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Horses in History: A Bibliography
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Adams, John William. Horseshoeing. Farmer’s Bulletin ( United States Dept. of Agriculture) no. 179. 1903. 29 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 1Ag84F no.179
Descriptors: horseshoeing, farriers, types, shapes, materials, how to do it, correcting leg and hoof problems, anatomy of the foot and hoof.

Adams, Ramon Frederick. The Horse Wrangler & His Remuda. Encino Press. Austin, [ Texas]. Note: With pictures by William D. Wittliff. 1971. 51 p., ill.
NAL call no.: F596.A325
Descriptors: saddle horses, wrangler cowboys, ranch hands, horse care, horse herds, remudas, USA.

Adye, Frederic. Horse-Breeding and Management. R. A. Everett & Co. Ltd. London. 1903. xvi, 332 p., incl. front., ill., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 Ad9
Descriptors: horses, breeding, studbooks, stallions, brood mares, foals, colts, fillies, ponies, mules, asses, jenny asses, horse breeds, shires, Arabians, Clydesdales, riding horses, hunters, steeple chasers, race horses, cavalry horses, draft animals, polo ponies, trotters, farm work.

Albaugh, Reuben. Horses & Men. Davis, Calif. 1974. 164 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.A4
Descriptors: horse evolution, history of how horses have served man over the centuries, rodeos, horse racing, pack horses, the early uses for cross country communication via the Pony Express, Indians use of horses, famous horses, behaviors, feeding, training, USA.

Alexander, David. The History and Romance of the Horse Told with Pictures. [2 nd ed. rev.] Cooper Square Publishers. New York. 1965. 128 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF283.A4 1965
Descriptors: founding of Thoroughbred horse lines, blue mares, Arabic and Greek horse gods, horses in myths and legends, Eohippu, evolution of Equidae, mules, asses early breeds, using horses in travel, transport, exploration, and war.

Allison, William. The British Thoroughbred Horse. His History & Breeding Together with an Esposition of the Figure System. E.P Dutton and Co of New York and Grant Richards of London. 1901. 360 p., ill. Note: Includes additional lists of winners of several of the famous English races. “ Derby Winners” from 1790 through 1899. “Winners of the Oaks” 1779 through 1899. “Winners of the St Leger” 1777 through 1899.
NAL call no.: 42 AL5
Descriptors: the original breeding mares in the development of the Thoroughbred horse breed, theories of breeding race horses, famous English horse breeders, Galton’s law of heredity vs common experience, “The Figure Guide System”, proved merit of mares, purity and vigor of ancestral animals and descendants, Bruce Lowe’s figures, 5 brood mare families have the most race winning descendents, “No 1” family Tregonwell;s Natural Mare, “No 2” family Burton’s barb, “No3” family dam of the Two True Blues, “No 4” The Layton barb Mare, “No 5” daughter of Massy”s Black Barb, “No 6” Old Bald Peg, “No 7”Black Legged Royal mare, “No 8” Bustler mare, “No 9” The Old Vintner mare, No 10” daughter of Gower stallion (out of Childers Mare), 50 mare-based families listed with race winning descendents, descent of the tail male, breeding in Europe, Australian blood stock.

Amaral, Anthony A. Mustang: Life and Legends of Nevada’s Wild Horses.Lancehead Series.Nevada and the West. University of Nevada Press. Reno, Nevada. 1977. xiv, 156 p., [5] leaves of plates, ill. Note: Illustrated by Craig Sheppard.
NAL call no.: SF293.M9A45
Descriptors: wild horses, U.S. Taylor Grazing Act of 1934, stories, mustang fever, wild horse roundups, wild horse capture, behavior, American wild horses evolved from Spanish horses of the colonial period, Indian ponies, American horses, Nevada, USA.

Ammon, Karl Wilhelm and translated by H. Staubli Hildsheim. Historical Reports on Arab Horse Breeding and the Arabian Horse: Collected Reports from Early Travelers to Arabia. Olms Presse, New York. 1993. xvii, 325 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF293.A8A4413 1993
Descriptors: Arabian horses, characteristics, conformation, coat colors, breeding, history, reports from early travelers to Arabia, breeding, mating, training, racing, war’s influence on the breed, veterinary medicine, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Iraq.

Anderson, Edward Lowell. Curb, snaffle, and spur. A method of training young horses for the cavalry service, and for general use under the saddle. By Edward L. Anderson. Illustrated by thirty-two photographs from the life. Little, Brown and Company. Boston. 1894. 132 p. illus. 21 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 An2
Descriptors: horsemanship, horses, training horses for riding, mounted soldiers, double bridle, snaffle bridle, gaits, halting, backing, jumping

Anderson, Edward Lowell. Horses and Riding. U.S. Cavalry Association. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 1909. 68 p. Note: Illustrated with forty half tone plates.
NAL call no.: 42 AN2HO
Descriptors: horse breeds for riding, military horses, horsemanship, treatment of young horses, saddles, spurs, reins, use of the whip, first enlisted Cavalry, forerunner of Light Cavalry, riding schools, riding matters, USA.

