Women in Agriculture, Part I: Women on the Land


598. NAL Call No.: 277.8 J822
Age at leaving home in rural Ireland, 1901-1911.
Guinnane, T. W. J Econ Hist. v.52(3): p.651-674 (1992 Sept.)
Includes references.

599. NAL Call No.: 280.8 EC732
Appraisal of policies of equal opportunities and treatment of women, from 1980 to 1984, and conclusions.
Butragueno, A. J. Econ Bull Eur JUN Econ Comm Eur. v.37(1): p.89-95 (1985 Mar.)

600. NAL Call No.: S16.R815
Aspects of increasing the role of women as a labor force in the agricultural producer cooperatives of the Cluj district Romania. Aspecte ale feminizarii fortei de munca din
cooperativele agricole de productie ale judetului Cluj.
Olsh, M.; Sztranyiczki, C. Bul Inst Agron Cluj Napoca. Cluj Napoca, Institutul Agronomic "Dr. Petru Groza". (35): p.109-111 (1979)
3 ref.

601. NAL Call No.: 280.8 EC732
Case study Austria, 1979-1984.
Bohm, C.; Gaudart, D.; Stimmer, B.; Bartunek, E.; Gross, I. Econ Bull Eur JUN Econ Comm Eur. v.37(1): p.3-15 (1985 Mar.)

602. NAL Call No.: 280.8 EC732
Changes in the economic role of women: political imperatives for the future.
Skrede, K. Econ Bull Eur JUN Econ Comm Eur. v.37(1): p.77-88 (1985 Mar.)
Includes statistical data.

603. NAL Call No.: S13.R6 nr.181
Changes in the economic situation of farms managed by women. Wyd. 1. Przemiany w sytuacji ekonomicznej gospodarstw rolnych kierowanych przez kobiety.
Sawicka, J. 110p. (SGGW, Wydawn, 1993)
Summary in English.

604. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Changing gender roles in Hungarian agriculture.
Repassy, H. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.23-29 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

605. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Complementary roles and asymmetrical lives. Farmers' wives in a large farm environment.
Symes, D. G.; Marsden, T. K. Sociol Ruralis. v.23(3/4): p.229-241 (1983)
Presented at the XIIth Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology, Budapest, July 25-29, 1983.

606. NAL Call No.: 277.8 J822
Enclosures, common rights, and women: the proletarianization of families in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Humphries, J. J Econ Hist. v.50(1): p.17-42 (1990 Mar.)

607. NAL Call No.: 19 AG85
Every-day life of women on small and medium peasant farms (Germany, 1934-1938) Social conditions, history. A parasztasszonyok realis mindennapjai a kis- es kozepparaszti uzemekben, gazdasagokban.
Jacobeit, S. Agrartort Sz Historia Rerum Rusticarum. Budapest, Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia Agrartorteneti Bizottsaganak Folyoirata. v.23(1/2): p.60-103 (1981)
Includes ref.

608. NAL Call No.: 20.5 R59 Ser.D t.183
Exploitation of women's work on peasants' farms. Praca kobiet w gospodarstwach chLopskich.
Hetman, E. 135, 2p. (Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe, Warszawa, 1981)
Summary in English and Russian.

609. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Farm women in Europe: their need for off farm employment.
Gasson, R. Sociol Ruralis. v.24(3/4): p.216-228 (1984)
Includes references.

610. NAL Call No.: HT401.A36
Farm women in Slovenia: endeavors for equality.
Barbic, A. Agric Human Values. v.10(4): p.13-25 (1993 Fall)
In the Tenth Anniversary Issue, 1984-1993.

611. NAL Call No.: 30.98 AG8
Farm women in the Third Reich.
Lovin, C. R. Agric Hist. v.60(3): p.105-123 (1986 Summer)
Includes references.

