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Avian Influenza

AWIC Resource Series No. 33

October 2005

ARS Research

Transcript of Technical Briefing regarding Avian Influenza U.S. Department of Agriculture - Washington D.C. - October 26, 2005

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  1. Introduction
    by Daniel R. Perez, Ph.D.
  2. General
  3. Control, Prevention and Vaccines
  4. Reports and Reviews on Outbreaks
  5. Pathology and Pathogenesis
  6. Research
  7. Tests, Detection and Diagnosis
  8. Virus Typing and Characterization
  9. Zoonotic Implications
  10. Selected Web Sites


Photo by Stephen Ausmus.
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Compiled and edited by:

Richard Crawford, DVM
D'Anna Jensen, BS, LATG
Barbara Buchanan

Animal Welfare Information Center
National Agricultural Library
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Published by:

U. S. Department of Agriculture
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Published in cooperation with the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine

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