Anderson, Edward Lowell. Modern Horsemanship, Three Schools of Riding; An Original Method of Teaching the Art by Means of Pictures from the Life. Putnam. New York. 1889. 164 p. illus. Note: New edition, re-written and re-arranged. According to the book’s preface, “Modern Horsemanship was the first work in any language in which Moment-Photography was employed to explain and teach a physical exercise.”
NAL call no.: 42 An2H
Descriptors: training horses for riding, saddle, snaffle bridle, curb bit, double bridle, curb reins, jumping, dealing with difficult horses, gaits, progressive training, cavesson.

Anderson, Edward Lowell. On Horseback, In the School and On the Road. H. Holt & Company. New York. 1882. 218 p. 19 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 An26 1894
Descriptors: how to ride a horse, saddle, bridle, bits, exercises for horse and rider, gaits of the horse, vices, schooling the horse.

Anderson, Edward Lowell. Riding and Driving.Riding, by Edward L. Anderson; Driving: Hints on the History, Housing, Harnessing and Handling of the Horse, by Price Collier. The Macmillan Company. New York. Macmillan & Co., Ltd. London. 1912 [c1905]. xiii, 441 p., front., plates, ill.
NAL call no.: 42 AN2R 1912
Descriptors: saddle horse breeding, handling young horses, saddle horse stock farms, general horsemanship, US Cavalry, American horsemanship, riding horses, driving horses, equipment and handling, history, USA.

Anderson, James Douglas. Making the American Thoroughbred, Especially in Tennessee, 1800-1845. Including Reminiscences of the Turf, by Balie Peyton, with Notes by the Author. The Plimpton Press. Norwood, Massachusetts. 1916. xv p., 2l., 300 p., front., 15 pl. (incl. ports.), ill.
NAL call no.: 42 AN27
Descriptors: American Thoroughbred horses, raising and racing the Thoroughbred, breeding, training for races, 8 famous races, famous horses, horse history, letters by Andrew Jackson on horses, Tennessee, 19 th Century, USA.

Appaloosa Horse Club. The Appaloosa Horse. [Moro, Oregon. 1941?]. 19 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 AP4
Descriptors: appaloosa horses, physical description, characteristics of the breed, behavior, build, color patterns, breeding, history of the breed.

Arabian Horse Club of America. Arabian Horses. [Arabian Horse Club of America, Chicago, Illinois. 1946]. 31 p., ill. (part col.).
NAL call no.: 42 AR12
Descriptors: Arabian horses, physical descriptions, characteristics, typical behaviors, uses in driving, riding, cavalry, pleasure horses, stock horses, the Arabian Horse Club of America founded in 1908.

Archer, Rosemary, Colin Pearson, and Cecil Covey. The Crabbet Arabian Stud. It’s History & Influence. A. Heriot. Northleach, [ England.] 1978. 352 p., [4] leaves of plates, ill. Note: Foreword by Princess Alice of Athlone.
NAL call no.: SF293.A8A83
Descriptors: Arabian horses, history of import into England, early important stallions, Crabbet Arabian Stud, breeding Arabians, influence of the breed on other the development of other horse breeds, comments the English stud by Princess Alice of Athlone, England.

Armatage, George. The Horseowner and Stableman’s Companion; or, Hints on the Selection, Purchase, and General Management of the Horse. F. Warne and Co. London and Scribner, Welford and Co. New York. 1869. viii, 120 p.
NAL call no.: 42 AR5HO
Descriptors: horse selection, how to evaluate a horse for purchase, assessing age and soundness, temperament, management of stables, stableman’s guide, care, training, feeding, housing, equipment.

Armatage, George. The Horseowner and Stableman’s Companion; or, Hints on the Selection, Purchase, and General Management of the Horse. Frederick Warne and Co. London. 1904. viii, 120 p.
NAL call no.: 42 AR5HO 1904
Descriptors: horse management, how to evaluate and select horses for purchase, assessing age and soundness in horses, past treatment and the affect on behaviors for future owners, vices, temperament, Turkish or Roman baths for washing horses after hunting, stable arrangement, equipment, stable management, horseshoeing, disease prevention.

Asmus, Henry. Horseshoes of Interest to Veterinarians. [ Tampa, Florida. 1946]. c1945. 24 p., ill. Note: Republished by Dr. R.A. Asmus, Son of Henry Asmus who originally published this work in 1935.
NAL call no.: 42 AS5 1946
Descriptors: horse shoes; various types, shapes; materials; modifications for correcting hoof and leg problems; shoes shapes and modifications for: draft horses, mules, light harness horse, hunters.

