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Horses in History: A Bibliography
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Dadd, George H. The Advocate of Veterinary Reform and Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse. Also, a General History of Veterinary Science in England, with Practical Observations on Feeding, Watering, Grooming, Shoeing, &c. Containing, also a Veterinary Dictionary Selected from the Works of R. White. With Selections from the Works of Youatt, Percival, and Curtis, Together with Observations on Bloodletting, and the Use of Poisons. George H. Dadd (publisher). Boston, [MA.]. 1850. 307 p., ill., 2 fold. pl.
NAL call no.: 42 D12
Descriptors: horses, anatomy and physiology, veterinary dictionary of terms relevant to horses, horse care and equipment, veterinary practices, care, husbandry, feeding, watering, grooming, diseases, blood letting, use of poisons as treatments, includes selections from R. White, Youatt, Percival, and Curtis, England.

Dadd, George H. The Modern Horse Doctor: Containing Practical Observations of the Cause, Nature and Treatment of Disease and Lameness in Horses. Embracing the Most Recent and Approved Methods, According to an Enlightened System of Veterinary Therapeutics, for the Preservation and Restoration of Health. John P. Jewett and Co. Boston. Jewett, Proctor & Worthington. Cleveland, Ohio.Sheldon, Lamport & Blakman. New York. 1855. 432p. ill.
NAL call no.: 41 D12M 1855
Descriptors: horses, nature and treatment of diseases of the horse, agriculturists, horsemen, sanative and rational system of medication for those treating their own horses, disease lameness cures, know when medicines are needed, hygiene, veterinary medicine, neurological diseases, concussion of the brain, respiratory organs, pneumonia, strangles, coughing, roaring, tracheotomy, urinary diseases, digestive tract diseases, liver diseases, eye and eye membranes, fevers, mouth problems, teeth, tongue wounds, lameness, long bones, joints, founder, muscle spasm, strains and sprains, hoof and laminae, wounds, worms, nicking, glanders, disinfection of stables, cautery, parasites, gadflys, bones.

Deacon, Alan. Horse Sense: A Complete Guide to Riding and Horse Management. Frederick Muller Ltd. London. c.1971. 164 p., index p. 161-164, ill. (drawings).
NAL call no.: SF285.D4
Descriptors: horses, care, husbandry, diseases, breeding, training, riding, equipment, horse shoeing, horse shoes, jumping, hunting, pony club, equestrian teams, buying a pony, advice for parents buying ponies for childres, stable management.

De Grey, Thomas. The Compleat Horseman and Expert Ferrier. Printed by T. Harper. London. 1639. 15 p. 356, [5] p., ill. (port.).
NAL call no.: 41.D34
Descriptors: horses, care, husbandry, breeding, training, equipment, building, horse shoes, horse shoeing.

Denhardt, Robert Moorman and The American Quarter Horse Association. The Quarter Horse: A Varied Assortment of Historical Articles, Equine Biographies and Characteristics, Sketches of Horsemen and Other Lore, All Pertaining to the Quarter Horse. Penned up by Bob Denhardt. The American Quarter Horse Association. Fort Worth, Texas. 1941. xxvi, 229 p. incl. front., illus. plates. 24 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 D41Q
Descriptors: quarter horse, history of breed, characteristics, behaviors, stories of famous horses, people who ride quarter horses, selection of articles, American Quarter Horse Association, 1941.

Denhardt, Robert Moorman. The Horse of the Americas. New ed., rev. and enl. University of Oklahoma Press. Norman, Oklahoma.[1975]. 343 p., ill. appendix, maps. Note: Forward by J. Frank Dobie
NAL all no.: SF284.A6D4 1975
Descriptors: prehistoric horses, transportation of horses by boat in 16 th Century,appaloosas, palominos, pintos, Pony Express, Spanish horse in North America and South America, the American horse today.

Dent, Anthony Austen. Donkey: The Story of the Ass from East to West. Harrap, London. [1972]. 175 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF361.D37
Descriptors: donkeys, Nubian asses, organization of the American Pack Train of the U.S. Army, mule trains, mule carts, animal in active service, history, donkey import into Europe, uses in India, Egypt, Somaliland, Persia, China, Brother of the Ass, the ass in Medieval life and legend, Roman goddess protecting mules, the donkey in the New World.

Dent, Anthony Austen and Daphne Machin Goodall. The Foals of Epona: A History of British Ponies from the Bronze Age to Yesterday. Galley Press. London. [1962]. x, 305 p., ill., maps, plates.
NAL call no.: 42 D43
Descriptors: ponies, Roman Britain ponies, Viking, Ermon foals, Roman postal service, monastic horses, horses of the Middle Ages in Wales, Ireland, goddesses, poems.