612. NAL Call No.: HD1535.S38F37
Farm worker's incomes in 1843.
Levitt, I.; Smout, C. Farm servants and labour in lowland Scotland, 1770 1914/edited by T.M.Devine ( J. Donald). p.156-187; maps. (1984)
Includes 35 references.

613. NAL Call No.: S217.C3
The farmer's wife: her role in the farm business [Percentage of time spent in various activities].
Errington, A. J. CAS Pap Cent Agric Strategy Univ Reading. (15): p.223-228 (1983)
Paper presented at the symposium on "Strategies for Family-worked farms in the UK" held Sept. 1983, Reading.

614. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Farmers' wives in protest: a theatre of contradictions.
Berlan, M. Sociol Ruralis. v.26(3/4): p.285-303 (1986)
Includes references.

615. NAL Call No.: HD6073.A292G78
Farming women: gender, work, and family enterprise.
Whatmore, S. xiii, 189p. (Hampshire: Macmillan Academic and Professional, Houndmills, Basingstoke, 1991)
Includes bib liographical references (p. 168-183) and index.

616. NAL Call No.: 30.98 AG82
Female wage-earners in late fourteenth-century England.
Penn, S. A. C. Agric Hist Rev. v.35(pt.1): p.1-14 (1987)
Includes references.

617. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Feminist perspectives in rural geography: an introduction.
Little, J. J Rural Stud. v.2(1): p.1-8 (1986)
Includes references.

618. NAL Call No.: 281.28 R88
The feminization of production on part-time farms in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Pfeffer, M. J. Rural Sociol. v.54(1): p.60-73 (1989 Spring)
Includes references.

619. NAL Call No.: HC10.R43
From hoes to hoes: state policy, agricultural mechanization, and women's work under central planning.
Meurs, M. Rev Radic Polit Econ. v.26(4): p.99-117 (1994)
Includes references.

620. NAL Call No.: 11 AC82
Gender partnership: a postulate for socioeconomically viable family farms.
Westermarck, N. Acta Agric Scand. v.36(4): p.429-434 (1986)
Includes references.

621. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Gender relations and farm household pluriactivity.
Gasson, R.; Winter, M. J Rural Stud. v.8(4): p.387-397 (1992)
Includes references.

622. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Gender relations and the family farm in Western Europe.
Blanc, M.; MacKinnon, N. J Rural Stud. v.6(4): p.401-405 (1990)
In the series analytic: Pluriactivity and rural change in Western Europe/edited by A.M. Fuller. French abstract, p. 358.

623. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
The growing importance of diversification activities for French farm households.
Benjamin, C. J Rural Stud. v.10(4): p.331-342 (1994)
In the special issue: Rural realities: options, trends, and choices/edited by M. Shucksmith.

624. NAL Call No.: T1.A6
Has anything changed for women? Labor force, social conditions.
Carr, M. Appropriate Technol. v.9(3): p.1-4; ill. (1982)
9 ref.

625. NAL Call No.: S11.W3 no.17
The Household, women and agricultural development: proceedings of a symposium organized by the Department of Home Economics, Agricultural University Wageningen, The Netherlands 18-20 January 1979.
131, ill., map. (Veenman & Zonen B. V., Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1980)
Includes bibliographies.

626. NAL Call No.: HD584.F33
Inheritance, property and women: some comparative considerations [Land tenure].
Goody, J. In Family and Inheritance; Rural Society in Western Europe, 1200 1800. J. Goody, J. Thirsk & E. P. Thompson, eds. p.10-36 (1976)

627. NAL Call No.: 424.8 AM3
A lady beekeeper in Poland.
Taber, S. Am Bee J. v.128(6): p.435-437; ill. (1988 June)

628. NAL Call No.: S7.A58 Nr.39
Lebensverhaltnisse von Altbauern und Altbauerinnen = Living conditions of old farmers and farm women.
Pevetz, W. 345p. (Osterreichischer Agrarverlag, Wien, 1983)
Summary in English.

629. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Life cycle or patriarchy? Gender divisions in family farming.
Whatmore, S. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.71-76 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

630. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Macrosocial change, feminization of agriculture and peasant women's threefold economic role.
Cernea, M. Sociol Ruralis. v.18(2/3): p.107-124 (1978)

631. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Norwegian farm women and the cultural meaning of food.
Thorsen, L. E. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.63-66 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

632. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Norwegian gender roles in transition: the masculinization hypothesis in the past and in the future.
Almas, R.; Haugen, M. S. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.79-83 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

633. NAL Call No.: 281.28 R88
On the question of the feminization of production on part-time farms: evidence from Norway.
Blekesaune, A.; Haney, W. G.; Haugen, M. S. Rural Sociol. v.58(1): p.111-129 (1993 Spring)
Includes references.

634. NAL Call No.: 280.8 SO14
Peasants, patriarchy feudal mode of production in England. 2. Feudal lords and the subordination of peasant women. Land tenure.
Middleton, C. Sociol Rev. v.29(1): p.137-154 (1981 Feb.)
28 ref.

635. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Pluriactivity and changing household relations in the Land van Maas en Waal, The Netherlands.
Vries, W. M. d. J Rural Stud. v.6(4): p.423-428. maps. (1990)
In the series analytic: Pluriactivity and rural change in Western Europe/edited by A.M. Fuller. French abstract, p. 358-359.

636. NAL Call No.: HD1940.C95A1
Problems of woman labor in agriculture. K problemu pracovni ucasti zen v zemedelstvi.
Posvar, Z.; Sekaninova, J. Acta Univ Agric Fac Agroecon Rada D Spisy Fak Provozne Ekon. v.13(1/4): p.83-91 (1977)
6 ref.

637. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
The productive roles of farm women in Yugoslavia.
First Dilic, R. Sociol Ruralis. v.18(2/3): p.125-139 (1978)

638. NAL Call No.: S457.K46O75 1990
Pull no more bines: an oral history of East London women hop pickers.
O'Neill, G. 164p.; 16 p. of plates. (Women's Press, London, 1990)
Bibliography: p. 163-164.

639. NAL Call No.: 6 W893
Realizing the potential of farm women [Socioeconomic aspects, Italy].
Pela, G. World Agric. (International Federation of Agricultural Producers). v.28(1/2): p.6-9 (1979)

640. NAL Call No.: HT401.S25
Remuneration of women's labour in agriculture Social policy. Odmenovani prace zen v zemedelstvi.
Prikrylova, A.; Kohn, P. Sb UVTIZ Sociol Zemed. (Praha, Ceskoslovenska akademie zemedelska, Ustav vedeckotechnickych informaci). v.15(2): p.129-141 (1979)
4 ref.

641. NAL Call No.: 281.8 Z32
The role of women in agricultural development projects. Labor, supply and demand.
Bergmann, E.; Bergmann, H.; Schul, J. J. Z Ausl Landwirtsch Q J Int Agric. v.19(2): p.135-145 (1980 Apr.-1980 June)

642. NAL Call No.: GB651.B84
The role of women in Greek irrigation projects.
Bergmann, H.; Bergmann, E. Bull Dtsch Verb Wasserwirtsch Kult. (8): p.155-164 (1983)
Paper presented at a "Symposium on Man and Technology in Irrigated Agriculture," 1982, Bensheim/Bergstrasse, Fed. Republic of Germany.

643. NAL Call No.: HQ1240.5.D44R6
The Role of women in the Finnish development co-operation: guidelines and programme of action.
Finland. Ulkoasiainministerio. Kehitysyhteistyoosasto. 61p. (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finnish International Development Agency, Helsinki, 1990)
Cover title.

644. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Roles of farm women in England.
Gasson, R. Sociol Ruralis (Assen, Van Gorcum). (1980)
Bibliography p. 178-179.