Axe, John Wortley. The Mare and Foal. J. Murray. London. 1898. 58 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 AX2
Descriptors: horses, treatment of brood/breeding mares, raising foals, female equine reproduction structure and function, ovaries, ovum, embryos, pregnancy, pregnancy indicators, abnormal presentations, delivery of foals, weaning young animals, diseases of foals, general care and management.

Axe, J. Wortley (Editor). The Horse. Its Treatment in Health and Disease. With a Complete Guide to Breeding, Training and Management.Divisional volume 1. Gresham Publishing Company. London. 1906. 162 p., ill. photo.
NAL call no.: 42 AX2H
Descriptors: internal and external anatomy; descriptions of parts of the body; head; body line; chest; abdomen; flank; groin; genital areas; legs; conformation defects; withers; distribution of weight on the body; breeding, training young animals, general management, common diseases and suggested remedies; varieties of horses: Thoroughbred, hackney, pack horse, Cleveland Bay, Yorkshire Coach Horse, Hunter, saddle horse, harness horse, Dartmoor Pony, UK.

Bach, F.W. How to Judge a Horse: A Concise Treatise as to Its Qualities & Soundness. Jenkins. New York. 1893. 180 p., ill., pl.
NAL call no.: 42 B12
Descriptors: horses, bits, saddles, driving, body conformation, judging soundness, behaviors, indicators of good care and management, breaking horses, training young animals, Rockwell & Rapey’s methods, stables, behaviors.

Baird, Eric. The Clydesdale Horse. B.T. Batsford. London. c1982. 128 p., [16] p. of plates, ill.
NAL call no.: SF293.C65B3
Descriptors: Clydesdale horse breed, early history of the breed development and refinement, master breeders, super studs, uses for these large horses, draft horses, war horses, harness equipment, wagons, prize stallions, (1836-1892), Clydesdale Studbook Society Presidents, bibliography, UK.

Barnhart, James M. A History of the Percheron in America. J. M. Barnhart. Butler, Missouri. c1998. x, 357 p., ill. ref. Note: Pages 356-357 provide a chronology of Percheron horse history and a list of International Grand Champions.
NAL call no.: SF293.P4 B27 1998
Descriptors: Percheron horse breed, development of the breed, early imports into the US, conformation, history of introduction, breeding, champion sires, care and management, behaviors typical of the breed, France, USA.

Bartlet, John. The Gentleman’s Farriery: Or, a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Horses: Wherein the Best Writers on the Subject Have Been Consulted, and M. La Fosse’s Method of Trepanning Glandereel Horses Is Particularly Considered and Improved: Also a New Method of Nicking Horses is Recommended; with a Copper-plate and Description of the Machine. 7 th ed., rev. Printed for J. Nourse. London. 1770. xxviii, 370, [10] p., [5] leaves of plates (some col.); ill.
NAL call no.: SF951.B3 1770 R
Descriptors: horses, historical document, diseases, care and management, method for trepanning glandereel horses, nicking or tail breaking methods and equipment described, common diseases and remedies, UK.

Bartlett, Jane and David Gibbon. Animal Draught Technology: An Annotated Bibliography. Overseas Development Group of the University of East Anglia. IT Publications, London. 1984. 76, [14] p.
NAL call no.: Z5071.D73B3
Descriptors: draft horses, technology of draft animal use, tillage techniques, implements, types of activities, cart horses, equipment, harnessing, training, draft horse organization list.

Barton, Frank Townend. Horses and Practical Horsekeeping. Jarrold & Sons. London. [1911]. 643 p., front., plates, ill.
NAL call no.: 42 B28HO
Descriptors: horses, shire and cart horses, Clydesdale, Thoroughbreds, breeding race horses, hunters, ponies, antiquity of the horse, many aspects of care, breaking, handling, training, obnoxious behaviors of horses, structure and anatomy, breeding, care of brood mares and foals, diseases and treatment, drug uses, doses, and recipes, history of some celebrated horses, England.

Barton, Frank Townend. Ponies and All about Them. J. Long. London. 1911. xvi, 17-506 p., incl. front. pl., ill. Note: With 28 illustrations principally from photographs by Gilbert H. Parsons.
NAL call no. 42 B28P
Descriptors: ponies, points of a pony, conformation, Thoroughbreds, history of Hackney pony, harness pony, saddle pony, polo pony, Wilson pony, children’s ponies, Welsh pony, Shetland Pony, pony societies, age, stable management, diseases, care. UK

Barton, Frank Townend. The Horse in Health, Accident & Disease: A Thoroughly Practical Guide for Every Horse Owner. C. Arthur Pearson. London. 1920. 235 p., [8] leaves of plates, ill.
NAL call no.: 42 B28HE
Descriptors: horse care and management, draft horses, cart hauling horses, Clydesdales, Percherons, various diseases common diseases described, recommended treatments, injury treatment and repair, horse hygiene, keeping horses healthy, feeding, stable management, UK.

