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AWIC Resource Series No. 30

March 2005

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Ancient Times


     The use of animals by humans goes back to dawn of human development.  Certainly by the time Homo sapiens developed, there is evidence that humans were sophisticated in their use of animals for food, fiber, clothing, building materials, medicines, and host of other uses.  During the Pleistocene era humans were accomplished hunters.   It is most probable that the Aflight distance@ between human hunters and their potential prey in the pre-historic period was quite short, and humans were intimately associated with the activities and behavior of all the animals in the environment.  Today we can see the evidence of such relationships in the European Paleolithic rock art that portrays the Ice Age mammals of Europe with such precision and empathy.


      As mammals, we have been predators on humans, and humans have been predators on other mammals.  We humans share many diseases with our animal kin.  In addition, we have placed our fellow mammals in useful categories, useless categories, sources of inspiration and beauty, miracles of life forces, etc.  They have been deified in some cultures.  There obviously existed a close association between the early hunter-gather societies and all other animals within their environment.  They have been symbols for deities and bestowed with human characteristics.  They have been parts of religious ceremonies.  They have been used to predict the future, carry people and trade goods, etc.  It is probably not incorrect to postulate that humans developed in concert with the animal life that surrounded them.


      The first surge in human population occurred when the emerging humans learned to make tools and manipulate fire.  Effective tools and fire were two important cultural advancements which enabled humans to survive in the pre-glacial conditions of northern Europe and America during the last glaciations. It was probably during this period in Europe that man first began to associate with some members of the local wolves.  Perhaps they even cooperated while hunting.  This association gradually led to the closer dependent relationship between some wolves and humans that in turn led to the domestication of tractable canines that included the purposeful breeding of individuals that eventually developed incredible variety of domesticated dogs that exist today.


      About 10,000 years ago, man assumed the habit of living in more or less permanent settlements, and his relationships to the animal world began to undergo profound changes.  At the same time, great climatic changes, and perhaps human activities, as well, had reduced many larger mammalian species, especially those used as food, to very small populations.  Major extinction events began to occur.  In response to dwindling and/or unreliable resources, human agricultural technology developed. Humans began to move from hunter/gather mode to a mode of actively domesticating plants and animals for food resources.   The second great surge in human progress with its ensuing increase in population occurred when man learned how to cultivate plants and tame and domesticate animals at levels that allowed for the development of larger settlements.  Human plant gathering activities had led to intimate knowledge of plant productivity cycles, and human hunters undoubtedly had often taken young canine animals into their camps as pets and companions. They would have become familiar with the animal growth and breeding cycles, diseases and behaviors of these young animals.  The animals would have benefited from the availability of food and shelter.   It seems safe to speculate that they would have bonded and grew to be hunting assistants to their human companions as they would have in the progenitor’s pack.  Other animals such as cattle and equines began to be managed in herds close to the human settlements.  Eventually, oxen were developed for pulling heavy objects.  The breeding of mules was understood in Roman times and they became an essential part of the Roman world.  They were used for riding, by farmers for ploughing and for drawing carts, and by the army for carrying baggage.  According to Richard W. Bulliet, in AThe Camel and the Wheel@, there seemed to be no mention of wheeled vehicles in medieval Islamic source material.  However, we know from the Bible, if nowhere else, that chariots, and carts and wagons had existed in the Middle East in ancient times.   


     During the Roman period, approximately from the beginning of the Christian era up to A.D. 400, the Dutch Eastern River Area formed part of the far northern border region with the Roman Empire.  Archeological remains in this area show us that animals were a vital part of the life and times of the people at that time.  The research shows that farm animals eaten included: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, domestic fowl, geese and pigeons.  Wild animals included: aurochs, elk, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, and hare.  Interestingly, although domesticated, the horse and dog do not seem to have been eaten.  Fish remains that were found included: pike, rudd, orf or chub, perch, allis shad, or thwaite shad, eel, salmon, and catfish. 


     In the ancient world, humans believed in the close proximity of humans and animals, and that they were closely related.  This pagan view was rejected by the early Christian thinkers who established definite differences between humans and animals.  The influential 4th century church father Augustine was adamant about this separation.  A characteristic behavioral difference assigned to animals repeatedly throughout the middle ages was their violence. 


       During the thousand years we consider the Middle Ages, from about A.D. 400 to about A.D. 1400; early thinkers shifted their view from the idea that humans were definitely different (Augustine's view) to the idea that humans have much in common with animals, noted by the 13th century chronicler, Gerald of Wales.  On the other hand, Christian writers such as Albert the Great in the 13th century noted and cataloged many differences.  Thomas Aquinas wrote of animal savagery and brutality.  Animal savagery was seen as irrational and lacking in reason.  This irrationality was the final and most important difference between animals and humans for the medieval thinkers, starting with Ambrose in the 4th century and moving through Augustine and Thomas Aquinas in the 13th century.  By the 12th century, the early Christian idea of separation between humans and animals began breaking down.  Some 12th century European thinkers discovered Anature@ and the physical world as something worth studying.  Also, in the 12th century, the animal stories that had been developed in the early classical Greek and Roman times became popular again.  Metaphors used in the 12th century stories began to cause people to see the “animal” within themselves and probably led to changing the way people looked at themselves in their relationship to the animal world.  Many of the boundaries between the human and animal world began to disappear or merge.  Many of our controversial animal rights issues come from this blurring of the boundaries between humans and animals.  For example, if there is little difference, should we eat animals?  If humans and animals share feelings in common, should we hunt and trap animals?  Should we use animals in medical experiments when we would not use humans?    


Animals as Symbols


      Europeans have received in dreams, myths and folktales the qualities of horses, oxen, goats, pigs, hares, and most other animals, and have been enriched.  According to E. L. Grant Watson, AThe animal has existed in the human, and the human in the animal.@ And, he says, this inter-relationship still exists.  Animal images have been projected into the heavens as Zodiacal signs, and humans and animals have grown close in the association between them caused by their use in agriculture and war.


        For many situations, humans use symbols to express meaning.  A symbol is defined as a concrete representation of a complex, abstract or invisible reality.  Religion uses many animals as symbols as a way to convey invisible realities and give them meaning.  For example, the image of the lamb is old and varied.  It represents a living thing that is innocent, gentle, meek, pure, and humble.  In the ancient Near East, the fish symbolized divine life.  In museums, you see images of goddesses and gods shaped like fish.  In the apocryphal story of Tobit, the angel Michael heals Tobit=s blindness with a fish.  Jewish legend said that at the end of time, the main course at the messianic banquet would be the leviathan, that is, the evil fish-monster cut up and served for supper.  The early Christian church pictured Jesus both as a fish and a lamb.  The Greek noun for Afish@ is an acronym for Jesus.  Medieval Christian churches were filled with many fabricated animal images from the Bible and church history.  The Bible also has a holy image of a chicken.  In the Bible, in Luke (13:34) and Matthew ( 23: 37), the hen is Jesus= choice to represent his great tenderness and love for the people of Jerusalem.  Before Jesus= time, hens symbolized procreation and care for children.  Baby chicks represented advent of spring and new life.  In ancient Greece, the rooster was a symbol of the god Apollo, and his crowing was thought to be a salute to the sun.  In Christian teaching, the rooster shows up before Jesus= death and resurrection, crowing three times when Peter denies Jesus.  During Medieval times, roosters were symbols of resurrection.  Later, roosters appeared in weather vanes on church steeples, representing Jesus as a mother hen, gathering and protecting his children together in faith.  (Luke, 13: 34).   


Animal Diversity


      Humans have always been interested and interconnected with animal life in their location.  That curiosity regarding animals has been reflected through the ages from the descriptions that travelers have written.  Often in addition to what the traveler sees, experiences and records about human cultural habits, landscapes, etc., the traveler often includes many passages and drawings of animals seen along the way.  The animals may include descriptions of domesticated species, wild animals kept as pets, and wild animals seen in their natural habitats.  You will find a number of old texts, listed in this document, that include physical descriptions, habits, behaviors, uses and habitats of the animals observed.  Often the authors/travelers have obviously spent considerable time and energy illustrating travel logs with pictures of those animals described. 


         As the Europeans began to travel via sea voyages to far away places around the world, there were often naturalists included as members of the crew.   Their job was to record and collect plants, insects, animal skins, etc.  One such renowned naturalist who sailed on the HMS Beagle was Charles Darwin.  As a result of his observations of natural life such as the divergence of birds and turtles of the individual islands comprising the Galapagos Islands, he proposed the theory of evolution.  

         Since there were animals at diverse locations that seemed to be similar (e.g. cat like animals—lions, tigers, puma, leopards), naturalists became aware that the use of local names for animals that were similar was confusing and did not identify organisms adequately.  It became obvious that there needed to be a systematic approach to naming individual types.  As more and more organisms were discovered and described, it became obvious that the taxonomic system would need to be in a universal language with universal rules that would give individual organisms a unique name but also show relationships to all the other organisms.  Although there were systems proposed and developed by various naturalists, in the middle 1700’s, the Swedish botanist Linnaeus developed the taxonomic classification system that seemed to meet the needs of naming   a type specimen and showing its relationship to all others organisms.  To this day, scientists still use the Linnaeus’s very complicated set of rules for the naming and indicating the relationships for every plant, and animal organism known in the world today.   


     One way that humans have appreciated the diversity of animals and plants is by maintaining exotic species in “living collections.”  It is known from early writings, that exotic animals have been maintained by royalty and other wealthy individuals for many centuries.  Expeditionary crews often returned with interesting animals, plants and insects that were exhibited in various ways.  The modern zoo and botanical garden are the current versions of this long tradition.  Sadly, due to the human destruction of so many natural places on the earth, such collections may now have an additional role--that of preserving remnant populations of animals and other organisms that have lost their habitats in the natural world.


     Also, many non-living specimens were brought back by explorers in parts or were preserved in some fashion.  Many of these preserved specimens formed the basis for natural history collections and museums where they serve as study collections or as educational experiences for the public.  There are several famous natural history museums in Europe, the United States of America, Canada , etc. that are still important to our society today.  


Animals as a Way to Understand Life Processes


         The use of animals in the life sciences can also be traced back to the beginnings of

Western medicine in ancient Greece and Rome, where vivisection was practiced according to Nicolaas Rupke.  For example, the Hippocratic treatise “On the Heart” (ca. 300 B.C.) describes cutting the throat of a pig drinking to study the act of swallowing, and also cutting open the chest of a living animal to observe how the auricles and ventricles of the heart were beating alternately.  The German historians Maehle and Trohler, in their study of animal experimentation through the eighteenth century, noted that it seemed obvious to these ancient physicians that knowledge of bodily functions could best be obtained by studying the interior of living organisms. 


         In the second century A.D., the Greek physician Galen, who practiced in Rome, significantly improved the techniques of dissecting live animals.  Galen recognized that vivisection could be disturbing to the experimenter or the audience, and recommended the use of pigs and goats rather than apes to avoid seeing the Aunpleasant expression@ of the ape, and not to be discouraged by such factors as the amount of bleeding that might occur. 


         Animal experimentation seems to have played little role in the philosophy of the Middle Ages, but resurfaced in the works of the Renaissance anatomists.  For example, Vesalius used living animals in his anatomical demonstrations at Padua and Bologna in Italy.  He argued that vivisection was necessary because of its usefulness in acquiring knowledge, and the surgical practice that it provided. 


          Most animal experimentation in the 17th and 18th centuries did little to advance the understanding of structure, disease and physiology of the time.  However, the study of toxicity began during this period.  Some scientists such as those of John Jacob Wepfer and Felice Fontana did help to advance the science of pharmacology.  It is interesting to note that Christian dogma offered no objection to animal experimentation through the ages.  However, the subject of animal use and vivisection was a philosophical topic of discussion the 17th century.  The philosopher Descartes offered the concept of the Abeast machine@.  Descartes argued that both humans and animals could be compared with machines, yet he distinguished man from beasts because of man=s ability to speak, and because he possessed a rational, imperishable soul.  He believed that animals were unable to feel real pain--they just went through the motions.  Not everyone agreed however.  Some who raised their voices against vivisection were literary figures of stature in their day, such as Joseph Addison, Alexander Pope, and Samuel Johnson. Johnson was concerned that cruelty to animals would foster cruelty to man, a view that many others have shared and continue to share in the 21st century.  At the end of the eighteenth century, the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham said that man did not have the right to inflict pain on animals just because the animals lacked the faculties of reason and speech. 


         The science of vivisection continued to be practiced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  In the nineteenth century, Claude Bernard, one of the leading figures in the field, said that it was vivisection that raised the subject of physiology to the status of a true science because it brought speculations of physiologists under some form of experimental control. 


         It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that Charles Darwin=s discovery of the principle of evolution upset the prevailing concepts of human superiority.  Humans have depended on animals as an important source of food and other products, to be our pets in the home, our servants in the fields, and our prey during hunting season, and to be essential in furthering scientific, especially medical, knowledge through observation and experimentation.


         As other biomedical sciences were established in the nineteenth century, such as bacteriology and immunology, biological products were developed based on these sciences, such as Louis Pasteur=s vaccine for rabies and Emil von Behring=s diphtheria antitoxin.  These discoveries provided support for the claims of medical scientists that animal research would provide practical benefits to both animals and man.    


Regulation of Animal Use by Laws


         According to Leavitt and Halverson in Animals and Their Legal Rights p. 1,  America has the distinction of being the first country to acknowledge the rights of animals by enacting statutory legislation to protect them from cruel treatment.” In 1641, the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony voted to have printed in first legal code, “The Body of Liberties.”  There are 100 liberties listed.  Liberty 92 is as follows:  “No man shall exercise any Tirranny or Crueltie towards any bruite Creature which are usuallie kept for man’s use.”  Liberty # 93  deals with animals in transit.  It states that if someone is driving cattle to a far away place, that “ it shall be lawful to rest or refresh them for a competent time in any open space that is not Corne, meadow or inclosed for some peculiar use.”  These liberties were to be considered to be law.  For example, there is a case written in “Records of Quarterly Courts of Essex County, III, 305” where an individual was condemned for cruelty to an ox. 


         After the American Revolution, the first anti-cruelty state laws were passed by New York State.  Section 26 deals with malicious treatment of cattle or sheep which is considered a misdemeanor.  Gradually, the other States began to pass their own protective laws.  The process was not complete until the early 1900s.  By 1921 all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands had anti-cruelty statutes in their laws.  


         Under the 1876 British Cruelty to Animals Act, anyone carrying out animal experiments had to obtain a license to do so.  By the end of the nineteenth century, a number of pharmaceutical companies, here and abroad, were beginning to establish research laboratories of their own.  Private industry thus began to join universities and government research institutes in research involving animals, and biomedical research expanded rapidly in the twentieth century. 

Before the twentieth century, the frog played a major role in the history of research in the life sciences.  In the twentieth century, small laboratory animals, especially the rat and mouse, dogs, cats, hamsters and gerbils began to replace the frog in research experiments.


         In the United States of America, the first law that related to the care of laboratory animals was passed in 1966—The Animal Welfare Act.  The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 was passed to require humane treatment of animals in biomedical research and to protect dogs from being stolen for sale for research protocols.  The regulatory authority for the Animal Welfare Act was placed in the U.S Department of Agriculture where it still resides today.  The Act has been updated numerous times.   It now provides for greater regulatory oversight, mandated approaches to how animals are housed, handled, treated, cared for and requires justification of their use in biomedical research protocols.   The Act currently covers animals when they are used for toxicity testing, courses in higher education, in exhibits in zoos and circuses, and those marine mammals on exhibit in aquaria.  For more information on the legislation, visit the following Web sites:


Questions and Answers about the Animal Welfare Act and Its Regulations for Biomedical Research Institutions


Animal Welfare Act


         In the past few years, many countries in the world have slowly added animal welfare related laws to their federal statutes.  There still are many countries that do not provide protections. However, globally there is a growing awareness and respect for the role animals that share the planet--their sensitivities, the remarkableness of their lives, and their unique abilities, are being appreciated.   With such appreciation, come societal pressures to insure that animals are respected, cared for and properly treated. 


Animal Health


         Animals in the United States and other developed countries are now among the healthiest in the world.  We can look back briefly to some additional positive historical acts that have led to the animal health conditions we enjoy today.  In 1862, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) was established.  In 1863, the American Veterinary Medical Association was formed.  The first graduate Veterinary Medical School was established at Iowa State University in 1879.  The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) was established within USDA in 1884.  Congress created the Bureau in response to the petitions of frustrated farmers and ranchers whose livestock were so plagued with disease that overseas markets were refusing to buy from this country.  Today the work of the original BAI is divided among several other USDA agencies, such as APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) and ARS (Agricultural Research Service).  


         Since 1884, many supportive private organizations have been established over the years and include organizations such as the U.S. Livestock Sanitary Association in 1897 (now the U.S. Animal Health Association), and many livestock and poultry associations around the country.  Today, other sources of information include your State Cooperative Extension Service, and a variety of publications put out by the local State University and State Experiment Station.  Feed suppliers, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and veterinary products also publish information on the care of pets, livestock and poultry.  Government, veterinarians, private associations, and animal owners all acting together has helped assure better health for all types of animals. 


