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Horses in History: A Bibliography
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Magner, D. The Art of Taming and Educating the Horse. A System That Makes Easy and Practical the Subjection of Wild and Vicious Horses, Heretofore Practiced and Taught by the Author as a Secret, and Never Before Published. Review & Herald Publishing House, Battle Creek. Michigan 1884. 1088 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.M185
Descriptors: horses, wild horses, vicious horses, breaking, training, schooling horses, restraint methods, how to tame and gentle difficult and unmanageable horses.

Magner, D. The Standard Horse Book. Werner. Chicago. 1895. 643 p.
NAL call no.: 40 M273 1895
Descriptors: a pictorial encyclopedia, photos, drawings, principles of treatment, training, colts, teaching to lead, draft horses, carriage horses, determining age, shoeing, diseases and treatments, difficult behaviors, kicking, biting, many topics.

Markham, Gervase, G. Jeffries, and experienced Indians. The Citizen & Countryman’s Experienced Farrier--Together with a Valuable Collection of the Best [R]eceipts in the Known World for the Cure of All Maladies and Distempers Incident to Horses of What Kind Soever, with Directions to Know the Ailment, or Disease. Printed and sold by S. Sower. Baltimore. 1803. 349 p.
NAL call no.: 41 M344 1803 R
Descriptors: horse diseases, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, remedies, 19 th century historical information, diets, exercising, cleaning, breeding, restoratives.

Marshall, Francis Cutler. Elements of Hippology, by Major F. C. Marshall. Prepared for the Department of Tactics, United States Military Academy. 2nd and rev. ed. Hudson Press, Kansas City, Kansas. 1908. 224 p. incl. front., illus. 21 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 M35 Ed.2
Descriptors: horses, hippology, horses in the military, uses, training, management, equipment, USA.

Marshall, Francis Cutler. Elements of Hippology, by Major F. C. Marshall. Prepared for the Department of Tactics, United States Military Academy. 6 th and rev. ed. Hudson Press, Kansas City, Kansas. 1919. 224 p., ill., incl. front.
NAL call no.: 42 M35 Ed.6
Descriptors: horses, hippology, horses in the military, uses, training, management, equipment, USA.

Marshall, Francis Cutler. Elements of Hippology, by Major F. C. Marshall. Prepared for the Department of Tactics, United States Military Academy. 5 th and rev. ed. Franklin Hudson Publishing Company, Kansas City, Kansas. 1925. 1 p. ., 5-170 p. illus. 21 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 M35 Ed.4
Descriptors: horses, hippology, horses in the military, uses, training, management, equipment, USA.

Martin, George A. The Family Horse: Its Stabling, Care, and Feeding. A Practical Manual for Horse-keepers. North River Press. Croton-on Hudson, New York. 1977. 153 p., ill., 4 p.
NAL call no.: SF285.3.M37 1977
Descriptors: horses, family horse manual, care, husbandry, feeding, diets, stable design, practical guide, uses, equipment related to horses and horse management, USA.

Marvin, Charles and Leslie E. Macloed [Editor]. Training the Trotting horse: A Natural and Improved Method of Educating Trotting Colts and Horses, Based on Twenty Years Experience. 2 nd ed. The Marvin Publishing [ Co.]. New York. 1890. xxiv, 352 p. [11] leaves of plates: ill., plates, ports.
NAL call no.: SF341.M32 1890 (Non-circulating)
Online: (1893)
Descriptors: biographical sketch of Marvin, trotting horses, racing horses, saddle horses, training methods, equipment, USA.

Mason, Richard and Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy. The Gentleman’s New Pocket Farrier: Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, the Horse: Together with the Quickest Mode of Fattening; Necessary Treatment While Undergoing Excessive Fatigue, or on a Journey. Also, a Concise Account of the Diseases to Which the Horse is Subject, with Such Remedies as Long Experience Has Proved To be Effectual. 8 th edition, with Additions. To Which Is Added, A prize Essay on Mules; [by Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy]. Also, An Addenda, Containing Annals of the Turf, American Stud Book, Rules for Training, Racing, &c. Grigg & Elliot. Philadelphia. 1841. 419 p., ill., front., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 M38 Ed.8
Descriptors: general description of the horse, treatment for fatigue, treatment during long distance journeys, essay on mules, horses diseases, remedies.

Mason, Richard, Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy and John S. Skinner. Mason’s Farrier and Stud-Book-New Edition. The Gentleman’s New Pocket Farrier: Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, the Horse; with Modes of Management in All Cases, and Treatment in Disease by Richard Mason. To Which Is Added, a Prize Essay on Mules; An Appendix Containing Recipes for Diseases of Horses, Oxen, Cows, Calves, Sheep, Dogs, Swine, etc., etc., with Annals of the Turf, American Stud-Book, Rules for Training, Racing, etc. With a Supplement: Comprising an Essay on Domestic Animals, Especially the Horse; with Remarks on Treatment and Breeding; Together with Trotting and Racing Tables, Showing the Best Time on Record, at One, Two, Three, and Four Mile Heats; Pedigrees of Winning Horses, Since 1839; and of the Most Celebrated Stallions and Mares; with Useful Calving and Lambing Tables, &c., &c. By J. S. Skinner. J. B. Lippincott & Co. Philadelphia. 1858. 415, 101 p. front., ill., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 M38 1858
Descriptors: horses, other livestock, oxen, cows, calves, sheep, swine, dogs, disease remedies, calving and lambing tables, general description of horse management and training, shoeing horses, ferrier/farrier and stud books, treatment, breeds, trotting and racing records, most winning horses, famous mares and stallions, diseases and disease treatments.