Battell, Joseph. American Stallion Register: Including all Stallions Prominent in the Breeding of the American Roadster, Trotter and Pacer, from the Earliest Records to 1902: and this Includes Nearly All Imported English Thoroughbreds, and Their More Distinguished Get, Together with Many of the English Stallions from Which They are Descended Compiled from Original Sources. Vols. 1-5. American Pub. Co. Middlebury, Vermont. 1909-1936. 5 v., ill.
NAL call no.: 42.9 B32A
Descriptors: horses, American stallion register, historical information, early American horses, horse breeding, various horse types, American roadsters, trotters, pacers, imported English Thoroughbreds, descendents, English stallions, American stallions, famous horses, USA.

Beatie, Russel H. Saddles. 1 st ed. University of Oklahoma Press. Norman. c1981. xiv, 391 p., ill. Note: Foreword by Dean Kratel, Jr.; drawings by Nancy Niles and Judy Osburn. Note: Very well illustrated.
NAL call no.: SF309.9.B42 1981
Descriptors: saddlery, riding equipment, Shipley saddle, Western stock saddle, history and development of saddles, modern horses, chariots, cavalry, designs of the dark and Middle Ages, types from Columbus to 1800, 1800-1920 styles, parts of the saddle (trees, horns, cantles, stirrups), English saddles, saddle pads, saddle care, saddling a horse, early saddle makers, saddles in art, bronze saddles.

Bernhardi, Friedrich von (General Freiher) and translated from German by Major G. T. M. Bridges. Cavalry in War and Peace. U S Cavalry Association. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. 1910. xxxii, 368 p. front. (port.). Note: With a preface by General Sir J. D. P. French.
NAL call no.: 42 B452
Descriptors: war horses, horse types used, choosing and training horses, cavalry, U.S. Cavalry Association, German cavalry, military history, reconnaissance, squadron patrols, military raids, horses used in combat training, USA.

Bentwright, Jeremiah. The American Horse Tamer Showing How to Cure the Wildest & Most vicious Horse in the World of Kicking, balkin, and other Bad Habits: Also Direction to Purchasers, Hints on Stable Economy and Remedies for all Diseases to which Horses Are Liable such as Spavin, Distemper, Ringbone, &c. &c. A. O Moore. New York. 1858. 86 p. plates. Note: Contents arranged in alphabetical order. A lot of topics addressed in 86 pages!
NAL call no. 42 B44
Descriptors: horse and mule care, management of the horse, diseases of various organs, injuries, founder, management of the feet, mange, rabies, recipes, horse structure, stable management, teeth, tooth development, behaviors, scaring, training horses to pace, and bow, breaking young horses, managing balking.

Biggle, Jacob. Biggle Horse Book; a Concise and Practical Treatise on the Horse, Original and Compiled. Adapted to the Needs of Farmers and Others Who Have a Kindly Regard for this Noble Servitor of Man . W. Atkinson Company. Philadelphia. 1894. 3 p. l., [9]-121 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 B48H
Descriptors: horses, horsemanship, care, handling, humane training of horses, diseases and treatments of common diseases and conditions in horses, breeding, husbandry, care of feet, educating a colt, farm horses, plow horses, wisdom of John Tucker, saddle horses, stables, USA.

Biggle, Jacob. Biggle Horse Book; a Concise and Practical Treatise on the Horse: Adapted to the Needs of Farmers and Others Who Have a Kindly Regard for this Noble Servitor of Man. 10 th ed. W. Atkinson [Co.], Philadelphia 1913, c.1906. 136 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 B48H 1913
Descriptors: horse care, handling, humane training methods, diseases and treatments, breeding, husbandry, wisdom of John Tucker, saddle, farm and plow horses, stables, USA.

Bindley, Charles. The Stud for Practical Purposes and Practical Men, by Harry Hieover [pseud.]. 2 nd ed. London, [U. K.]. Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts. London. 1858. xiv, 205, [1] p. front., pl.
NAL call no.: 42 B51 Ed.2
Descriptors: horses, horse breeding farms, breeding, care, husbandry and management, mares, stallions, horse diseases, internal and external abnormalities, habits, behaviors, stable economy.

Bindley, Charles. Things Worth Knowing about Horses, by Harry Hieover [pseudo.]. T. C. Newby. London [ U.K.]. 1859. iv, 266 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 H53T
Descriptors: horses, feeding, care, management, behaviors, breeding, diseases, uses, training horses for various uses, trotting horses, draft horses, driving horses, stables, stable management.