645. NAL Call No.: 281.9 AG8
Roles of women on farms: a pilot study England and Wales.
Gasson, R. J Agric Econ. v.32(1): p.11-20 (1981 Jan.)
20 ref.

646. NAL Call No.: HD1521.J6
Rural women in late nineteenth-century. Denmark. Occupations, history.
Hansen, B. K. J Peasant Stud. v.9(2): p.225-240 (1982 Jan.)
Includes 35 ref.

647. NAL Call No.: HC59.7.U53
Rural women: issues for research, policy and organisation for gender equality.
White, C. P. IDS Bull Univ Sussex Inst Dev Stud. v.15(1): p.1-5; ill. (1984 Jan.)
Includes references.

648. NAL Call No.: HQ1662.R87 1992
Russian peasant women.
Farnsworth, B.; Viola, L. 304p. (Oxford University Press, New York, 1992)
Includes bibliographical references. Peasant way of life-- Temptress or virgin? the precarious sexual position of women in postemancipation Ukrainian peasant society -- Peasant women and their work -- Razdel: the peasant family divided -- Litigious daughter-in-law: family relations in rural Russia in the second half of the Nineteenth Century -- Childbirth and culture -- To save oneself: Russian peasant women and the development of women's religious communities in prerevolutionary Russia -- Village women experience the revolution -- Rural women and the law -- Bab'i bunty and peasant women's protest during collectivization -- Women in the Soviet countryside on the eve of World War II, 1935-1940 -- Role of women in Soviet agriculture -- Soviet rural women -- Rural women and glasnost.

649. NAL Call No.: HC10.R43
The sexual division of labor and social control: an interpretation.
Humphries, J. Rev Radical Polit Econ. v.23(3/4): p.269-296 (1991 Fall-1991 Winter)
Includes references.

650. NAL Call No.: HT401.S25
Social participation of agricultural population, particularly of women and young people. Spolecenska participace zemedelske populace, zvlaste zen a mladeze.
Hudeckova, H. Sb UVTIZ Sociol Zemed Cesk Akad Zemed Ustav Vedeckotech Inf Zemed. v.20(1): p.13-21 (1984 June)

651. NAL Call No.: HC59.7.U53
Some thoughts on the life story method in labour history and research on rural women.
Stubbs, J. IDS Bull Univ Sussex Inst Dev Stud. v.15(1): p.34-37 (1984 Jan.)
Includes references.

652. NAL Call No.: SF601.S8
The spell at Tolworth--a wife's view. Veterinary medicine.
Lloyd, W. H. State Vet J. v.34(100): p.19-21 (1979 Jan.)

653. NAL Call No.: 66.8 B392
A study of the involvement of farm wives in farm-farm home-family decisions and tasks--in County Laois in 1976 [Ireland].
Twomey, J. Biatas, The Tillage Farmer. v.32(2): p.55-57 (1978 June)

654. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Theoretical issues of women's non-agricultural employment in rural areas, with illustrations from the U.K.
Little, J. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.99-105 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

655. NAL Call No.: 281.9 N632
To the problems of women's accidents at work in a cooperation district. K problemom pracovnej urazovosti zien v kooperacnom obvode Sala.
Bandlerova, A.; Pekarik, S. Acta Oper Oecon. (Bratislava). (39): p.259-270 (1984)
Includes references.

656. NAL Call No.: S530.T7
Training women for agriculture and rural development in Hungary.
Gomori, E. Train Agric Rural Dev. (FAO). (19): p.6-11 (1980)

657. NAL Call No.: 280.8 V89AE
The utilization of female labor in agriculture
Fedorova, M. Probl Econ N Y. v.20(3): p.35-51 (1977 July)
Translated from Voprosy Ekonomiki 12:55-64 (280.8 V89)

658. NAL Call No.: HQ1593.H77 1991
Victorian countrywomen.
Horn, P. viii, 281p. (Basil Blackwell, Oxford, UK; Cambridge, Mass., 1991)
Includes bibliographical references (p. 235-276) and index.

