Appendix A

Women in Agriculture and Rural Life, AGRICOLA Search Strategy

1 (women* or woman* or wife* or wives or (home maker*) or homemaker* or housewife* or housewives) in ti or de or id

2 ((female labor) or (female work*)) in ti or de or id

3 #1 or #2

4 (farm* or agricultur* or rural or ranch* or homestead* or plantation*) in ti or de or id

5 ((natural resource*) or land or garden* or livestock*) in ti or de or id

6 (forestry or horticultur* or veterinar* or entomolog* or botany or botanist* or or aquacultur* or cultivation) in ti or de or id

7 (scienc* near2 (animal or dairy or forest or plant or plants)) in ti or de or id

8 (plant near2 (collection or production or research or breed* or pathology)) in ti or de or id

9 (cc=a* [agriculture general] or cc=b500 [agricultural history and biography] or cc=c100 [agricultural education and training] or cc=e1* [agricultural economics-macroeconomics] or cc=e200 [farm organization and management
-microeconomics] or cc=f* [plant science] or cc=j* [soil sciences] or cc=k* [forestry]
(Subject categories used; 1980 to the present)

10 cc=0505 [general agriculture and rural sociology] or cc=10* [agricultural economics] or cc=25* [animal science] or cc=30* [veterinary medicine] or cc=35* [forestry] or cc=40* [plant science] or cc=50* [entomology] or cc=55* [agricultural engineering] or cc=60* [soil and water resource managment] or cc=65* [general natural resources and environmental pollution] (Subject categories used 1972-1979)

11 #4 or #5 or #6 or #7 or #8 or #7 or #8 or #9 or #10

12 #3 and #12

13 (farmwom*) in ti or de or id

14 #12 or #13

15 #14 and la=english[English language]


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