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Information Resources on Big Cats
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Leopard - Care and Husbandry

Mallapur, A. and R. Chellam (2002). Environmental influences on stereotypy and the activity budget of Indian leopards (Panthera pardus) in four zoos in southern India. Zoo Biology 21(6): 585-595. ISSN: 0733-3188.
NAL Call Number: QL77.5.Z6
Descriptors: leopard, Panthera pardus, zoo animals, stereotyped behavior, environmental enrichment, animal behavior, cage size, animal housing, animal technicians, visitors, physical activity, animal feeding, enclosure size, resting, feeding time, India.

Mallapur, A., Q. Qureshi, and R. Chellam (2002). Enclosure design and space utilization by Indian leopards (Panthera pardus) in four zoos in southern India. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science JAAWS 5(2): 111-124. ISSN: 1088-8705.
NAL Call Number: HV4701.J68
Descriptors: leopards, Panthera pardus, zoo animals, cages, animal behavior, abnormal behavior, physical activity, animal welfare, stereotyped behavior, animal use refinement, enrichment, enclosure design, space utilization, India.

Markowitz, H., C. Aday, and A. Gavazzi (1995). Effectiveness of acoustic "prey": environmental enrichment for a captive African leopard (Panthera pardus). Zoo Biology 14(4): 371-379. ISSN: 0733-3188.
NAL Call Number: QL77.5.Z6
Descriptors: leopard, Panthera pardus, environmental enrichment, zoos, feeding behavior, acoustic prey, effectiveness, predation, predator prey relationships, behavior, stimulation, behavior patterns, audiovisual aids, California.



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