         Our ideas about animals were not uniformly acquired, and they have not remained constant over time.  During the Age of Reason, some anatomists who followed Descartes administered beatings to dogs and made fun of those who pitied the animals, insisting that animals could feel no pain.  This 17th century attitude towards animals emphasized the differences between humans and animals, as did the views of early Christian thinkers in the first centuries after the birth of Christ.   Only in the late 18th and 19th centuries did we decide that humans and animals share feelings, and conclude that humans should be careful of the feelings of animals.  


In Summary


         Today our definition of animal is probably broader and certainly more biologically based.  Animals are all things organic that are not plants.  Although some may have reservations about this definition, most accept the idea that humans are animals, topping a Darwinian ladder that ranks everything from the smallest protozoa to the largest whale.  As humans accept that people are animals, and we know more about the complexity of animals, we have a greater appreciation of how we share many of the same qualities and characteristics.   Admittedly the media has changed, but today we carry on the long tradition of endowing animals with human characteristics.  They are portrayed in cartoons, television and films in ways that are definitely human, endowed with human characteristics.  We acknowledge in our treatment of animals that our kinship with them, is no longer so separate.  


      Although the ways we interact with animals in some ways has changed through the ages, in other ways, we interact with them in ways that the early humans did.   We enjoy them; we hunt them; we keep them as pets; we depend on them for food, fiber and leather; we have fun with them; we use them as examples of behavior; and we just enjoy watching them; we are inspired by them; we use them to understand ourselves, etc.  As humans, we should protect them; realize their value; appreciate them; ensure that they have places to live in the wild, etc. Last but not least, we should all silently thank them for all they contribute to our lives.  They truly enrich  and nourish our human experience.




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     This bibliography lists some of the current, historical, and very early works on animals.  Except where indicated in the reference section of the introduction, all items are part of the National Agricultural Library (NAL).  Some of these selected rare historical works are available through the Special Collections section of the Library (NAL), and can often be identified by the capital R at the end of the call number.  These may be used at NAL by appointment only.  The other documents are in the general collection and available via inter-library loan. 


     The items are grouped first by the date of publication and then in alphabetical order by the first author.


     The compiler would like to thank Jean Larson for her role in creating the introduction and editing the document and to Barbara Buchanan for final editing, formatting and the development of the web version of this document. 

     A special thank you to Carey T. Smith for translating several Latin citations in this document.


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NAL Call Number:  30 B571 R 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, plant husbandry, singing birds, birds, ordering birds, curing birds, fruit trees, teaching birds, Joseph Blagrave 1610-1682.


Hartlib, Samuel.  Samuel Hartlib his Legacy of Husbandry:  Wherein are Bequeathed to the Common-Wealth of England, not only Braband, and Flanders, but also many more Outlandish and Domestick Experiments and Secrets (of Gabriel Plats and Others) never heretofore Divulged in Reference to Universal Husbandry.  With a table Shewing the General Contents or Sections of the Several Augmentations and Enriching Enlargements in this 3rd ed.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by F.M. for R. Wodnothe, 1655.  303 p.

NAL Call Number:  33.17 H25 R 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, domestic experiments, domestic secrets, agriculture in Belgium, England and France.


Heresbach, Conrad and Barnabe Googe.  Fovre Bookes of Husbandry Collected by M. Conradus Heresbachius:  Conteyning the Whole Arte and Trade of Husbandry, vvith the Antiquitie, and Commendation thereof, Nevvley Englished, and Increased by Barnabe Googe.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by R. Watkins, 1577.  193 leaves, [2] p., ill.  Note:  Text in form of dialogues. 

NAL Call Number:  30.8 E42 R 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, Middle English, Conrad Heresbach 1496-1576, Barnabe Googe 1540-1594.


Josselyn, John.  New-England=s Rarities Discovered:  in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that Country, Together with the Physical and Chyrurgical Remedies wherewith The Natives Constantly Use to Cure Their Distempers, Wounds, and Sores, also a Perfect Description of an Indian Squaw, in All Her Bravery, with a Poem not Improperly Conferr=d Upon Her, Lastly, a Chronological Table of the Most Remarkable Passage in that Country Amongst the English. London, [Great Britain].  Printed for G. Widdowes, 1672.  [2], 114 p., [1] leaf of plates, ill.  Note:  NAL has 1865 imprint edition (NAL Call Number: 411 J79N).  Includes lists of  books printed by Giles Widdowes at end.

NAL Call Number:  QH41.J67 R 

Descriptors:  New England rarities, birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, plans, Indian surgical remedies to cure distempers, wounds, and sores, Indian squaw described, Indian poem, chronological table of British travel.


Markham, Gervase.  Markhams Farwell to Husbandry or, The Inriching of all Sorts of Barren and Sterile Grounds in our Kingdome, to be as Fruitfull in all Manner of Graine, Pulse, and Grasse, as the Best Grounds whatsoeuer:  Together with the Annoyances, and Preseruation of all Graine and Seede, from one Yeare to many Yeares.  As also a Husbandly Computation of Men and Cattels Dayly Labours, their Expences, Charges, and Vtermost Profits.  Note:  This Edition Newly Reuiewed, Cor., and Amended:  Together with many New Additions, and Cheape Experiments.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by M.F. for R. Jackskon, 1625.  4 p. 1., 160 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  30 M34 R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, plants and animals, grain, pulse, grass, preservation of seeds, men and cattle, daily labor, expenses, illustrated work 1625 edition, Great Britain, Gervase Markham 1568(?)-1637. 


Palladius, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus and Francesco Sansovino.  La villa di Palladio Rvtilio Tavro Emiliano, tradotta nvovamente pe Francesco Sansovino, nella qvale si contiene il modo di cultiuar la terra di mese in mese, di in inserir gli arbori, di gouernar gli horti, & i giardini, con la proprieta de frvtti, delle herbe, & degli animali, con molte altre cose utili a pro del contado.  [Rutulius Taurus Aemilianus Palladius and Francesco Sansovino.  The Farmhouse by Rutulius Taurus Aemilianus Palladius, newly translated by Francesco Sansovino, in which work is contained the manner of the monthly cultivation of the soil, the introduction of the tree, the management of horticulture and gardens, along with the properties of the fruit, the herbs and the animals, with many other things useful for the farmer. ] In Venetia, [Venice, Italy], [Appresso F.  Sansovino], 1560.  4 p. 1., 88 numb. 1., [6] p.  Note:  In Italian.  Publ. in Venice, Italy, colophon dated 1561.

NAL Call Number:  30.8 P17V 

Descriptors:  Palladio (ca. 64 A.D.), Rutilio Tauro Emiliano (Italian, ca. 64 A.D.), Francesco Sansovino 1521-1586, 1560 edition, medieval edition in Italian, agriculture early works to 1800, agriculture history, ancient agronomists.


Ray, John Londini.  Synopsis Methodica Animalium Quadrupedum et Serpentini Generic ... Auctore Joanne Raio.  [Synopsis of Quadruped Animals and Serpents].  [Eng.], imprensis S. Smith & B. Walford Societatis regiae typographorum, 1693.  8 p., 336, [8] p. front. (port.).  Note:  De Animalibus in Genere.  Synopsis Animalium Quadrupedum.  De lacteris.  De serpente. 

NAL Call Number:  411 R212 

Descriptors:  quadruped animals, serpents, England, zoology, pre-Linnean works, John Ray 1627-1705.


Speed, Adolphus.  Adam out of Eden, or, An Abstract of Divers Excellent Experiments Touching the Advancement of Husbandry:  Shewing, Among very many other Things, an Aprovement of Ground by Rabbiss [sic], from 200 l.  Annual Rent, to 2000 l.  Yearly Profit, all Charges Deducted by Ad. Speed. London, [Great Britain].  Printed for H. Brome, at the Gun in Ivy-Lane, 1659.  [7], 163 [i.e. 179], [3] p.  Note:  Pagination irregular:  179 erroneously numbered 163.  Errors in paging:  p. 24, 49 and 50 omitted with no loss of text, p. 33 repeated, p. 46, 74, 96, 97, 103, and 179 numbered, respectively, 48, 47, 97, 96, 87, and 163.  Head and tail-pieces, initial.  Marginal manuscript notes.

NAL Call Number:  30 Sp3 R 

Descriptors:  husbandry experiments, Adolphus Speed fl. 1652-1659.


Tusser, Thomas and H. (Henry) Denham.  Fiue Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie, as well for the Champion, or Open Countrie, as also for the Woodland, or Seuerall, Mixed Ineurie Month with Huswiferie, ouer and besides the Booke of Huswiferie, Corrected, Better Ordered, and Newly Augmented to a Fourth Part more, with Diuers Other Lessons, as a Diet for the Farmer, or the Properties of Winds, Planets, Hope, Herbes, Bees, and Approoued Remedies for Sheepe and Cattle, with many other Matters both Profitable and not Vnpleasant for the Reader:  also a Table of Husbandrie at the Beginning of this Book:  and Another of Huswiforie at the End:  for the Better and Easier Finding of any Matter Contained in the Same.  Newly set forth by Thomas Tusser.  London, [Great Britain].  Tusser, Thomas, and H. (Henry) Denham.  1580.  [4] p., 2-89 numbered leaves, [2] p.  Note:  title within illustrated border.  Printer=s device at end.  In verse.  Other title:  Five Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie.

NAL Call Number:  30.8 T87 1580

Descriptors:  husbandry, housewifery, animal care and management, bees, sheep, cattle, disease remedies, Thomas Tusser 1524?-1580, Henry Denham fl. 1560-1589. 


Vegetius Renatus, Flavius and Johann Farber (ed.).  Artis veterinariae, sive mulomedicinae libri quatuor, jam primum typis in lucem aediti.  Opus sane in rebus medicis minime aspernandum. [Four Books on the Craft of Veterinary Medicine, or More Accurately Medicine for Mules, now for the First Time Produced in Print. An Altogether Essential Work on Medical Issues].  Basileae, [Switzerland?].  [Joannes Faber Emmeus, 1528].  [8], 72 l.  Note:  Edited by Johann Faber.  Signatures:  a-b4, A-S4. 

NAL Call Number:  41 V52 R 

Descriptors:  veterinary works, ancient approaches to veterinary medicine, ancient agronomists, Johann Faber editor and translator d. 1542, Flavius Vegetius Renatus.   


Worlidge, John, Thomas Dring and Charles Atweed Kofoid.  Systema agriculturae:  the Mystery of Husbandry Discovered. Treating of Several New and most Advantagious Ways of Tilling, Planting, Sowing, Manuring, Ordering, Improving of All Sorts of Gardens, Orchards, Meadows, Pastures, Corn-Lands, Woods & Coppices.  As also of Fruits, Corn, Grain, Pulse, New-Hays, Cattle, Fowl, Beasts, Bees, Silk-Worms, Fish, etc.  with an Account of the Several Instruments and Engines Used in this Profession.  To which is Added Kalendarium rusticum:  or, The Husbandmans Monthly Directions.  Also the Prognosticks of Dearth, Scarcity, Plenty, Sickness, Heat, Cold, Frost, Snow, etc. and Dictionarium rusticum:  or, The Interpretation of Rustick Terms.  The 3rd edition, carefully cor. and amended. London, [Great  Britain].  Printed for T. Dring, 1681. 134 (i.e. 334), [6] p., ill., plates.  Note:  added t.p., illustrated. Kalendarium rusticum and Dictionarium rusticum each has separate t.p.  Paging irregular:  p. 70 numbered 80, 73-82 omitted in numbering, 193 omitted, 194 repeated, 207 omitted, 209 repeated, 278 numbered 274, 298-299, 301-306 omitted, 311-312 numbered 305-306, 330 numbered 130, 332-333 numbered 322-323, 334 numbered 134.

NAL Call Number:  30 W89 Ed. 3 R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, tilling, planting, sowing, manuring, cattle, fowl, livestock, bees, silk worms, fish, illustrated work, Great Britain, Thomas Dring d. 1695, Charles Atwood Kofoid 1865-1947, John Worlidge fl. 1660-1698.

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Banks, Joseph and Jona Dryander.  Catalogus Bibliothecae Historico-Naturalis.  [Catalogue of a Library of Natural History]. London, [Great Britain]:  typis Gul. Bulmer et soc., 1798-1800.  5 v.  Note:  t. 1. Scriptores generales 1798, t. 2. Zoologi 1796, t. 3. Botanici 1797, t. 4. Mineralogi 1799, t. 5. Supplementum et index auctorum 1800. Note: supplement and author index. 

NAL Call Number:  241.7 B223 

Descriptors:  natural history, 1798-1800, general writers, zoology, botany, mineralogy.


Bartram, John and Peter Kalm.  Observations on the Inhabitants, Cimate, Soil, Rivers, Productions, Animals, and other Matters worthy of Notice.  Made by Mr. John Bartram, in his Travels from Pensilvania [sic] to Onondago, Oswego, and the Lake Ontario, in Canada, to which is Annex=d, a Curious Account of the Cataracts at Niagra, by Mr. Peter Kalm.  1751.  London.  Printed for J. Whiston and B. White, 1751.  [1] leaf, 94 p., fold plan.  Note:  Bartram and Lewis Evans accompanied Conrad Weiser on a mission from the government of Pennsylvania to the Iroquois, to settle a quarrel between the Indians and the colony of Virginia.  Weiser=s journal is printed in the set known as Colonial records of Pennsylvania, 1851, v. 4, p. 600-669.

NAL Call Number:  125 B280 

Descriptors:  America explorers, United States and Canada, 1751 edition, animals, climate, soil, rivers, Conrad Weiser, Pennsylvania, Colonial records, Iroquois Indians and Virginia quarrel, 1851.


Becerra, Luciano Antonio.  Letter, 1763 Mar. 1, Becerra, Luciano Antonio to Don Miguel de Carabeo. [s.1.: s.n.].  [3] p.  Note:  Holograph signed. Regards sale of sheep to addressee, sheep prices.

NAL Call Number:  HD9436.B4 R 

Descriptors:  letter, domestic animals, sale of sheep, sheep prices. 


Blome, Richard.  The Gentleman=s Recreations in Three Parts, 1709-1710.  The first part contains a short and easie introduction to all the liberal arts and sciences, etc.  The second treats of horsemanship, hawking, hunting, fowling, fishing, agriculture, etc.  Done from the most authentick authors, especially several lately printed at Paris, as may be seen in the preface, with great enlargements made by those well experienced in the respective recreations.  The third is a complete body of all our forest, chace, and gamelaws, as they are at this time.  The whole illustrated with near an hundred copper-cuts relating to the several subjects, particularly all sorts of nets, engines, traps, etc. are added for the taking of wild beasts, fowl, fish, etc. not hitherto publish=d by any.  The 2nd ed. cor., with near one half of additions.  London, [Great Britain]. Printed for R. Bonwicke [etc.].  1709-1710.  3 v. in l. front., ill., 77 pl. (part fold.), diagrs.  Note:  Part II has title:  The Gentleman=s Recreation:  Treating of Horsemanship, Hawking ... London, Printed for R. Bonwick [etc.].  1709.  Pages omitted in numbering:  pt. I, p. 190-191, 193-194, 196, pt. II, p. 82.

NAL Call Number:  30 B622 Fo 

Descriptors:  horsemanship, hunting, wild beasts, fowl, fish, game laws, illustrations, London, agriculture. 


Bradley, Richard.  A Complete Body of Husbandry:  Collected from the Practice and Experience of the most Considerable Farmers in Britain.  Particularly Setting Forth the Various Ways of Improving Land, ... To which is Added Several Particulars Relating to the Preservation of the Game, Adorn=d with Cuts.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for James Woodman and David Lyon.  1727.  [4], xi, [1], 372, [4] p. 4 folded leaves of plates, ill.  Note:  Signatures:  A-2A8 2B8.  Title in red and black.  Pages 70-71, 74-75, and 78-79 misnumbered 90-91, 94-95, and 98-99.  Advertisements:  [4] p. at end.  Game and game birds.

NAL Call Number:  30 B72 R 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, game preservation, improving land, illustrations, plates, game, game birds. 


Bradley, Richard.  The Country Gentleman and Farmer=s Monthly Director:  Containing Necessary Instructions for the Management and Improvement of a Farm, in every Month of the Year, wherein is Directed the Times and Seasons Proper for Ploughing and Sowing of all Sorts of Corn or Grain, the Planting and Managing of Hops, Liquorice, Madder, Saffron, and such Other Crops as Stand more than One Year on the Ground, the Times of Planting and Cutting of Coppice or Springs of Wood, and Felling of Timber, the Breeding and Feeding of Poultry, Rabbits, Fish, Swine, and all Sorts of Cattle, with several Particulars Relating to the Improvement of Bees, Never before made Publick.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for J. Woodman, & Lyon.  Bradley, Richard.  1726. xx, 132 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  30 B72C R 

Descriptors:  instructions, farm management, crops, breeding and  feeding poultry, rabbits, fish, swine, cattle, improvement of bees, illustrations. 


Bradley, Richard.  The Country Gentleman and Farmer=s Monthly Director:  Containing Necessary Instructions for the Management and Improvement of a Farm, in every Month of the Year, wherein is Directed the Times and Seasons Proper for Ploughing and Sowing of all Sorts of Corn or Grain, the Planting and Managing of Hops, Liquorice, Madder, Saffron, and such Other Crops as Stand more than One Year on the Ground, the Times of Planting and Cutting of Coppice or Springs of Wood, and Felling of Timber, the Breeding and Feeding of Poultry, Rabbits, Fish, Swine, and all Sorts of Cattle, with several Particulars Relating to the Improvement of Bees, Never before made Publick.  2nd ed. London, [Great Britain].  Printed for James Woodman and David Lyon.  Bradley, Richard.  1727.  xx, 132 p., ill.  Note:  Bound in old mottle calf.