Blew, William Charles Arlington. Light Horses: Breeds and Management. Vinton. London. 1894. 226 p., [30] leaves of plates, ill.
NAL call no.: 42 B61
Descriptors: various horse breeds, characteristics, behaviors, uses, Thoroughbreds, Hackney ponies, Cleveland Bays, Yorkshires, coach horses, Arabian horses, American trotting horses, hunters, hacks, ponies, asses, mules, horse management, diseases and injuries typical of these equines.

Bloodgood, Lida Fleitman and Piero Santini [Compilers]. The Horseman’s Dictionary. Dutton. New York. [1963]. 214 p.
NAL call no.: SF278.B55
Descriptors: alphabetical listing of terms related to various topics relevant to horses and horse care, equestrian activities, horsemanship, horse management and horse care.

Blunt, Anne, Lady. Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates. J. Murray. London. 1879. 2 vols., [13] leaves of plates (some folded), ill., col. map. Note: With a preface and some account of the Arabs and their horses, by W. S. B.; with a map and sketches by the author.
NAL call no.: 127 B62
Descriptors: Bedouin tribes described, Arabian horses, care, uses of horses, importance of horses in the Bedouin culture and society, horse racing, Arabian horse breeding, Euphrates River area, authors travel descriptions, mules, camels, desert horse history, Middle East.

Blunt, Anne, Lady Wentworth. Thoroughbred Racing Stock and its Ancestors: The Authentic Origin of Pure Blood. Allen & Unwin. London. 1960. xvi, 556 p., [392] p. of plates (some col.), ill., map, ports. Note: With additional chapters from the notes of the late Lady Anne Blunt (16 th Baroness Wentworth) and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (1840-1922), on the Arabian breed.
NAL call no.: 42 W483 Ed.2
Descriptors: history, development of the Thoroughbred race horse in England, origins of the “pure blood,” Arabian horses, racing stock, UK.

Borden, Spencer. The Arab Horse. Doubleday, Page & Co. New York. 1906. xx, 104 p., front., [23 pl.], ill. Note: Many illustrations and photographs.
NAL call no.: 42 B645
Descriptors: Arabian horses, horse types, early history and families, Arab horses outside Arabia, Bedouins, Arabian horses in Americas, Godolphin Arabians, how horses were obtained from the Arabs, use of Arabian horses in breeding.

Borden, Spencer. The Arab Horse. Reprint edition. Borden Pub. Co. Los Angeles. 1961. 104 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF293 A8B6 1961
Descriptors: Arabian horses, early history and families, Arab horses outside Arabia, Bedouins, Arabian horses in Americas, Godolphin Arabians, how horses were obtained, use of Arabian horses in breeding.

Borden, Spencer. What Horse for the Cavalry? J. H. Franklin Co. Fall River, Mass. 1912. vi, 160 p., front., ill. Note: Many illustrations from fotografs (photographs).
NAL call no.: 42 B645W
Descriptors: cavalry horses of Holland, Germany, Austria, Lippizans, German horses, Hungarian horses and studs, Hussars; stallion stables, paddocks, war horses. Europe.

Bosworth, Clarence Edwin. Breeding Your Own: How to Raise and Train Colts for Pleasure and Profit. The Derrydale Press. New York. [c1939] x p., 1 l., 245 p. incl. front. plates. Note: Illustrated with photographs.
NAL call no.: 42 B65
Descriptors: breeding horses, mare management, colt raising, colt training, selling, horse businesses, pleasure riding horses, care and management.

Boucaut, James Penn, Sir. The Arab, the Horse of the Future. Gay and Bird. London. xx, 249 p., front., 7 plates, ill. 1905. Note: Preface by Sir Walter Gilbey, bart.
NAL call no.: 42 B66
Descriptors: Arabian horses, role and use of horses in ancient times, breeds developed in other countries, horse breeding, Queen Victoria’s favorite Arabian horse, Australian stud farm.

Brady, Irene. America’s Horses and Ponies. Houghton Mifflin. Boston. 1969. 202 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF284.U5B7
Descriptors: horses, ponies, types, breeds, history of import and uses, prehistoric horses, light horses, draft horses, donkeys, zebras, USA.

Bradley, Melvin and Duane Dailey. Recollections of Missouri Mules. Extension Division, University of Missouri-Columbia in cooperation with the Missouri Mule Skinners Society, c.1991. 8 vols., ill. Boxes 1-4.
NAL call no.: SF362.B73 1991 R
Descriptors: Missouri mules, oral histories, letters, recollections, Missouri mule industry, breeding of mules, varied uses of mules, interviews with mule farmers, Missouri Mule Skinners Society, USA.

Bradley, Melvin. The Mule Industry of Missouri Remembered: A Key to Transcripts from 130 Interviews Contained in Volumes One through Eight of Recollections of Missouri Mules by Melvin Bradley. University of Missouri Press. [ Columbia?] Mo. 1991. v, 48 leaves.
NAL call no.: SF362.B732 1991 R
Descriptors: mules, mule industry; historical interviews; mule breeding; jack stock breeding; mule marketing; uses in farming, mining, logging, levee building, and uses in cities; showing mules, behavior and psychology, in the military in WWI and WWII; Missouri, USA.