McClure, Robert. The Gentleman’s Stable Guide: Containing a Familiar Description of the American Stable; the Most Approved Method of Feeding, Grooming and General Management of Horses; Together with Directions for the Care of Carriages, Harness, etc. Porter & Coates. Philadelphia. [c1870]. ix, 184 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 M13A
Descriptors: horses, stable facilities, feeding, care, diets, training, grooming, husbandry, equipment, care of carriages and harness equipment, USA.

Medd, W. H. B. Care of the Foaling Mare, Care of the Foal. Care and Management of Stallions. The Thoroughbred Record Company. Lexington, [ Kentucky] [1939?]. 15 p. Note: Articles written for the Thoroughbred Record during 1935.
NAL call no.: 41 M463
Descriptors: horses, mares, foals, stallions, husbandry, care, feeding, management, veterinary obstetrics.

Merry, Thomas B. (“Hidalgo”). The American Thoroughbred. Commercial Printing House. Los Angeles, CA. 1905. 244 p.: ill. ; 26 cm.
NAL call no.: SF293.T5 M47 1905
Descriptors: Thoroughbred horse, horse breeding, horse racing, United States

Merwin, Henry Childs. The Horse, His Breeding, Care, and Treatment in Health and Disease. A. C. McClurg & Co. Chicago. 1917. 281 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 M552
Descriptors: horses, selecting a horse, work horses, breeding, care, husbandry, grooming, diseases, description of diseases and treatments, injuries, stallions, foals, colt raising, grooming, feeding, hay, grass, vegetables, watering, salt sugars, carriages, care in hot weather, care of feet and teeth, stables, US.

Merwin, Henry Childs. Road, Track, and Stable: Chapters About Horses and their Treatment. Little, Brown and Company. Boston. 1892. x, 334 p., [3] leaves of plates : ill. ; 20 cm.
NAL call no.: SF285.M57 R
Descriptors: trotting families, Hambletonian, Blue Bull, Sunol, Thoroughbreds, trotting races, Smuggler, Edwin Forrest, Florence, Narragansett pacers, Morgan horses, Justin Morgan, roadster, cart horses, draft horses, shires, Percherons, Arabian horses, Bedouins, Nejd, barefooted horses,

Meysey-Thompson, Richard Frederick. The Horse, Its Origin and Development Combined with Stable Practice. E. Arnold. London. 1911. xii, 436 p., ill., front., plates.
NAL call no.: 42 M573
Descriptors: historic overview, Thoroughbred horses, carriage horses, cart horses, foreign horses, origins of American trotting horses, conformation, breeding, breaking young horses, stable management, simple ailments, disinfectants, examining for soundness, training for racing, race riding, driving, hunting, horse shows.

Miles, William. The Horse’s Foot, and How to Keep it Sound. 3 rd Edition. Longman. London. 1846. 59 p.
NAL call no.: 42 M59Ed.3
Descriptors: navicular bone, coffin bone, race horses, veterinary medicine, horse shoes, hind foot, beeswax, lateral cartilages, horse shoe nails.

Miles, William J and J.I Lupton. Modern Practical Farriery: A Complete Guide to All That Relates to the Horse; Forming a Complete System of the Veterinary Art by W. J. Milles; with Numerous Illus., and a Series of Anatomical Plates by Benjamine Herring; to Which Is Added an Essay on the Diseases and Management of Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs by J. I. Lupton. W. MacKenzie. London. [1874]. vii, 536 p., 96 p., ill., [40] leaves of plates.
NAL call no.: 42 M59M
Descriptors: farriery, horses, veterinary science, anatomical illustrations, disease management, cattle, sheep, pigs, shoeing horses, stable management, veterinary medicine, recipes, history of horse racing, laws of horse racing, training the hunter, diseases of cattle, sheep and pigs.

Miles, William. Remarks on Horses’ Teeth, Addressed to Purchasers.2 nd Edition. Longman, Green. London. 1878. 48 p.
NAL call no.: 42 M59REd.2
Descriptors: permanent teeth, horse’s mouth, corner teeth, lateral nippers, milk grinders, lower jaw.

Millard, F. S. A Cowpuncher of the Pecos. [S.l., 1910?]. 47 p., ill. Note: An autobiography.
NAL call no.: 120 M612
Descriptors: horses, Texas cowboys, cowpunchers, trail drivers, Pecos area, West Texas, personal antidotes, USA.

Mills, James. The Horse-Keepers Guide: General Directions in Reference to the Duties Appertaining to Stable Management, with the Care Required before and after a Journey. The Treatment of Diseased Horses; with Useful Hints and Suggestions Relative to Their General Management to which are Prefixed, Plain and Practical Directions in the Choice, Purchase, and Management of Horses, Whether Intended for Saddle or Harness, with Directions How To Ascertain the Good Qualities, and Detect the Faults, of Carriage, Gig, Cart, and Saddle Horses. 1 st American ed. James Mowatt & Co. New York. 1834. 86 p., ill. Note: Rare book that is very fragile.
NAL Call no.: SF285.M5 R
Descriptors: saddle horses, draft horses, cart horses, stable management, post-travel care, diseases and treatments, purchasing horses, judging sale horses, husbandry, anatomical illustrations, formation of the foot, determining age by teeth, treatments for 10 diseased horses, USA.

