Guide I, 164
Legal Guide for Farm Marketers   Guide III, 59
A Legal Guide to the National Organic Program   Guide I, 75
The Legal Lowdown on the Organic Rule   Guide I, 76
Linking Farms with Schools: A Guide to Understanding Farm-to-School Programs for Schools, Farmers and Organizers   Guide III, 60
Links Organic: Find an Organic Business   Guide IV, 43
Livestock and Seed Auditing Services (AMS)   142
Livestock and Seed Program   Guide I, 138
Local and Organic: Bringing Maryland Organics from Farm to Table   Guide VI, 37
Local Food Directories   Guide IV, 44
Local Food Directories   Guide VII, 30
Local Harvest   Guide IV, 45
Local Harvest   Guide VII, 45
Local Organic Food: The Social Implications of Sustainable Consumption   Guide VI, 38
LOHAS E-Weekly News   Guide V, 14
Looking at Consumer Behavior in a Moral Perspective   Guide VI, 39

MAC Link List   Guide IV, 84
Mainstreaming America to Organic Processed Food   Guide VI, 40
Managing the Liability and Risks of Farm Direct Marketing and Agritourism   Guide III, 61
Market Farm Forms: Spreadsheet Templates for Planning and Organizing Information on Diversified Market Farms   Guide III, 110
Market Farming Success: An Insider's Guide to Market Gardening and Farming   Guide III, 111
Market News and Transportation Data   Guide I, 135
Market Power in Direct Marketing of Fresh Produce: Community Supported Agriculture Farms   Guide VI, 72
Market Research Workbook   Guide III, 112
Market Trends: Natural, Organic and "Eco-Friendly" Pet Products   Guide VI, 73
Marketing Alternatives for Specialty Produce   Guide III, 113
Marketing Fact Sheets   Guide III, 62
Marketing Guidebook: The Comprehensive Source for Grocery, Drug and Mass Merchant Insights   Guide IV, 46
Marketing Manual and Web Directory for Organic Spices, Herbs and Essential Oils   Guide III, 88
Marketing Manual and Web Directory for Organic Spices, Herbs and Essential Oils   Guide IV, 47
Marketing on the Edge: A Marketing Guide for Progressive Farmers   Guide III, 63
Marketing Options for Commercial Vegetable Growers   Guide III, 114
Marketing Order Impact on the Organic Sector: Almonds, Kiwifruit and Winter Pears   Guide VI, 41
Marketing Orders   Guide I, 119
Marketing Organic Milk in the United States: Findings from the Agricultural Resource Management Survey of 2005   Guide VI, 166
Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers   Guide III, 115
Marketing to Independent Retailers   Guide III, 64
Marketing to Restaurants   Guide III, 65
Market-Led Growth vs. Government-Facilitated Growth: Development of the U.S. and EU Organic Agricultural Sectors   Guide I, 77   Guide IV, 85
Measuring and Communicating the Benefits of Organic Foods   Guide VI, 114
Measuring and Communicating the Environmental Benefits of Organic Food Production   Guide VI, 115
Meat and Poultry Labeling Terms (Glossary)   Guide I, 152
Meat, Poultry and Egg Product Inspection Directory   Guide I, 153
Memorandum to All USDA Accredited Certifying Agents: Certification of Agricultural Products That Meet NOP Standards   Guide I, 13
Merchandising Organic Products   Guide III, 31
Mexico's Organic Products Law 2006   Guide II, 53
Microbial Food Safety Considerations for Organic Produce Production: An Analysis of Canadian Organic Production Standards Compared with US FDA Guidelines for Microbial Food Safety   Guide VI, 42
Midwest Organic Farmers See Benefits from "Coop"-perating   Guide VI, 74
Mintel Identifies Lunch Opportunities in New Report   Guide VI, 167
Modeling Fresh Organic Produce Consumption: A Generalized Double-Hurdle Model Approach   Guide VI, 116
Move to Earth-Friendly Packaging   Guide VI, 168

