Aquaculture and Fisheries Professional Associations, Groups, and Societies


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American Fisheries Society

American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists (AIFRB) 

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Aquaculture Association of Canada (Association Aquacole du Canada)

Aquacultural Engineering Society

Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management Society

Asian Fisheries Society

Australian Society of Fish Biology  

Challenger Society for Marine Science

Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association 

European Aquaculture Society < /span>

Fisheries Society of the British Isles 

Global Aquaculture Alliance 

International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management

Israel Society for Oceanography and Marine Sciences

Malaysian Fisheries Society

National Aquaculture Association

National Shellfisheries Association 

Scottish Association for Marine Science

Sociedade Brasileira de Ictiológia

Somali Fisheries Society

Texas Aquaculture Association

Western Europe Fish Technologists Association

World Aquaculture Society

World Conservation Union


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