Mischka, Joseph. The Percheron Horse in America. Heart Prairie Press. Whitewater [ Wisconsin]. c1991. ix, 162 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF293.P4M57 1991
Descriptors: Percheron horses, history of breed, development of the breed, uses, importation into the USA, sires, champion stallions, history of Oaklawn Farms, Wayne Ill. history of the Percheron Horse Association, 1876-1991.

Moore, Elaine Therese. Winning Your Spurs. Bramhall House. New York. [c1954]. 123 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF309.M6
Descriptors: care of the horse, horse showmanship, competitions for horses, preparation for the horse shows, what to do during and after a horse show, American Horse Shows Association Rule Book, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Morris, Francis. Cavalry horses in America. Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1863. Government Printing Office. Washington, DC. 1863: 159-190.
NAL call no.: 1 AG84 1863
Descriptors: horses in the Civil War, The War between the States, cavalry troops, cavalry officers, railroads, Grierson, Southern raids using Mississippi blood stock horses, importance of horses to the military, horsemanship at the times, horse racing in England and America, excellence of the Southern horses and horsemen compared to the North, origins of the thoroughbred, superiority of the English thoroughbred, some individual horses discussed, discussion of breeding and inbreeding, mustangs, recommendations for production of “good cavalry horses”, care and management, buying cavalry quality horses by the government, descriptions of the horses “Slasher” and “Eclipse”.

Mullins, B. G. Horse Management in Australia. [1 st ed.]. Horowitz. London. [1965]. 97 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.M8
Descriptors: horses, common descriptive terms, prehistoric horses, war horses, work/draft horses, distinctive Australian breeds, selecting your horse, management and feeding under Australian conditions, grooming, gaits, riding illnesses, clubs, shows, Australia.

Murray, W. H. H, Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Hon George B. Loring. The Perfect Horse: How To Know Him; How To Breed Him; How To Train Him; How To Shoe Him; How To Drive Him; byWilliam H. H. Murray, with an Introduction by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, and a Treatise on Agriculture and the Horse, by Hon. George B. Loring; Containing illustrations of the Best Trotting Stock-Horses in the United States, Done from Life, with Their Pedigrees, Records, and Full Descriptions. J. R. Osgood and Company. Boston, Mass. 1873. xi, [2] p., 1., 480 p., ill., front., plates, tables.
NAL call no.: 42 M96P
Descriptors: horses, understanding behaviors and needs, training, shoeing, driving correctly, uses in agriculture, trotting horses, pedigrees, records, champion stock.

National French Draft Horse Association. Evidence Presented by the National French Draft Horse Association before the Illinois State Board of Agriculture at Springfield, Ill. Jan. 4, 1888, on the Breed and Breeding of the Draft Horses of France. Tribune. Fairfield, Iowa. [1888]. 2 p. l., 60 p.
NAL call no.: 42 N21
Descriptors: French draft horses, breeds and breeding, question regarding the Percheron and the French Draft Horses are the same breed, evidence to settle 2 rival societies, remarks by several persons before the Illinois State Board of Agriculture, USA.

Norton, Doreen Martin. The Palomino Horse. [1st ed.]. Borden Pub. Co., Los Angeles. [1949]. viii, 265 p., ill., col. plates, photos.
NAL call no.: 42 N82
Descriptors: palomino horses, history of the breed, 18 bloodlines, uses, showing palominos, horse shows, USA.

Nye, Nelson C. Outstanding Modern Quarter Horse Sires. W. Morrow. New York. 1948. 221 p., ill., blk & wht photos.
NAL call no.: 42 N98
Descriptors: quarter horses, studs, outstanding breeding stallions, American Quarter Horse association, National Quarter Horses Breeders Association, founded in 1945 in Texas, sires and offspring, tables of bloodlines, USA.

Orr, G. A Treatise on the Cavalry and Saddle Horse. With Remarks on Pacing and Leaping; Observations on Breeding etc. D. N. Shury. London. 1803. 223 p., col. ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.O7 R
Descriptors: saddle horses, parts of the horses, coat colors, cropping the foxing, the gaits, lameness, differences between stallions, mares, and geldings for service, restless horse behavior and how to correct it, horseshoeing, saddles, stables, breaking cavalry and saddle horses, choosing horses for breeding, riding and jumping, deception in horse trading, England.

Palmor, Joseph Hill. Stallion Register and Mating Book and a Visible Index to Bloodlines. By Blood Horse. Lexington, Kentucky. 1 vol. (loose leaf). Note: Kept up-to-date by annual supplements which are inserted.
NAL call no.: 42.9 P182
Descriptors: stallion register, index to blood lines, alphabetical folders by name of horse, breeder, owners.

Parlin, S.W. The American Trotter. A Treatise on His Origins, History and Development. American Horse Breeder Publishing Co., Boston. 1905, viii, 320p., ill. Note: 22 portraits of the most important and famous lines of trotters.
NAL call no.: 42 P23
Descriptors: The English race horse, earliest trotters, Hamblitonian and sons, Mambrino Chief family, Clay family, Morgan family, extinct trotting families, Narragannsett pacers, the Hal family of trotters, Thoroughbred and pacing crosses, influences of Thoroughbreds and Arabians.