NAL AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access)   Guide IV, 94
NAL Marketing and Trade   Guide IV, 20
NASS Agricultural Prices Monthly (PAP-BB)   Guide IV, 128
NASS Agricultural Statistics Hotline   Guide IV, 129
NASS Commodity Specialist Search   Guide IV, 66
NASS Products and Services   Guide IV, 95
NASS Statistics by State   Guide IV, 130
National Agriculture Release Program (NARP)   Guide II, 94
National Agri-Marketering Association (NAMA)   Guide VII, 44
National Animal Identification System (NAIS)   Guide I, 145
National Commodity and Agricultural Organization Sites   Guide VII, 43
National Demand for Fresh Organic and Conventional Vegetables: Scanner Data Evidence   Guide VI, 117
National Farm to School E-Newsletter   Guide V, 15
National Farm to School Regional Lead Agencies   Guide VII, 31
National Farmers' Union (NFU)   Guide VII, 47
National Immigrant Farming Initiative (NIFI)   Guide VII, 56
National List Information   Guide I, 6
National Organic Directory   Guide I, 37
National Organic Program   Guide I, 22
National Organic Program (NOP)   Guide I, 1
National Organic Program (NOP)   Guide II, 1
The National Organic Program (NOP): What Agricultural Professionals Need to Know   Guide I, 80
National Organic Program Background   Guide I, 78
National Organic Program: Background Information  Guide I, 79
National Organic Program Regulatory Text   Guide I, 2
National Organic Program State Contacts   Guide VII, 22
National Organic Program, Sunset Review (Federal Register Notice)   Guide I, 15
National Organic Rules Backgrounder: Implementing the Organic Foods Production Act   Guide I, 81
The National Organic Standards and Retailers   Guide III, 32
National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)   Guide I, 18
The National Provisioner   Guide V, 56
Native Americans and Alaska Natives: A Guide to USDA Programs   Guide VII, 57
Natural and Ethical Consumers 2004: Profit from the Rise of Ethical Consumerism   Guide VI, 75
Natural and Organic Food and Beverage Industry Trends: Current and Future Patterns in Production, Marketing, Retailing, and Consumer Usage   Guide VI, 118
Natural Food Network Magazine   Guide V, 16
Natural Foods Merchandiser   Guide V, 17
Natural Foods Merchandiser Online Directory   Guide IV, 48
Natural Grocery Buyer   Guide V, 18
The Natural Marketplace: Annual Tradeshow and Conference   Guide V, 84
Natural Products Expo - West and East   Guide V, 85
Natural Products Field Manual   Guide III, 33
Natural Products Industry Insider   Guide V, 19
Natural Products Marketplace Report 2007   Guide VI, 169
‘Natural’ to gain momentum in 2008   Guide VI, 204
NaturalFoodNet   Guide IV, 13
Naturally Raised Marketing Claims   Guide I, 140
Navigating the Health Claim Maze   Guide I, 132
NBJ’s Organic Foods Report 2006   Guide VI, 119
The New Biopesticide Market   Guide VI, 120
New Complaint Places Organic Fraud in Spotlight Again   Guide I, 82
The New Farm Farm Locator   Guide IV, 49
The New Farm Organic Price Report (OPR)   Guide IV, 68
The New Farm: Farmer-to-Farmer Know-How from The Rodale Institute   Guide V, 20
The New Farmers' Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas to Make Market Sales Sizzle   Guide III, 66
New Generation Cooperatives: Case Studies: Expanded 2001   Guide III, 116
New Mexico Organic Producer Marketing Guide   Guide III, 13
New Nutrition Business   Guide V, 21
New Product Development - Mapping the Process   Guide III, 117
New Products Magazine   Guide V, 57
A New View of U.S. Agriculture - State-by-State Factsheets on Top Agricultural Commodities, Organic Sales, and Regulations on Genetically Engineered Foods   Guide VI, 121
New Zealand Organic Products Market Brief 2001   Guide II, 55
The Non-GMO Sourcebook   Guide IV, 50
The Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) Program   Guide II, 60
NOP and NOSB Collaboration on Grower Group Certifications   Guide I, 17
NOP Collaborate with NOSB on Organic Grower Group Certification   Guide I, 83
NOP Reading Room   Guide I, 3
North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA)   Guide VII, 13
NOSB Debates Organic Seafood   Guide I, 84
NSF International   Guide I, 54
Nutrition Business Journal   Guide V, 22
Nutrition Labeling in the Food-Away-from-Home Sector: An Economic Assessment   Guide VI, 76
Nutritional and Natural Products Industry Center: NPI Center   Guide IV, 14
The NxLevel Training Network   Guide VII, 41