Des Farges, George with C.B. Pitman [Translator]. Race Horses, Pedigree—Description—History, Translated from French C. B. Pitman; Sixty Coloured Plates by V. J. Cotlison, L. Penicaut, and le Nail, Also One Hundred and Thirty-Four Vignettes in the Text by Crafty, Cotlison, le Nail, Arsenius, Penicaut, Cousturier, etc. Coloured by Hand. J. C. Nimmo. London. 1890. xxv, 165 p., col. ill., 60 col. pl. Notes: Author's pseud., S. F. Touchstone, at head of title. Each plate accompanied by leaf of descriptive letterpress. Added t.p.: History of Celebrated English and French Thorough-Bred Stallions and French Mares Which Appeared on the Turf from 1764 to 1887, Preceded by a Preface from the Duke of Beaufort, Translated from the French by C. B. Pitman. London, J. C. Nimmo, 1890.
NAL call no.: 42 T64 FO
Descriptors: race horses, Thoroughbreds, racing history, celebrated stallions and mares, 1764-1887, descriptions, pedigrees, English, French.

Dines, Lisa. The American Mustang Guidebook: History, Behavior, State by State Directions on Where to Best View America’s Wild Horses. Willow Creek Press. Minoqua, Wis. c2001. 150 p., ill., maps.
NAL call no.: SF293.M9.D56 2001
Descriptors: wild horses, mustangs, history of introduction in the American West, habitats, behaviors, guidebook with directions for observing wild animals, state by state information, burros, mustang and burro organizations, American mustang, domestic Spanish mustangs, mustang and burro trainers, USA.

Dimon, John. American Horses and Horse Breeding. A Complete History of the Horse from the Remotest Period in His History to Date. The Horseman’s Encyclopedia and Standard Authority on Horses, Embracing Breeds, Families, Breeding, Training, Shoeing, and General Management. The Modern and Practical Horse Doctor on the Cause, Nature, Symptoms, and Treatment of Diseases of All Kinds. J. Dimon (Publisher). Hartford, Conn. 1895. 449 p., front. (port.), ill., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 D59
Descriptors: horses, breeding, history of horses, descriptions and histories of various breeds, families, general care, husbandry, feeding, training, breeding horses, shoeing, common diseases, symptoms, injuries, treatments, remedies, Arabian horses, Morgan horses, Thoroughbreds, draft horses, coach horses, race horses, trotters, USA.

Dobie, J. Frank, Mody C. Boatright and Harry H. Ransom [Editors]. Mustangs and Cow Horses. Folklore Society. Austin, Texas. 1940. xi p., 429 p., ill. (incl. map, music).
NAL call no.: 42 D65
Descriptors: mustang horses, cow herding horses, mustangs of the Southwest, Texas, Plains mustangs, nicking, Comanche horses, mules, horses lore and legends, horse heroes, Texas, Mexican horse breaking, caballeros, mustang stampede of wagon train, USA.

Dobie, J. Frank. The Mustangs. Boston, [MA]. Little Brown. Boston. 1952. xvii p., 376 p., ill. Note: Illustrated by Charles Banks Wilson.
NAL call no.: 42 D65M
Descriptors: mustangs, history of the mustang, behaviors, progenitors of mustangs, Indian horses and horsemanship, Indian horse stealing and mustanging, mestenas, wild mustangs, legend of the white mustang, the coyote dun and other cow horses, under saddle, Western US range lands, USA.

Dobie, J. Frank. A Vaquero of the Brush Country by J. Frank Dobie, Partly from the Reminiscences of John [ Duncan] Young 2 nd ed. The Southwest Press. Dallas, Texas. 1929. xv p., 314 p., ill., facsim. Note: Illustrated by Justin C. Gruelle.
NAL call no.: 120 Y83 Y
Descriptors: life as a vaquero in the West, anecdotes and stories, range lands, USA.

Douglas, Charles. Shetland Pony: With an Appendix on the Making of the Shetland Pony by J. C. Ewart. Blackwood. Edinburgh. 1913. 172 p., ill., pl.
NAL call no.: 42 D74
Descriptors: early history, early Norwegian rock drawings of horses, pony development on Shetland Island, harsh environmental island conditions, effects on genetic selection, Highland Society’s Report of 1801, management of the modern pony, uses of the ponies.

Du Hays, Charles. The Percheron Horse. Translated. from the French of Charles Du Hays. Private printing. Baltimore, [MD.]. 1886. 128 p., ill., incl. mounted front., 32 mounted pl.
NAL call no.: 42 D88
Descriptors: Percheron horses, location in France where breed developed, Percheron country, characteristics of the breed, color, size, temperaments, ancestors of the breed, uses, pulling carriages, cart horses, selection of brood stock, limited numbers of breeders in Perche, losses of breeding stock, began to introduce heavy draft horse genes, suggestions for breeding to regenerate the original type, discussion of interbreeding, 3 types of Percherons—light, draft and intermediate, discussion of crosses, Arab crosses, English horse crosses, recommended stud books, speeds of mounted and harnessed percherons for 1 ¼ mi 1 5/8 mi 2 mi, 2.5 mi, endurance.

