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Agricultural Subsidies

USDA Rural Development State Director signs the Subsidy Layering Review MOU agreement with WHEDA Executive Director and HUD Midwest Regional Administrator in Madison, Wisconsin

Price Support
U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Provides applications, interest rates, sign up periods, and qualification criteria for financial assistance for farmers and ranchers, as well as price support notices, regulations, and reports.

Program Provisions
USDA. Economic Research Service.
Presents materials on all farm and commodity programs under the 2008 Farm Bill. Includes all provisions of the Bill: Title I (Commodity Programs). Title II (Conservation), Title III (Trade), Title IV (Nutrition), Title VI (Rural Development), Title VII (Research and Related Matters), Title X (Horticulture and Organic Agriculture), and Title XII (Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance Programs), with links to program descriptions, economic impacts, and data.

Farm Program Atlas: Overview
USDA. Economic Research Service.
Displays payment and participation data by county for seven federal farm programs through an interactive map. Provides cross-program analyses, visualizations, and APIs to give software developers access to the original data sets and the mapping applications.

Sugar & Sweeteners: Policy
USDA. Economic Research Service.
Describes the U.S. sugar program which uses price supports, domestic marketing allotments, and tariff-rate quotas to influence the amount of sugar available to the domestic market.

Dairy: Policy
USDA. Economic Research Service.
Gives information on the two major federal dairy programs: the system of federal milk marketing orders and the milk price support program.