OCIA Communicator   Guide V, 23
OECD Workshop on Organic Agriculture, 23-26 September 2002, Washington D.C., United States   Guide II, 28
OFARM Quarterly   Guide V, 24
Office of International Programs (FDA)   Guide II, 98
Office of Regulatory Affairs (FDA, ORA) Import Start Page   Guide II, 99
OMRI Generic Materials List   Guide IV, 51
OMRI Materials Review   Guide V, 25
OMRI Products List   Guide IV, 52
OneCert International Organic Standards   Guide II, 31
Opportunities and Challenges for Organic from the Retailing Perspective   Guide VI, 122
Organic ‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations’ — A Thing of the Past?   Guide I, 98
Organic Agriculture Worldwide   Guide IV, 53
Organic Agriculture: A Global Perspective   Guide I, 95 Organic Agriculture: Sustainability Markets and Policies, OECD Workshop on Organic Agriculture, Washington DC, September 23-24   Guide I, 72, 103
‘Organic’ and ‘Conventional’ Grain and Soybean Prices in the Northern Great Plains and Upper Midwest: 1995-2003   Guide VI, 44
Organic and Alternatives   Guide VI, 43
Organic and Natural Foods Sector Profile: Mexico   Guide II, 54
The Organic and Non-GMO Report   Guide V, 26
Organic and Wellness News   Guide V, 27
Organic Apples - Okanagan Valley, Slender Spindle - 1210 Trees/acre   Guide III, 130
Organic Aquaculture   Guide IV, 96
Organic Aquaculture Symposium   Guide I, 20
Organic Beef Hits Mainstream Stores   Guide VI, 77
Organic Beverages   Guide VI, 170
Organic Business News: The Voice of the Organic Food Industry   Guide V, 28
Organic Bytes   Guide V, 29
The Organic Center   Guide VII, 14
Organic Certification, Farm Production Planning, and Marketing   Guide III, 14
Organic Consultants   Guide VII, 26
Organic Consulting Services   Guide VII, 27
Organic Consumer Trends Report (OCTR) 2007   Guide VI, 171
Organic Consumers Association (OCA)   Guide VII, 15
Organic Consumers: A Demographic Portrayal of Organic Vegetable Consumption within the United States   Guide VI, 172
Organic Co-ops Taking Root   Guide VI, 78
The Organic Cotton Site   Guide IV, 15
Organic Crop Production Enterprise Budgets   Guide III, 131
Organic Demand Forces Adjustment for Baking Industry   Guide VI, 79
Organic Demand: A Profile of Consumers in the Fresh Produce Market   Guide VI, 173
Organic Dilemma: What Rules Personal Care?   Guide I, 85
Organic Directory Online   Guide II, 25
Organic Enterprise Budgets   Guide III, 132
Organic Eprints   Guide IV, 86
Organic Exchange   Guide IV, 16
Organic Exemption: Exemption of Organic Handlers from Assessments for Market Promotion Activities under Marketing Order Programs   Guide I, 11
Organic Export Directory Online   Guide IV, 54
The Organic Farmer’s Guide to Marketing and Community Relations   Guide III, 15
Organic Farmers' Market and Store Finder   Guide VII, 33
Organic Farmers’ Agency for Relationship Marketing (OFARM)   Guide VII, 16
Organic Farming - Facts and Figures [EU]   Guide II, 44
Organic Farming [EU] Guide II, 43
Organic Farming and Marketing: Publications from the United States Department of Agriculture, 1977-
2006   Guide IV, 97
Organic Farming Compliance Handbook: A Resource Guide for Western Region Agricultural Professionals   Guide I, 78, 80;   Guide III, 17
Organic Farming in Europe - Country Reports   Guide II, 46
Organic Farming Practices: 2007 Insurance Fact Sheet   Guide I, 30
Organic Farming Practices: 2007 Insurance Fact Sheet   Guide III, 16
Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF)   Guide VII, 17
Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health: QLIF Congress 2005   Guide VI, 80
Organic Feed Grain Markets: An Analysis of Structure, Organization, and Potential for Virginia Producers   Guide VI, 174
Organic Food   Guide I, 86
Organic Food Companies Get in on Cosmetics Act   Guide VI, 175
Organic Food Demand: A Focus Group Study Involving Caucasian and African-American Shoppers   Guide VI, 123
Organic Food Development Center, SEPA of China (OFDC)   Guide II, 41
The Organic Food Market   Guide VI, 177
Organic Food Marketing and Distribution in the European Union   Guide VI, 178
Organic Food Processing - Principles, Concepts and Recommendations for the Future. Results of a European Research Project on the Quality of Low Input Foods   Guide VI, 124
Organic Food: Consumers’ Choices and Farmers’ Opportunities   Guide VI, 176
Organic Food: Understanding the Consumer and Increasing Sales   Guide VI, 45
Organic Foods and Beverages: A Global Strategic Business Report   Guide VI, 179
Organic Foods and the USDA National Organic Program   Guide I, 87
Organic Foods in the United States 2007   Guide VI, 180
Organic Foods Manufacturing and Marketing   Guide VI, 81
Organic Foods Offer a Better Way to Farm and a Better Way to Eat - So Why are They Under Siege?   Guide VI, 82
Organic Foods Production Act Backgrounder   Guide I, 88
Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 (OFPA)   Guide I, 21
Organic Goldenseal Production Enterprise Budget   Guide III, 134
Organic Grapes, Organic Wine: The Harvest is Bountiful, but the Labeling Controversy is Still Fermenting   Guide I, 89
Organic Guarantee System   Guide II, 26
Organic Industry Roots Run Deep   Guide I, 91
The Organic Label: How to Reconcile its Meaning with Consumer Preferences   Guide VI, 46
Organic Link   Guide II, 19
Organic Livestock Production Standards   Guide II, 29
Organic Marketing and Economics   Guide III, 17
Organic Marketing and Labeling: Online Publications   Guide III, 18
Organic Marketing Resources   Guide III, 19, 20
Organic Marketing Study Papers   Guide VI, 84
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)   Guide I, 23
Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)   Guide VII, 18
‘Organic’ Milk Needs a Pasture   Guide I, 92
Organic on the Menu: Healthy Eating Trends in Foodservice   Guide VI, 125
The Organic Pages Online   Guide IV, 56
Organic Personal Care Update   Guide I, 93
Organic Pork Production: A Two-litter Pasture Farrow-to-Finish Budget   Guide III, 135
Organic Poultry and Eggs Capture High Price Premiums and Growing Share of Specialty Markets   Guide VI, 126
Organic poultry gaining in specialty market competition   Guide VI, 181
Organic Processing Magazine: Strategies for Best Practices in Food, Fiber and Personal Care   Guide V, 30
Organic Produce, Price Premiums, and Eco-labeling in US Farmers’ Markets   Guide VI, 47
Organic Producers and Marketers Exempted from Commodity Promotion Assessments   Guide I, 94
Organic Production [Canada]   Guide II, 33
Organic Products (FAS)   6
Organic Products [Canada]   Guide II, 34
Organic Products Market in China 2006 [China, Peoples Republ ic of, Organic Products]   Guide II, 40
The Organic Report   Guide V, 31
The Organic Sector: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Associated Key Issues   Guide II, 37
The Organic Standard   Guide V, 32
Organic Standards and Certification   Guide I, 95
Organic Standards: By Whom and for Whom?   Guide I, 96
Organic Supply and Demand   Guide VI, 182
Organic Trade Association (OTA)   Guide II, 11
Organic Trade Association (OTA)   Guide VII, 19
Organic Trade Association Adopts Organic Fiber Processing Standards   Guide I, 97
Organic Trade Association Calendar of Events   Guide V, 80
Organic Trade Association’s 2007 Manufacturer Survey   Guide VI, 183
Organic Views of Nature: The Debate Over Organic Certification for Aquatic Animals   Guide VI, 48
Organic, Inc.: Natural Foods and How They Grew   Guide I, 90
Organic, Low- and No-Sugar Labels are Key to Success   Guide VI, 83
OrganicAgInfo   Guide IV, 88
Organic-Market.Info   Guide IV, 55 - Abstracts Database   Guide IV, 87
Organics Here to Stay, but Category Could Use a Cleanup   Guide VI, 127
Organics...Misbranding and Misrepresentation under PACA...What It Means to You   Guide I, 99
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries   Guide II, 114
OTA's Organic Export Program   Guide II, 12