Edwards, Elwyn Hartley. The Complete Book of the Horse. London, [U. K.]. Ward Lock Ltd. London. [1973]. 319 p., col. ill.
NAL call no.: QL737.U62E3
Descriptors: evolution of the horse, history and development of breeds, horse types, donkeys, mules, Arab, Anglo-Arab, English Thoroughbred, British heavy horses, draft horses, the hunter, hacks, the Cob, riding ponies, history of horsemanship, horse health, equestrian sports, care and management, Britain.

Ensminger, M. Eugene. Horses and Horsemanship. 4 th ed. Interstate Printers and Publishers. Danville, Ill. 1969. 906 p., ill., photo.
NAL call no.: SF285.E5 1969
Descriptors: history and development of the horse industry, distribution and future of horse industry, anatomy, conformation, judging horses, types of light horses, draft horse, mules, jacks, breeding, origins and domestication of the donkey, breeding, feeding health, training, management, uses of horses for food, military purposes, recreation and sports, agricultural and commercial pursuits, early history in the USA, US horse and mule production, horse and mules in WWII, horse health, diseases and parasites, horsemanship, tack, equipment, clothing, boots, how to ride, rules, horse drawn vehicles, cleaning grooming.

Flower, William Henry. The Horse: A Study in Natural History. D. Appleton and Company. New York. 1901, c1891. xiv, 204 p., front., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 F66
Descriptors: taxonomy of horses, natural ancestors, nearest taxonomic relatives, types, ranges, habits, where found in the world, descriptions, anatomy, structure, evolution.

Frame, B. H. (Benjamin Harrison). The Horse and Mule Outlook.Circular [series] ( University of Missouri, Agricultural Experiment Station); 157. University of Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. Columbia, Missouri. 1927. 12 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 100 M693 no.157
Descriptors: horses, mules, economic factors, numbers, values, Missouri.

Galtrey, Sidney Capt.. The Horse and the War. Country life. London. 1918. 130, [2] p., col. front., ill. Notes: Illustrated from drawings by Captain Lionel Edwards and from photographs. With a note by Field-Marshall Sir Douglas Haig.
NAL call no.: 42 G132
Descriptors: horses, 1 st World War, uses, types of horses, importance in war and battles, care and management, equipment.

Galvayne, Sydney. The XXth Century Book on the Horse. by Sydney Galvayne. Also a Practical Treatise on Training Ponies and Playing Polo by Fred. Galvayne. 3 rd ed. Bailliere, Tindall and Cox. London. 1912. xxv, 346 p., ill., incl. front. (port.), plates, plans, charts.
NAL call no.: 42 G13 Ed.3
Descriptors: horses, ponies, coat colors, descriptions of breeds and types, terms, definitions, bits, bridles, shoeing, stable care, Galvayne method of training, colt management, soundness, dealing with bad habits and vicious horses, curing horse fallacies, foaling management, training ponies for Polo.

Gamble, James A., I.P. Earle, and Paul E. Howe. Rearing foals and lambs by the use of colostrum, blood serum, and substitute milks. Technical Bulletin ( United States Dept. of Agriculture); no. 661. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 1938. 35 p., ill.
NAL call nos.: 1 AG84TE no.661 and Fiche S-69 No. 661
Descriptors: feedingyoung horses, lambs, diet, milk substitute formulations, colostrum, blood serum, growth effectiveness.

Gay, Carl Warren. Productive Horse Husbandry. 3 rd ed., rev. J.B. Lippincott Co. Philadelphia & London. 1914. xv, 331 p. col. front., illus.(incl. plans, facsims.) 22 cm. In the series: Lippincott’s Farm Manuals.
NAL call no.: 42 G252
Descriptors: Percheron brood mares, horse structure and function, mules, various breeds, heavy harness breeds, draft horses, horses in service, interaction between horse and master, equitation, harnesses and saddles, transportation, effects of the development of the automobile.

Gay, Carl Warren. Productive Horse Husbandry. 3 rd ed., rev. Lippincott, Philadelphia. 1924. xvi, 335 p., ill. (some col.).
NAL call no.: 42 G252 1924
Descriptors: Percheron brood mares, horse structure and function, mules, various breeds, heavy harness breeds, draft horses, horses in service, interaction between horse and master, equitation, harnesses and saddles, transportation, effects of the development of the automobile.

Gianoli, Luigi. Horses and Horsemanship through the Ages. New York. Crown Publishers. New York. [1969]. 441 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF309.G52
Descriptors: horsemanship, early history, Middle Ages, Renaissance, horsemanship schools, horses in sports like polo and hunting, Equestrian Olympic games, Thoroughbred racing, harness racing, use of horses in circuses and rodeo, horse drawn vehicles.

Gilbey, Walter, Sir. The Great Horse; or, the War Horse: from the Time of the Roman Invasion Till Its Development into the Shire Horse. 2 nd ed. Vinton & Co., Limited. London. 1899. vi, [2], 69 p., ill., 17 pl. (incl. front.).
NAL call no.: 42 G37G
Descriptors: large horses, draft horses, war horses, breeding for large horses, Roman invasion period to the Shire horse breed, characteristics, behaviors, structure, Germany Knight in armor, chariot horses of the ancient Britons, shire horses.