NAL Call Number:  30 B72C Ed. 2 

Descriptors:  ploughing, planting, timber, husbandry, poultry, rabbits, fish, swine, cattle, breeding and feeding of animals. 


Bradley, R.  The Country Gentleman and Farmer=s Monthly Director.  Containing Necessary Instructions for the Management and Improvement of a Farm, in every Month of the Year.  Wherein is Directed the Times and Seasons Proper for Ploughing and Sowing all Sorts of Corn for Grain, the Planting and Managing of Hops, Liquorice, Madder, Saffron, and such other Crops as Stand more than One Year on the Ground.  The Times of Planting and Cutting of Coppice or Springs of Wood, and Felling of Timber, the Breeding and Feeding of Poultry, Rabbits, Fish, Swine, and all Sorts of Cattle.  With Several Particulars Relating to the Improvement of Bees, never before made Publick.  6th ed., with Additions:  Particularly some Rules for Breeding Pheasants, by a Gentleman:  and an Alphabetical Index.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for D. Browne.  Bradley, Richard 1736.  xxi, 191, [3] p., incl. front.

NAL Call Number:  30 B72C Ed. 6 

Descriptors:  husbandry, planting, rabbits, poultry, fish, swine, cattle, pheasants, bees, breeding and feeding of animals, index, Great Britain.


Bradley, Richard.  A General Treatise of Agriculture, Both Philosophical and Practical, Displaying the Arts of Husbandry and Gardening:  in Two Parts.   Part I.  Of Husbandry ... Part II.  Of Gardening ... Originally Written by R. Bradley ... and now not only Corrected and Properly Methodised, but Adapted to the Present Practice.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for W. Johnston [etc.] 1757.  viii, 503, [17] p., [21] leaves of plates (some folded):  ill.  Note:  Booksellers= advertisements:  p. [16-17] (3rd count).

NAL Call Number:  30 B72G 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, gardening, general treatise of agriculture, Great Britain.


Bradley, Richard.  The Gentleman and Farmer=s Guide for the Increase and Improvement of Cattle, viz:  Lambs, Sheep, Hogs, Calves, Cows, Oxen, also the Best Manner of Breeding, and Breaking Horses, Both for Sport and Burden, with an Account of their Respective Distempers, and the most Approved Medicines for the Cure of Yhem.   Also some Observations on the many Benefits of the Woollen Manufactures of Great Britain, and the Great Advantage Arising from Hides, Tallow, &c.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Mears. 1729. 1 p. 1., iv, [10], 352 p., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  40 B72G  

Descriptors:  husbandry, cattle, lambs, sheep, hogs, calves, cows, oxen, horses, training, animal diseases, medicines, wool, hides, tallow, animal products, Great Britain.


Bradley, Richard.  A Philosophical Account of the Works of Nature.  Endeavouring to Set Forth the Several Gradations Remarkable in the Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal Parts of the Creation.  Tending to the Composition of a Scale of Life.  To which is Added, an Account of the State of Gardening, as it is now in Great Britain, and other Parts of Europe:   Together with Several New Experiments Relating to the Improvement of Barren Ground, and the Propagating of Timber-Trees, Fruit-Trees, etc. with many Curious Cutts.  1721.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Mears.  1721.  10 p. 1., 194 p., xxviii pl. (1 fold.).

NAL Call Number:  409 B72 R   

Descriptors:  animals, gardening, fruit trees, timber trees, nature, illustrated work, Great Britain.


Bradley, Richard.  The Science of Good Husbandry, or, The Oeconomics of Xenophon:  Shewing the Method of Ruling and Ordering a Family, and of Managing a Farm to the Best Advantage.  Translated from the Greek by R. Bradley, F.R.S.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for Tho. Corbet. Xenophon.  1727.  [12], 131, [1] p.  Note:  Friendship in Death, 1728 bound with this.  Signatures:  A a4 B-18 K.  With a half title.  Other authors:  Xenophon, Bradley, Richard 1688-1732.  Other title:  Oeconomicus.  English.

NAL Call Number:  30 X2 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, farm management, Xenophon (Greek), English translation.


Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, Compt de and William Smellie.  The Natural History of Birds. From the French of the Comte de Buffon with Preface, Notes and Additions, by the Translator.  London, [Great Britain].  A. Strahan [etc.], 1793.  9 vols., plates.

NAL Call Number:  413 B86 R 

Descriptors:  natural history, birds, habitats, descriptions. 


Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, Compt de and William Smellie.  Natural History, General and Particular by the Count de Buffon, Translated into English, Illustrated with above 300 Copper-Plates, and Occaisional Notes and Observations.  3rd edition.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1791.  9  vols., 307 plates (pt. folded).

NAL Call Number:  409 B86 R 

Descriptors:  natural history, various animals included.


Catesby, Mark.  The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama islands:  Containing the Figures of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects, and Plants, Particularly the Forest-Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants, not hitherto Described, or very Incorrectly Figured by Authors.  Together with their Descriptions in English and French.  To which, are Added Observations on the Air, Soil, and Waters, with Remarks Upon Agriculture, Grain, Pulse, Roots, etc. to the Whole, is Prefixed a New and Correct Map of the Countries Treated of.  Catesby, Mark.  London, [Great Britain].  [1748?].  18 cds.  Note:  Vol. 2, p. 59 numbered 56.  Vol. 2, pl. 61 unnumbered, pl. 80 numbered 62.  Appendix, plates 8, 7, 9 unnumbered. Note:  AThe figures were etched by himself from his own paintings, and the colored copies executed under his inspection.@ Appleton=s Cyclopedia of Amer. Biog., vol. 1, p. 557.  Contains supplement:  An Account of Carolina and the Bahama Islands [Relation de la Caroline, et des isles de Bahama].  xiiv p.  Also Appendix 1748? 20 p. col. pl.

NAL Call Number:  411 C28N Fo 

Descriptors:  natural history, colonial America, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Bahama Islands, illustrations, maps, birds, animals, beasts, fish, snakes, insects, plants, trees, English and French, agriculture. 


Cato, Marcus Porcius, Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella, Johann Matthias Gesner, Sunitus Gargilius Martalis, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus Palladius, Marcus Teretius Varro, King George II, Glavius Vegetius Renatus and Christian Frederich Boetius.  Scriptores rei rusticae veteres latini:  Cato, Varro, Columella, Palladius quibus nunc accedit Vegetius de mulo-medicina et Gargilii Martialis fragmentum cum editionibus prope omnibus et mss. pluribus collati.  Adiectae notae virorum clariss. Ingegraetum editaetum ineditae et lexicon rei rusticae, curante Io. Matthia Gesnero. Gesner, Johann Matthias, and others.  [Ancient Latin authors on agriculture.] Lipsiae, [Germany], sumtibus C. Fritsch, 1735.  2 vols., front., ill., [4] fold. plates.  Note:  AIndex editionum Catonis et reliquorum rei rusticae scriptorum@:  v. 1, p. xiii- vol. 2 has minor changes in title, paged continuously, title vignettes, tail pieces, dedicated to George II, King of Great Britain, plates engraved by C.F. Boetius (Christian Friedrich 1706-1782).

NAL Call Number:  30.8 Scr3 1735 

Descriptors:  ancient Latin authors, ancient agriculture, frontispiece, illustrations, engraved plates, Johann Matthias Gesner 1691-1761, King George II of Great Britain 1683-1760, Christian Freidrich Boetius 1706-1782, ancient writers, Marcus Portius Cato 234-149 B.C., Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella, Quintus Gargilius Martialis, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus Palladius, Marcus Terentius Varro, Flavius Vegetius Renatus, bibliography, early printed books, manuscripts.


Columnella, Lucious Junius Moderatus.  Bradley, Richard, translator.  L. Junius Moderatus Columella of husbandry.  In Twelve Books:  and his Book Concerning Trees.  Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus.  Trans. into English, with several illustrations from Pliny (ca. A.D. 77), Cato, Varro (ca. 116-27 B.C.), Palladius (ca. 64 A.D.), and other ancient and  modern authors.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for A. Millar.  1745.  xiv, [12] p., 1 leaf, 600, [8] p. 

NAL Call Number:  30.8 C72H R 

Descriptors:  history, plant husbandry, animal husbandry, Lucius Junius  Moderatus Columella first century A.D., illustrations, Pliny ca. 77 A.D., Cato and Varro ca. 116-27 B.C., Palladius ca. 64 A.D., original in Latin, English translation, 1745 edition.


Dickson, Adam.  A Treatise of Agriculture.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain], Printed by A. Donaldson and J. Reid for the author.  Sold by A. Millar, R. and J. Dodsley and J. Richardson.  London, [Great Britain], 1762.  xvi, 427 p., [2] folded leaves of plates, ill.

NAL Call Number:  30 D56T
Descriptors:  Great Britain, agriculture, plants, animals, historical view.


Dickson, Adam.  A Treatise of Agriculture.  New ed. Edinburgh, [Great Britain], A. Kincaid and J. Bell, 1770.  2 vols., [2] fold. leaves of plates.

NAL Call Number:  S509.D5 1770 R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, Adam Dickson 1721-1776, Great Britain, historical view, plants, animals. 


Donavan, Edward.  An Epitome of the Natural History of the Insects of China:  Comprising Figures and Descriptions of Upwards of One Hundred New, Singular, and Beautiful Species, Together with Some that are of Importance in Medicine, Domestic Economy, etc.  The Figures are Accurately Drawn, Engraved and Coloured, from Specimens of the Insects, the Descriptions are Arranged According to the System of Linnaeus, with References to the Writings of Fabricius, and Other Systematic Authors.  By E. Donovan.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the author, by T. Bensley, 1798.  1 p., [96] p., ill., 50 col. plates.  Note:  the plates are hand-colored and some are dated 1799.

NAL Call Number:  422.6 D71 

Descriptors:  insects of China, natural history, taxonomic arrangement, hand-drawn and hand colored illustrations. 


Donavan, Edward.  The Natural History of British Insects.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the author, and for F. and C. Rivington, 1793-1813.  16 vols. in 8. ill., 576 col. plates.

NAL Call Number:  422.4 D71B R 

Descriptors:  insects, British insects, natural history, British species, color illustrations. 


Edwards, George and G. Du Pleissis.  Gleanings of Natural History, Exhibiting Figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, Plants, etc., most of which have not, till now, been either Figured or Described. With Descriptions of Seventy Different Subjects, Designed, Engraved, and Coloured after Nature, on Fifty Copper-Plate Prints.  Edwards, George.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the author, at the Royal College of Physicians, 1758-64.  3 vols., ill., 152 col. plates, port.  Note:  Text in English and French in parallel columns.  Considered as a continuation of the author's work on natural history of birds.

NAL Call Number:  411 Ed9G R 

Descriptors:  natural history, animals, quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants.


Edwards, George.  A Natural History of Uncommon Birds:  and of Some Other Rare and Undescribed Animals, Quadrupeds, Fishes, Reptiles, Insects, &c., Exhibited in Two Hundred and Ten Copper-Plates, from Designs Copied Immediately from Nature, and Curiously Coloured after Life, with a Full and Accurate Description of each Figure, to which is Added a Brief and General Idea of Drawing and Painting in Water-Colours, with Instructions for Etching on Copper with Aqua Fortis, likewise some Thoughts on the Passage of Birds, and Additions to many Subjects Described in this Work by George Edwards.   London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the author, at the College of Physicians in Warwick-Lane.  [1743]-1751.   4 vols. (248 p.), ill., 210 col. plates, map.  Note:  On spine:  Edwards/Birds.  Issued in parts.  Paged continuously:  v. 1:  2 p., xx, 52 p., v. 2:  iv, 53-105 p. [app. [107]-128 p.], v. 3:  ii p., 106 [129]-157 p., v. 4:  iv p., 158-248 p.  Also note:  Added engraved title page.  Georgii Edvardi Ornithologia nova (v. 1).  Title pages for v. 2-4 read, with minor changes:  A Natural History of Birds.  Most of which have not been Figured or Described ... There is a  description in French with separate title page and pagination at the end of each volume.

NAL Call Number:  411 Ed9N 

Descriptors:  birds, rare animals, rare birds, uncommon birds and some rare and undescribed animals, natural history, quadrupeds, fish, reptiles, insects, water-color painting, color illustrations, [1743]-1751 edition, engraved title pages, map, four volumes, ornithology, English and French, George Edwards 1694-1773, rare book.


Erxleben, Johann Christian Polykarp.  Systema regni animalis.  [Animal Kingdom System by Class].  Note:  full title:  Io. Christ. Polyc. Erxleben Phil. D. Systema regni animalis per classes, ordines, genera, species, varietates:  cvm synonymia et historia animalum:  Classis I. Mammalia.  Lipsiae, [Germany].  Impensis Weygandianis, 1777.  xlviii, 636, [64] p.  No more published. Errata:  p. [64] at end. 

NAL Call Number:  412 Er9 R 

Descriptors:  animals, zoology, classification, mammals, animal history, Germany, 1777 edition, Latin language.


Forsskal, Peter and Carsten Niebuhr (ed.). Descriptiones animalium, avium, amphiboriorum, piscium, insectorum, vermium, quae in itinere orientali observavit Petrus Forskal. [Descriptions of Animals, Birds, Amphibians Fish, Insects, Pests.] Adjuncta est materia medica kahirina atque tabula maris Rubri geographica. Hauniae, ex officina Molleri, 1775. 19, xxiv, 164 p., maps.  Note:  In Latin.

NAL Call Number:  411 F77 R 

Descriptors:  zoology, medicine, animals, birds, fish, amphibians, insects, vermin, Egypt, Arabian Peninsula, Peter Forsskal 1732-1763, Carsten Niebuhr 1733-1815. 


Forster, Johann Reinhold.  A Catalogue of the Animals of North America. Containing, an Enumeration of the Known Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Insects, Crustaceous and Testaceous Animals to which are Added Short Directions for Collecting, Preserving, and Transporting, all Kinds of Natural History Curiosities.  London, [Great  Britain].  Sold by B. White, 1771.  43 p., front.

NAL Call Number:  411.2 F77 

Descriptors:  natural history, animals, North America, catalog, four-legged animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, crustaceous animals, testaceous animals, collecting, preserving, transporting. 


Guilielmi, Henrici Kramer.  Elenchvs vegetabilivm et animalivm per Avstriam inferiorem observatorvm:  sistens ea in classes et ordines genera et species redacta. [A Review of the Plants and Animals Observed in Lower Austria: Organizing Species and Genuses into Classes and Orders]. Viennae, [Austria]:  I.T. Trattner, 1756.  5 p. l., 400, [22] p., [1] leaf of plates:  ill.  Note:  Other title:  Elenchus vegetabilium et animalum ... [A Review of the Plants and Animals…].

NAL Call Number:  409 K86 

Descriptors:  botany, zoology, Austria. 


Houghton, John and Richard Bradley.  Husbandry and Trade Improv=d:  Being a Collection of many Valuable Materials Relatin[g] to Corn, Cattle, Coals, Hops, Wool, etc., with a Compleat Catalogue of the Several Sorts of Earth, and their Proper Product ... as also Full and Exact Histories of Trades, as Malting, Brewing, etc. ... an Account of the Rivers of England, etc. and How far they may be made Navigable, of Weights and Measures ... the Vegetation of Plants, etc. with many other Useful Particulars Communicated by Several Eminent Members of the Royal Society, to the Collector, John Houghton.  Now Revised, Corrected and Published, with a Preface and Useful Indexes, by Richard Bradley.  London, [Great Britain].  Prin[t]ed for Woodman and Lyon.  1727.  3 vols.  Note:  No. 383-385 (vol. 2, p. 462-467).  Originally published in 583 weekly folio numbers, March 30, 1692-Sept. 24, 1703.  Vol. 2 has title:  A Collection for the Improvement of Husbandry and Trade.

NAL Call Number:  32 H81H R 

Descriptors:  tobacco described, growing and curing, imported, 1694-95, tobacco exports, snuff, medicinal uses, early agriculture, husbandry, corn, cattle, coals, hops, wool, catalog of earths, malting and brewing. 


Martyn, Thomas.  The English Entomologist:  Exhibiting All the Coleopterous Insects found in England, Including Upwards of 500 Different Species, the Figures of which have Never before Been Given to the Public.  The Whole Accurately Drawn and Painted after Nature, Arranged and Named According to the Linnean System by Thomas Martyn.  London, [Great  Britain]:  His Academy for Illustrating and Painting Natural History.  1792.  33 p., ill.:  44 leaves of plates. Note:  engraved title page.  Plates 1-42 are hand colored. Also includes French version.

NAL Call Number:  427 M36E Fo R 

Descriptors:  coleopterous insects, beetles, Great Britain, entomology, species, figures, color illustrations, natural history, [Martyn=s] Academy for Illustrating and Painting Natural History, English version, French version, Thomas Martyn 1760-1816.


