American Dove Association.

Mostly shows and hobby breeders but does contain information on the following: FAQ’s; Nutrition; Housing; Breeding; Diseases; Species, Links, etc.

Avian Publications.

Many publications on bird keeping and care, such as, The Ratite Encyclopedia: Ostrich-Emu-Rhea; and books and videos about Avian Veterinary Medicine.

Bibliography of Psittacine birds.

A searchable bibliography on Psittacine birds. Also contains a listing of German and international publications referring to Psittacine birds (Psittacifrmes).

Budgerigar Home Page.

Information on budgerigars (parakeets).


California Raptor Center, University of California Davis.

Dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned raptors. Provides hands-on training in the care and management of birds of prey and educational programs.

Canary List Info Pages.

A growing collection of canary and bird related links provided to List members. Searchable CANARY Archives: at


Coast & Oceans Marine Species Conservation - Seabirds.

Biology, diet and breeding and more from the Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Heritage.

Estimating seabird diets using fatty acids: Protocol development and testing of ReFER hypotheses.

Development of a catalog of fatty acids to identify the composition of prey in fatty acid profiles of predators. Also refining the biopsy technique and obtaining tissue samples for analysis, and diet analysis of stomach contents by Sara Iverson, Dalhousie University and Alan springer, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Game Bird and Conservationists' Gazette.

Magazine devoted to keeping and breeding quail, pheasants, peacocks, partridges, doves, pigeons, ducks and other game birds of the world.

House Finch Disease Survey.

A survey to track the spread of infectious diseases in a wildlife population and send the data to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Concerned with mycoplasmal conjunctivitis.


House Finch Conjunctivitis (Mycoplasma gallisepticum).

Created for the purpose of sharing information about Mycoplasma gallisepticum in 33 eastern states and southeastern Canada. Serves as an informal reference to birders.

The Incubation of Ratite Eggs.

A publication on how to successfully incubate ratite eggs from the Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas A&M University.


Management requirements for Waterfowl.

A fact sheet on the management of waterfowl from the Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & Virginia State University.

Methods for Attaching Radio Transmitters to Passerines and Associated Impacts to their Behavior.

A paper on the attachment of radio transmitters to Passerines for field studies and the effects on behavior from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, USGS.


Old world Aviaries Psittacine Links.

A list of links for Psittacines including Anatomy, Animal Rights, Behavior, Bibliographies, Care, Housing & Grooming, Diet & Nutrition, and more.

That Quail Place.

Information on raising quail and game birds, general care, breeding, incubating, brooding and raising of quail. Information about many game birds.

The Premier Source for Finch Information.

Zebra finches: A Complete Pet Owners Manual; links to zebra finch and many other finch species information.

Proceedings of International Virtual Conferences in Veterinary Medicine: Diseases of Psittacine Birds, May 15 - June 30, 1998.

Proceedings from the above conference plus proceedings for Diseases of Reptiles and Amphibians, and Diseases of Exotic Animals and Wildlife, from the University of Georgia.

Psittacine Incubation Techniques, Incubation Periods, and First Generation Captive Raised Breeding (Egg laying) Data.

Information on incubation from E. Trent Swigert, Parrot Jungle, formerly Curator of Birds, Avicultural Breeding & Research Center.


Psittacine Pediatrics: Housing and Feeding of Baby Parrots.

Information on Hygiene, Food Preparation, Methods of Feeding, Housing, Weaning, Care of Baby Parrots and more.

The Raptor Center.

From the University of Minnesota. Raptor facts, publications, FAQ’s and more.

Raptor Research Foundation.

Journal of Raptor Research, conferences, links and more.

Ratite Bibliography and Database.

Purpose is to provide information about papers published on Ratites derived from veterinary and biomedical research journals and conference proceedings. Formerly the Canadian Ratite Home Page. Includes a searchable Ratite database and other references.

Ratite Nutrition and Feeding.

As stated, covers diets and feeding of Ratites with tables for vitamin and mineral levels for diets, suggested minimum nutrient compositions, suggested ingredients, minimums and maximums (lbs/ton). From Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Virginia State University.


Introduces seabirds and colonies in Newfoundland and Labrador and describes common provincial birds that make a living from the sea.

University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology.

Databases on insects, mollusks, fish, reptiles and amphibians, birds, mammals. Publications and more.

Waterfowl: Health & Management.

An electronic encyclopedia and library providing information on the natural history, health and management of captive and free-ranging wild animals. Requires a subscription.

Zebra Finch Society.

A specialty club for zebra finch fanciers for management of the zebra finch as a pet, plus articles and egg candler.

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