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You are here: Home / Publications / Bibliographies and Resource Guides / Horses in History Bibliography
Horses in History: A Bibliography

AWIC Resource Series No. 44
August 2009

To The Horse*

In Passing let us give a moment of adulation to THE HORSE. How vitally has he been a part of the history, wars and romance of nations. With that intrepid courage has he stormed over the most sanguinary battlefields! What wise or stupid or noble or tyrannical rulers has he served with equal patience, endurance and steadfastness? What great lovers has he borne swiftly to their tryst? But a few years gone we were told that the day approached that marked his banishment from those realms wherein he has reigned supreme for thousands of years, and lo! he is now even more securely enthroned. Nature smiled and opened a generous hand when she gave to man THE HORSE. Should we not cherish him, nourish his fiery strength, lead him to sweet water, and when his eyes have dimmed and only his great heart leaps with undying ardor, humbly care for him until he reaches that pasture of eternal green that God reserved for man’s noblest friend.

James A. Watson, Major U.S. Army

*Forward to the book: Harrison, Jack (1933). Famous Saddle Horses and Distinguished Horsemen - A Historical Narrative and Personal Rememberences, St. Louis, 448 p. NAL Call Number: 42 H242.

Table of Contents

About this Document

The equine related books, reports, etc. listed in this compilation are in the collection of the National Agricultural Library (NAL). They are mostly from the older materials in the collection and some are from the “rare book” collection. Most items listed are from English or American publishers. The titles chosen are in English and are from 1600s to 1980.

The authors attempted to list books on a wide variety of topics related to equines: the development of the Thoroughbred horse in England, veterinary care, horse management, horses, mules, asses, wild horses, and burros in the American West, equines in the military, various types and breeds of horses, racers, trotters, horses in competition, training horses, etc.

The citation for each published item includes the author, title, publisher, NAL call number, and descriptors. Many citations also include links to a full text version of the document available online. The descriptors provide a brief/general description of the content of the piece. Some books cover many topics and can only be described in general terms.

The compilation is not a comprehensive listing, but a sampling of a very comprehensive collection of equine related documents at NAL. Hopefully, the items referenced will satisfy those who are interested in reading about these animals from a personal interest point of view as well as those who are interested in more in-depth research.

Most of the books are available on library loan, but some documents can only be used on site as they are in the rare and valuable books collection.

The library is open to the public during the week and anyone is welcome to come and use the general collection or make arrangements to use the rare books. Information about Visiting the Library and Requesting Library Materials is available on the NAL web site.

Jean Larson

Compiled by:

Judith Ho, Jean Larson, and Kristina M. Adams
USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

Last Modified: Monday, 16-Jun-2014 11:40:43 EDT

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