Packaging and the Environment: The Shoppers’ Perspective   Guide VI, 205
Packaging Materials   Guide I, 154
Packaging Naturally   Guide VI, 128
Packaging World:   Guide IV, 17
The Packer   Guide V, 58
The Packer Fresh Trends   Guide VI, 184
Pathway to Organic for Processors: Marketing and Sales   Guide III, 34
Pathway to Organic for Producers: Marketing   Guide III, 21
Pathway to Organic for Producers: Organic Crop Budgets   Guide III, 136
Peas n' News   Guide V, 33
Perceived Risks of Agro-Biotechnology and Organic Food Purchases in the United States   Guide VI, 129
Perceptions of Genetically Modified and Organic Foods and Processes: North Dakota College Students   Guide VI, 85
Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA)   Guide I, 120
Personal Care Task Force Fact Sheet   Guide I, 100
Perspectives of small retailers in the organic market: Customer satisfaction and customer enthusiasm   Guide VI, 130
Phil Foster Ranches: A Case Study of an Organic Vegetable Farm   Guide III, 22
Phytosanitary Regulation of the Entry of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables into the United States   Guide II, 67
Place, Taste, or Face-to-Face? Understanding Producer — Consumer Networks in ‘Local’ Food Systems in Washington State   Guide VI, 86
Plunkett's Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry Almanac   Guide IV, 57
Policies Supporting Organic Food Markets in the EU: Analyses by Stakeholders in 11 European Countries   Guide II, 48
Policy Dialogue on Promoting Production and Trading Opportunities for Organic Agricultural Products   Guide II, 18
Prairie Organic Grain Prices   Guide IV, 69
Predicting Consumers’ Acceptability of Pesticide-Free Fresh Produce in Canada’s Maritime Provinces: A Probit Analysis   Guide VI, 185
Prepared Foods   Guide V, 59
The Price Premium for Organic Babyfood: A Hedonic Analysis   Guide VI, 49
Price Premiums Hold on as U.S. Organic Produce Market Expands   Guide VI, 87
Prior Notice of Imported Foods, Prior Notice System Interface (PNSI)   Guide II, 103
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Marketing of Organic and Regional Values   Guide VI, 186
Produce Business   Guide V, 60
Production Contracts   Guide I, 121
Profitability and Risk of Organic Production Systems in the Northern Great Plains   Guide VI, 50
Profitability of Organic Cropping Systems in Southwestern Minnesota   Guide VI, 51
Progressive Grocer   Guide V, 61
Promoting Organic Food: Information Policy versus Production Subsidy   Guide VI, 52
Proposed Japanese Agricultural Standards for Organic Livestock   Guide II, 51
The Provender Journal   Guide V, 34
Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 - Prior Notice of Imported Foods   Guide I, 170
Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 - Registration of Food Facilities   Guide I, 171
Purchasing Organic Food in U.S. Food Systems: A Study of Attitudes and Practice   Guide VI, 131