Gilbey, Walter, Sir. Horse Breeding in England and India, and Army Horses Abroad. Vinton. London. 1901. 56 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 G37
Descriptors: exporting of horses, horses bred for sport only,horses for the British army, race horses in the 18 th and 19 th century, breeding in various countries, Europe, Russia, Turkey, India.

Gilbey, Walter, Sir. Horses Past and Present. Vinton. London. 1900. 89 p. illus., 9 plates. 23 cm. Note: History of the horse in England arranged by reigns.
NAL call no.: 42 G37H
Descriptors: horses, William the Conqueror, William Rufus, Saxon, war horses, Henry VII, Richard I, Duke of Newcastle, farrier, Arabian horse, race horses, cart horses, Newmarket, foxhoundsGreat Britain.

Gilbey, Walter, Sir. Ponies: Past and Present. Vinton & Co. London. 1900. 4 p., 112 p., ill., 8 pl. (incl. front.).
NAL call no.: 42 G37P
Descriptors: ponies, pony types, England new forest pony,Welsh pony, Exmoor pony, Dartmoor pony, Cumberland pony, Westmoreland pony, Conemara pony, Shetland pony, Scottish pony, characteristics, polo ponies, uses of the ponies, breeding, history of use from Julius Caesar to Henry the 8 th, Great Britain.

Gilbey, Walter, Sir. Small Horses in Warfare. Vinton [& Co.]. London. 1900. 49 p., ill., 5 plates (incl. front.).
NAL call no.: 42 G37S
Descriptors: breeding small horses, horses in the Crimean War, Cape horses, Sudanese ponies, Burnaby’s ride to Khiva, post horses in Siberia, ponies in India, ponies in Northern Africa, ponies in Morocco, ponies in Eastern Asia, ponies in Australia, ponies America and Texas, Army horses in the future.

Gilbey, Walter, Sir. Thoroughbred and Other Ponies with Remarks on the Height of Racehorses since 1700; being a Rev. Ed. of Ponies: Past and Present, by Sir Walter Gilbey. Vinton [& Co.]. London. 1903. 156 p., ill., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 G37T 1903
Descriptors: ponies, race horses, Thoroughbreds, size, height, conformation, history, early racehorses, early British ponies, Arabian ponies, breeding polo ponies, asses, characteristics of ponies, breeding in general, conformation, England.

Gleason, Oscar Rudolph. Gleason’s Horse Book: The Only Authorized Work by America’s King of Horse Tamers; Comprising History, Breeding, Training, Breaking, Buying, Feeding, Grooming, Shoeing, Doctoring, Telling Age, and General Care of the Horse. Crowell Pub. Co. Springfield, Ohio. c1892. 8 [11], [9]-416 p., ill., [3] leaves of plates, port.
NAL call no.: SF285.G5
Descriptors: saddlehorses, harness horses, Oscar Rudolph Gleason’s approach to managing horses, history, breeding horses, breaking to saddle and harness, training, handling, horse behaviors, bad habits, intelligence, feeding, teeth, medicines, care and husbandry, grooming, shoeing, diseases, treatment of disease and conditions, age determination, USA.

Gocher, William Henry. Pacealong. Published by W.H. Gocher. Hartford, Conn. 1928. 456 p., ill., incl. front. (port.), plates, ports.
NAL call no.: 42 G53P
Descriptors: pacing colts, racing colts, poetry, pacers, characteristics of pacers, history, U.S.

Gocher, William Henry. Trotalong. Published by W. H. Gocher. Hartford, Conn. 1928. 487 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 G53T
Descriptors: American trotters, trotting horse register, farms, equipment, wheels, whips, history, match racing.

Goldschmidt, Sidney G. Lieut. Col. Stable Wise. C. Scribners Sons, New York [N.Y.]. 1929. xv, [1], 17-176, ill., incl. front. Note: J. McNeil illustrator.
NAL call no.: 42 G57
Descriptors: skeletal structure, comparative anatomy, stabled horses fighting, exercising horses, grooming, shoeing, ailments, hunters and polo ponies, saddlery, stable design, duties of owners and grooms, wages and cost of keep.

Goubaux, Armand, Gustave Barrier and Simon J.J. Harger. The Exterior of the Horse. 2 nd ed., with 346 figures and 34 plates, by G. Nicolet. Translated and edited by Simon J. J. Harger. J. B. Lippincott Company; [etc.] Philadelphia. 1892. xxviii, 916 p., ill., incl. plates, diagrams.
NAL call no.: 42 G72
Descriptors: horse mechanics, definitions, anatomy and parts of the head mouth and neck, sections and description of the parts of the body, how the legs move, musculature, locomotion, proportions, defects, age of the horse, teeth, coats colors and hair differences, race horses, coach horses, saddle horses, cavalry horses, vicious horses, draft horses, abnormal behaviors, what to look for in choosing a horse.