British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Zoology. Guide to the Specimens of the Horse Family (Equidae) Exhibited in the Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History). Printed by order of the Trustees of the Museum, London. 1907. 42 p. plates.
NAL call no.: 42 B77
Descriptors: fossils,horse family, taxonomy, horse teeth, ancestors of the horse, extinct horses, skulls, feet, hoofs, cave horses, Mongolian wild horses, Arabian horses, Thoroughbreds, Shire horse breed, Kiang, onager, zebras, asses.

Brooke, Geoffrey Francis Heremon. The Way of a Man with a Horse: A Practical Book on Horsemanship. Seeley, Service & Co. London. 1929. 2 p., 7-288 p. front. (port.) plates. Note: Veterinary notes by Col. Todd, & a chapter on pig-sticking by Arthur Brooke. With over ninety illustrations.
NAL call no.: 42 B793
Descriptors: horsemanship, veterinary notes, handling, training, care, management, breeding, raising.

Brookshier, Frank. The Burro. [1 st ed.]. University of Oklahoma Press. Norman, Oklahoma. [1974]. xiii, 370 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF361.B76
Descriptors: burros, heritage from the Middle East, the Chinese burro, Persian and Hindu trails, Greco-Roman theater, following the conquistadors, used by prospectors in the expansion of the US West, Mexican burros, use as pets, pack burros, other uses, donkeys, depictions in art and religion, USA.

Bruce, Benjamin Gratz. Memoir of Lexington. [n.p., 188?]. 51 p. Note: B.G. Bruce was the editor of the Kentucky Live Stock Record.
NAL call no.: 42 B832
Descriptors: Lexington (race horse), 4 mile races, Dr. Elisha Warfield, accounts of Lexington’s races, newspaper articles, letters, offspring, dam and sire, Lecomte, match race, blindness, first horse to run 4 miles under 7:20, resemblance between the career of John Milton as a poet and Lexington as a race horse, 1850-1875.

Bruce, Sanders Dewees. The Thoroughbred Horse: His Origin, How to Breed and How to Select Him; With the Horse Breeders’ Guide. New York. Turf, Field and Farm. 1892. xii, 316 p. Note: “Embracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires, with full performances of each and best of their get, covering the season of 1892.”
NAL call no.: 42 B83
Descriptors: Thoroughbred horse, horses, breeding, pedigrees, stallions, dams, stud book, racing lineage, hereditary soundness, conformation.

Buffum, David. The Horse; his Breeding, Care and Use,by David Buffum. Outing Pub. Co. New York. 1911. 160 p., ill. Note: Illustrated with diagrams.
NAL call no: 42 B861
Descriptors: description of a good horse, influx of Arabian blood, breed choice, principles of breeding, shying behavior, stabling and feeding, training young horses, shoeing, management of carriage horses, equipment, draft horses, evolution/development of the trotter, horsemanship, USA.

Burke, Fielding. The Welsh Pony, Described in Two Letters to a Friend, by Olive Tilford Dargan. Privately Printed for C. A. Stone. Boston. [c.1913]. xiii, 52 p., front., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 D24
Descriptors: Welsh mountain pony, physical characteristics, behaviors, uses, harness ponies, descriptions in two letters, stallions, mares, breeding, pedigrees.

Busbey, Hamilton. The Trotting and the Pacing Horse in America. American Sportsman’s Library. Caspar Whitney (Editor). Macmillan Company, New York and London. 1904. xii, 369 p. illus. Note: Many photographs of famous trotters and pacers in the USA.
NAL call no.: 42 B96
Descriptors: racing horses, history of import of horses in the Americas, colonial period, early race tracks, time records for mid to late 1800’s, 1903-2 minute mile trotting race results, driving equipment, champion mare “Lou Dillon,” “Major Delmar,” “Cresceus,” “Dan Patch,” famous breeders, growth of horse shows, amateur driving clubs, Narragansett pacers, “Star Pointer.”

Busbey, Hamilton. Recollections of men and horses. Dodd, Mead and Company. New York. 1907. xii, 354 p. front., plates, ports. 21cm.
NAL call no.: 42 B96R
Descriptors: Hambletonian, breeder, thoroughbred, trotting horses.

Carter, William Harding. Horses, Saddles and Bridles,by General William H. Carter. [3d. ed.]. The Lord Baltimore Press, Friedenwald Company. Baltimore. 1906. 2 p., [iii]-vi p., 1, 405 p., ill., glossary. Note: Very extensive book on all topics related to horses.
NAL call no.: 42 C24 1906
Descriptors: cavalry horses, cavalry equipment, saddles, bridles, injuries, horse care and management, veterinary supplies, transport of horses at sea.