Phillips, Greta M. Horses in our Blood. A History of Horses and Ponies of the British Isles and Their Uses. Turf Newspapers. London. [1974]. 311 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF285.P4
Descriptors: horses, ponies, history, breeds, various uses, short history of fox hunting, horse trains, dressage, saddle horses, carriage horses, draft horses, British Driving Society, British Horse Society & Pony Club, British Isles.

Plumb, Charles S. Types and Breeds of Farm Animals. Ginn. Boston, New York. 1906. 563 p. Note: The National Agricultural Library also has a Russian translation of this book. Part 1 covers the horse, ass, and mule.
NAL call no.: 40 P73
Descriptors: prehistoric horse, Arabian (Arab) horse, Thoroughbreds, horse racing, American saddle horse, roadster type horses, harness horses, American trotters, pacers, Orloff trotter, coach or carriage type horse, Hackney, French Coach horse, German Coach horse, Cleveland Bay, Chapman or pack horse, draft types, Percheron, French Draft horse, Clydesdale, Shire, Belgian, Suffolk, Shetland pony, asses, mules, breeding, famous stallions, pedigrees

Pocock, Roger S. Horses, by Roger Pocock. With an Introduction by Professor J. Cossar Ewart. J. Murray. London. 1917. x, 252 p.
NAL call no.: 42 P75
Descriptors: origin of the horse, ancestors, horse varieties, tarpan, zebra, quagga, asses, wild horses and impacts of various environments, humans cross horse types, colors, habits and behaviors of wild horses, graving, riding in rough terrain, conquest of the horse, travois, carts, chariots, interactions with Native Americans, horses roles in various cultures, clothes, pack horses, trail riding, military uses.

Raswan, Carl. The Arab and His Horse. Carl R. Raswan. Oakland, California. 1955. 148 p. illus., map. Note: Many photos of Bedouins and horses. Includes a list of Bedouin words concerning horses, tribal.
NAL call no.: 42 R182
Descriptors: Arabian horses, Arabia, Bedouins, classic types, Abbas Pasha type, Ali Pasha Sharif types, Davenport Arabians, Blunt Arabians, Muniqi strains, Syrian horses, How to return to the ancient classic type, Arabian horse in America, tragedy of Arabian horse breeding in America.

Reeves, J. H. The Orange County Stud Book: Giving a History of All Noted Stallions, Bred and Raised in Orange County. To Which Is Added a Complete History of the Horse, in All Countries, in Health and in Sickness, with a Thorough Treatise on his Breeding, Breaking, Shoeing and Curing. Added to Which Is Given a List of the Best Trotting Horses and Famous Races in the United States. J. H. Tuttle. New York. 1880, c1879. 181 p. Note: Contains a catalog of veterinary instruments and medicines.
Call no.: 42 R25 1880
Descriptors: Hamiltonian, list and description of some famous studs descendants, horse history, English horse history, Smithfield race track in London, 12 century, introduction of Eastern horse blood, various types and breeds of horses, general aspects of conformation, breeding stock, feed rations, stable management, diseases of the horse, the American trotter, trotter origins and development, English imports, Messenger and descendants, Bellfounder, many other horses named, pacers, list of horses by Ajax, vices of horses and how to stop them, breaking to harness, Orange County, New York.

Reynoldson, L. A. Influence of the Tractor on Use of Horses.U. S. Dept. of Agriculture.Farmer’s Bulletin no. 1093. Washington, DC. 1920. 26 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 1 AG84F no. 1093
Descriptors: draft horses, impact of development of tractors, replacement of draft animals, exclusive and combined help of tractor and horse, displacement of horses, Corn Belt farms, USA.

Richardson, Charles. The New Book of the Horse, by Charles Richardson, with Twenty Nine Coloured Plates and Numerous Photographic Illustrations and an Extensive Veterinary Section. Cassell and Company, Limited. London, New York, Toronto, Melbourne. 1911. 2 vols., ill., col. fronts., col. plates. Note: The focus of the book is on the development of the horse in England with the introduction of Arabian horses.
NAL call no.: 42 R39
Descriptors: English varieties of horses, early British horses, Roman introductions, pony tribes, early 12 th century horse racing, transport of people and things, tournament and battle horses, Henry VII and Henry VII protections against export and horse stealing, history of coach horses, Royal use, shire horses, hunting sports and famous hunters, Thoroughbred development, Eclipse, Flying Childers, Marske, Darley Arabian, Byerly Turk, pedigree charts. Eclipse line, King Herod line, Matchem line, the turf, racing during Roman occupation, Roodeye oldest race course, Newmarket races, studs, clubs, racing methods, royal Ascot race course, descriptions of many famous horses, steeple chasing, Hackney British horse, the Cleveland Bay developed for chariots, polo ponies, ponies, small breeds, New Forest pony, Highland ponies, British Isles.

Ridgeway, William. The Origin and Influence of the Thoroughbred Horse. University Press, Cambridge, England. 1905. 538p., illus. Note: There are 143 illustrations that include photographs, drawings, horses and wild horse types, works of art, ornaments, ancient spurs, horse shoes, etc.
NAL call no.: 42 R43
Descriptors: ancestors of horses, Equidae, existing equines, ponies, asses, zebras, onagers, kiangs, horses of prehistoric and historic times, many breeds mentioned origins of the Libyan horse, development of equitation.