Ringwalt, Samuel Col. The horse—from practical experience in the Army. Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the year 1866. Government Printing Office. Washington, DC. 1867: 321-334.
NAL call no.: 1 AG84 1866
Descriptors: use of horses, war horses, horses in the U.S. numbers in 1860, wild horses, Native American and horses, racing horses, European (France, England, Prussia, Austria) governments studs for cavalry horses, US government breeding programs, types of horses needed, uses in the Civil War, differences in endurance, selecting horses, vices and faults, treatment, difficulties of finding food for service animals, bales hay for the army, grains of barley, corn, wheat, rye, diseases related to poor conditions of war, uses of fallen/killed horse body parts.

Great Britain. Board of Agriculture and Fisheries. Board of – Ponies, Committee on Improvement of Mountain and Moorland Breeds of. Report. [S.l.], 1912. 41 p.
NAL call no.: 42 G79
Descriptors: Board report, mountain pony breeds, moorland pony breeds, breed improvement recommendations, stud and brood mare selection, Thoroughbreds, Hackney ponies, hunters, polo ponies, registration of stallions, Great Britain.

Greene, Edward H. The Law and Your horse. A.S. Barnes, South Brunswick and New York. [c1971].
NAL call no.: SF57.G7
Descriptors: horses, statutory and regulatory laws regarding the keeping and use of horses, 50 states of the US., trespassing horses, owners liability, insurance, security agreements, lease agreements for mares, contracts, transport of animals Act, warranty agreements, US.

Gregg, Josiah; Quaife, Milo Milton. The Commerce of the Prairies. Citadel Press. New York. Note: Reprint.
NAL call no.: F800.G7 1968
Descriptors: horses, pioneers of the American West, organizing expeditions, thirst and water, Nation Americans, economic conditions, Comanche, Cimarron to Santa Fe, visits to silver mines, horses, buffalo, mustangs, early mules, settlers, traders.

Haddelsey, Vincent. The Horse our Heritage. Hastings House. New York. [1971]. 104 p., ill. (part col.).
NAL call no.: GT5885.H3
Descriptors: history of horses, Royal Mews, household cavalry, mounted police, donkeys, saddlery, traveling stallions, horse dealers, horse care traditions and superstitions, pit ponies, trotters.

Hanover, M.D. A Practical Treatise on the Law of Horses, Embracing the Law of Bargain, Sale, and Warranty of Horses and Other Live Stock; the Rule as to Unsoundness and Vice and the Responsibility of the Proprietors of Livery Auction, and Sale Stables, Innkeepers, Veterinary surgeons, Farriers, Carriers, and The Law of Negligence in the Use of Horses, Including the Rule of the Road, and the Responsibility of Owners for Injuries caused by Vicious and Unruly Animals. 2 nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Robert Clarke & Co. Cincinnati. 1875. Note: 12 chapters on various laws. Includes 34 pages of cases.
NAL call no: 42 H19L Ed. 2
Descriptors: horses, transfer of chattel, property and contracts for such, Statute of Frauds, auction and sale stables, list of unsoundness indicators and vices, express warranties, fraud, breach of contract, responsibilities of innkeepers and others caring for horses, carriers, negligent care of animals, injuries to animals, US.

Harper, Merritt Wesley. Management and Breeding of Horses. Orange Judd Co. New York. 1913. xix, 466 p. illus. 20 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 H23
Descriptors: draft horses, horse breeding, anatomy, history of the horse, breeds of horses, Arabian, Thoroughbred, American Saddle horse, Standardbred, Hackney Coach horse, French Coach horse, German Coach horse, Cleveland Bay, Percheron, French Draft, Clydesdale, Shire, Belgian, Suffolk, ponies, asses, mules, foals, brood mares, mule breeding, feeding horses, grain and hay, barns, veterinary medicine, stallion laws and regulations, National Association of Stallion Registration Boards

Harper, Merritt Wesley. Raising Colts.Bulletin 403 ( Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station). Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 1920. (Jan. 1921 on piece.) 49 p., ill., [2] folded leaves.
NAL call no.: 100 N48C (1) no. 403
Descriptors: raising colts, feeding, feed for pregnant mares, foaling quarters, mares and foal care, weaning, care of colts, colts rations, costs of veterinary care, insurance, USA.

Harrison, Jack and Wm Rufus Jackson [Editor]. Famous Saddle Horses and Distinguished Horsemen: A Historical Narrative and Personal Reminiscences. St. Louis, [ Missouri]. c1933. xv p., [1] 448 p., ill., front.
NAL call no.: 42 H242
Descriptors: horses, horsemanship, horse shows, origins of the American saddle horse, First International Horse Show, early day show rings and fairs, Thoroughbreds, American Saddle Horse Register, descriptions of distinguished horsemen, past and present, portraits and summary of accomplishments for each, President Roosevelt with his saddle horse “New Deal” and with other horses, famous saddle horses, US.

Hayes, M. Horace. Among Men and Horses. Dodd, Mead & company; [etc., etc.]. New York. 1894. xiv p., l., 358 p., 1, ill., incl. front., ports. Note: Illustrated by reproductions from photographs. An autobiography detailing the author’s life with horses, includes reports of travels to many lands,
NAL call no.: 42 E32AM
Descriptors: horses, history of uses and interactions with humans, equine lore, horses he has known, care, military uses, schooling horses, anecdotes, many countries visited—Ireland, India, China, Malta, Africa, diamond mines of Kimberly, gold fields.

