National Agricultural Library Assessment Report
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Appendix G
US Agricultural Information Network (USAIN)
Customer Service Survey
USAIN is seeking your input to help a USDA Blue Ribbon Panel make recommendations on the future development of the US National Agricultural Library (NAL). This survey is entirely voluntary. You have been suggested as a user or potential future user of the NAL. Your timely response will be greatly appreciated. Your name and e-mail address will not be shared with anyone and will be deleted from our records as soon as the Blue Ribbon Panel completes its report. Please complete this questionnaire and e-mail your response to Barbara Hutchinson at by January 15, 2001.
  1. How many times in the last year did you need to obtain information that was not readily available to you in any area related to agriculture in order to complete a necessary task?
  2. Please indicate subject areas in which you have searched for information in the past year: (for example: traditional agriculture, alternative farming systems, animal and veterinary sciences, aquaculture, biotechnology, crops, dietary supplements, food and nutrition, food safety, genomics, invasive species, natural resources and the environment, plant sciences, rural information, social aspects of agriculture, sustainable agriculture, and water quality.)
  3. Where do you go to obtain the agricultural information you need? Please give the names of the library, database, Web site, etc.
  4. Describe what types of agriculture-related information and reference services and capabilities you would like to see our nation have by the year 2010. Place an asterisk (*) next to those that you would personally use. [Use more space as needed.]
  5. Which information services available from any of the other three national libraries (Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine, National Library of Education), or any other library system, do you find most useful for your own needs?
  6. What is your job title and profession?
  7. Which of the following best describes your frequency of use of NAL services?
    ___ I have never used NAL [skip to question 13]
    ___ I have not used NAL in the past 3 years
    ___ I used NAL less than one time per year over the past 3 years
    ___ I use NAL 1-10 times a year
    ___ I use NAL 11-20 times a year
    ___ I use NAL more than 20 times a year
  8. Specifically which NAL services have you used in the last year? [check all that apply]
              please specify format (Web, CD, etc.)_______________________
    ___ Document Delivery
    ___ NAL Web Site []
    ___ Information Center Web Sites (Food and Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture,
              Animal Welfare, Plant Genetics, Technology Transfer, Rural Information)
              please specify which one:_________________________________
    ___ On-site use of NAL collections
    ___ Historical collections
    ___ Online reference service
    ___ AgNIC []
    Other (specify):___________
  9. What do you consider the most important or critical service currently provided by NAL?
  10. What new or improved service would you like NAL to provide in the future?
  11. What do you consider the STRENGTHS of the NAL? List all that come to mind. [Use more space as needed.]
  12. What do you consider the WEAKNESSES of the NAL? List all that come to mind. [Use more space as needed.]
  13. Please check the box that best describes your place of employment:
    ___ USDA
    ___ Other Federal government
    ___ State government
    ___ Local government
    ___ Land grant University or 1890 university/college
    ___ Other university or college
    ___ Private industry
    ___ Non-profit organization
    ___ Professional association

Barbara Hutchinson, Director,
Arid Lands Information Center
University of Arizona

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Last Updated August 13, 2002