Quarantine 56 [USDA APHIS]   Guide II, 65

Raising a Glass to (Almost) Organic Wine   Guide VI, 187
Reading Rooms: National Agricultural Law Center   Guide I, 115
Ready-Meals Going Local, says Datamonitor   Guide VI, 188
Recent Canadian Wholesale Prices for Organic Fruit and Vegetables   Guide II, 38
Recent Canadian Wholesale Prices for Organic Fruit and Vegetables   Guide IV, 70
Recognize and Investigate Value-Added Opportunities and Constraints   Guide III, 118
Regional Contacts - RCD Councils   Guide VII, 54
Regulating Organic: Impacts of the National Organic Standards on Consumer Awareness and Organic Consumption Patterns   Guide I, 101
Regulatory Barriers in International Horticulture Markets   Guide VI, 53
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems   Guide V, 74
Research and Markets   Guide IV, 89
Resources for Small and Very Small Plants   Guide I, 155
Resources for Small Food Processors and Potential Entrepreneurs   Guide IV, 18
Retail and Consumer Aspects of the Organic Milk Market   Guide VI, 189
Retail Dilemma: Where to Put the Healthy Stuff?   Guide VI, 88
Retailers Ready for the National Organic Program   Guide I, 102
Retailing Organics: Your Gatekeeping Guide   Guide III, 35
Review: Use of Methods of Research into Consumers’ Opinions and Attitudes in Food Research   Guide VI, 54
RIC Community Development Resources: Business   Guide IV, 21
RIC Small Farm Funding Resources   Guide IV, 22
Roadmap of U.S. Organic Food Markets - An Industry Outlook   Guide VI, 190
The Role of Government Standards and Market Facilitation   Guide I, 103
The Role of Health Consciousness, Food Safety Concern and Ethical Identity on Attitudes and Intentions Towards Organic Food   Guide VI, 206
The Role of Sensory Experiences and Information on the Willingness to Pay for Organic Wheat Bread   Guide VI, 191
Rural Cooperatives Magazine   Guide V, 35
Rural Development - Library of Publications   Guide III, 119

Safe Sell Dairy: Creative Ways to Sell Dairy Products Safely at Farmers' Markets   Guide III, 67
Sales Service, and Promotion for Successful Agricultural Ventures   Guide III, 120
Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures   Guide II, 119
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)   Guide I, 55
Seal Success with Store Certification   Guide VI, 192
Selling Certified Organic Produce to Retail Produce Markets in the Upper Midwest   Guide III, 23
Selling Directly to Restaurants and Retailers   Guide III, 68
Selling Local Food to Restaurants and Food Services: Why and How   Guide III, 69
Selling Produce to Restaurants: A Marketing Guide for Small Acreage Growers   Guide III, 70
Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers   Guide III, 71
Selling to Institutions: An Iowa Farmer’s Guide   Guide III, 72
Selling your Products Through Mail Order   Guide III, 73
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)   Guide VII, 42
Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen’s Guide to Community Supported Agriculture   Guide III, 74
Should There Be a Limit on the Size of Organic Farms?   Guide I, 104
Small Business Guide to FDA   Guide I, 165
Small Farm News   Guide V, 36
Small Farm Resource Guide   Guide VII, 65
Small Farm Today   Guide V, 37
Small Farms/Alternative Enterprises: Enterprise Budgets   Guide III, 137
Small Organic Farms and Local Markets: How to Assess Organic Compliance: A Tool for Market Growers, Market Managers, Produce Buyers, Extension Agents, and Others   Guide III, 24
Small-Scale Egg Production (Organic and Nonorganic)   Guide III, 138
Smart Marketing   Guide V, 38
Socio-Economic Aspects of Animal Health and Food Safety in Organic Farming Systems. Proceedings of the 1st SAFO Workshop, Florence, Italy, 5-7 September 2003   Guide I, 96
Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture: From Pioneer to Policy   Guide I, 105
Some Thoughts on Selling at Markets   Guide III, 75
Southern U.S. Trade Association (SUSTA)   Guide II, 15
Southwest Marketing Network (SWMN)   Guide VII, 20
Specialty Food Magazine   Guide V, 62
Stagnito's New Products Magazine 2007 Suppliers Guide   Guide IV, 58
Starting an Ag-Business? A Pre-Planning Guide   Guide III, 121
State Agriculture Departments   Guide I, 176
State Agriculture Departments   Guide VII, 66
State and Local Government on the Net: A Directory of Official State, County, and City Government Web Sites   Guide I, 176
State and Local Governments, Food Laws and Regulations Division   Guide I, 173
State and National Partners: Directory of State/Territorial Land-Grant Universities and Cooperative Extension Programs   Guide I, 177
State Contacts (NOP)   Guide I, 36
State Cooperative Specialist Contacts   Guide VII, 61
State Departments of Health   Guide VII, 39
State HACCP Contacts and Coordinators   Guide I, 189
State Marketing Profiles   Guide I, 34
State Regional Trade Groups (SRTGs)   Guide II, 13
State Resource Directory   Guide VII, 35
State-Centered versus Nonstate-Driven Organic Food Standardization: A Comparison of the U.S. and Sweden   Guide I, 106
Statistical Abstract of the United States   Guide IV, 132
Statistical Market Information   Guide II, 77   Guide IV, 133
STAT-USA   Guide IV, 131
Steps to Ag Business Development   Guide III, 122
The Stockman Grass Farmer: The Grazier's Edge   Guide V, 39
Strategic Marketing Decisions for Organic Agricultural Producers   Guide III, 25
Studying the Ethical Consumer: A Review of Research   Guide VI, 193
Successfully Direct Marketing Grass-based Meat: Lessons from Three Iowa Farm   Guide III, 76
Summaries of State Organic Laws/States without Organic Laws   Guide I, 37
Supply Chain Basics: Niche Agricultural Marketing - The Logistics   Guide III, 123
Supply Chain Basics: Technology - How Much–How Soon   Guide III, 124
Sustainability Evolving from Niche to Mainstream Motivation   Guide VI, 207
Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)   Guide VII, 21
Sustainable Agriculture Organizations and Information Providers   Guide VII, 1
Sustainable Agriculture Organizations and Publications   Guide VII, 2
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE), National Projects Database   Guide IV, 90
Symposium Proceedings: Organic Agriculture: Innovations in Organic Marketing, Technology, and Research   Guide VI, 132