Mills, John.  A New and Complete System of Practical Husbandry, Containing all that Experience has Proved to be most Useful in Farming, either in the Old or New Method, with a Comparative View of Both, and Whatever is Beneficial to the Husbandman, or Conducive to the Ornament  and Improvement of the Country Gentleman=s Estate.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for R. Baldwin [and 7 others], 1762-1765.  5 vols., ill., diagrs., plans (most folded).

NAL Call Number:  30 M622 

Descriptors:  John Mills d. 1784?, five volumes, 1762-1765, illustrations, diagrams, plans, practical husbandry, farming, comparative view of both old and new methods for ornament and improvement of country gentleman=s estate, historical work.


Mills, John.  A Treatise on Cattle:  Showing the most Approved Methods of Breeding, Rearing, and Fitting for Use, Horses, Asses, Mules, Horned Cattle, Sheep, Goats, and Swine:  with Directions for the Proper Treatment of them and their several Disorders:  to which is Added, a Dissertation on their Contagious Diseases Carefully Collected from the Best Authorities, and Interspersed with Remarks by John Mills, Esq.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for J. Johnson, 1776.  viii, 498 p., 1 leaf, [16] p.

NAL Call Number:  40 M62  1776 

Descriptors:  treatise on cattle, approved methods, breeding, rearing, training for use, equipage, horses, asses, mules, horned cattle, sheep, goats, swine, directions treatment, disorders, dissertation contagious diseases, John Mills d. 1784?


Moore, John R. and T.B.C. Williams.  A Treatise on Domestic Pigeons:  Comprehending all Different Species Known in England.  Carefully Compiled from the Best Authors, to which is Added, a most Ample Description of that Celebrated and Beautiful Pigeon called the Almond Tumbler.  London, [Great  Britain].  Printed for C. Barry, 1765.  xvi, 144 p., 13 plates, folded  ill.  Note:  AThis is the Columbarium of Moore amplified by a practical fancier@ T.B.C. Williams.  A Bibliography of the Books on Fancy Pigeons, 1887.

NAL Call Number:  47.2 T712  R 

Descriptors:  treatise, domestic pigeons species in England, almond tumbler pigeon, fancy breeds, Columbarium of Moore amplified, 1765, illustrated work, John R. Moore d. 1737, 1887. 


Moore, Sir Jonas.  England=s Interest, or, The Gentleman and Farmer=s Friend.  [Great Britain]. 1721. 188 p.

NAL Call Number:  32 M783 R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, Great Britain, various aspects of agriculture, animals, crops, production systems, Sir Jonas Moore 1617-1677.


Pallas, Peter Simon.  P.S. Pallas medicinae doctoris Miscellanea zoologica, quibus novae imprimis atque obscurae animalum species describuntur et observationibus iconibusque illustrantur.  [Briefly--Miscellaneous Zoology].  [Leipsig, Germany?].  Hagae Comitum, apud Petrum van Cleef, 1766.  xij, 224 p., xiv pl. (2 fold.).

NAL Call Number:  411 P17M R 

Descriptors:  zoology, historical works, miscellaneous zoology, illustrated works, Peter Simon Pallas 1741-1811.


Peale, Titian Ramsay.  Drawings of American Insects, Shewing them in their Several States, Together with such Minute Insects as Require Investigation by the Microscope.  Designed and Executed from Living Specimens.  Philadelphia, [PA].  1796.  1 l., col. plates.  Note:  Block printed title page.  Plates are original drawings and water colors, bound.

NAL Call Number:  422 P312 

Descriptors:  American insects, illustrated works, drawings, water colors, Titian Ramsay Peale 1780-1798.


Pennant, Thomas.  Arctic Zoology. London, [Eng.]:  Printed by Henry Hughes, 1784-85. 2 vols. (586 p., [23] p. of plates), ill. 

NAL Call Number:  411 P38A 

Descriptors:  arctic animals, arctic zoology, illustrated works, Thomas Pennant 1784-1785.


Pennant, Thomas.  History of Quadrupeds, the 3d ed. London, [Great Britain].  Printed for B. & J. White, 1793.  2 vols. plates. 

NAL Call Number:  412 P38 R 

Descriptors:  animals, quadrupeds, four-legged animals, historical works, illustrated works.


Pennant, Thomas, Johann Reinhold Forster, John Aikin, John Latham and Hugh Davies.  Indian Zoology.  2nd ed. London, [Great Britain].  Printed by H. Hughs, for R. Faulder, 1790.  1 p.l., viii, 161 p., 1l.  XVI pl.  Note:  Engr. t.p., with vignette.  AAdvertisement@ dated March 1, 1791.  Note also:  AAn Essay on India, its boundaries, climate, soil, and sea.  Translated from the Latin of John Reinhold Forster, by John Aikin, M.D.@:  p.[1]-27.  AThe Indian faunula [arranged by John Latham and Hugh Davies]@ p. [57]-161.

NAL Call Number:  411 F775 

Descriptors:  zoology of India, illustrated works, Thomas Pennant 1726-1798, Johann Reinhold Forster 1729-1789, John Aiken 1747-1822, John Latham 1740-1837, Hugh Davies [1739?]-1821.


Sloane, Sir Hans.  A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers, and Jamaica:  with the Natural History of the Herbs and Trees, Four-Footed Beasts, Fishes, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, &c. of the Last of Those Islands, to which is Prefix=d an Introduction, wherein is an Account of the Inhabitants, Air, Waters, Diseases, Trade, &c. of that Place, with Some Relations Concerning the Neighboring Continent, and Islands of America. Illustrated with Figures of the Things Described, which have not been heretofore Engraved, in Larges Copper-Plates as Big as the Life.  In two volumes.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by B.M. for the author, 1707-1725.  2 vols., ill., maps, music.  Note:  On spine:  Sloanes Natural History of Jamaica. Title page in red and black.  Vol. 2:  London, Printed for the author, 1725, vol. 1:  [16], cliv, 264, [1] p. [160] double leaves of plates (some  folded), vol. 2:  [4], xviii, 499 p., [125] double leaves of plates (some folded).  Errata:  vol. 1, p. [1] at end.

NAL Call Number:  409 S15 Fo 

Descriptors:  Voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers, and Jamaica, natural  history, herbs and trees, animals, fish, birds, insects, reptiles, Island inhabitants, air, water, diseases, trade, illustrated work, Sir Hans Sloane 1660-1753.


Thorley, John.  An Enquiry into the Nature, Order, and Government of Bees, those Instructive and Useful Insects:  with a New, Easy, and Effectual Method to Preserve Them, not only in Colonies, but Common Hives:  a Secret Unknown to Past Ages, and now Published for the Benefit of Mankind Written upon Observation and Experience, by the Reverend Mr. John Thorley.  2nd ed. London, [Great Britain].  N. Thorley.  1765.  x, [11]-158 p., plates, ill.  Note:  First edition, 1744,  published under title:  [Greek characters], or, The Female Monarchy. Bound with 2nd ed.

NAL Call Number:  424 T39 Ed. 2 R 

Descriptors:  insects, bees, bee colonies, bee hives, second edition, 1765 edition, illustrated work, Great Britain, Reverend John Thorley [fl. 1750-1770], rare book.


Thorley, John.  The Female Monarchy.  1744.  Published by the author. 206 p.

NAL Call Number:  424 T39 R 

Descriptors:  insects, butterflies, female monachy, John Thorley [fl. 1750-1770], rare book.


Tull, Jethro.  The Horse-Hoing [sic] Husbandry:  or, An Essay on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation.  Wherein is Shewn [sic] a Method of Introducing a Sort of Vineyard-Culture into the Corn-Fields, in Order to Increase their Product, and Diminish the Common Expence [sic], by the Use of  Instruments Described in Cuts.  By J.T. [sic].  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the author in 1733.  2 p. 1., x, 200, [2] p., 6 pl., ill.  Note:  Accompanied by:  Tull, Jethro.  A Supplement to the essay on horse-hoing [sic] husbandry.  Containing explanations and additions both in theory and practice.  Wherein all the objections against that husbandry, which are come to the author=s knowledge are consider=d and answer=d [sic]. London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the author, 1736.

NAL Call Number:  53 T82H R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, tillage, horse drawn instruments, plow, seed-drill, Great Britain, Jethro Tull 1674-1741.


Tull, Jethro.  Horse-Hoeing Husbandry:  or, An Essay on the Principles of Vegetation and Tillage.  Designed to Introduce a New Method of Culture, whereby the Produce of Land will be Increased, and the Usual Expence [sic] Lessened. Together with Accurate Descriptions and Cuts of the Instruments Employed in it.  By Jethro Tull.  The 4th ed., very carefully corrected. To which is prefixed, a new preface by the editors, addressed to all concerned in agriculture.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for A. Millar.  1762.  xvi, 432 p., 7 fold. pl., ill.

NAL Call Number:  53 T82H Ed. 4 

Descriptors:  agriculture, tillage, horse drawn instruments, plows, illustrated work, Jethro Tull 1674-1741.  


Young, Arthur.  Essays on the Management of Hogs, and the Culture of Coleseed, Including Experiments.  The 2nd edition, with additions.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Nicoll.  1770. 4 p.1., v-xxiv, 25-159 p.  Note:  AEssays for which the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, adjudged the premiums of gold medals.@ 1st. prelim. leaf. Other author:  Royal Society (Great Britain).

NAL Call Number:  46 Y82 

Descriptors:  management of hogs, swine production, culture of coleseed, experimental results, rape plants, swine feeding and feeds, Great Britain, gold medal winners, Arthur Young 1741-1820.


Young, Arthur.  The Farmer=s Guide in Hiring and Stocking Farms.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for W. Strahan, 1770.  2 vols. plates, plans (partly fold.).

NAL Call Number:  32 Y7Fa 

Descriptors:  illustrated work, plans, stock, guide, Great Britain, Arthur Young 1741-1820.



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Agassiz, Elizabeth Cary (ed).  Louis Agassiz:  His Life and Correspondence.  Boston, [MA], New York, [NY].  Houghton Mifflin, [c1885].  xviii, 794 p., ill., plates, 4 port. (incl. front.).

NAL Call Number:  120 Ag1

Descriptors:  zoology, Louis Agassiz correspondence, life and achievements in natural history studies, portraits. 


Agassiz, Louis.  Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America. Boston, Little, Brown, 1857.

NAL Call Number:  411.2 Ag1 

Descriptors:  turtles, classification, zoology, natural history, contributions, United States.


Agassiz, Louis.  Lake Superior:  Its Physical Character, Vegetation, and Animals, Compared with those of Other and Similar Regions, By Louis Agassiz, with a Narrative of the Tour, By J. Elliot Cabot and Contributions by Other Scientific Gentlemen.  Boston, [MA].  Gould, Kendall and Lincoln, 1850. x, 428 p., [17] leaves of plates:  ill., map.  Note:  Illustrated title page.

NAL Call Number:  409 Ag1 

Descriptors:  zoology, botany, Lake Superior, vegetation, animals, comparisons, tour narratives, natural history explorers, United States.


Agassiz, Louis.  Natural history illustrations.  Six species of North American fresh-water fishes.  1889. 1 vol. Smithsonian Institution Publication 672.

NAL Call Number:  500 Sm6Ag no. 672 

Descriptors:  fresh-water fishes, North American, fish illustrations, natural history. 


Agassiz, Louis and the Ray Society.  [Reports on Zoology for 1843, 1844].  Transl. from the  German by George Busk, Alfred Tulk, esq., and Alexander H. Haliday, esq.  London, [England].  Printed for the Ray Society, 1847.   viii, 596 p.   The Ray Society.  Note:  1843:  Mammalia,  Ornithology by A. Wagner.  Herpetology, Ichthyology by F.H. Troschel.  Insecta by W.F. Erichson.  by F.H. Troschell.  Helminthology, Worms, Zoophytes, and Protozoa by C.T. v. Siebold.  Reptilia, Ichthyology by F.H. Troschel. 

NAL Call Number:  411 R21R 

Descriptors:  zoology reports, zoology, history, bibliography, ornithology, ichthyology, insecta, arachnida, crustacca, entomostracan, mollusca, heliminthology, zoophytes, protozoa, reptilia. 


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NAL Call Number:  448 Ai4 

Descriptors:  smallpox vaccination, cow-pox most important facts, cattle disease, vaccinia virus. 


Altum, von dr. Bernard.  Transl. title:  Forstzoologie [Forest Zoology]. Edn. 2, verb. und verm. aufl.  Berlin, [Germany], J. Springer, 1876-1882.  3 v., ill., plates (incl. front., v. 1).  Note:  I. Saugethiere.  II. Vogel.  III. Insecten. 1. abth. Allgemeines und kafer. 2. abth. Schmetterlings, haut-, zwei-, gerad-, netz- und halbflugler.

NAL Call Number:  411 A17F 

Descriptors:  zoology 1758-1900, forest animals, mammals, birds, insects general and beetles, butterflies, forest zoology, Germany, 1876-1882. 


American Humane Association.  Report of The American Humane Association on Vivisection and Dissection in Schools.  Chicago, [IL].  1895.  64 p.

NAL Call Number:  40 Am32V 

Descriptors:  vivisection, animals, dissection in schools, social issues and concerns, animal use in education. 


American Humane Association.  Report on Vivisection in America. Chicago, [s.n.], 1896.  71 p.

NAL Call Number:  40 Am32 

Descriptors:  animal based research, report on vivisection, uses of live animals, United States. 


American Sheep Breeder and Wool Grower.  48 v., ill.  1883-1928.  American Sheep Breeder.  Note:  absorbed Sheep Farmer, Chicago Wool Grower, Shepherd=s Guide, and Karakul Breeder.

NAL Call Number:  45.8 Am31 

Descriptors:  animal breeding, sheep breeding, animal husbandry, sheep, American sheep, wool growing, 1883-1928, illustrations.


Anderson, Edward Lowell.  Modern Horsemanship, Three Schools of Riding, an Original Method of Teaching the Art by Means of Pictures from the Life.  New ed., re-written and re-arranged. New York, [NY].  Putnam, 1889.  164 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  42 An2H 

Descriptors:  horses, training methods, horsemanship, teaching, three schools of riding. 


Aristotle and Arend Friedrich August Wiegmann.  [Critical Zoological Observations in Aristotle=s History of Animals].  Note:  Title on publication is:  Observationes zoologicae criticae in Aristotelis Historium animalum.  Scripsit Arend Frider. August. Wiegmann.  Lipsiae, [Germany], in commissis I.C. Hinrichs, 1826.  3 p.1., 39 p.

NAL Call Number:  411 W63A 

Descriptors:  animal history, Aristotle’s work reviewed, zoology, observations of animals. 


Associated Corps of Experienced Writers.  Illustrated American Stock Book.  1891.  A Plain Practical and Modern Treatment of the Several Branches of Livestock.  Rev., enl. and improved ed. Chicago, [IL].  American Live Stock Pub. Co., 1891.  615 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  SF751.I4 

Descriptors:  animal history, livestock, American livestock animals, cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry. 


Audubon, John James and Maria R. Audubon (ed.).  Audubon and his Journals.  New York, [NY].  Charles Scribner=s Sons, 1897.  2 v.:  15 ill., 20 ports. 

NAL Call Number:  120 Au2 

Descriptors:  animal history, birds, illustrations, portraits, facsimile, zoology, Europe, North America, zoological notes, Labrador, Missouri River.


Axe, John Wortley.  The mare and foal.  London, [Great Britain].  J. Murray, 1898.  58 p., ill.  The Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, third series, v, ix, part II, 1898. 

NAL Call Number:  42 Ax2 

Descriptors:  mares, foals, horses, veterinary embryology, veterinary obstetrics, care and handling. 


Balfour, Francis M.  A Treatise on Comparative Embryology. London, [England].  Macmillan and Co., 1880-81.  2 v., ill.  Note:  Bibliography:  xxii p. at end of vol. 1 and xxii p. at end of v. 2.  Forms v. 2-3 of the AMemorial ed.@ of the author=s works, published London, [England], 1885.

NAL Call Number:  442 B19 

Descriptors:  animals, embryology, reproduction and development, comparative information. 


Ballard, Julia Perkins Pratt.  Among the Moths and Butterflies, A Revised and Enlarged Edition of AInsect Lives, or, Born in Prison.@  New York, [etc.], [NY]. G.P.  Putnam=s Sons, 1890. xxxiv p., 1, 237 p., front., ill.

NAL Call Number:  430 B213 

Descriptors:  insects, moths, butterflies, illustrations, natural history, life cycle. 


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Descriptors:  Arachnida, spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, zoology, Baja California, Mexico.


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NAL Call Number:  434 B22C 

Descriptors:  Arachnida, spiders, scorpions, mites, ticks, habitats, species found, Colorado.


Baucher, Francois.  New Method of Horsemanship, Including the Breaking and Training of Horses, with Instructions for Obtaining a Good Seat.  Translated from the ninth Paris edition.  [18--]  New York, [NY].  A. Cogswell, [18--].  130 p., ill.  Note:  This is a translation of Methode d=equitation base sur de nouveaux principes.  9th edition. 

NAL Call Number:  42 B322 

Descriptors:  horses, horsemanship instructions, horse training, riding, horse care, breaking horses to saddle. 


Benson, C.  India in 1887 as Seen by Robert Wallace, a Brief Reply by C. Benson.  Madras, [India].  Addison, 1889.  34 p.  Note:  domestic animals and India as seen by Robert Wallace.