Hayes, M. Horace. Among Horses in Russia. R. A. Everett. London. 1900. xiv, 214 p., [7] leaves of plates, 53 ill.
NAL call no.: 42 H32
Descriptors: horses, Russian military life, remount depots, Germans in Russia, Russian Cavalry, Cavalry officers, Russia.

Hayes, M. Horace. Among Horses in South Africa. R. A. Everett & co. London. 1900. 1 p. l., v-x, 231, [1] p., front. (port.).
NAL call no.: 42 H32A
Descriptors: horses, an account of travel experiences, voyages, horse racing, traveling and horsemanship, playing polo, South Africa.

Hayes, M. Horace. Stable Management and Exercise. A Book for Horse-Owners and Students. Hurst and Blackett. London. 1900. viii, 424 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 H32S
Descriptors: theories of exercise, feeding and watering, stables, bedding, handling of horses, grooming, cleaning carriages, management of horses on ships, exercise of hunters, stable servants, summering hunters and wintering polo ponies, Great Britain.

Hedges, David. Horses and Courses. A Pictorial History of Racing. A Studio Book, The Viking Press, New York. 1972. 220p. Photographic plates. Note: Many photographs by Fred Mayer and a foreword by John Hislop.
NAL call no.: SF334.H38
Descriptors: international scope, history of racing, 12 of the best horses in Turf history, St. Simon, Ormonde, Ribot, crime associated with racing, traveling with horses, races, race tracks, Thoroughbreds, famous horses, racing industry, jumping competition, profile of those who bet, racing in countries around the world, jockeys, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Hungry, Scandinavia, South America, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.

Helm, Henry T. American Roadsters and Trotting Horses. Being a Sketch of the Trotting Stallions of the United States, and a Treatise on the Breeding of the Same. Rand, McNally & Co. Chicago. 1878. viii, 9-552 p. front., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 H363
Descriptors: breeding, heredity problems, cross-breeding, in-breeding, trotting philosophy, racing bloodlines, pacing elements, Everett and the Star Hambletonians, descendants, Alexander’s Abdullah and descendants, Justin Morgan and his descendants, approaches to the selection of breeding mares and stallions.

Herbert, Henry William. Hints to Horse Keepers: A Complete Manual for Horsemen; and Chapters on Mules and Ponies by Henry William Herbert (Frank Forester) with Additions, Including “Baucher’s System of Horsemanship”. Also, Giving Directions for the Selection and Care of Carriages and Harness of Every Description, and a Memoir of the Author. O. Judd Company. New York. 1882 [c1859]. 425 p., ill., front., 23 pl.
NAL call no.: 42 H41H
Descriptors: ponies, mules, grooming, feeding, breeding, training, driving, racing, horsemanship, horse related equipment, selection and care of carriages and harnesses, horse shoeing.

Herbert, Henry William. Hints to horse-keepers: a complete manual for horsemen ... and chapters on mules and ponies / by the late Henry William Herbert. New York: C.M. Saxton, Barker & Co.; San Francisco: H.H. Bancroft & Co., 1860. 425, 6 p., 24 . of plates : ill. ; 19 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 H41H 1860
Descriptors: horse breeding, mares, stallions, Canadian horses, Arabian horses, ponies, mules, nutrition, feeding horses, how to buy a horse, grooming, training, farriery, shoeing horses, driving, racing, veterinary medicine, carriages

Herbert, Henry William, Sanders Dewees Bruce, and Benjamin Gratz Bruce. Frank Forester’s horse and horsemanship of the United States and British provinces of North America. G.E. Woodward. New York. 1871. 2 v. illus., plates. 24 cm. Note: Rev., cor., enl., and continued to 1871, by S.D. & B.G. Bruce. With thirty original portraits of celebrated horses.
NAL call no.: 42 H412H
Descriptors: Eclipse, Godolphin Arabian, Thoroughbreds, Diomed, Lexington, Grey Eagle, Hawk-Eye, American Jockey Club, four-mile heats, Darley Arabian, pedigrees

Hiatt, James M. The National Register of Norman Horses: With a General History of the Horse-Kind and a Thorough History of the Norman Horse. National Norman Horse Association, [ Bloomington, Ill.]. 1881. vi, 283 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42.9 N212
Descriptors: the five original prehistoric races/types of horses; Norman horses national registry; history of breed; war horses of the Medieval times; equipment; horse characteristics; coat colors: bay, dun, white, black; Norman draft horses; Norman horse in America; The Register is in 3 volumes, National Norman Horse Association.

Holmes, Charles M. The Principles and Practice of Horse-Shoeing. The Farriers’ Journal Publishing Co. Ltd., Leeds. 1928. 251 p. ill. Note: A textbook on horse shoeing.
NAL call no. 42 H732
Descriptors: horse shoeing, structure/anatomy of horses legs and feet, joint, ligaments, tendons, the hoof, preparation of the foot, shoeing for various structural and disease conditions, shoes for certain activities, kinds of shoes, feather edge shoe, shoes for lameness.

