Selected Review Articles

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The Institute for Laboratory Animal Research Journal 44(4) 2003, entitled “Physiological Research Outside the Laboratory”, is an excellent collection of articles written to assist fish researchers and IACUC members in assessing fish research.  Please go to their website ( to obtain the following articles.


·       Introduction: All of the World Is a Laboratory
Michael K. Stoskopf

·       Does the Animal Welfare Act Apply to Free-ranging Animals?
Daniel M. Mulcahy

·       Opportunistic Research and Sampling Combined with Fisheries and Wildlife Management Actions or Crisis Response
David A. Jessup

·       Fish Research and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Russell J. Borski and Ronald G. Hodson

·       Surgical Implantation of Transmitters into Fish
Daniel M. Mulcahy

·       Programs for Invasive Research in North American Zoos and Aquariums
Karen L. Goodrowe




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