Roberts, Isaac Phillips. The Horse. The Macmillan Company. New York, London. 1905. xi, 401 p., ill. with many drawings and photographs.
NAL call no.: 42 R54
Descriptors: brief history of the domesticated horse, horse breeds in the America, breeds, sub-breeds, families, variety , cross breeds, trotters, pacers, American saddler, coach horses, the Hackney hunters, types of ponies, draft horses, breeding suggestions and concerns, judging horses, training and education for a variety of uses, military horses, facilities, care and management, feeds, rations.

Robertson, William H.P. The History of the Thoroughbred Racing in America. Bonanza Books, New York. 1964. 621p. Illustrated with many photos of horses, horse owners, races, jockeys, etc. Note: The book is very well illustrated and organized by chapters that roughly are by years. No table of contents. Contains charts of various data from 1900-1963: leading money winners, jockeys, owners, breeders, sires, yearling sold and prices, American time records for various distances, Man of War’s racing record, Jockey Club Scale of weights /age, category listing of champions by seasons.
NAL call no.: AF335.U5R6
Descriptors: racing in the America, history of the sport, biographical information about several hundred famous horses, owners, trainers; jockeys, pre-Civil War racing, Post Civil war racing, early import horses—Lexington, Fashion, American Eclipse, Planet, breeding farms, race courses in the US, Triple Crown winners, major races in the USA.

Roe, Frank Gilbert. The Indian and the Horse. University of Oklahoma Press. Norman, OK. [1968]. 434 p. map, ill.
NAL call no.: E98.H55R6 1968
Descriptors: influence of horses in the Plains, uses and importance to Native American tribes, horses and tribal psychology, nomadic life, hunting buffalo, dogs, wild horses, USA.

Roosevelt, Theodore. Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail. Arno [Press], New York. 1970 reprint ed. (orig. publ. 1901). American Environmental Studies Series. 186 p., ill.
NAL call no.: F596.R62 1970
Descriptors: horses, ranching use, hunting on horse back, line riding in winter, horses of the Canadian Northwest, training cattle, cattle round ups, Indian ponies, horse herds, roping in a horse corral, USA, Canada.

Rupp, I. Daniel. The Farmer’s Complete Farrier: Comprising a Historical Description of All Varieties of the Horse; Giving Instructions in All Things that Relate to Him; with a Description of All the Diseases to Which He Is Liable and the Best Remedies To Be Applied; Accompanied with the Annals of the Turf, American Stud Book, Rules for Training, Racing, &c; With a Prize Essay on Mules and Their Comparative Value, Interspersed with Notes; With an Appendix, Containing an Additional Number of Receipts for the Cure of the Various Diseases in Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Dogs and Poultry. Also, Addenda, Describing One Hundred & Fifty Plants and Medicines. Illustrated with Several Plates – Selected, Compiled and Translated from the best German and English Works Extant on the Subject, with Numerous Additions, &c., &c., by Israel Daniel Rupp. Gilbert Hills. Lancaster Pa. 1842. 416 p., ill.: [5] leaves of plates.
NAL call no.: 42 874
Descriptors: horses, mules, cattle, sheep, swine, dogs, poultry, diseases, treatments, medicines, cures, remedies, types of horses, stud books, training, racing, value, medicinal and healing plants.

Salensky, W., Captain M. Horace Hayes, and O. Chamock Bradley. Prjevalsky’s Horse (Equus prjevalskii pol.) by W. Salensky. Hurst and Blackett, Limited. London. 1907. xv, 65 p., ill., fold. front., plates (3 double) fold. tab. Note: Translated by Captain M. Horace Hayes and O. Chamock Bradley. With an Introduction by J. Cossar Ewart. Also there is a long fold out chart of skull measurements different species of Equus.
NAL call no.: 42 SA3
Descriptors: Prezwalski horses, description of the wild horse, Equus prjevalskii, 1902 import into Europe, use of the horse in development of the English shire horse, characteristics, body measurements tables, coat color, conformation, zoological specimens, stripping of the coat, skull measurements, teeth, vertebra, geographical distribution and habits, Gobi desert, neighs.

Sanders, Alvin Howard. A History of the Percheron Horse; Including Hitherto Unpublished Data Concerning the Origin and Development of the Modern Type of Heavy Draft, Drawn from Authentic Documents, Records and Manuscripts in the National Archives the French Government; Together with a Detailed Account of the Introduction and Dissemination of the Breed throughout the United States; to Which is Appended a Symposium Reflecting the View of Leading Contemporary Importers and Breeders Touching the Selection, Feeding and General Management of Stallions, Brood Mares and Foals. Compiled Under the Personal Direction of Alvin Howard Sanders in Collaboration with Wayne Dinsmore. Breeder’s Gazette Print. Chicago. 1917. 602 p. front. plates, ports., maps (1 double), facsims.
NAL call no.: 42 SA52
Descriptors: Percheron horses, dissemination in the US, 4 cycles of breed history, French chargers of the Middle Ages, heavy coach horses pre-railroad, plow horses, cart horse of modern commerce, general management of the breed, Perche Province, France.

Sanders, James Harvey. Horse-Breeding; Being the General Principles of Heredity Applied to the Business of Breeding Horses; with Instructions for the Management of Stallions, Brood Mares and Young Foals, and the Selection of Breeding Stock By J. H. Sanders. 7 th ed., with Appendix. J. H. Sanders Pub. Co. Chicago. 1889 [c1885]. 273 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 SA5
Descriptors: horse breeding, care and husbandry, feeding, diseases and injuries, stallion management, brood mares and foals, selection of breeding stock, reproduction.