659. NAL Call No.: 281.9 SO15
What is today the part played by women in their farms and in the village society. La femme ambigue a l'ecart ou au coeur du monde rural.
Bodiguel, M. Econ Rurale (Societe francaise d'economie rurale). v.134(6): p.29-34 (1979)
5 ref.

660. NAL Call No.: SF601.S8
A woman's eye view of the state veterinary service.
Bach, J. M. State Vet J. v.34(100): p.58-60 (1979 Jan.)

661. NAL Call No.: HQ1599.S35W66 1996
Women and access in rural areas: what makes the difference? what difference does it make?.
Chapman, P.; Lloyd, S. xi, 96p. (Avebury, Aldershot; Brookfield, Vt., 1996)
Includes bibliographical references.

662. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Women and the reproduction of family farms: change and continuity in the region of Thessaly, Greece.
Gourdomichalis, A. J Rural Stud. v.7(1/2): p.57-62 (1991)
In the series analytic: Women in agriculture/edited by M.B. Darque and R. Gasson. Paper presented at a Workshop at the
World Congress for Rural Sociology, July 1988, Bologna, Italy.

663. NAL Call No.: HQ1240.5.S68B7
Women in the Soviet countryside: women's roles in rural development in the Soviet Union.
Bridger, S. xv, 259p. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge; New York, 1987)
Includes index.

664. NAL Call No.: HD6073.A292G77 1995
Women of the fields: representations of rural women in the nineteenth century.
Sayer, K. x, 201p.; 8 p. of plates. (Manchester University Press; Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, Manchester; New York, 1995)
Includes bibliographical references (p. 183-192) and index.

665. NAL Call No.: HD6073.A292G7 1900
Women of the land: their story during two world wars.
Twinch, C. xii, 162p. (Lutterworth, Cambridge, 1990)
Includes bibliography and index.

666. NAL Call No.: TX341.F3
Women's contribution to farming.
Sheridan, R. Farm Food Res. v.13(2): p.46-48 (1982 Apr.)

667. NAL Call No.: HT407.E36
Women's issues in rural Europe.

Barbic, A. The Economics & sociology of rural communities: East West perspectives/edited by Daniel Thorniley (Gower). p.124-161 (1987)
Literature review.

668. NAL Call No.: 280.29 Am3A
Women's role in the founding of the cooperative movement.

Thompson, D. I. Am Coop. p.244-246 (1995)
Includes references.

669. NAL Call No.: HD1535.S38F37
Women workers, 1850-1914.
Devine, T. M. Farm servants and labour in lowland Scotland, 1770 1914/edited by T.M. Donald. p.98-123 (1984)
Includes 98 references.

670. NAL Call No.: 20.5 R59 SER. G
Work time of a rural housewife. Bilans czasu pracy gospodyni wiejskiej.
Strzyzewski, B.; Szymkiewicz, M.; Frindt, A. Rocz Nauk Roln Ser G Ekon Roln. (Panstwowe Wydawn. Naukowe). v.83(3): p.127-137 (1983)
Includes references.

671. NAL Call No.: 281.29 SO12
Working conditions of women married to selfemployed farmers.
Morkeberg, H. Sociol Ruralis. v.18(2/3): p.95-106 (1978)

672. NAL Call No.: 18 G31
Workloads of farm managers and their wives, with particular reference to those borne by their wives--results of an empirical survey conducted amongst 2,851 farms. Arbeitseinsatz des Betriebsleiterehepaares unter dem besonderen Aspekt der betrieblichen Belastung der Landfrau.

Pascher, P. Ber Landwirtsch. (Paul Parey). v.60(1): p.55-76 (1982)
28 ref.

673. NAL Call No.: HT401.J68
Young women in a male periphery--experiences from the Scandinavian north.
Dahlstrom, M. J Rural Stud. v.12(3): p.259-271 (1996 July)
Includes references  

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