Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter, Winter 1994/1995, Vol. 5 No. 4 *************************

Congress In Session

by Cynthia Smith

To find out the status of these or any other bills, contact the congressional bill status line at (202) 225-1772. This information is also available on the World Wide Web at (104th Congress) or (103rd Congress).

104th Congress H.R. 393 H.Con.Res. 7 H.R. 264 H.R. 353
H.R. 263 H.R. 238 H.R. 321 H.R. 39
103rd Congress H.R. 5056 S. 2522 S. 2512 Public Law 103-407
H.R. 5073 H.Res. 529 H.R. 4848 S.2400

104th Congress

103rd Congress

This article appeared in the Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter, Volume 5, Number 4, Winter 1994/1995

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