Sanders, James Harvey. Horse-Breeding; Being the General Principles of Heredity Applied to the Business of Breeding Horses; with Instructions for the Management of Stallions, Brood Mares and Young Foals, and Selection of Breeding Stock. J.H. Sanders Pub. Co. Chicago. 1905. 428 p.
NAL call no.: 42 SA5 1905
Descriptors: horse breeding, care and husbandry, feeding, diseases and injuries, stallion management, brood mares and foals, selection of breeding stock, reproduction.

Schreuder, Pieter Juriaan van der Heyde. The Cape Horse; Its Origin, Breeding and Development in the Union of South Africa. Norton Printing Co. [ Ithaca, New York]. [1915]. 122 p.
NAL call no.: 42 SCH7
Descriptors: Cape horse, history, origins, importation, management, diseases, various types of the Cape horses, development, breeding, characteristics, uses, South Africa.

Seidman, Lawrence Ivan. Once in the Saddle: The Cowboy’s Frontier, 1866-1896. Illustrated with Contemporary Prints and Photos. Knopf; (distributed by Random House). New York. Living History Library Series, 199 p., ill.
NAL call no.: F596.S35
Descriptors: horses, cowboys, life on the American frontier, cowboys and prostitutes, songs on the train, blizzards, first real Western the Virginian, cowboy dances, USA.

Self, Margaret Cabell. Horsemastership; Methods of Training the Horse and the Rider. A.S. Barnes. New York. [1952] 440 p. illus.
NAL call no.: 42 SE4HOR
Descriptors: history of training, training the horses, lunging, schooling, mounting, controlled movement, working in lines and circles, dressage, jumping, training the riders, instructors, pupils, principles of horsemanship, reins, hands, legs, back progression from novice to advanced riding, stable management, USA.

Self, Margaret Cabell. The American Horse Show, With the Official Rules and Regulations. A.S. Barnes Watts. New York. [1958]. 292 p., illus.
NAL call no.: 42 SE4A
Descriptors: American Horse Show Association; types of shows and riding competitions; hints for exhibitors, divisions: Arabian, cutting horses, dressage, hackney, equitation, hunter, jumper, Morgan, palomino quarter horse, saddle horse, Shetland pony, Tennessee walking horse, Western, an appendix with notes on dressage, gymkana events and equipment.

Self, Margaret Cabell. The Horseman’s Encyclopedia. A.S. Barnes and Co Inc , New York.; Thomas Yoseloff, LTd, London and Toronto. [1963]. 428 p. illus. Note: New and revised edition.
NAL call no.: SF278.S4 1963
Descriptors: horses; encyclopedia, horse related facts, terminology, definitions, A-Z, many photos and drawings of: items, movements, anatomy, care, breeds, events, games.

Self, Margaret Cabell. The Nature of the Horse. Arco. New York. [c1974]. 217p., illus. ISBN 0-668-02993-5.
NAL call no.: SF285.S43
Descriptors: horses, origins, physical aspects, body systems, instinctive behavior patterns, horse communication, mental attributes, emotions, individual personalities, and breed differences.

Sidney, Samuel and George Fleming. The Book of the Horse. Class Edition. Bonanza Books, New York. 1985. 680p, [24] p. of plates, ill. Note: Originally published in the 1880’s as The Book of the Horse: (Thoroughbred, Half-breed, Cart-breed) Saddle and Harness, British and Foreign. This volume includes a section on Veterinary information by George Fleming. With a new foreword by Herm David. Illustrated with full page plates and numerous wood engravings. Includes a caution that the veterinary care is of the 1880’s era and one should consult current methods.
NAL call no.: SF285.S52 1985
Descriptors: horses, oriental blood horses, origin of the English Blood horse, modern horses, draft animals, asses, mules, purchasing horse, carriage horses, Phaeton steppers, equipage, saddles, bridles, bits, martingales, managing harness horses, hunting horses, driving horses, training for hunting, hounds, stables and coach houses, breeding, conformation, shoeing, diseases and treatment, wounds and injuries, care and handling of hunters before and after the hunt, vivid descriptions, veterinary advice of the era.

Simpson, Joseph Cairn. Horse Portraiture: Embracing Breeding, Rearing, and Training Trotters; with Their Management in the Stable and on the Track, and Preparation for Races; Including Histories of the Horse and Horsemen; with an Appendix Containing the Performances of Dexter and a Portrait by Scott. W. A. Townsend & Adams. New York. 1868. 2 p. l., 458 p., ill., front.
NAL call no.: 42 SI5H
Online: (1867 edition) Descriptors: trotters, breeding, raising, training trotters to race, building speed and stamina, management in stables and on the track, racing, preparing for races, some famous trotters.

Slatta, Richard W. Cowboys of the Americas. Yale University Press. New Haven, Connecticut. c1990. xiv, 306 p., ill., [104] p. of plates, (some col.).
NAL call no.: E20.S57 1990.
Descriptors: cowboys in the saddle, ranch work, ranchers and cowboys, history of cattle trails, how cowboys looked, equestrian fun and games, drinking, gambling, other entertainments, relationships with Indians, race relations, cowboy myths, cowboys in popular culture, Americas.

Smith, Bradley. The horse in the West.Gemini-Smith Book Series. World. New York. [c1969]. 255 p., ill.
NAL call no.: SF284.U5S62
Descriptors: spread of the horse in the Western World, vaqueros and conquistadores, horses in history and art, movement of the horse breeds from Europe and Asia, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, mustangs, quarter horses, appaloosas.