NAL Call Number:  34.2 B44 

Descriptors:  domestic animals, India, descriptions, species, found, early explorer. 


Biggle, Jacob.  Biggle swine book:  much old and more new hog knowledge, arranged in alternate streaks of fat and lean.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Wilmer Atkinson Co., 1899, c1898.  143, [1] p., ill.  Biggle Farm Library, no. 5. 

NAL Call Number:  46 B48 1899 

Descriptors:  swine, hogs, fat and lean, husbandry and care. 


Billings, Frank S.  Original investigations in cattle diseases in Nebraska:  southern cattle plague.  Lincoln, [Nebraska].  University of Nebraska, Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, 1893.  116 p., 2 leaves of plates, ill. (some col.).  Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, no. 28 and Animal Disease Series, no. 5.  Note:  Caption title:  Etiology of southern cattle plague--Texas  fever.  “Revised and augmented with many new investigations, and the true place of the tick as a vehicle of infection unquestionably demonstrated ."

NAL Call Number:  100 N27 (4) no. 28 

Descriptors:  babesiosis in cattle, cattle disease, cattle plague, southern cattle, Texas fever, ticks as a disease vector. 


Bishchoff, James.  A Comprehensive History of the Woollen and Worsted Manufactures, and the Natural and Commercial History of Sheep, from the Earliest Records to the Present Period. London, [Great Britain].  Elder and Co., [etc.], 1842.  2 v., fronts., 4 pl., tables (1 fold.).

NAL Call Number:  45 B54H 

Descriptors:  wool, sheep, domestic animals, history of wool and worsted manufacturing, Great Britain. 


Bonham, Lazarus N.  The Origin and Development of the Poland-China Breed of Swine.  [United States?:  s.n., 1887?].  15 p.  Note:  Running title:  Poland-China Breed of Swine. AAdopted November 17, 1887, by the National Swine Breeders= Association as its official  history.@ 

NAL Call Number:  SF393.P7B6 R 

Descriptors:  swine history, hogs, Poland-China breed, breed origin, breed development.


Bos, Jan Ritzemia and J.R.A. Davis (transl.).  Agricultural Zoology with an Introduction by E.A. Ormerod. London, [England].  Chapman, 1894.  256 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 B65A 

Descriptors:  economic zoology, agricultural zoology, English translation, livestock animals. 


Bouley, Henri Marie and Andre Francois Augustin Liautard (transl.) 1835-1918. Hydrophobia:  Means of Avoiding its Peril and Preventing its Spread, as Discussed at One of the Scientific Soirees of the Sorbonne By H. Bouley.  New York, [N.Y.]  Harper & Brothers, 1874.  61 p. 

NAL Call Number:  41 B66H 

Descriptors:  animal disease, hydrophobia, hydrophobia prevention, rabies. 


Brightwen, Eliza Elder.  Inmates of my House and Garden by Mrs. Brightwen, Illustrated by Theo. Carreras.  London, [Great Britain].  T.F. Unwin, 1895.  277 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 B76 

Descriptors:  zoology, animal behavior, typical garden visitors, pets.


British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Zoology.  Report on the Zoological Collections made in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during the Voyage of H.M.S. >Alert= 1881-2.  London, [England].  Printed by order of the Trustees, 1884.  xxv, 684 p., 54 pl. (part col.), ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 B774 

Descriptors:  zoology, Melanesia, Australia, Islands of the Indian Ocean, scientific expeditions, history, specimen collection, natural history of animals.


Brodin-Collet, Auguste.  M. Pasteur, la Rage, le Vaccin Charbonneux.  [M. Pasteur, Rabies, Anthrax Vaccine].  Paris, [s.n.], [France], 1886.  142 p.  Note:  In French. 

NAL Call Number:  41 P26 

Descriptors:  biography, scientist, Pasteur, rabies, anthrax vaccine, animals.


Brooks, William Keith.  The foundations of zoology by William Keith Brooks.  New York, [N.Y.], London, [England]:  The Macmillan Company, 1899.  viii, 339 p.  Columbia University Biological Series 5.

NAL Call Number:  411 B792 

Descriptors:  zoology, biology, theory, animal studies. 


Brown, S.  The Locust War in Cyprus.  London, [Great Britain].  Sprague & Co., printers, 1888.  31 p., 6 plates:  (incl. 2 maps).

NAL Call Number:  429 B81 

Descriptors:  insects, locusts, locust war, Cyprus.


Bruce, Benjamin Gratz.  Memoir of Lexington, by B.G. Bruce [n.p., 188?].  51 p.  Note:  Lexington was a race horse.

NAL Call Number:  42 B832 

Descriptors:  memoir, famous race horse, Lexington. 


Bruce, Sanders Dewees.  The Thoroughbred Horse:  His Origin, How to Breed and How [to] Select Him, with the Horse Breeders= Guide by S.D. Bruce.  New York, [NY].  Turf, Field and Farm. 1892.  xii, 316 p.  Note:  AEmbracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires, with full performances of each and best of their get, covering the season of 1892.@ (United States).

NAL Call Number:  42 B83 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, thoroughbred horse origin, horse breeding, breeders guide, horse selection, pedigrees, sires, United States. 


Bruner, Lawrence.  The more destructive locusts of America north of Mexico.  1856-1937. Washington, D.C., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Entomology, 1893.  40 p., ill.  Bulletin. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Division of Entomology, no. 28.

NAL Call Number:  1 En82B no. 28 

Descriptors:  insects, entomology, locusts, North America, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, illustrations, destructive locusts, crop plant pests.


Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de.  Buffon=s Natural History of Man, the Globe, and of Quadrupeds with Additions from Cuvier, Lacepede, and Other Eminent Naturalists 1707-1788.  New York, [NY].  Leavitt & Allen, 1853.  2 vols., ill.  Note:  AAdvertisement@  (p. [iii]-iv) signed:  J.W.

NAL Call Number:  409 B86B 

Descriptors:  natural history, quadrupeds, four legged animals, man, the globe, Georges Cuvier 1769-1832, Comte de Bernard Germain Etiene de la Ville sur Illon Lacepede 1756-1825, Comte de Georges Louis Leclerc Buffon 1707-1788.


Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de, Lacepede, Comte de (Bernard Germain Etienne de la Ville sur Illon.  Oevres completes de Buffon / mises en ordre par M. le comte de Lacepede, enrichies par ce savant d=une vue generale des progres des sciences naturelles.  Nouv. ed., augm. d=un precis des decouvertes nouvellement faites dans l=histoire naturelle.  [Complete Works of Buffon].  Paris, [France]:  Eymery, Fruger & Cie., 1828-1829.  27 vols., ill.  Note:  AExemplaire no. 56"BHalf title page.  Vol. 27 is unnumbered. Other author:  La Cep`ede, M. le Comte de (Bernard Germain Etienne de la Ville sur Illon), 1756-1825.  In French. 

NAL Call Number:  QH45.B78 1828 R 

Descriptors:  natural history, zoology, French, progress of the science.


Buffon, Georges Louis Leclerc, Comte de, William Smellie and William Wood.  Natural History, General and Particular, by the Count de Buffon, Illustrated with Above Six Hundred Copper Plates.  The History of Man and Quadrupeds, Translated with Notes and Observations by William Smellie ..., A New Edition Carefully Corrected and Considerably Enlarged by Many Additional Articles, Notes and Plates, and Some Account of the Life of M. De Buffon, by William Wood. London, [Great Britain].  T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1812.  20 vols., ill., plates, port., maps.

NAL Call Number:  411 B86 

Descriptors:  natural history, man, quadrupeds, articles, notes, illustrations, plates, portrait, maps. 


Burmeister, Hermann, William Benjamin Carter and Georges Cuvier.  Reise durch die La Plata-Staaten, mit besonderer Rucksich auf die physisch Beschaffenheit und den Culturzustand der argentinischen Republick Ausgefuhrt in den Jahren 1857, 1858, und 1860 von Dr. Hermann Burmeister.  [A Trip through the La Plata States, with a Specific Review of the Physical Makeup and Cultural Circumstances of the Argentine Republic; Conducted in the Years 1857, 1858 and 1860 by Dr. Hermann Burmeister]. Halle:  H.W. Schmidt, 1861.  2 vols., 2 folded maps.  Note:  ASystematische Uebersicht der Thiere des la Plata-Gebietes@:  vol. 2, p. [389]-538.  Note:  1 Bd. Die Sudlichen Provinzen umfassend.  2. Bd. Die nordwestlichen Provinzen und die Cordilleren zwischen Catamarca und Copiapo umfassend.

NAL Call Number:  125 B923 R 

Descriptors:  geology of Argentina, zoology, early explorations, maps, trip through the La Plata States of the Argentine Republic in 1857, 1858, and 1860, 1861 edition, animals of the La Plata Region. 


Carpenter, William Benjamin and William Sweetland Dallas.  Zoology, Being a Systematic Account of the General Structure, Habits, Instincts, and Uses of the Principal Families of the Animal Kingdom, as Well as of the Chief Forms of Fossil Remains, by William B. Carpenter.  A new edition, thoroughly revised by W. S. Dallas ... London, [Great Britain].  Bell & Daldy, 1866-71.  2 vols., ill.  Note:  other author:  W.S. (William Sweetland) Dallas 1824-1890.

NAL Call Number:  411 C222 

Descriptors:  animals, zoology, fossil remains, animal kingdom families, animal family structure, habits, instincts, animal uses, illustrations.


Chamberland, Ch.  Le charbon et la vaccination charbonneuse d=apres les travaux recents de M.  Pasteur, par Ch. Chamberland.  [Anthrax and Anthrax Vaccination after the Recent Work of Mr. Pasteur by Ch. Chamberland].  Paris, [France].  B. Tignol, 1883.  vii, 316 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  41 C35 

Descriptors:  anthrax, anthrax vaccination, Ch. Chamberland b. 1851, Louis Pasteur 1822-1895, France, charbon, vaccination charbonneuse, 1883 edition, French, illustrations.


Cheever, Alonzo.  Stock-Husbandry in Massachusetts … Paper Read Before the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture at Great Barrington, Mass., 1884.  W. Boston, [Mass.], Wright & Potter Printing Co., State Printers, 1885.  4 p.

NAL Call Number:  40 C41 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, stock, dairy cattle, care and management of livestock, domestic animals, paper, Massachusetts. 


Clater, Francis, William Youatt and John Stuart Skinner.  Every Man His Own Cattle Doctor:  Containing the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of All  the Diseases Incident to Oxen, Sheep, and Swine, and a Sketch of the Anatomy and Physiology of Neat Cattle by Francis Clater.  Edited, Revised, and Almost Rewritten by William Youatt ... with Numerous Additions, Embracing an Essay on the Use of Oxen, and the Improvement in the Breed of Sheep, &c. by J.S.  Skinner ... with Numerous Cuts and Illustrations.  Clater, Francis, et al.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Lea and Blanchard, 1844.  [J. Fagan, Stereotyper.  J. & W. Kite, Printers].  xvii, [1], 19-251, [1] p. (last blank), ill.  Other authors:  William Youatt 1776-1847, and John Stuart Skinner 1788-1851.

NAL Call Number:  41 C57 R 

Descriptors:  domestic animals, animal diseases, veterinary medicine, zoology, cattle, sheep, oxen, draft animals, sheep breeding, anatomy, physiology. 


Clater, Francis, John Clater and Samuel Clater.  Every Man His Own Cattle Doctor, Containing Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of All the Diseases Incident to Oxen, Cows, and Sheep.  By Francis Clater.  6th ed., with Numerous Additions and Corrections, by His Sons, Samuel and John Clater, Including a Short Treatise on the Anatomy and Physiology of Neat Cattle.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1825.  xx, 347 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 C57 Ed. 6 

Descriptors:  animal disease, veterinary medicine, neat cattle, physiology, anatomy, oxen, cows, sheep. 


Clater, Francis.  Every Man His Own Cattle Doctor:  or a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Horned Cattle:  being a Concise and Familiar Description of All the Diseases Incident to Oxen, Cows and Sheep, with the Most Simple and Effectual Method during Lambing Season by Francis Clater.  Philadelphia, [PA.] A. Small, 1815.  xii, 256 p.  Note:  includes index.  A London edition published in 1811 is cataloged as NAL Call Number: 41 C57 Ed. 2.

NAL Call Number:  SF961.C63 1815 R 

Descriptors:  animal disease, veterinary medicine, horned cattle, oxen, cows, sheep, lambing season. 


Clater, Francis and John Stuart Skinner.  Every Man His Own Farrier:  Containing Causes, Symptoms, and Most Approved Methods of Cure of the Diseases of Horses with Notes and Additions by J.S.  Skinner.  1st Amer.  Fr. 28th  Lond. Ed. Philadelphia, [P.A.].  Lea, 1845.  219 p. 

NAL Call Number:  41 C57F R 

Descriptors:  farrier, horse doctor, veterinary medicine, horse diseases, first American edition, rare book, notes, additions. 


Clater, Francis, Youatt, William, Skinner and John Stuart.  Farmers= Barn Book:  Containing the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of All the Diseases Incident to Oxen, Sheep and Swine, the Anatomy and Physiology of Neat Cattle with Directions How to Ascertain the Good Qualities, and Detect the Faults, of Carriage, Cart and Saddle Horses by Clater, Youatt, Skinner and Mills. 1st American ed. Philadelphia, [PA].  Leary & Getz, 1857.  311 p., ill.  Note:  Ninth ed. in England of Clater=s Every Man his Own Cattle Doctor (NAL Call Number: R 41 C57), revised by Youatt.  Preface of first American ed. signed by J.S.S. (John Stuart Skinner).  Francis Clater 1756-1823.  Other authors:  William Youatt 1776-1847, and John Stuart Skinner 1788-1851.

NAL Call Number:  SF753.C6 1857 R 

Descriptors:  symptoms and treatment of animal diseases, veterinary medicine, cattle, oxen, sheep, swine, horses, carriage horses, cart horses, saddle horses, animal use, judging animal soundness.


Claus, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, Heathcoate, Frederick Granville (transl. and ed.) and Adam Sedwick. Elementary Text-Book of Zoology.  By Dr. C. Claus. tr. and ed. by Adam Sedgwick with the Assistance of F.G. Heathcote.  London, [England].  W.S. Sonnenschein & Co., 1884-85.  2 vols., ill.  Note:  Vol. 1:  with 706 woodcuts.  A translation of the abridgment of the author=s AGrundzuge des zoologie,@ 1st ed., 1868. Contents:  [v.1] General Part and Special Part:  Protozoa to Insecta.  [v.2] Special Part:  Mollusca to Man.  Note:  English translation, first edition, translation of 1868 edition, two volumes, 1884-85 edition.

NAL Call Number:  411 C57 

Descriptors:  zoology, text book, protozoa, insects, animals, mollusca, man.


Cobbett, William.  Cottage Economy:  Containing Information Relative to the Brewing of Beer, Making of Bread, Keeping of Cows, Pigs, Bees, Ewes, Goats, Poultry and Rabbits and Relative to Other Matters Deemed Useful in the Conducting of the Affairs of a Labourer=S Family:  to which are Added, Instructions Relative to the Selecting, the Cutting and the Bleaching of Plants of English Grass and Grain, for the Purpose of Making Hats and Bonnets, and also Instructions for Erecting and Using Ice-Houses, after the Virginian Manner by William Cobbett. New edition. London, [Great Britain].  W. Cobbett.  1826.  [194] p., plates.

NAL Call Number:  30 C63 R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, beer brewing, bread making, animal husbandry, cows, pigs, bees, ewes, goats, poultry, rabbits, domestic animals, animal care, making hats, and bonnets, plants, erecting and using ice houses after the Virginian manner. 


Coburn, Foster Dwight.  Swine Husbandry.  A Practical Manual for the Breeding, Rearing, and Management of Swine, and the Prevention and Treatment of their Diseases. By F.D. Coburn.  New York, [N.Y.].  O. Judd Company, [1877]. iv, 5-275 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  46 C63S 

Descriptors:  swine, practical manual, swine husbandry, breeding, rearing, animal disease treatment and prevention, pigs, swine management. 


Coleman, John and Harrison Weir.  The Cattle, Sheep and Pigs of Great Britain, Being a Series of Articles on the Various Breeds of the United Kingdom, their History, Management, etc. Coleman, John.  Edited by John Coleman with illustrations from the original drawings by Harrison Weir.  London, [Great Britain].  H. Cox, 1887.  491 p., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  43 C67C 

Descriptors:  domestic animals history, cattle, sheep, pigs, breeds, animal care. 


Comstock, John Henry.  Evolution and Taxonomy.  Ithaca, NY, 1893.  p. 37-113, [1] p.  ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  430 C73E 

Descriptors:  evolution, taxonomy, insects, butterflies, moths, zoological classification. 


Comstock, John Henry.  Guide to Practical Work in Elementary Entomology.  Ithaca, NY.  [Cornell University].  The University Press, 1882.  35 p.

NAL Call Number:  422 C73P 

Descriptors:  entomology, insects, laboratory work with insects.


Comstock, John Henry with Anna Botsford (illust.).  An Introduction to Entomology. Ithaca, NY, [pub. by] the author, 1888.  iv, 234 p., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  422 C73I 

Descriptors:  entomology, insects. 