Taiwan’s Market for Organic Products: 2000   Guide II, 56
Teaching Direct Marketing and Small Farm Viability: Resources for Instructors   Guide III, 77
Thomas Food and Beverage Market Place   Guide IV, 59
Trade   Guide II, 91
Trade Agreements (FAS)   Guide II, 78
TradePort - California's Gateway to Global Trade   Guide II, 106
Trading Opportunities for Organic Food Products from Developing Countries   Guide III, 89
Transaction Cost Case Studies for Six Iowa Food Producers   Guide III, 139
Transaction Costs and Organic Marketing: Evidence from U.S. Organic Produce Farmers   Guide VI, 55
Transforming Organic Agriculture into Industrial Organic Products: Reconsidering National Organic Standards   Guide I, 107
Transportation and Marketing (AMS)   Guide I, 135
Transportation Services Branch (AMS TSB): Exporter Assistance   Guide II, 61
Turning Your Skin Green: Cosmetic Makers Want in on the Organic Craze, but Sorting Out Labels’ Claims isn’t Easy   Guide VI, 194

U.S. Census Bureau   Guide IV, 134
U.S. Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Statistics (FTD)   Guide II, 84
U.S. Congress Backs Organic Wild Fish Label; Stevens Adds Rider to War Spending Bill   Guide I, 108
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)   Guide II, 90
U.S. Department of Commerce   Guide II, 85
U.S. Exporter Assistance (FAS)   Guide II, 79
U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)   Guide I, 157
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)   Guide I, 163
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)   Guide II, 97
The U.S. Food Marketing System: Recent Developments, 1997-2006   Guide VI, 195
U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2007   Guide VI, 196
U.S. Has Huge Appetite for Organic Food: Industry   Guide I, 109
U.S. Market Profile for Organic Food Products   Guide VI, 89
U.S. Mission to the European Union: Organic Foods   Guide II, 9
U.S. Organic Farm Sector Continues to Expand   Guide VI, 197
U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Office of International Trade   Guide II, 104
UNCTAD/ FAO/ IFOAM International Task Force on Harmonisation and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture   Guide II, 27
Understanding Economic and Behavioral Influences on Fruit and Vegetable Choices   Guide VI, 90
Understanding Farmers' Market Rules   Guide III, 78
Understanding Farmers' Rights to be Paid for Fruit and Vegetable Crops   Guide III, 125
Understanding Fruit and Vegetable Choices - Research Briefs   Guide VI, 56
UNECE Statistical Database   Guide IV, 135
United Nations World Health Organization (WHO): Food Safety   Guide II, 115
United States Department of Agriculture Economics and Statistics System   Guide IV, 136
United States Food Law Update   Guide I, 125
United States Food Safety System   Guide I, 181
University Assistance Centers for Food Entrepreneurs   Guide VII, 40
Upper Midwest Organic Resource Directory   Guide IV, 60
Us vs. Stem: Workers on Organic Farms are Treated as Poorly as Their Conventional Counterparts   Guide VI, 133
USA Trade Online   Guide IV, 137
USDA Accredited Certifying Agents   Guide VII, 23
USDA Agencies and Offices   Guide VII, 67
USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion   Guide I, 147
USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline   Guide I, 156
USDA Publishes Amendments to List of Substances Used in Organic Handling   Guide I, 16
USDA Publishes Final Rule to Revise NOP Regulations/Q&A’s on _Harvey v. Johanns_ (Harvey) Final Regulation   Guide I, 110
USDA Relents on Scope of National Organic Program: "Organic Agricultural Product Content" Qualifies Products for Organic Labeling   Guide I, 111
USDA Service Center Locator   Guide VII, 62
USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)   Guide I, 133
USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)   Guide II, 58
USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Nutrient Data Laboratory   Guide I, 146
USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)   Guide I, 144
USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)   Guide II, 62
USDA, Economic Research Service (ERS)   Guide II, 66
USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)   Guide II, 68
USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Regulations and Policies   Guide I, 148
USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)   Guide II, 70
USDA, Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA)   Guide II, 80
Using Organic Crop Budgets   Guide III, 140

