National Agricultural Library Assessment Report
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Appendix P
NAL Strategic Plan FY 1996 - 2001
Annual Operating Plan FY 2000
KRA #1: Information Access and Management
Definition: The goals, activities and measures under this key result area address how the NAL staff will provide global leadership in the identification and implementation of new methods, techniques and technologies to improve access to, and management of, agricultural information.

General Goal 1:Information Services
Create conditions by which NAL s diverse customers can efficiently and cost effectively identify, locate and obtain desired information on agricultural topics.
Develop new techniques and improve existing systems for public services:
  • Institute reference service policies based on new tiered-services structure.
  • Establish merged services information desk and electronic services center in the renovated NAL reading room.
  • Participate in and pilot test Answer Base, part of the Library of Congress Digital Reference Initiative.
  • Identify a front-end system from which USDA users can generate electronic "requests for materials" from the AGRICOLA database and ISIS and prepare a budget proposal.
  • Expand and promote the use of ARIEL document delivery software to USDA customers and other high-use groups.
  • Explore and recommend additional software packages to further expand electronic document delivery.
  • Implement new User Fee Policy for document delivery.
Enhance automated data creation and dissemination:
  • Complete a functional requirements document for acquisition of a new electronic library management system; evaluate currently available commercial off-the-shelf systems; and develop acquisitions strategy for the procurement of a new electronic library management system.
  • Migrate NAL's current library system to latest release (VTLS 99). Develop migration plan for move from existing proprietary ISIS system to one based on UNIX/Oracle system.
  • Develop specifications for developing and implementing an improved online front-end data entry system for the current VTLS Indexing subsystem.
  • Distribute to AGRICOLA licensees the retrospective conversion records added to NAL's database in 1999.
  • Prototype SGML/XML/MARC/Dublin Core options for database development efforts.
Improve timeliness and coverage of AGRICOLA database:
  • Complete the loading of pre-1976 retrospective indexing records to the master AGRICOLA database at NAL.
  • Develop cooperative arrangements with other agencies and sources to obtain machine-readable bibliographic records for loading to AGRICOLA.
  • Obtain publisher-supplied citations and abstract data in digital form for indexed journals and ARS publications; investigate building preliminary AGRICOLA citation records with externally created data..
  • Streamline handling of indexed journals and establish special check-in unit to expedite handling of issues to be indexed.

General Goal 2:Electronic access
Enhance access by contributing to the content, organization, access to, and retrieval of, electronic materials.
  • Continue to develop hierarchically arranged subject classification for organizing electronic resources in agriculture and related subjects; modify and augment for use in the AgNIC gateway and the Research Management Information System of ARS.
  • Review, select and add to the online public catalog all appropriate electronic resources in the AgNIC agriculture database file.
  • Expand web-based access to NAL-provided abstracting and indexing databases for staff in the Beltsville area.
  • Expand collection of electronic journals available in NAL and provide desk-top access to the collection for USDA staff in the Beltsville area.
  • Continue to build content on the USDA History Collection Web Site through completion of the screwworm eradication collection CD-ROM and Web Site.
  • Develop AgNIC gateway.
  • Expand AgNIC.

General Goal 3:Information products
Create products that support information needs in a changing cultural environment, and make them widely available through electronic publishing, Internet access, and state-of-the-art storage and retrieval methods.
  • Begin developing requirements for a food safety research database in conjunction with stakeholders.
  • Develop/update publications in key areas and build content on Web Sites in support of AgNIC.
Publish and distribute in print and Web formats a descriptive inventory of all NAL manuscript collections.
Identify full-text resources in water quality and other areas and create links to their respective citations in the AGRICOLA database.

General Goal 4:Outreach
Promote the availability and use of NAL s resources and information products.

  • Raise awareness of NAL's special collections through feature articles in major scientific and library journals.
  • Attend and exhibit at major scientific and library conferences.
  • Coordinate and execute all activities relating to the NAL reopening event.
  • Develop and publish FAQ and/or technical notes to assist users with access and interpretation of bibliographic records in the AGRICOLA Web gateway.

General Goal 5:Training
Develop and implement programs that enable customers and staff to take full advantage of current and emerging technologies and information systems.

  • Conduct an NAL orientation with AGRICOLA training for customers at Prairie View and possibly other 1890 land-grant institutions.
  • Develop an online tutorial in searching for information on animal alternatives to help researchers comply with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.

KRA #2: Collection Enhancement and Preservation
Definition: The goals, activities and measures under this key result area address how the NAL staff will ensure that agricultural information essential to the Nation is identified, acquired and preserved at the local, national and international levels.

General Goal 6:Resources
Identify information resources relevant to new developments that facilitate the progress of agriculture.

  • Launch Web Sites in food safety research and invasive species.
  • Work with AgNIC alliance to identify collaborators to help support Web-based content building in biotechnology and agricultural trade and marketing.

General Goal 7:Preservation
Preserve landmark works in agriculture and the fields related to agriculture to ensure the legacy of NAL s collection as a national treasure.

  • Identify ways of staffing the preservation program and supporting Web development using existing resources.
  • Analyze results of Usage Study and propose any necessary modifications to NAL Collection Development Policy for priorities in selection and preservation.

General Goal 8:Cooperation
Promote cooperative programs at the local, national and international levels to provide coordinated collection development, access and preservation.

  • Investigate opportunities for garnering additional funds and leveraging existing resources through collaboration and joint ventures with other agencies.
  • Continue working with the United State Agricultural Information Network to strengthen NAL's role as the archive of key agricultural information resources preserved at the State level.

KRA #3: Human Resources Development and Utilization
Definition: The goals, activities and measures under this key result area address how the NAL staff will create an organizational climate that produces a high performance work force by encouraging staff innovation, communication and teamwork, and by implementing an integrated training and development program that focuses on the continuous improvement of technical, professional, and interpersonal skills.

General Goal 9:Organizational climate
Use quality management principles to create a flexible and team-oriented environment that is customer-driven and action oriented.

  • Finalize and implement the re-organization of the Technical Services Division around two branches.
  • Establish a second contracting mechanism to enable any NAL unit to quickly procure staff services needed to respond to new initiatives and/or support key shortage areas.

General Goal 10:Staff quality
Attract, develop and maintain a skilled, versatile, competent, and diverse work force for the future.
  • Develop a staff diversity awareness program featuring a speaker or video.
  • Analyze staff participation in recent training and meeting opportunities for trends.
  • Provide upward mobility opportunities for staff to compete for new positions supporting the operation of the Main Reading Room.
  • Actively recruit for the Coordinator of the Food Safety Research Information Office at national conferences, library schools, university libraries, private sector special libraries and government facilities.
  • Address top priority concerns identified in the Talico Climate Survey.
General Goal 11:Facilities
Provide a physical environment that is safe, well-equipped, and conducive to productivity.
  • Complete all systems wiring modifications for renovated areas.
  • Develop NAL Intranet.
  • Coordinate and implement activities associated with reoccupation of renovated public areas.

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