Cook, Orator Fuller.  African Diplopoda of the family Gomphodesmidae.  Washington, [D.C.].  G.P.O., 1899.  p. 677-739, lv-lxi [55-61] plates.  Note:  The Proceedings  of the United States National Museum, vol. xxi, p. 677-739.

NAL Call Number:  433 C77 

Descriptors:  entomology, insects, African Diplopoda, Gomphodesmidae. 


Cooper, Thomas Sydney. Groups of Cattle, Drawn from Nature, by T.S. Cooper. London, [England]. Ackerman & Co., [1839]. 1 l., 25 pl. 

NAL Call Number:  40 C78 R Fo 

Descriptors:  cattle, different types, illustrated.  


Cotton, William Charles, et al.  My Bee Book by William Charles Cotton ... London, [Great Britain].  J.G.F. & J. Rivington, 1842.  xvii-lvi p., 1 leaf, [59]-368 p., plates, ill.  Note:  Includes selections from the following works, each selection preceded by copy of t.p. of work from which it is taken:  Englands Interest ... 4th ed. by Sir J. More (Moore?).  London, 1707:  [Greek characters], or The Female Monarchy ... by John Thorley.  London, 1744, Treatise on Bees by Robert Sydserff. 

NAL Call Number:  424 C822 R 

Descriptors:  bees, butterflies, insects, Great Britain.


Coues, Elliott.  Birds of the Colorado Valley:  a repository of scientific and popular information concerning North American ornithology, by Elliott Coues.  Washington, [D.C.].  Govt. Print. Off., 1878.  xvi, 807 p., ill.  United States. Geological Survey of the Territories Miscellaneous Publications, no. 11.

NAL Call Number:  413 C83B 

Descriptors:  birds, North American ornithology, birds, Colorado River Valley, Colorado to Mexico, 1878 edition, illustrations, bibliography, Ellicott Coues 1842-1899.


Coues, Elliott.  The Coues Check List of North American Birds.  2d, ed., rev. to date and entirely rewritten.  Boston, [Mass.] Estes and Lauriat, 1882.  165 p.

NAL Call Number:  QL677.C86 1882 

Descriptors:  birds, North American ornithology, bird classification, second edition, check list.


Coues, Elliott.  Fur-bearing animals:  a monograph of North American Mustelidae, in which an account of the wolverene, the martens or sables, the ermine, the mink and various other kinds of  weasels, several species of skunks, the badger, the land and sea otters, and numerous exotic allies of these animals, is contributed to the history of North American mammals by Elliott Coues.  Washington, [D.C.]:  Govt. Printing Office, 1877.  xiv, 348 p., ill., 20 plates.  U.S. Geological [and Geographical] Survey of the Territories Miscellaneous Publications, no. 8.

NAL Call Number:  412.7 C83 

Descriptors:  fur bearing mammals, North America, history, Mustelidae, wolverene, martens, sables, ermine, mink, weasels, skunks, badgers, otters.


Coues, Elliott.  Key to North American Birds:  Containing a Concise Account of Every Species of Living and Fossil Bird at Present Known from the Continent North of the Mexican and United States Boundary, Inclusive of Greenland and Lower California, with which are Incorporated General Ornithology:  an Outline of the Structure and Classification of Birds, and Field Ornithology, A Manual of Collecting, Preparing, and Preserving Birds by Elliot Coues.  Boston, [Mass.].  Estes and Lauriat, 1890.  xxx, 907 p., ill. (some col.).  Note:  2nd. ed. catalogued as NAL Call Number: 413 C83K.

NAL Call Number:  QL681.C865 1890 

Descriptors:  birds, living birds, fossil birds, North American ornithology, Greenland, lower California, bird classification, collecting birds, preserving birds, bird species, field ornithology.


Cronwright Schreiner, Samuel Cron and South African Goat Breeders’ Association.  The Angora Goat (Published under the Auspices of the South African Angora Goat Breeders'Association) and a Paper on the Ostrich. Reprinted from the Zoologist for March 1897 by S.C. Cronwright Schreiner ... London, [Great Britain], New York, [N.Y. etc.].  Longmans, Green and Co., 1898.  xiv p., 1 l., 296 p., incl. front., ill.

NAL Call Number:  40.1 Sch7 

Descriptors:  angora goats, South Africa, South African Goat Breeders= Association, ostriches paper, ostrich reprint, Great Britain.


Crotch, George Robert.  A Revision of the Coleopterous Family Coccinellidae by George Robert Crotch.  London, [Great Britain].  E.W. Janson, 1874.  xc, 311 p.

NAL Call Number:  427 C88R 

Descriptors:  coleopterous family, Coccinellidae, revision, ladybugs, insects, Great Britain.


Curtice, Cooper.  The Animal Parasites of Sheep by Cooper Curtice.  United States. Bureau of Animal Industry.  Washington, [D.C.].  Govt. Print. Off., 1890.  222 p., xxxvi pl. (4 col.). 

NAL Call Number:  1 An52C 

Descriptors:  sheep parasites. 


Curtis, George Washington.  Horses, cattle, sheep and swine.  Origin, history, improvement, description, characteristics, merits, objections, adaptability, etc., of each of the different breeds, with hints on selection, care, and management, including methods of practical breeders in the United States and Canada.  By Geo. W. Curtis.  2nd ed., rev. and enl.  New York, [N.Y.].  The Rural Publishing Company, 1893.  vii, [8]-343 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  40 C94 Ed. 2 

Descriptors:  domestic animals, horses, cattle, sheep, swine, animal origin, animal history, improvement, description, animal breeds, animal breeders, animal care, United States, Canada.


Cuvier, Baron Georges.  The Animal Kingdom.  Cuvier, Georges Baron 1827-36.  Vols. 14-15. 

NAL Call Number:  422 C98 

Descriptors:  animal kingdom, animal history, zoology. 


Cuvier, Baron Georges, et al.  Animal Kingdom, Arranged According to its Organization, Forming the Basis for a Natural History of Animals, and an Introduction to Comparative Anatomy.  Mammalia, Birds and Reptiles, by Edward Blyth.  The Fishes and Radiata, by Robert Mudie.  The Molluscous Animals, by George Johnston.  The Articulated Animals, by J.O. Westwood.  Illustrated by three hundred engravings on wood.  London, [Great Britain].  W.S. Orr, 1840.  vii, 670 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 C98R 

Descriptors:  animal kingdom organization, animal history, natural history, comparative anatomy, mammalia, birds, reptiles, fish and radiata, molluscous animals, articulated animals.


Cuvier, Baron Georges, et al.  The Animal Kingdom, Arranged After its Organization, Forming a Natural History of Animals, and an Introduction to Comparative Anatomy.  By the late Baron Georges Cuvier.  Note:  Translated and adapted to the present state of science.  The Mammalia, Birds, and Reptiles, by Edward Blyth.  The Fishes and Radiata, by Robert Mudie.  The Molluscous Animals, by George Johnston, M.D.  The Articulated Animals, by J.O. Westwood, F.L.S.  Note 2:  This is a new edition, with additions by W.B. Carpenter and  J.O. Westwood, F.L.S.  Illustrated by three hundred engravings on wood and thirty-four on steel.  Added title page, engraved. London, [Great Britain].  W.S. Orr and Co., 1849.  vii, [2], 718 p. col. front., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  411 C98R 1849 

Descriptors:  animal kingdom, animal history, illustrations, 1849 edition, mammalia, birds, reptiles, fish, Radiata, molluscous animals, articulated animals, zoology. 


Cuvier, Baron Georges, et al.  Regne animal.  English.  The animal kingdom of the Baron Cuvier illustrated after the original drawings of Audebert, Baraband, Cramer, d=Orbigny, Edwards, Geoffroy-St.-Hilaire, Gilpin, Huet, Marechal, Nitschmann, Oudart, Titian, R.  Peale, Pretre, Redoute, Reinold, A. Rider, Savigny, Werner, A. Wilson, &c. &c.  This edition enlarged and adapted to the present state of zoological science.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain]:  Published for the proprietor, London, [Great Britain]:  Smith, Elder, & Co., 1839-1840.  2 vols., colored plates.  Note:  Issued with:  Edinburgh Journal of Natural History and of the Physical Sciences.

NAL Call Number:  410 Ed4 

Descriptors:  animal kingdom, illustrations, original drawings, natural history, colored plates.


Dallas, William Sweetland.  Elements of Entomology, an Outline of the Natural History and Classification of British Insects.  By William Sweetland Dallas, F.L.S. Dallas.  London, [Great Britain].  J. Van Voorst, [1857].  vi p., 1 l., 424 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422 D162 

Descriptors:  British insects, entomology, insects, natural history insects, classification insects. 


Darwin, Charles.  The Descent of Man, and Selections in Relation to Sex.  2nd edition, revised and augmented. New York, [NY].  Appleton, 1898.  xvi, 688 p., ill.  Note:  First published 1875.

NAL Call Number:  443 D25D 

Descriptors:  descent of man, human evolution, sex selections. 


Darwin, Charles.  The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals by Charles Darwin ... with Photographs and Other Illustrations.  New York, [NY].  D. Appleton and Company, 1873.  Note:  1898.  v p., 1 l., 374 p., ill., vii pl. (part fold.).

NAL Call Number:  446 D25 

Descriptors:  emotions in animals, emotions in man, expression of emotions, behaviors, illustrations. 


Darwin, Charles.  On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection.  New edition, from the 6th English edition.  1 vol. 1878.

NAL Call Number:  443 D25O 

Descriptors:  origin of species, natural selection, animals, Charles Darwin 1809-1882. 


Dickson, R.W.  A Complete System of Improved Live Stock and Cattle Management:  or, the Practical Guide to Gentlemen, Store-Masters, Farmers, and Other Keepers of Stock, in Perfecting the Breeds and Varieties of the Several Kinds of Live Stock ... with much other Useful and Important Information on Rural Practice and Economy, Illustrated by a Series of Fine Engravings.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for Thomas Kelly, 1824-1826.  2 vols., ill., col. plates.

NAL Call Number:  40 D563 1824 

Descriptors:  livestock breeding, cattle management, color illustrations, two volumes, 1800’s. 


Dickson, Walter B., Jane Webb Loudon and John Lawrence.  Poultry.  Their breeding, rearing, diseases, and general management.  New edition, incorporating the treatise of Bonington Moubray.  With corrections and large additions, by Mrs. Loudon.  London, [Great Britain]. Bell and Daldy, [1853]. xii, 263 p., col. front., ill., plates, plans.  Bohn=s Illustrated Library.

NAL Call Number:  47 D562 

Descriptors:  poultry, poultry breeding, poultry rearing, poultry diseases, poultry management. 


Dingley, Pauline and Joseph R. Dobson.  The Ox:  His Diseases and their Treatment, with an Essay Parturition in the Cow.  2nd edition.  London, [Great Britain].  Longmans, Green and Co.  1872.  x p., 1 l., 302 p., ill., col. front.

NAL Call Number:  41 D652 

Descriptors:  ox, oxen diseases, treatment, cow parturition. 


Donovan, Edward and John Obadiah Westwood.  Natural History of the Insects of China, Containing Upwards of Two Hundred and Twenty Figures and Descriptions, by E. (Edward) Donovan.  A New Edition Brought Down to the Present State of the Science, with Systematic Characters of Each Species, Synonyms, Indexes, and Other Additional Matter, by J.O. Westwood.  London, [Great Britain].  H.G. Bohn, 1842.  3 p., 96 p., 50 col. pl. (incl. front.).

NAL Call Number:  422.6 D71I R 

Descriptors:  insects, China, natural history, insect species descriptions, species classification.


Doubleday, Edward, John Obadiah Westwood and William Chapman Hewitson.  The Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera:  Comprising their Generic Characters. London, [Great Britain].  Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1846-52.  2 vols., LXXX (i.e. 87) col. plates (incl. ill.). 

NAL Call Number:  430 D74 R 

Descriptors:  diurnal Lepidoptera, butterflies, two volumes.


Du Hays, Charles. Le Cheval de Percheron. [The Percheron horse.]  New York, [NY].  Judd, 1868.  100 p., ill.  Note:  Translated from the French of Charles Du Hays.

NAL Call Number:  42 D88 

Descriptors:  horses, Percheron horses, breed history, characteristics, uses. 


Eaton, John Matthews and Moore, John.  A Treatise on the Art of Breeding and Managing Tame, Domesticated, and Fancy Pigeons:  Carefully Compiled from the Best Authors, with Observations, Containing all that is Necessary to be Known of Tame, Domesticated, and Fancy Pigeons by John Matthews Eaton.  London, [Great Britain].  The author, 1852.  xxii, [23]-88, vi, [7]-49, [1], vii, [1] p., ill.  Note:  AA Treatise on the art of breeding and managing the almond tumbler.  By John Matthews Eaton@:  vi, [7]-49, [1] p.  ANotes on a treatise on the art of breeding and managing the almond tumbler.  By an old fancier [John Boys]@:  vii p. at end.  Each of the first two parts has separate t.-p.  AColumbaritum:  or, The Pigeon-House ... By John Moore@:  [ix]-xxii, [23]-88 p.

NAL Call Number:  47.2 Ea8T R 

Descriptors:  breeding pigeons, domesticated pigeons, 1852 edition, pigeon house, managing pigeons, almond tumbler pigeons.


Elliott, Daniel Giraud.  A Monograph of the Felioe [Felidae] or Family of Cats.  [London, Great Britain].  Pub. for the subscribers, by the author, 1883.  xvi, [108] p., ill., XLIII col. pl. 

NAL Call Number:  412 E15M Fo 

Descriptors:  cats, cat family, Felidae, habits, behaviors, breeds, life histories. 


Erichson, Wilhelm F. and translated by George Busk, Alfred Tulk and Alexander H. Haliday. Reports on Zoology for 1843, 1844.  The Ray Society.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the Ray Society, 1847.  viii, 596 p.  Note:  1843:  Mammalia, Ornithology, by A. Wagner. Herpetology, Ichthyology by F.H. Troschel. Insecta, by W.F. Erichson.  Arachnida, Crustacca, Entomostraca, Mollusca by F.H. Troschell.  1844:  Mammalia, Birds by A.  Wagner.  Entomology, by W.F. Erichson.  Mollusca, by F. Troschel.  Helminthology, Worms, Zoophytes, and Protozoa, by C.T. v. Siebold.  Reptilia, Ichthyology, by F.H. Troschel 1861.

NAL Call Number:  411 R21R 

Descriptors:  zoology, mammals, birds, ornithology, herpetology, entomology, molluscs, helminthology, worms, zoophytes, protozoa, reptiles, ichthyology.


Everitt, Nicholas.  Ferrets, their Management in Health and Disease with Remarks on their Legal Status, by Nicholas Everitt ... with Forty-Two Illustrations by the Author and Others.  London, [Great Britain].  A. and C. Black, 1897.  xv, 209 p., front., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  40 Ev2 

Descriptors:  ferrets, laws, ferret management, health, diseases, care and husbandry.


Fernald, Charles Henry.  The butterflies of Maine:  Designed for the use of the students in the Maine State College, and the farmers of the State [by] C.H. Fernald, A.M.  Orono, [ME], 1884.  106 p., ill.  Maine. University. Annual Reports 1883.  Note:  Contains an appendix.

NAL Call Number:  430 F39Bu 

Descriptors:  butterflies, State of Maine, Lepidoptera native to Maine, field and study guide. 


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NAL Call Number:  100 R34S (2) no. 61 

Descriptors:  incubator chicks mortality, causes, possible solutions.


Fitch, Asa and the New York State Agricultural Society.  Report on the noxious, beneficial and other insects, of the State of New York.  Made to the State Agricultural Society, pursuant to an annual appropriation for this purpose from the Legislature of the State. Albany, [NY].  Van Benthuysen, 1855- v.  Note:  published also in the Transactions of the New York State Agricultural Society.  Imprint varies.  Other title:  Noxious, beneficial and other insects of the State of New York.

NAL Call Number:  422 F55R 

Descriptors:  insects of New York State, noxious insects, poisonous insects, beneficial insects. 


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NAL Call Number:  423 F55B 

Descriptors:  insects, injurious insects, animal pests, plant pests, United States.


Fitzherbert, John and Walter William Skeat.  The book of the husbandry by Master Fitzherbert, reprinted from the edition of 1534, and edited with an introduction, notes and glossarial index, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat.  London, [Great Britain].  Pub. for the English Dialect Society by Trubner & Co., 1882.  xxx p., 1 l., 167 p.  English Dialect Society. Publications. no. 37.

NAL Call Number:  30 F57 R 

Descriptors:  animal husbandry, England. 


Fleming, George.  Rabies and Hydrophobia:  their History, Nature, Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention, by George Fleming.  London, [Great Britain].  Chapman and Hall, 1872. xiii, 405 p., col. front., ill.

NAL Call Number:  41 F62 R 

Descriptors:  animal disease, rabies, hydrophobia, history, causes, symptoms, hydrophobia, prevention.


Fletcher, James.  Recent Additions to the List of Injurious Insects of Canada.  Canada, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada. 1899.

NAL Call Number:  423 F63R 

Descriptors:  injurious insects, Canada.


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NAL Call Number:  444 F74 

Descriptors:  scientific papers, William Alexander Forbes 1855-1883, zoology. 


Frank, Evers.  A text-book of zoogeography.  Cambridge, [England].  University Press, 1895.  vii, 245 p., ill., 5 maps (incl. front.), diagrs.  Cambridge Biological Series.