Smith, F. ( Frederick). A Manual of Saddles and Sore Backs. Printed for H.M.S.O. by Harrison London. [1891]. 50 p., ill.: 13 leaves of plates (some folded).
NAL call no.: 42 SM52
Descriptors: horses, saddles, equipment, proper use to prevent sores on the horse, proper use of saddles and blankets, saddle designs.

Snape, Edward. A Practical Treatise on Farriery Including Remarks on All Diseases Incident to Horses. Reynell. London. 1805. 152 p. Note: From Snape’s manuscript.
NAL call no.: 41 Sn1
Descriptors: Snape was farrier to the 2 nd Troop of Horse Guards, symptoms of all horse diseases, approved cures, recipes for various medicines, list of medicinal ingredients.

Speed, John Gilmer. The Horse in America: A Practical Treatise on the Various Types Common in the United States, with Something of Their History and Varying Characteristics. McClure, Phillips & Co. New York. 1905. 6 p., l., iii-xii, 287 p., ill.: col. front., 16 pl., 1 col. pl.
NAL call no.: 42 SP3
Descriptors: horses, breeds, types, history, breed differences, characteristics, structures, comparisons, horse behaviors, uses, horses used in a variety of ways, USA.

Splan, John. Life with the Trotters. With a Chapter on How Goldsmith Maid and Dexter were Trained. (From information Furnished by Mr. Bruno Doble.) H.T.6 White, editor and Publisher. Chicago. 1889. 448 p. 1 portrait plate of John Span.
NAL call no.: 42 SP5
Descriptors: history of light harness racing, trotters, trotting turf, Budd Doble, John Splan, sulky driver, Dunbar, Robert Bonner, driving horses, personal stories of racing many horses, old time methods for training trotters, rehabilitating injured horses, records, various race tracks across the US, seasonal care differences, Splan’s experiences buying and selling trotters, descriptions of great races, some great trotting horses: Kansas Chief, Rarus, Wedgewood, Charley Ford, Bonsetter, Maud S. Guy, Nobby, Goldsmith Maid, Calmar, Dexter, feeding watering, taking care of feet, shoeing issues, breeding, handling mares and foals, early training of colts, New York owners, trotting records, harnesses, carts, preparing for trotters for races, USA.

Spooner, W.C. A Treatuse on the Structure, Functions and Diseases of the Foot and Leg of the Horse; Comprising the Comparative Anatomy of These Parts in Other Animals, Embracing the Subject of Shoeing and the Proper Treatment of the Foot, with the Rationale and Effect of Various Important Operations and the Best Methods of Performing Them. 1840. Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans. London. 337p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 SP6
Descriptors: horses, anatomy of the foot, structure of the foot, tendons, ligaments, vascular system, physiology of the leg and foot, compared to various other animals (lion, dog, elephant, goat, chamois, deer, camel), aspects of shoeing, diseases, founder, strains, navicular disease, fractures, operations, neurotomy, some case studies.

Stewart, John, Veterinary Surgeon and A.B. Allen. The Stable Book: Being a Treatise on the Management of Horses, in Relation to Stabling, Grooming, Feeding, Watering and Working. Construction of Stables, Ventilation, Stable Appendages, Management of the Feet. Management of Diseased and Defective Horses; with Notes and Additions Adapting It to American Food and Climate, by A. B. Allen. C. M. Saxton. New York. 1864. 378 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 ST4S
Descriptors: horses, stables, stable management, grooming, feet and hoof management, disease management, management of horses with defects, feedings, diets, water, training of stable workers, training and driving, cavalry stables, building construction, ventilation, out buildings, USA.

Stillman, J.D.B. The Horse in Motion as Shown by Instantaneous Photography, with a Study on Animal Mechanics Founded on Anatomy and the Revelations of the Camera, in Which Is Demonstrated the Theory of Quadrupedal Locomotion. Executed and published under the auspices of Leland Stanford. J. R. Osgood and Company. Boston, Massachusetts. 1882. viii, [9]-127 p., ill., CVII pl. (part col., incl. front.).
NAL call no.: 42 ST52
Descriptors: horses, mechanics of horse movement, anatomy, four footed movement, theory of quadrupedal locomotion, photographic studies, muscle function and analysis, gaits, gallop, trot, walk, canter, pacing, comparison with other quadrupeds.

Taplin, William, Dk. The Gentleman’s Stable Directory; or, Modern System of Farriery : Comprehending of the Most Valuable Prescriptions and Approved remedies. 15th ed. rev. Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, and G. Kearsley by J. Crowder and E. Hemfted, London. 1803. xvi, 502 [10] p., ill., port.
NAL call no.: SF955.T3 1803 R
Descriptors: horses, horse related equipment, stables, stable management, horse shoeing, shoes to correct a variety of hoof and leg conditions, common diseases and conditions, remedies, medicines, horse management and care, restraint of horses, England.

Taplin, William, D. The Gentleman’s Stable Directory; or Modern System of Farriery. Vol. II. 6 th ed. Printed for John Stockdale. London. viii, 416 p.
NAL call no.: SF955.T3 1805 R
Descriptors: horses, horse related equipment, stables, stable management, horse shoeing, shoes to correct a variety of hoof and leg conditions, horse management, medicines, horse management and care, England.