Carter, William Harding, Major General and National Geographic. The Horses of the World; the Development of Man’s Companion in War Camp, on Farm, in the Marts of Trade, and in the Field of sports. The National Geographic Society. Washington, [D.C.] 1923. 3 p., 118 p., ill. (part col.). Note: Paintings by Edward Herbert Miner. With 95 illustrations, including 24 pages of color.
NAL call no.: 42 C24H
Descriptors: horses, uses in a variety of human activities, uses in war, on the farm uses, trade activities, sporting horses, various breeds of horses, wild horses, zebras, onagers, wild asses, donkey, ponies, Clydesdale, Hackney, Arabian horses, German coach horses, American saddle horses, Percherons, Thoroughbreds, Morgan horses, polo ponies, mustangs, draft animals, pleasure animals.

Clabby, John. The Natural History of the Horse.World Naturalist Series. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. London. 1976. xii, 116 p., [8] leaves of plates, ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.C5534
Descriptors: horses, natural history, origins, behaviors, habitat, herds, stallion’s role and behaviors, foraging behavior.

Clark, Bracy. An Essay on the Bots of Horses, and Other Animals. London: Printed for the author and sold at no. 17, Giltspur Street. 1815. 72, 81-94, [6] p., 2 leaves of plates: col. ill. ; 30 cm. Note: Caption title: On the bots, or Oestri. T. Owen engraver. Bound with: An appendix or supplement to a treatise on the Oestri and Cuterebrae of various animals/ by Bracy Clark. [London?, ca. 1845]: p. 81-94 and supplementary sheet: Discovery of the fly of the white bot: p.[3-6] at back.
NAL call no.: QL537.O4 C63 1815
Descriptors: horses, botflies, cuterebra, horse diseases oestrus (insect).

Clark, Bracy. Hippodonomia, or The true structure, laws, and economy of the horse’s foot: also, Podophthora; or, A ruinous defect in the principle of the common shoe detected; and demonstrated by experiments: with a proposition for a new principle of shoeing, which abundant practice has since confirmed. 2nd edition, enlarged and improved. London: for the author. 1829. 140 p. 6 pl (incl. front); 28cm.
NAL call no.: 42 .C54
Descriptors: hoofs, horseshoeing, structure of the horse’s foot, natural function of horse hooves, shoeless hoofcare.

Clark, Jefferson K. The Percheron Horse. R. P. Studley & co., Printers and Lithographers. St Louis. Missouri. 1869. Cover-title, 8 p., ill., 3 pl. (1 fold.)
NAL call no.: 42 C543
Descriptors: Percheron horses, uses, history of the breed, import into America, characteristics, structure, behaviors, breeding, drawings.

Clarke, William H. HorsesTeeth:A Treatise on their Mode of Development, Anatomy, Microscopy, Pathology, and Dentistry; Compared with Teeth of Many other Land and Marine Animals, Both Living and Extinct; with a Vocabulary and Copious Extracts from the Works of Odontologists and Veterinarians. 4 th ed., re-revised, with second appendix. W. R. Jenkins. New York. 1893. xxx, [31]-308 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 C55 1893
Descriptors: horses teeth, numbers, types, species comparisons to aquatic and land animals, embryonic development, microscopy, micro and macro structure, tooth diseases, dentistry, treatments, terminology, stages of tooth development, normal and abnormal tooth development, veterinary instruments.

Clutton-Brock, Juliet. Horse Power: A History of the Horse in Human Societies. Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Mass. 1992. 192 p., ill. (some col.), maps.
NAL call no.: SF283.C63 1992
Descriptors: horses; domestication, uses over the centuries of domestication, role in the expansion of cultures in many parts of the world, uses in: war, transport of goods and people, sport, and food, horses in human history, relationship between people and horses.

Coates, Henry Troth. A Short History of the American Trotting and Pacing Horse. The American Trotting Turf in 1899 and 1900, by A. M. Gillam, and What to Do before the Veterinary Surgeon Comes, by G. Fleming. Coates & Co., Philadelphia. 1901. 148 p., front., pl., Ill.
NAL call no.: 42 C63
Descriptors: horses, American trotters and pacers, racing in 1899-1900, diseases and various health and structural conditions, treatment and restraint of horses before veterinary care, remedies, veterinary care, historical information, veterinary surgery, pedigrees of famous horses, training and conditioning, USA.

Cochel, W. A. and B.O. Severson. Developing Draft Colts. Bulletin. Pennsylvania State College Agricultural Experiment Station; no. 122. 1913. 13 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 100 P381 no. 122
Descriptors: young draft horses, colts, feeding, diets, care, training, economic value, handling, husbandry, USA.