NAL Call Number:  411.2 B39T 

Descriptors:  text book, zoogeography, animal species and distribution. 


Frauenfeld, Georg Ritter von.  Zoologische Miscellen.  [Miscellaneous Zoology].  [Wien: 1869], von C. Ueberreuter.  12 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  QL45 F6 R 

Descriptors:  zoology, miscellaneous zoology, a variety of topics covered, animals, historical work.


Garrard, George.  A Description of the Different Varieties of Oxen, Common in the British Isles, Embellished with Engravings, Being an Accompaniment to a Set of Models of the Improved Breeds of Cattle Executed by George Garrard, Upon an Exact Scale from Nature, Under the Patronage of the Board of Agriculture.  [London?].  George Garrard.  Published for the author by J. Smeeton, 1800.  1 vol. (various pagings):  col. ill.  Note:  Spine title:  Garrard=s Prize Cattle. 

NAL Call Number:  SF198.G3 R Fo 

Descriptors:  oxen varieties, Great Britain, illustrated work, models for improved cattle breeds, cattle, British Isles.


Glover, Townsend.  [Lepidoptera:  Rough Notes]. Washington, D.C. 1869-[187?].  Glover, Townend.  2 vols.

NAL Call Number:  430 G51L 

Descriptors:  insects, Lepidoptera, butterflies, rough notes, Townsend Glover 1813-1883.


Glover, Townsend.  Vindication of the Entomological and Museum Divisions of the Department of Agriculture.  Washington, [D.C.].  1822.  7 p.  Note:  He knew Charles Valentine Riley.

NAL Call Number:  422 G51V 

Descriptors:  insects, entomology, United States Department of Agriculture, Townend Glover 1813-1883, Charles Valentine Riley. 


Goldsmith, Oliver.  A History of the Earth, and Animated Nature.  New edition.  York, [England?].  Printed by and for T. Wilson and Son, 1808.  4 vols., plates. 

NAL Call Number:  411 G57 R 

Descriptors:  zoology, animal science, history, physical geography.


Goldsmith, Oliver.  A History of the Earth and Animated Nature by Oliver Goldsmith.  With Numerous Notes from the Works of the Most Distinguished British and Foreign Naturalists.  Glasgow [etc.], [England?].  Blackie and Son, 1853.  2 vols., fronts. (ports.), ill., plates (part col., 1 fold.), map, diagrs. 

NAL Call Number:  411 G57 R 

Descriptors:  zoology, animal science, history, physical geography, England. 


Goodrich, Samuel Griswold.  Johnson=s Natural History:  Comprehensive, Scientific, and Popular, Illustrating and Describing the Animal Kingdom, with its Wonders and Curiosities, from Man, through All the Divisions, Classes, and Orders, to Animalculae in a Drop of Water:  Showing the Habits, Structure, and Classification of Animals, with their Relation To Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce, and the Arts.  New York, [N.Y.].  A.J. Johnson, 1870.  2 vols., ill.  Note:  First published in 1859, with title:  Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdom.  Vol. 1 has added t.p.:  The Animal Kingdom Illustrated.

NAL Call Number:  QL45.G6 1870 R 

Descriptors:  natural history, animal kingdom, animal history, humans and animals, 1870 reprint of 1859 edition.


Gosse, Philip Henry.  Evenings at the Microscope, or Researches Among the Minuter Organs and Forms of Animal Life.  A new edition, revised and annotated. New York, [NY]. D. Appleton, 1883 [pref. 1859].  xii, 480 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  440 G69E 1883 

Descriptors:  animal research, microscopy, medical microscopy, microscopic animal life, zoology 1758-1900.


Gould, John.  Icones Avium, or Figures and Descriptions of New and Interesting Species of Birds from Various Parts of the Globe.  London, Great Britain, [1837-38]. 18 l. 18 col. pl. (1  fold.).  Note:  [With his The Birds of Australia.  London, 1837-38].  Note:  Issued in two parts.

NAL Call Number:  413 G73 R 

Descriptors:  world birds, bird figures, new birds, new species birds, bird descriptions, two parts. 


Gray, George Robert and the British Museum (Natural History.) Dept of Zoology.  List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum.  Part I:  Papilionidae.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by order of the Museum Trustees, 1856. 106 p.

NAL Call Number:  430 G79L 

Descriptors:  insects, Lepidoptera, butterflies, moths, Papilionidae.


Gray, John Edward and George Robert Gray.  Catalogue of the Mammalia and Birds of New Guinea, in the Collection of the British Museum.  British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of  Zoology.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by order of the Trustees, 1859.  2 p. 1., 63 p., incl. ill., tables. 

NAL Call Number:  411 B774C 

Descriptors:  zoology, mammals, birds, New Guinea, British Museum (Natural History), catalog.


Gray, John Edward.  Spicilegia:  or, original figures and short systematic descriptions of new and unfigured animals.  London, [Great Britain].  Treuttel, Wurtz and Co., [1828]-1924. 3 vols. in 2. xxxvii pl. (part col.).  Note:  Caption title, Part III has slip pasted on cover ... Gray=s Spicilegia Zoologica.  Conclusion by O.E. Janson, R. Le B. Tomlin, F.A. Bather. London, Janson & Sons ... Paged continuously.

NAL Call Number:  411 G79S Fo 

Descriptors:  zoology, new animals, unfigured animals, original figures, descriptions, illustrated work.


Gray, John Edward.  The Zoological Miscellany.  London, [England].  Treuttel, Wurz, 1831-44.  6 pts. in 1 vol. (86 p.), [4] leaves of plates:  4 ill. (3 col.).

NAL Call Number:  411 G79Z 

Descriptors:  animals, zoology, John Edward Gray 1800-1875.


Gray, John Edward, John Gould and Sir John Richardson.  The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Sulphur: under Command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher during the Years 1836-42, Edited and Superintended by Richard Brinsley Hinds.  London, [Great Britain]:  Smith, Elder, 1844. 2 vols.:  ill. (some col.).  Note:  vol. 1:  150 p., 64 leaves of plates, vol. 2:  72, iv, [1] p., 20 leaves of plates.  Plates of mammals, birds and mollusks colored (except 2 plates depicting mammal skulls), plates of fish uncolored. APublished under the authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.@ Issued in 10 parts, 1843-1845.  Vol. 1, Mammalia by J.E. Gray, Birds by J. Gould, Fish by J. Richardson. Vol. 2, Mollusca by R.B. Hinds.

NAL Call Number:  412 G79 

Descriptors:  H.M.S. Sulphur (ship) voyage 1836-1842, Sir Edward Belcher 1799-1877, zoology, Oceania, America, illustrated works, mammals, birds, mollusks, fish. 


Gurney, J.H. Jr., Col. C. Russell, Elliott Coues and Olive Thorne Miller.  The House Sparrow:  by an Ornithologist, J.H. Gurney, Junr., by a Friend of the Farmers, Colonel C. Russell, and the English Sparrow in America, by Dr. Elliott Coues.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Wesley and Son [pref. 1885].  vi p., 70 p.  front., ill.  Note:  A Ruffian in feathers.  By Olive Thorne Miller.  p. [63]-70.

NAL Call Number:  413 G962 

Descriptors:  birds, sparrows, ornithology, house sparrow, English sparrow in America, intentional introduction of a non-native species.


Haldeman, Samuel Stehman.  Zoological Contributions.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Issued by the author [1842]-43. 3 no. pl., fold. map. 

NAL Call Number:  424 H122 

Descriptors:  zoology, Hydrachnidae, insects, collection and preservation.


Harris, Joseph.  Harris on the Pig.  Breeding, Rearing, Management, and Improvement.  New York, [NY].  Orange Judd and Company.  [c1870].  250 p., ill. (incl. plans).  Note:  1882, 1889, 1896.

NAL Call Number:  46 H24P 

Descriptors:  pigs, breeding, rearing, management, improvement with breeding, housing. 


Harris, Moses and John Obadiah Westwood.  The Aurelian:  a Natural History of English Moths and Butterflies, Together with the Figures of their Transformation and of the Plants on which they Feed. New edition.  London, [Great Britain].  Bohn, 1840. 83 p.

NAL Call Number:  430 H24 1840 

Descriptors:  Aurelian, moths, butterflies, food plants, life cycles, Great Britain.


Hayes, John Lord. Wool-growing in Montana Territory.  Hayes, John Lord.  Cambridge, J. Wilson and Son, 1880.  22 p.  Note:  Republished from the Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers.

NAL Call Number:  45 H32W 

Descriptors:  sheep, wool, Montana Territory, American history, managing sheep in the American West. 


Heilprin, Angelo.  The geographical and geological distribution of animals.  New York, [N.Y.]. D. Appleton and Company, 1887.  xii, 435 p. front. (map).  The International Scientific Series, vol. LVII. 

NAL Call Number:  411.2 H36H 

Descriptors:  geographical distribution of animals, geological distribution of animals, illustrated work, zoogeography, paleontology. 


Henri, Beauregard.  Nos Betes.  [Our Domestic Animals].  Beauregard, Henri.  Paris, [France].  Colin, 1896-97.  2 v.  Note:  In French. 

NAL Call Number:  411 B383 

Descriptors:  economic zoology, livestock animals.


Henshaw, Samuel, E.P. Austin, G.R. Crotch, John Lawrence LeConte, Friederich Ernst Melsheimer and Charles Valentine Riley.  List of Coleoptera of America, North of Mexico.  Phil., American Entomological Society, 1885.  160 p.  Note:  Sup. 1, 2, 3.  1887, 1889, 1895.

NAL Call Number:  427 H39C 

Descriptors:  Coleoptera, beetles of North America, list of native species. 


Herbert, Henry William, Bruce, Sanders Dewees, Bruce and Benjamin Gratz.  Frank Forester=s Horse and Horsemanship of the United States and British Provinces of North America. Edition:  Rev., Cor., Enl., and Continued to 1871, by S.D. & B.G. Bruce. With Thirty Original Portraits of Celebrated Horses.  New York, [NY].  G.E. Woodward, 1871.  2 vols., ill., plates. 

NAL Call Number:  42 H412H 

Descriptors:  horse, horsemanship, Frank Forester=s horse husbandry suggestions, famous horses of America, illustrated work with horse portraits, United States, Canada. 


Herbert, Henry William.  Hints to Horse-Keepers:  A Complete Manual for Horsemen ... and Chapters on Mules and Ponies by the Late Henry William Herbert.  New York, [N.Y.].  C.M. Saxton, Barker & Co., San Francisco:  H.H. Bancroft & Co., 1860.  425, 6 p., 24 l. of plates, ill.

NAL Call Number:  42 H41H 1860 

Descriptors:  horse keepers manual, horses, mules, ponies, management, care, handling. 


Herrick, C.L.  Types of Animal Life, Selected for Laboratory Use in Inland Districts. Part I. Arthropoda, by C.L. Herrick.  Minneapolis, Minn., L. Kimball & Co., 1883.  33 p., ill., 7 plates.

NAL Call Number:  422 H32 

Descriptors:  animal life, laboratory use, inland districts, Arthropoda, illustrated work.


Hiatt, James M. and National Norman Horse Association.  The National Register of Norman Horses:  with a General History of the Horse-Kind and a Thorough History of the Norman Horse.  [Bloomington, Ill.]:  National Norman Horse Association, 1881.  vi, 283 p., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  42.9 N212 

Descriptors:  Norman horses national register, horse breed history, illustrated work, Percheron horse, draft horses, National Norman Horse Association.


Hogg, James.  The Shepherd=s Guide:  Being a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Sheep, Their Causes, and the Best Means of Preventing Them:  with Observations on the Most Suitable Farm-Stocking for the Various Climates of this Country.  Edinburgh, [Scotland].  Printed by J. Ballantyne for A. Constable, 1807.  vi, 338 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 H677 

Descriptors:  farm animals, sheep diseases, disease prevention, disease causes, climate factors related to stocking levels, Scotland.


Holland, William Jacob.  The Butterfly Book, a Popular Guide to a Knowledge of Butterflies of North America, by W.J. Holland with 48 Plates in Color Photography, Reproductions of Butterflies in the Author=s Collection and Many Text Illustrations Presenting Most of the Species Found in the United States.  New York, [N.Y.].  Doubleday & McClure Co., 1898. 3 p.  l., v-xx, 382 p., ill., xlviii col. pl. (incl. front.).  Edition 2.

NAL Call Number:  430 H71 

Descriptors:  butterflies indigenous to United States, species description and habitat, field guide. 


Holmes-Pegler and Henry Stephen.  The Book of the Goat.  Containing Full Particulars of the Various Breeds of Goats and Their Profitable Management.  3rd edn., rewritten and greatly enl.  London, [Great Britain].  L.U. Gill, 1886.  xi, 222 p., col. front., ill., viii pl.

NAL Call Number:  40.1 P34 

Descriptors:  goats, goat breeds, goat management, animal welfare, Great Britain.


Hook, Bryan.  Milch Goats and their Management.  London, [Great Britain]. Vinton, 1896. 115 p., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  40.1 H76 

Descriptors:  milch goats, milking goats, management, care, husbandry, dairy animals, Great Britain.


Hope, Frederick William.  Descriptions of some new insects, collected in Assam by William Griffith.  [London, Great Britain.  Linnean Society of London, 1841]. p. 435-447, [2] leaves of plates, col. ill.  Note:  Extract from:  Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, vol. 18. First of a 2-part article continued on p. 587-600 of vol. 18 of the Transactions.

NAL Call Number:  422.6 H77 

Descriptors:  insects, new insects, species indigenous to India, Assam. 


Hope, Frederick William.  On a New Arachnide.  [London, Great Britain], 1834.  1 vol.  

NAL Call Number:  434 H77 

Descriptors:  insects, arachnids, new Arachnida, spiders, mites, ticks, Great Britain.


Horn, William Austin and Baldwin Spencer (ed.).  Report on the Work of the Horn Scientific Expedition to Central Australia.  London, [Great Britain].  Dulau, 1896.  4 vols., ill., maps.  Note:  I. Introduction, Narrative, Summary of Results, Supplement to Zoological Report, Map.  II. Zoology.  III. Geology and Botany.  IV. Anthropology.

NAL Call Number:  128 H78 

Descriptors:  natural history, Australian aborigines, scientific expeditions, zoology, reports, Horn scientific expedition to Central Australia, William Austin Horn, 1841, Australia.


Houssay, Frederic Adolphe Celestin Arsene.  The Industries of Animals.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Scott, Ltd., New York, [NY].  Charles Scribner=s Sons. 1893. ix, 258 p., 44 ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 H81I 

Descriptors:  animal behaviors, animal habitations, life histories.


Howard, Leland Ossian.  Annotated catalogue of the insects collected in 1887-88.  United States National Museum.  Proceedings of the United States National Museum, vol. 12.  Note:  Issued February 5, 1890.  Scientific results of explorations by the U.S. Fish Commission steamer Albatross.

NAL Call Number:  422 H38A 

Descriptors:  insects, insects collected 1887-1888, scientific explorations results, steamer Albatross, Leland Ossian Howard 1857-1950, United States National Museum.


Huidekoper, Rush Shippen.  Age of Domestic Animals:  Being a Complete Treatise on the Dentition of the Horse, Ox, Sheep, Hog, and Dog, and on Various Other Means of Determining the Age of these Animals.  Philadelphia, [PA].  F.A. Davis, 1891.  viii, 217 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  SF869.H9 

Descriptors:  domestic animals, age assessment, animal dentition for determining age, horse, ox, sheep, hog, dog.


Huidekoper, Rush Shippen.  The Cat, a Guide to the Classification and Varieties of Cats and a Short Treatise Upon their Care, Diseases, and Treatment.  New York, [NY].  D. Appleton and Company, 1895.  xi, 148 p., front., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  48 H87 

Descriptors:  cats, cat care guide, cat classification, cat varieties, cat diseases, disease prevention and treatment. 


Huidekoper, Rush Shippen.  Opinions Concerning the Desirability of a Veterinary Corps in the United States Army.  [Washington, s.n. 1899].  10 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 H87 

Descriptors:  Veterinary Corps United States Army, opinions, discussion and recommendations. 


Humphreys, Henry Noel and John Obadiah Westwood.  The British Butterflies and Their Transformations Illustrated in a Series of Plates by H.N. Humphreys, Esq., with Characters and Descriptions by J.O. Westwood.  New edition rev. and corr.  London, [Great Britain].  Edinburgh:  W. & R. Chambers, 1860.  xii, 137 p., l leaf, 42 col. plates.

NAL Call Number:  430 H88B 

Descriptors:  British butterflies, Lepidoptera, developmental stages, illustrated works.


Hunter, Samuel John.  Alfalfa, grasshoppers, bees:  their relationship.  A report of the field-work of the Department of Entomology, summer of 1898.  Topeka, Kans.  Press of the state printer, 1899.  xi, 152 p., incl. front., ill.  University of Kansas ... Contribution from Entomological Laboratory, no. 65.  Note:  Melanoplus differentialis@:  p. 62-63,  ABooks and journals relating to apiculture@:  p. 144, AOne year among the bees. By A.H. Duff@: p. 102-141. 

NAL Call Number:  423 H91 

Descriptors:  alfalfa, grasshoppers, bees, relationship between plants and insects, field work report, summer 1898, 1899 edition, University of Kansas report. 


