National Agricultural Library Assessment Report
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Appendix O
NAL Strategic Plan FY 1996 - 2001
Annual Operating Plan FY 1999
KRA #1: Information Access and Management
Definition: The goals, activities and measures under this key result area address how the NAL staff will provide global leadership in the identification and implementation of new methods, techniques and technologies to improve access to, and management of, agricultural information.

General Goal 1:Information Services
Create conditions by which NAL s diverse customers can efficiently and cost effectively identify, locate and obtain desired information on agricultural topics.
  • Load the retrospective shelflist records for pre-1966 monographs to the online public catalog.
  • Plan and initiate the retrospective conversion on older serials records from the manual serials file.
  • Complete the loading of pre-1976 retrospective indexing records to the master AGRICOLA database at NAL.
  • Implement Aegis help desk software and evaluate its utility for other NAL applications.
  • Enable patrons to self-request materials form NAL's collection through ISIS.
  • Provide the information technology infrastructure to support the information management and dissemination needs of NAL's Electronic Media Center, The Rural Information Center, the DC Reference Center and NAL/s local area network.
  • Implement both a Web-based self-search service and an SDI service based on Current Contents and AGRICOLA for Current Awareness Literature Service (CALS) clients.
  • Migrate NAL's current library management system to the latest release to ensure Y2K compliance and provide native telnet capabilities.
  • Develop functional requirements for the acquisition of ane library management system.
  • Decrease throughput time for receipt processing of collection materials; increase the number of monographs that are received and processed as "shelf-ready".

General Goal 2:Electronic access
Enhance access by contributing to the content, organization, access to, and retrieval of, electronic materials.
  • Continue the integration of electronic resources into selection and cataloging operations by selecting appropriate Ag databases in AgNIC for cataloging.
  • Implement a cataloging template and standard for metadata description of AgNIC resources.
  • Develop guidelines and requirements for indexing and linking ARS electronic manuscripts and publications.
  • Implement URL link checking programs for the catalog and AGRICOLA database to identify automatically any broken or invalid links.
  • Migrate from CD-ROM to Web-based dissemination of electronic publications. Develop a streamlined process for digitizing print resources and making them Web-accessible. Evaluate and incorporate SGML technologies where appropriate.

General Goal 3:Information products
Create products that support information needs in a changing cultural environment, and make them widely available through electronic publishing, Internet access, and state-of-the-art storage and retrieval methods.

General Goal 4:Outreach
Promote the availability and use of NAL s resources and information products.

General Goal 5:Training
Develop and implement programs that enable customers and staff to take full advantage of current and emerging technologies and information systems.

KRA #2: Collection Enhancement and Preservation
Definition: The goals, activities and measures under this key result area address how the NAL staff will ensure that agricultural information essential to the Nation is identified, acquired and preserved at the local, national and international levels.

General Goal 6:Resources
Identify information resources relevant to new developments that facilitate the progress of agriculture.
General Goal 7:Preservation
Preserve landmark works in agriculture and the fields related to agriculture to ensure the legacy of NAL s collection as a national treasure.
  • Continue the development of an electronic publishing/archiving process including provisions for metadata creation and the long term storage and access to electronic publications.
General Goal 8:Cooperation
Promote cooperative programs at the local, national and international levels to provide coordinated collection development, access and preservation.
KRA #3: Human Resources Development and Utilization
Definition: The goals, activities and measures under this key result area address how the NAL staff will create an organizational climate that produces a high performance work force by encouraging staff innovation, communication and teamwork, and by implementing an integrated training and development program that focuses on the continuous improvement of technical, professional, and interpersonal skills.

General Goal 9:Organizational climate
Use quality management principles to create a flexible and team-oriented environment that is customer-driven and action oriented.
General Goal 10:Staff quality
Attract, develop and maintain a skilled, versatile, competent, and diverse work force for the future.
  • Support and implement supervisory training for NAL supervisors, including writing skills training. Develop position description and recruit for AGRICOLA Coordinator in Technical Services Division.
General Goal 11:Facilities
Provide a physical environment that is safe, well-equipped, and conducive to productivity.
  • Upgrade NAL's existing remote access (dial-up) solution.
  • Develop NAL Intranet.
  • Develop a security plan for NAL followed by the design and installation of a firewall to protect NAL systems.
  • Continually improve the reliability and redundancy of all NAL servers.

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