Value-Added and Processing: Online Publications   Guide III, 126
Variation in Organic Standards Prior to the National Organic Program   Guide I, 112
Veggie Farmers’ Marketing 101   Guide III, 26
Veneman Marks Implementation of USDA National Organic Standards   Guide I, 113

WAICENT Information Finder   Guide IV, 91
Wellness and Organic Ingredients Directory   Guide IV, 61
Wellness Foods Magazine   Guide V, 40
Western Food Makers Source Chinese Organic Ingredients   Guide VI, 91
Western Profiles of Innovative Agricultural Marketing: Examples from Direct Farm Marketing and Agri-Tourism Enterprises   Guide III, 79
Western U.S. Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA)   Guide II, 17
What Determines the Variety of a Household’s Vegetable Purchases? Guide VI, 57
What Do People Want to Know About Their Food? Measuring Central Coast Consumers’ Interest in Food Systems Issues   Guide VI, 92
What is Farm to School?   Guide III, 80
What to Choose? The Value of Label Claims to Produce Consumers   Guide VI, 198
What's News in Organic   Guide V, 41
Where to Find Information for Doing Marketing and Business Studies   Guide IV, 19
Where’s the Beef From? Tracking Systems   Guide VI, 58
Who are Organic Food Consumers? A Compilation and Review of Why People Purchase Organic Food   Guide VI, 199
Who Buys Local Food?   Guide VI, 134
Who Owns Organic?   Guide VI, 200
Who’s Watching the USDA’s Organic ‘Henhouse’   Guide I, 114
Whole Foods Magazine   Guide V, 42
Will Consumers Pay a Premium for Country-of-Origin Labeled Meat?   Guide VI, 59
Willingness to Pay for Locally Produced Foods: A Customer Intercept Study of Direct Market and Grocery Store Shoppers   Guide VI, 135
Women's Agricultural Network Newsletter   Guide V, 43
World Food Law   Guide V, 63
World Food Regulation Review   Guide V, 64
The World of Food Science   Guide V, 65
The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2007   Guide VI, 201
World Trade Organization (WTO)   Guide II, 116
WTO Documents Online   Guide II, 120

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Organic Agricultural Products: Marketing and Trade Resources:
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Merrigan, Kathleen   Guide I, 103; Guide VI, 98
Meulenberg, M.T.G.   Guide VI, 94
Michaelidou, Nina   Guide VI, 206
Mikkelsen, Leslie   Guide VI, 6
Miles, Albie   Guide III, 77
Mitchell, Jeff   Guide III, 14
Mogelonsky, Marcia   Guide VI, 62, 170
Molyneaux, Maryellen   Guide VI, 139
Monahan, John   Guide VI, 202
Monteleone, Erminio   Guide VI, 36
Moon, Wanki   Guide VI, 129
Moulton, Curt   Guide III, 113
Mueller, Daren S. Guide VI, 60
Muralidharan, Vijay   Guide VI, 191

Nakamoto, Stuart T.   Guide III, 1
Nation, Allan   Guide III, 48
National Organic Standards Board Livestock Committee   Guide I, 19
Nayga, Jr., Rodolfo M.   Guide VI, 20
Nelson, Kenneth   Guide VI, 15
Neuendorff, Jochen   Guide III, 82
Newholm, Terry   Guide VI, 193
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O'Brien, Doug   Guide III, 103
Ohmart, Jeri   Guide III, 41, 47, 68
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Onyango, Benjamin   Guide VI, 131
Orden, David   Guide II, 109
Owens, Nicole   Guide VI, 49