Hunt, Frazier and Robert Hunt. Horses and Heroes, the Story of the Horse in America for 450 Years. Scribner’s Sons. New York. 1949. xii p., 306 p., ill., ports.
NAL call no.: 42 H91
Descriptors: 40 chapters on many aspects of horses in the US, history of introduction of the horse back to Americas, Father Kino’s mustangs, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Narragansett pacer, George Washington as a mule breeder of importance, the horse Justin Morgan, Custer’s favorite horse, many other famous horses, unique characteristics and famous horses and their owners, quarter horses, rodeos, cowboys, long rides, USA.

Hunt, Vere D. The Horse and His Master. With Hints on Breeding, Breaking, Stable-Management, Training, Elementary Horsemanship, Riding to Hounds, &c. Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts. London. 1859. x, 151 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 H912
Descriptors: horses, husbandry, breeds, breeding, care, stable buildings and management, behavior, training, powers of the horse, limits of horse abilities and power, handling the colt, breaking horses, riding to the hounds in fox hunting, UK.

Huntington, Randolph. History in Brief of “Leopard” and “ Linden,” General Grant’s Arabian Stallions, Presented to Him by the Sultan of Turkey in 1879. Also their sons “General Beale,” “Hegira,” and “Islam,” Bred by Randolph Huntington. Also reference to the Celebrated stallion “Henry Clay”. Printed for the author by J. B. Lippincott Co. [ Philadelphia.] 1885. 66 p. front., 4 pl. Note: This collection of unbound pages is for use onsite with permission only.
NAL call no.: 42 H92
Descriptors: Arabianhorses received by General Grant, famous American horses, Turkish gifts, Randolph Hunting, progeny from Arabian stallions “Leopard” and “ Linden”, USA.

Huth, F.H. Works on Horses and Equitation : A Bibliographical Record of Hippology. B. Quaritch. London. 1887. x p., 1 leaf, 439, [1] p. ; 22 cm.
NAL call no.: 241 H97
Descriptors: horses, bibliography, equitation, veterinary medicine, calvary, natural history, anatomy, physiology, laws relating to warrantry, acts, uses after death, carriages, driving, coachbuilding, harness, bits and bitting, horse shoes and shoeing, racing, taming, breaking, stable management, breeding, brands and marks, mules and asses, chariots, age of horse

Illinois. The Law Regulating the Public Service of Stallions and Jacks in Illinois and Enforcement of Lien, in Force July 1, 1917. Schnepp & Barnes, state Printer for Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Animal Industry. Springfield, [ Illinois]. 1917. 16 p.
NAL call no.: 42 Il6
Descriptors: laws in Illinois, an Act to regulate the public service of stallions and jacks in Illinois, how to obtain a license certificate,how to obtain a lien, information on sales of animals, State of Illinois, USA.

Johnstone, James Hope Stewart. The Horse Book; A Practical Treatise on the American Horse Breeding Industry as Allied to the Farm. Sanders. Chicago. 1908. 229p., 50 plates. 20cm.
NAL call no.: 42 J65
Descriptors: stallions, breeding, broodmare management, pedigree and heredity of horses, Percheron, draft horse, Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay, mare, lien, veterinarian, foal, sidebones, register of deeds, Stud Book, geldings, Hackney pony, East Friesland, Pliohippus

Jordan, Rudolf. The Gait of the American Trotter and Pacer: An Analysis of their Gait by a New Method and an Investigation of the General Principles Concerning the Proper Balancing of Motion Action and Extension. W.R. Jenkins Co. New York. 1910. x, 324 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 J76
Descriptors: harness racehorses, training, racehorses, humane care of the horse, balance, hoof, gaits, trotters, pacers

Karr, Elizabeth. The American Horsewoman. Houghton Mifflin. Boston. 1884. xviii p., 324 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF309.K3
Descriptors: horse origins, earliest biblical scripture mentioning the horse, Roman ruler Caligula’s horse, horses in the Middle Ages, The Arab horse and descendants, horse conformation, trotting, Thoroughbred horses, selecting a horse, riding habits, saddles and bridles, mounting and dismounting, seat I the saddle, reins and managing a horse, gaits.

Kays, Donald J. The Horse Judging, Breeding, Feeding, Management, Selling. Rev. ed. A. S. Barnes, South Brunswick [N.J.?] [1969]. 439 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.K32 1969
Descriptors: interactions of man and horse through the ages, show classes of horses, judging livestock, unsoundness in horses, illness, feeding, various breeds, draft horses, saddle horses, ponies, stallion management, broodmares, general management, horse schooling, equitation, horse parasites.

