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Gregory NG (2000) Animal welfare in the fish industry. Surveillance (Wellington). 27(2):8-10
NAL Call No. SF604.63.N45S87
Descriptors: animal welfare, fisheries, aquaculture, stress, fishing, fish farming, fishes, aquatic animals

Joll C (1992) Fishermen encouraged to enter animal welfare debate. Australian Fisheries. 51(10):19-20
NAL Call No. SH317 A8
The animal welfare debate has moved into the arena of fisheries. Malcolm Cleland, a farmer and consultant, suggests that fishermen should lay down plans now to protect themselves against criticisms that are likely to emerge within this decade. Fishermen have been urged to acquaint themselves with the animal welfare issues under debate and to initiate a code of practice for themselves, so they will be better placed to deflect criticism of fishing practices that industry considers acceptable. The advice has come from Malcolm Cleland, a Tasmanian sheep farmer, who has been active in the animal welfare debate for more than 10 years. Although not an animal liberationist himself, he maintains that the debate is here to stay. He says primary producers--including fishermen--cannot afford to ignore it.
Descriptors: fishing operations, fishery disputes, fishery industry, fishery resources, Australia
ASFA; Copyright 2003, FAO

Schulz U (1995) Elektrofischerei unter Tierschutzaspekten. [Animal welfare aspects of electrofishing.] Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift. 102 (3):125-127 (In German with English summary)
NAL Call No. 41.8 D482
Descriptors: legislation, fish farming, fishing, electricity, animal welfare, fishes

Seemann (1978) Fischerei und Tierschutz. [Fisheries and animal welfare]. Du und das Tier. 8(1):10-11 (In German)
ISSN: 0341-5759
Descriptors: animal welfare, pain, angling, fishes

Spitler RJ (1998) The animal rights movement and fisheries. Fisheries (Bethesda). 23(1):21-22
NAL Call No. SH1.F54
Descriptors: animal welfare, ethics, fishing, public opinion, animal sports, fishes

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Schramm, H. L., Jr., and R. G. Piper, editors. 1995. Uses and Effects of Cultured Fishes in Aquatic Ecosystems. American Fisheries Society Symposium 15, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. ( ISBN: 0-913235-91-1
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