Tattersall, George. The Pictorial Gallery of English Race Horses; Containing Portraits of All the Winners of the Derby, Oaks and St. Leger Stakes, during the Last Twenty Years; and a History of the Principal Operations of the Turf. Illustrated with Ninety Engravings, Chiefly on Steel, after Paintings by Cooper, Harris, Hancock, Alken, Hall and others.Royal Gallery of English Race Horses Series. Henry G. Bohn. London. 1850. viii, 336 [i.e. 386] p., ill., [70] leaves of plates.
NAL call no.: 42 T18
Descriptors: winning horses, names and portraits, the Derby race, Oaks race, St. Leger stakes race, listing of winners from 1827-1850, England.

Taylor, William George Langworthy. The Saddle Horse, His Care, Training, and Riding. H. Holt and company. New York. 1925. 270 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 T21
Descriptors: saddle horses, stables, horse yards, feeding, watering, exercise, grooming, riding, training, horse/dog interactions, health, care of lameness, ailments and illnesses, remedies.

Tegetmeier, William Bernhard and C. L Sutherland. Horses, Asses, Zebras, Mules and Mule Breeding. H. Cox. London. 1895. viii, 166 p., ill.
NAL call no.: 42 T23H
Descriptors: Przlevalski horses, Przewalski horses, African wild asses, wild asses of Somalia, Asiatic wild asses, zebras, Grevys zebras, Burchell’s zebra, quaggas, mules, breeding for mules.

Thomas, Arthur C., and William H. Shields. Care and Training of Trotters and Pacers. Horseman and Spirit of the Times [series]. 3 rd ed. Chicago Horseman Newspaper Co. Chicago. 1915. 176 p., ill. Note: Prepared by Arthur C. Thomas and Wm. H. Shields from information furnished by the leading trainers and drivers of the day.
NAL call no.: 42 H783 ed.3
Descriptors: colts, weaning shoeing of colts, trotters and pacer type shoes, shoeing famous colts, feeding, grooming, 6 defects in gaits, lists of famous trotters and pacers, 1911-1921 time period.

Thorp, N. Howard (Jack) and Neil M. Clark. Pardner of the Wind: Story of the Southwestern Cowboy. Caxton Printers. Caldwell, ID. 1945. 308 p. [21] leaves of plates, ill. port. Note: A number of ballads are mentioned by name.
NAL call no.: 138 T39
Descriptors: collector and published of cowboy songs, music, banjos, anecdotes about cowboy life and adventures, notes about “Jack” Thorp’s life, Nigger Add, the importance of the horse, horses trained for various jobs--roping, cutting, riding circle, standing night guard--, horses as life savers and good friends, cowhands, history of the introduction of horses, Don Diego de Nicues introduced Arabians 1515, other who shipped in horses into the New World, development of wild bands of horses, Spanish thunderbolts, Indian horses, mustang, Bar W Ranch, (New Mexico?), remuda tales, horse behaviors, racing horses, an account of a 500 mile horse race, starting in Deadwood, South Dakota and finishing in Omaha, Nebraska, Jack Best and his horse Johnnie Dun, men on the dodge, Billy (the Kid) Bonney’s life, cowboy/range humor, herding cattle with horses, the chuck wagon and gear, USA.

Timmis, Reginald Symonds Major. Conformation and Appointments of the Horse, with Notes on Purchasing, Telling the Age and Breeding. F. Groom & Co., Ltd. London. 1926. 138 p., ill., front., pl., diagrs. Note: Foreword by Major General J. H. MacBrien.
NAL call no.: 42 T48C
Descriptors: the horse as a nation asset, light horses, Hackney, trotter saddle horse, heavy horses, coach horses, structured examination, comparative dimensions, anatomical conformation in detail, colors, markings, size and weights, purchasing a horse, age and teeth, clothes, vehicles, breeding and care of mares, foals.

Timmis, Reginald S. Modern Horse Management. Stokes. New York. 1915. 233 p., ill., pl.NAL call no.: 42 T48
Descriptors: light horses, horse care, training, riding, driving, shoeing, uses of medicines, disease, feeding, exercise, grooming, stable management, history of horses.

Tolley, H. R. and W. R. Humphries. Tractors and Horses in the Winter Wheat Belt, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska. US Dept. of Agriculture. Washington, D.C. 1924. 60 p., ill., 1 map, tables, black and white photographs, USA.
NAL call no.: 1 Ag84B no.1202
Descriptors: description of horses, numbers of working stock, farms operating with tractor and horses, type of work done with horses, work done with tractors, cost of keeping working draft horses, cost of tractors, changes between 1918 and 1921.

Tozer, Basil. The Horse in History. Methuen. London. 1908. xx, 304 p.: plates; 20 cm.
NAL call no.: 42 T66
Descriptors: horse breeding history, famous horses, Bucephalus, Norman Conquest, race horses, war horses, Xenophon, Belisarius.

Tweedie, William. The Arabian Horse; His Country and People, with Portraits of Typical or Famous Arabians and Other Illustrations. Also a Map of the Country of the Arabian Horse and a Descriptive Glossary of Arabic Words and Proper Names, by Major-General W. Tweedie. Blackwood and Sons. Edinburgh, London. 1894. xix, 411 [1] p., ill., col. front., pl. (part col.), fold. map in pocket. Note: Many plates missing.
NAL call no.: 42 T91
Descriptors: Arabian horse certificate in Arabic, method of transcription from Arabic to Roman letters, glossary of Arabic words and proper names, home of the Arabian horse breed, breeders of Arabians, famous horses.

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