Park, Timothy   Guide VI, 99, 155
Parker-Pope, Tara   Guide VI, 187
Partos, Lindsey   Guide VI, 91
Peck, Gregory M.   Guide VI, 71
Peirce, Ellen   Guide III, 112
Perez, Jan   Guide VI, 8
Perillo, Catherine A.   Guide VI, 51
Perman, Stacy   Guide VI, 161
Perng, Chiou Mey   Guide II, 56
Perry, Janet   Guide VI, 15
Peterson, H. Christopher   Guide III, 25
Phillips, Jon C.   Guide III, 25
Philpott, Tom   Guide VI, 158
Pierce, Lisa McTigue   Guide VI, 207
Pirog, Rich   Guide VI, 18, 146
Pitman, Simon   Guide VI, 175
Pittman, Harrison M.   Guide I, 75
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Porter, Paul M.   Guide VI, 51
Powell, Douglas A.   Guide VI, 42
Prothero, Andrea   Guide VI, 199

Qazi, Joan   Guide VI, 86
Quality Low Input Food Integrated Project   Guide VI, 80

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Rodriguez, Ana Maria   Guide VI, 41
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Rogers, Gwynne   Guide VI, 68
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Rosenzweig, Marcie   Guide III, 66, 110
Rowell, Brent   Guide III, 114
Rundgren, Gunnar   Guide I, 61

Sabel-Koschella, Ulrich   Guide III, 82
Salhofer, Klaus   Guide VI, 52
Sayre, Laura   Guide III, 12
Schmid, Otto   Guide VI, 30, 124
Schroeder, Ted   Guide VI, 63
Sego, Roger   Guide III, 134
Selfa, Theresa   Guide VI, 86
Seyfang, Gill   Guide VI, 38, 102
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Smith, Margaret   Guide III, 140
Smith, Richard   Guide III, 14
Sofre, Taylor Nelson   Guide VI, 45
Soil Association   Guide VI, 80
Somwaru, Agapi   Guide VI, 15
Speier, Jess Anna   Guide III, 78
Spiller, Achim   Guide VI, 130
Stanton, Julie   Guide VI, 199
Stevens-Garmon, John   Guide VI, 173
Stewart, Hayden   Guide VI, 57, 90
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Storey, Gary   Guide VI, 84
Streff, Nicholas   Guide VI, 44
Strochlic, Ron   Guide I, 101
Summers, James L.   Guide I, 127
Sustainable Strategies Advisors in Food and Agriculture   Guide I, 62
Swenson, David A.   Guide VI, 150
Swezey, Sean L.   Guide I, 78, 80; Guide III, 17

Taji, Acram   Guide I, 95
Talbot, David   Guide VI, 58
Tan, Cheryl Lu-Lien   Guide VI, 194
Tavernier, Edmund M.   Guide VI, 19
Tedeschi, Sara   Guide III, 60
Tegtmeier, Erin   Guide VI, 61
Tenbult, Petra   Guide VI, 66
Thakore, Yatin B.   Guide VI, 120
Thelen, Gina   Guide VI, 20
Thilmany, Dawn   Guide VI, 101, 198
Tourte, Laura   Guide III, 133
Tribl, Christoph   Guide VI, 52
Trim, Kathryn   Guide VI, 182
Tringe, James M.   Guide VI, 89
Tronstad, Russell   Guide III, 1, 79, 118
Tropp, Debra   Guide VI, 20
Turnbull, Robert   Guide VI, 114

Umberger, Wendy   Guide III, 1

Vaaler, Beth   Guide VI, 63
Vachal, Kimberly   Guide III, 123
Vairo, Daniela   Guide II, 48
VanWechel, Tamara   Guide III, 123
Variyam, Jayachandran N.   Guide VI, 76
Venezia, Kathryn M.   Guide VI, 189
Villas-Boas, Sofia B.   Guide VI, 160
Vossenaar, René   Guide III, 89

Wachenheim, Cheryl J.   Guide VI, 85
Walter, Clyde K.   Guide III, 139
Walz, Erica   Guide VI, 24
Walzer, Norman   Guide III, 116
Ward, Ruby   Guide III, 1; Guide VI, 34
Washburn, S.P.   Guide VI, 140
Weise, Elizabeth   Guide I, 92
Weseen, Simon   Guide VI, 84
West, Gale E.   Guide VI, 11
Whitten, Greg   Guide III, 9
Willer, Helga   Guide VI, 165, 201
Wismer, Wendy V.   Guide VI, 191
Woods, Tim   Guide III, 114
Worden, Eva C.   Guide VI, 27
Wright, Simon   Guide III, 30, 87
Wynen, Els   Guide III, 89

Yiannaka, Amalia   Guide I, 58
York, Mary   Guide VI, 163
Young, Scott   Guide VI, 205
Yue, Chengyan   Guide VI, 60

Yussefi, Minou   Guide VI, 201
Zanoli, Raffaele   Guide II, 48; Guide VI, 21
Zebeda, Simone   Guide VI, 138
Zepeda, Lydia   Guide VI, 123, 134, 148
Zhang, Chao   Guide VI, 105
Zhang, Feng   Guide VI, 116, 117


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