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Alternative Livestock

Alternative Livestock

Plant Health Import Permits
USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
Summarizes steps to apply for a PPQ 526 plant pest permit needed to import and move snails and other mollusks that feed upon plants.

Containment Guidelines for Nonindigenous Snails
USDA. APHIS. Plant Protection and Quarantine.
Describes how to design, build, maintain, and operate facilities for nonindigenous snails.

Wildlife Disease Information
USDA. APHIS.Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health.
Categorizes animal disease trends and issues as they relate to game animal production. Includes information on chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis.

Ratites and Hatching Eggs
USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
Outlines USDA requirements and restrictions for ratites such as emu, ostrich, and rhea.

Summer Heat and Rabbit Production
Alabama Cooperative Extension.
Examines how to meet warm weather challenges pertaining to rabbits.

Winter Challenges for Rabbit Production
Alabama Cooperative Extension.
Evaluates winter management solutions for rabbit producers.

Designer and Specialty Eggs
University of Florida Extension.
This fact sheet discusses efforts to produce and market eggs that have enhanced nutritional qualities such as lower cholesterol or are produced by birds that are raised in a cage-free or free-range environment.

Exotic Livestock
Pennsylvania State University. Cooperative Extension Service.
Selects articles on the production of bison, red deer, and elk.

Rabbit Production
Mississippi State University Extension Service.
Assembles information on animal management, health, disease, startup and planning, rabbit facilities and housing, and processing.

Rabbit Housing: Hutches, Cages, and Wires
Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center.
Illustrates construction details, materials, and designs of rabbit cages and hutches. 2001 article.

Ratite Production: Ostrich, Emu & Rhea
National Center for Appropriate Technology. National Sustainable Agriculture Information Center.
Presents regulations, production practices, pasturing, marketing options, and additional information for the ostrich, emu, and rhea producer.

International Llama Registry
International Lama Registry.
Administers a genealogical registry system, reports, and research services for owners of subspecies of Lama. Membership Organization.

Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.
Synthesizes information for the commercial and home rancher of alpacas.

Alpaca Registry
Alpaca Registry.
Generates a registry of alpaca breeds.