Coleraine, George Hanger, 4 th Baron. Colonel George Hanger, to All Sportsmen, and Particularly to Farmers, and Gamekeepers. Above Thirty Years’ Practice in Horses and Dogs; How to Feed and Take Care of Them, and Also To Cure Them of All Common Disorders. Effectually To Allure and Catch all Vermin. The Rat-Catching Secret. To Breed and Feed Pheasants, and Cure their Disorders. On Fowling-Pieces, Rifle-Guns, and Muskets. To Which Is Added, a Plan for Training and Disciplining a Corp. Printed for the author and sold by J. J. Stockdale. London. 1814. 1 p., l., [5]. 226 p.
NAL call no.: 40 C67
Descriptors: horse care, dog care, feeding, curing common diseases, rat catching, breeding, caring for pheasants, fowling pieces, rifle guns, muskets, training and disciplining a corp, England.

Couste, Henri Jean Paul. Mechanics Applied to the Race Horse. (Une Foulee de Gallop de Course). 2 nd ed. With a Study of the Construction and Functions of the Hind Legs. Replies to Criticisms. By Colonel H. Couste; translated by E. B. Cassatt. Paris 1914; New York 1916. 80 p., ill.
NAL call no: 42 C832
Descriptors: race horses, locomotion, movement mechanics, anatomy of rear legs, bones, muscles, parts of the rear leg, analysis of the gallop motion.

Cowan, Bud. Range Rider. Doubleday, Doran & Company, inc., Garden City, NY. 1930. x p., 1 l., 289 p., ill., front., plates. Note: With an introduction by B. M. Bower. Illustrations by Ross Santee.
NAL call no.: 138 C83
Descriptors: horses, cowboys, American range land, management of cattle grazing, American West, USA.

Culley, John Henry. Cattle, Horses & Men of the Western Range. The Ward Ritchie Press. Los Angeles, CA. [1940]. xvi, p., 337 p., ill., front. (port.), plates.
NAL call no.: 43 C894
Descriptors: cattle, horses, stockmen, broncos, cowboys, rodeos, Western sections of the USA.

Cullum, Grove. Selection and Training of the Polo Pony, with Comments on the Game, by Grove Cullum. C. Scribner’s sons. New York and London. 1934. xv, 253 p., incl. front., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 C89
Descriptors: polo ponies, polo games, selection of a polo pony, polo pony training, temperaments, conformation, stable management, breeding lessons with stick and ball, striking, combination play, rules of the game, care and management.

Culver, Francis Barnum. Blooded Horses of Colonial Days; Classic Horse. Matches in America before the Revolution. Published by the author. Baltimore, [MD.]. 1922. 5 p. l., [13]-96, [15], 100-156 p. 4 l., ill., plates, facsims.
NAL call no.: 42 C892
Descriptors: US Colonial period, pre-revolutionary war, 1745-1775, racing horses, famous races, blooded horses, ancient horses, horse races, some farming horses, horse memorabilia, Maryland Jockey Club, Virginia, The Carolinas, New York, Pennsylvania, New England, USA.

Cunninghame, Graham R. B.; Denhardt, Robert Moorman. The Horses of the Conquest. [First American edition] University of Oklahoma Press. Norman, Oklahoma. [1949]. 145 p. illus.
NAL call no .: QL737.U6G7 1949
Descriptors: horses, role of horses in conquest of the Americas, colonial history, 2 styles of riding in Spain, interaction of men and horses, post-conquest horses multiplied in the Americas.

Curryer, Joseph Curtis. Horse Sense. A Practical Treatise. By J. C. Curryer. Minneapolis, MN., Farm Stock & Home Company. Minneapolis, MN. 1900. xvi, 226 p., front. (port.), ill.
NAL call no.: 42 C93
Descriptors: conformation of legs, intelligence of horses, judging horses, soundness, lameness, selection a stallion, care, use in breeding, selection of brood mares, hereditary traits, draft horses on the farm, educating horses, humane treatment, restraint suggestions and equipment, bridle and bits, care of the feet, shoeing, nutrition, feeding and feeds, controlling strategies, common diseases and treatments.

Curryer, J. C. Some of the Natural Laws and Principles of Horsemanship, with Kindergarten Work for Little Colts. [ St Paul, Minn.], c1902. pp. [227]-245 ill.
NAL call no.: 42 C93S
Descriptors: younghorses, horsemanship, colts, early training, behaviors, teaching young horses.

Curtis, George Washington. Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Swine. Origin, History, Improvement, Description, Characteristics, Merits, Objections, Adaptability, etc., of Each of the Different Breeds, with Hints on Selection, Care and Management, Including Methods of Practical Breeders in the United States and Canada. 2 nd ed., rev. and enl. The Rural Publishing Company. New York. 1893. vii, [8]-343 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 40 C94 Ed.2
Descriptors: livestock breeds, cattle, sheep, swine, horses, origins of various livestock and horse breeds, merits of breeds, methods of breeding, US, Canada.

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