Kelly, J. F. Dealing with Horses. Published by Paul. London. [1972]. 159, [4] p., ill. Note: Rev. ed. brought up to date with footnotes. Illustrated by John T. Kenney.
NAL call no.: SF285.K36 1972
Descriptors: the horse dealer, horse dealer business, experienced and novice buyers of horses, theory on breeding a show jumper, early schooling for show jumpers, cause and prevention of bad behavior habits, curing bad habits, clipping and trimming of hooves, suggestions for winter care, management of foals, mares.

Knight, Lewis Washington, 1816-1904. The Breeding and Rearing of Jacks, Jennets and Mules. The Cumberland Press. Nashville, [ Tennessee]. 1902. 111 p., [6] leaves of plates, ill.
NAL call no.: 42 K74
Descriptors: mule breeding, jacks, jennets, care, selection of breeding stock, husbandry, reproductive success, care, training, rearing.  

Koogle, J.D. The Farmer’s Own Book: A Treatise on the Numerous Diseases of the Horse, with an Explanation of Their Symptoms and the Course of Treatment To Be Pursued; also other Useful Information. McCoull & Slater. Baltimore. 1857. 226 [4] ii-iii p. 17cm.
NAL call no. 41 K836
Descriptors: horses, diseases, symptoms, regular course of medicines, treatments, dangerous disease, spadmodic colic, glystering, bots, grubs, brood mares, chest founder, chronic cough, ears and eyes, inflammation of many organs and parts of the body, injuries, rabies, madness, taming of horses, sprains, staggers, broken wind, wards.

Lawrence, John. The Horse in All His Varieties and Uses: His Breeding, Rearing, and Management Whether in Labour Or Rest; with Rules, Occasionally Interspersed, for His Preservation from Disease. M. Arnold. London. 1829. xix, 315 p.
NAL call no.: 42 L43H
Descriptors: horses, horse genera, Equidae, breeding, rearing, management, disease prevention, hunters, pacers, draft horses, carriage horses, ladies horses, diseases, accidents, treatments, handling stallions and brood mares, shoeing, exercising, driving, riding, rights of animals.

Linsley, D. C. Morgan Horses: a Premium Essay on the Origin, History, and Characteristics of This Remarkable American Breed of Horses : Tracing the Pedigree From the Original Justin Morgan, Through the Most Noted of His Progeny, Down to the Present Time : With Numerous Portraits to Which Are Added Hints for Breeding, Breaking, and General Use and Management of Horses, With Practical Directions for Training Them for Exhibition at Agricultural Fairs. C.M. Saxton and Company. New York. 1857. 340 p.
NAL call no.: 42 L65
Descriptors: Morgan horses, pedigrees, historical information, origin of breed, development of the breed, characteristics, size, uses, breeding breaking, general use and management, training for exhibition at fairs, list of Morgan horses and non-Morgan horses, USA.

Linsley, D. C. Morgan Horses: a Premium Essay on the Origin, History, and Characteristics of This Remarkable American Breed of Horses : Tracing the Pedigree From the Original Justin Morgan, Through the Most Noted of His Progeny, Down to the Present Time : With Numerous Portraits to Which Are Added Hints for Breeding, Breaking, and General Use and Management of Horses, With Practical Directions for Training Them for Exhibition at Agricultural Fairs. Moore. New York. 1858. 340 p.
NAL call no.: SF293 M8L56 1858 (Special Collections 5 th Floor, Non-Circulating)
Descriptors: Morgan horses, historical information, origin of breed, development of the breed, characteristics, size, uses, breeding breaking, general use and management, training for exhibition at fairs, list of Morgan horses and non-Morgan horses, USA.

Loomis, Frederic Brewster. The Evolution of the Horse. Marshall Jones Company. Boston. 1926. 233 p., ill., front., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 L87
Descriptors: horses, evolution of equines, various genera, domestication, behaviors, ranges, different breeds.

Lupton, J. Irvine. Horses: Sound and Unsound.WithThe Law Relating to Sales and Warranty. Bailliere, Tindall and Cox., London 1893. 211 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 L972
Descriptors: horses, structures, bone diseases, injuries common to: tendons, fibrous tissues, lungs, feet, skin, eye, brain, lymphatic glands, contagious diseases (animals) Act of 1878, prevention of cruelty to animals, prohibition of sealing and dealing with diseased horses, asses, mules, glanders, farcy, public warnings, regulations, disinfecting facilities, compensation for slaughter forced, disposal of carcasses, England.

Lydekker, Richard. The Horse and Its Relatives. G. Allen & company, Ltd. London. 1912. xii, 236 p., ill., xxiv p.
NAL call no.: 42 L98
Descriptors: the horse, forerunners of the horse, taxonomic position and structure, wild tarpon, ponies and horses of the British Isles, foreign breeds, Arab stock, feral horses, Kiang, onagers, Granger, zebras, quaggas, asses, mules, other hybrids.

Lyon, William Edgar Major. [Editor] In My Opinion—: Being a Book of Dissertations on Horses and Horsemanship. C. Scribner’s Sons. New York. 1929. xvi p., 308 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 L99
Descriptors: horses, horsemanship, care, husbandry, handling, training, illustrations and photos, race horses, the hack, the pony, polo ponies, other topics.

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