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Horses in History: A Bibliography
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Selected Websites

International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park
Description : Provides educational online exhibits about horses in history, sport and pleasure, and art.

The Horse . American Museum of Natural History, New York.
Description : An online version of the exhibit available to the public from May 17, 2008 until January 4, 2009. Includes sections on domestication, the evolution of horses, and the nature of horses. A special interactive page on Horse Biology gives detailed information about equine eyes, ears, legs, and the digestive system.

Fossil Horse Cybermuseum . Florida Museum of Natural History.
Description : This site explains difficult evolutionary concepts such as the difference between even- and odd-toed ungulates, scientific and common names of members of the horse family, and the breadth of horse species over evolutionary time.

Horse Genome Project.
Description : This project is a collaborative international effort to define the genome of the domestic horse.

Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies.
Description : This institute conducts research on the domestication of the horse and early horseback riding.

Equine Studies Institute.

Description : This link takes you to the Knowledge Base section of the web site and provides papers with detailed information on horse evolution, the origin of various breeds, and anatomy.

The Horse: A Mirror of Man: Parallels in Early Human and Horse Medicine. National Library of Medicine.
Description: This online exhibition includes some illustrated rare books from the National Library of Medicine’s collection dating from 1500 to 1704 and featuring the history of horse veterinary medicine.

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