Hutcheon, D.  Anthrax, Charbon, Milzbrand, or Meltziekte.  Cape Town, [So. Africa], Cape of Good Hope Dept. of Agriculture, 1894.  10 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 H97A 

Descriptors:  animal diseases, anthrax, charbon, milzbrand, meltziekte, South Africa, 1894. 


Huth,  Frederick Henry.  Works on Horses and Equitation:  a Bibliographical Record of Hippology by F.H. Huth.  London, [Great Britain].  B. Quartich, 1887.  x p., 1 leaf, 439, [1] p.

NAL Call Number:  241 H97 

Descriptors:  horses, equitation, hippology, equines, care training, husbandry.


Huxley, Thomas, H.  A Manual of the Anatomy of Invertebrated Animals.  By Thomas H. Huxley.  New York, [N.Y.].  D. Appleton and Company, 1878.  596 p., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  411 H98 1878 

Descriptors:  anatomy, invetebrate animals, histology, illustrated work, historical text. 


Huxley, Thomas Henry.  On the Origin of Species:  or, The Causes of the Phenomena of Organic Nature.  A Course of Six Lectures to Working Men by Thomas H. Huxley.  New York, [N.Y.].  D. Appleton, 1863.  150 p., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  443 H99 

Descriptors:  history of science, evolution biology, species origin, six lectures, illustrations.  


Huxley, Thomas Henry, Sir Michael Foster (ed.), Ray Lankester Edwin (ed.).  The Scientific Memoirs of Thomas Henry Huxley.  London, [England].  Macmillan, New York, [N.Y.].  D. Appleton, 1898-1902.  4 vols., ill., ports., 129 pl.  (part fold.), 2 fold. maps, diagrs.  Note:  Reprints of papers contributed to scientific societies and periodicals arranged in chronological order with the name and date of the publication.

NAL Call Number:  442 H98 

Descriptors:  scientific memoirs, England, illustrated works, paleontology, ethnology, zoology, Thomas Henry Huxley 1825-1895.


Ingersoll, Ernest.  Knocking Round the Rockies.  New York, [N.Y.].  Harper & Bros., 1883. viii, 220 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  125 In4 

Descriptors:  mountain animals, descriptions of animals seen, Rockies, illustrated works, Western States. 


Janes, Thomas P.  A Manual on the hog.  Prepared and pub. under the direction of Thomas P. Janes, Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of Georgia.  Georgia Dept. of Agriculture.  Atlanta, Ga., J.P. Harrison & Co., State Printers and Binders, 1877.  100, iv p., ill.  Circular, no. 40.  June 15, 1877.

NAL Call Number:  46 G29 

Descriptors:  hogs, hog manual, care, housing, husbandry.


Jardine, Sir William.  The Natualist=s Library, [edited by Sir William Jardine].  Edinburgh,  [Great Britain], Lizars, 1833-1844.  40 vols.

NAL Call Number:  411 J28A 

Descriptors:  natural history, birds, fish, insects, mammals. 


Jardine, Sir William.  The Naturalist=s Library.  Conducted by Sir William Jardine ...  Mammalia.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain], W.H. Lizars, [etc.] 1833-42.  13 vols., front.  (ports.), ill., pl. (part col). 

NAL Call Number:  411 J28M 

Descriptors:  natural history, mammalia, Great Britain, mammals. 


Jayne, Horace.  Mammalian Anatomy, a Preparation for Human and Comparative Anatomy, by Horace Jayne.  Part I.  The Skeleton of the Cat, its Muscular Attachments, Growth, and Variations Compared with the Skeleton of Man.  Philadelphia, [etc.].  J.B. Lippincott Company, 1898.  xix, 816 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  444 J33 

Descriptors:  mammal anatomy, human anatomy, comparative anatomy, cat skeleton compared to the human skeleton.


Jenyns, F.C.  A Book about Bees:  Their History, Habits, and Instincts, Together with the First Principles of Modern Bee-Keeping for Young Readers by Rev. F.G. Jenyns ... with Introduction by the Baroness Burdett-Coutts, published at the request, and under the sanction, of the British Bee-Keepers Association.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Gardner, Darton, & Co., 1886.  xxiv, 200 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  424 J45 

Descriptors:  bees, bee history, habits, behaviors, instincts, modern bee keeping for young readers, British Bee-Keepers Association.


Jesse, Edward.  Anecdotes of dogs ... A new edition.  London, [Great Britain].  Bell & Daldy, 1873.  iv p., 1 l., [ix]-xvi, 491 p., ill. Bohn=s Illustrated Library.

NAL Call Number:  48 J49 

Descriptors:  dogs, anecdotes, stories about how dogs behave, famous dogs.


Johnson, Willis Grant.  Report on the San Jose scale in Maryland, and remedies for its suppression and control.  College Park, [M.D.].  Maryland Agricultural Research Station, 1898.  116 p., [7] leaves of plates, ill., port.  Bulletin. Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, no. 57, 1843-1895.

NAL Call Number:  100 M36S no. 57 

Descriptors:  San Jose scale, report, entomology, insect pest control, suppression, portrait Charles Valentine Riley, 1843-1895, Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station, agricultural history.


Josselyn, John and Edward Tuckerman.  New-England=s Rarities Discovered:  in Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, and Plants of that Country.  By John Josselyn, Gent. with an Introduction and Notes by Edward Tuckerman, M.A.  Boston, [MA].  W. Veazie, 1865. viii, 169 p., ill.  Note:  Includes reproduction of t.p., of original edition, London, [Great Britain], 1672. 

NAL Call Number:  411 J79N 

Descriptors:  New England rarities, birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, plants, illustrated works, John Josselyn fl. 1630-1675. 


Jud, Balthasar F.  Our Household Friend, the Dog.  Hydrophobia:  its Primary Cause, with Rational Suggestions for Preventing its Spontaneous Origin, and Consequent Transmission. New York, [NY].  The author, [c1877].  41 p. 

NAL Call Number:  48 J88 

Descriptors:  domestic dogs, dogs and rabies, animal disease, hydrophobia, origin, prevention, transmission.


Kelaart, Edward Frederic, George Gardner, Walter Elliot and Ed Blyth.  Prodromus faunae zeylanicae, being contributions to the zoology of Ceylon.  Ceylon.  Printed for the author, 1852-. [vol. 1] 22CM.  Appendix of vol. 1:  A. Some general remarks on the flora of Ceylon, by George Gardner, F.L.S.  B. Description of Bos gaurus, by Walter Elliot.  C. Notes and description of some new or little known species of Ceylon birds, by Ed. Blyth …  from the Journals of the Asiatic Society.  Mr. Blyth=s report on Ceylon mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes, March 1852.  Letter …  To the Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Ceylon.  Letter ... [to Edgar Layard] p. 54.  Catalogue of Ceylon birds.  By E.F. Kelaart and Edgar L. Layard ... (From the Journal of the Ceylon Asiatic Society for January 1853).

NAL Call Number:  411 K27 

Descriptors:  zoology, flora, new species, birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, Ceylon, various authors’ works.


King, William Ross.  The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada, or Notes on the Natural History of the Game, Game Birds, and Fish of that Country.  London, [England], Hurst and Blackett, 1866.  xv, [1], p., 3 l., [5]-334 p. col. front., ill., 5 col. pl. 

NAL Call Number:  411.2 K58 

Descriptors:  natural history, zoology, game birds, sport fishes, species, habitats, Canada. 

Kirby, William.  A Century of insects, including several new genera described from his cabinet by William  Kirby.  [London, Great Britain:  R. Taylor, 1818.] p. 375-453, [3] leaves of plates:  ill.  Note:  Caption title:  Transactions of the Linnaean Society of London (London, England):  v.12 (1818).

NAL Call Number:  422 K632C 

Descriptors:  entomology, natural history, descriptions of genera, a century of insects, new genera described, historical work, Great Britain. 


Kirby, William and William Spense.  An Introduction to Entomology:  or Elements of the Natural History of Insects:  with Plates.  5th edition.  London, [Great Britain], Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1828.  4 vols., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422 K632I  Ed. 5 R 

Descriptors:  entomology, natural history of insects, illustrated works, historical work.


Knobel, Edward.  The Day Butterflies and Duskflyers of New England, How to Find and Know Them. Boston, [Mass.], B. Whidden, 1895.  40 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  430 K75D 

Descriptors:  entomology identification, New England States, United States, day butterflies, dusk fliers, field guide, Lepidoptera, 1895 edition, illustrated works.


Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de.  Systeme des animaux sans vertebres, ou tableau general des classes, des ordres, et des genres de ces animaux, prec dee du discours d=ouverture du cours de zoologie, donne dans le Museum National d=Histoire Naturelle l=an 8 de la Republique.  [System of Invertebrates, a Table of the General Classes, Orders and the Genra of these Animals.  Proceeded by Views of the Course of Zoologie Given in the National Museum of Natural History in the 8th Year of the Republic.]  Paris, [France].  Chez Deterville, 1801.  viii, 432 p., tables (part fold.).  Note:  In French. 

NAL Call Number:  411 L16S 

Descriptors:  invertebrate animals, zoology, invertebrates, natural history, taxonomic tables, National Museum of Natural History, France, Jean Pierre Antoine de Monet de Lamarck 1744-1829.


Languille, James Hibbert.  Our Birds in Their Haunts:  a Popular Treatise on the Birds of Eastern North America. New York, [NY], Orange Judd Co., 1892. 630 p., front., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  413 L26 

Descriptors:  birds, eastern North America, illustrated works. 


Latreille, Pierre Andre.  Familles naturelles du regne animal, exposees succinctement et dans un ordre analytique, avec l=indication de leurs genres.  [Natural Families of the Animal Kingdom, Succinctly Shown and in an Analytical Order with the Genera Indicated].  Paris, [France].  J.B. Bailliere [etc.], 1825  3 p. l., 570 p.  Note:  In French.

NAL Call Number:  411 L35 

Descriptors:  animal kingdom, taxonomy, orders, genera, zoology, Pierre Andre Latreille 1762-1833.


Law, James.  Experiments with tuberculin on nontuberculous cows by James Law.  Law, James.  Ithaca, [N.Y.] Cornell University, 1894.  p. 660-676, ill. Bulletin (Cornell University. Agricultural  Experiment Station), 82.

NAL Call Number:  100 N48C (1) no. 82 

Descriptors:  cattle disease, tuberculin experiments, nontuberculous cows, Mycobacterium. 


Law, James.  The Farmer=s Veterinary Advisor:  a Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Disease in Domestic Animals by James Law.  2nd ed.  Ithaca, [NY].  The author, 1877, c1876. 426 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  41 L41F 1877 

Descriptors:  farmer=s veterinary advisor, veterinary guide, domestic animals, disease treatments and prevention.


Law, James.  The Farmer=s Veterinary Advisor:  a Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Disease in Domestic Animals by James Law.  10th ed.  Ithaca, [NY].  The author, 1892.  viii, 1 l., 520 p., front., ill.  Note:  With this is bound, as issued, the author=s The Lung Plague of Cattle. Ithaca [1889].

NAL Call Number:  41 L41F 1892 

Descriptors:  veterinary guide, animal disease and prevention, treatment, cattle diseases, lung plague in cattle, farmer=s veterinary advisor. 


Law, James.  Hereditary Entailments in Domestic Animals and in the Human Family. Cambridge, [IL?].  Riverside Press, 1876.  18 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 L41H 

Descriptors:  hereditary entailments of animals and humans, hereditary characteristics and behaviors of domestic animals. 


Law, James.  The Lung Plague of Cattle, Contagious Pleuro-Pneumonia.  Ithaca, [NY].  The author, 1879.  1 p.  1., 97 p., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  41 L41L 

Descriptors:  cattle disease, lung plague, contagious pleuro-pneumonia, description of the disease, prevention and treatment. 


Law, James.  The More Important Diseases of Swine:  Their Prevention and Treatment by James Law.  [s.1., s.n., 1896].  27 p.  Note:  APresented at the meeting of the N.J. State Board of Agriculture, January 15th, 1896".

NAL Call Number:  41 L41 

Descriptors:  swine diseases, description of the disease, prevention and treatment.


Law, James and New York State Agricultural Society.  Rational and Irrational Treatment of Animals: Address Delivered Before the New York State Agricultural Society at Albany on Wednesday Evening, February 9th, 1870 by James Law.  Albany, [NY].  The Society, 1870.  25 p. 

NAL Call Number:  41 L41R 

Descriptors:  animals treatment, animals rational treatment, irrational treatment, abuse, proper care and use.


Law, James.  Tuberculosis in relation to animal industry and public health by James Law. Ithaca, N.Y.  Cornell University, 1894.  p. 106-157.  Bulletin (Cornell University. Agricultural Experiment Station), 65.

NAL Call Number:  100 N48C (1) no. 65 

Descriptors:  animals disease, tuberculosis related to animal industry, tuberculosis related to public health. 


Lawrence, John.  General Treatise on Cattle, the Ox, the Sheep, and the Swine:  Comprehending Their Breeding, Management, Improvement, and Diseases.  2nd ed., with additions.  London, [Great Britain]:  Printed for Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, [1809?].  [14], 618 p.

NAL Call Number:  40 L43G Ed.2 

Descriptors:  cattle, livestock, ox, oxen, sheep, swine, animal husbandry, breeding, management, improvement, animal diseases.


Lawrence, John.  The Horse in All His Varieties and Uses, His Breeding, Rearing and Management with Rules for His Preservation from Disease.  Lawrence, John.  London, [Great Britain], M. Arnold, 1829. xix, 315 p.

NAL Call Number:  42 L43H 

Descriptors:  horses, varieties, uses, husbandry, breeding, rearing, management, rules regarding disease prevention, Great Britain. 


Lawrence, John.  Moubray on Breeding, Rearing and Fattening All Kinds of Poultry, Cows, Swine, and Other Domestic Animals.  2nd American [edn.].  Boston, [Mass.], Joseph Breck, 1837.  278 p.  Note:  Adapted to the soil, climate and culture of the United States from the 6th London edition.  Title varies.

NAL Call Number:  SF487.L32 1837 R 

Descriptors:  livestock, poultry, cows, swine, domestic animals, animal husbandry, Moubray’s approach on care of domestic animals, rearing, fattening.


Lawrence, John.  A Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening All Kinds of Domestic Poultry, Pheasants, Pigeons, and Rabbits.  Including an Interesting Account of the Egyptian Method of Hatching Eggs by Artificial Heat, with the Author=s Experiments thereon.  4th edn. with additions.  Lawrence, John.  London, [Great Britain], Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1822. 312 p.

NAL Call Number:  SF487.L32 1822 R 

Descriptors:  domestic poultry, breeding, rearing, fattening, pheasants, pigeons, rabbits, experiments, Egyptian method hatching eggs by artificial heat, practical advice. 


Lawrence, John.  A Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening All Kinds of Domestic Poultry, Pheasants, Pigeons, and Rabbits.  Also the Management of Swine, Milch Cows, and Bees, and Instructions for the Private Brewery.  6th edn., with considerable additions.  London, [Great Britain], Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, 1830.  368 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  SF487.L32 1830 R 

Descriptors:  domestic poultry, pheasants, pigeons, rabbits, breeding, rearing, fattening, management, swine, milch cows, dairy cows, bees, instructions for a private brewery.


Lawrence, John.  A Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening All Kinds of Domestic Poultry, Pheasants, Pigeons, and Rabbits.  Also the Management of Swine, Milch Cows, and Bees, and Instructions for the Private Brewery, on Cider, Perry, and British Wine Making.  7th edn., with considerable additions.  London, [Great Britain], Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1834.  467 p., ill.  Note:  Subtitle varies with 6th edn.

NAL Call Number:  SF487.L32 1834 R 

Descriptors:  domestic poultry, pheasants, pigeons, rabbits, breeding, rearing, fattening, animal management, swine, milch cows, dairy cows, bees, instructions for a private brewery, cider, perry, British wine making, Great Britain.


Lawrence, John.  A Treatise on Domestic Poultry, Pigeons and Rabbits with a Practical Account of the Egyptian Method of Hatching Eggs by Artificial Heat, and All the Needful Particulars Relative to Breeding, Rearing, and Management.  London, [Great Britain], Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1815.  218 p.

NAL Call Number:  SF487.L32 R 

Descriptors:  domestic poultry, pigeons, rabbits, Egyptian method of hatching eggs by artificial heat, breeding, rearing, management, Great Britain.


Leech, John Henry.  Butterflies from China, Japan, and Korea.  London, [Great  Britain].  R.H. Porter. 1892-1894.  4 vols., ill., plates:  v. folded maps, and atlas (43 col. plates).  Note:  Issued in parts.  American Entomological Society.  vol. 1. Nymphalidae and  Lemoniidae.  vol. 2. Lycoenidoe, Papilionidoe, and Hesperiidoe.

NAL Call Number:  430 L51 

Descriptors:  butterflies, Far East, China, Japan, Korea, Nymphalidae, Lemoniidae, Lycoenidoe, Papilionidoe, Hesperiidoe.


Leidy, Joseph.  A flora and fauna within living animals.  [Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1853].  67 p., ill., x pl. (1 col.).  Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, vol. V, part 2.

NAL Call Number:  438 L53 

Descriptors:  microflora in living animals, parasites of plants and animals, historical work.


Leonard, Arthur Glyn.  The Camel, its Uses and Management, by Major Arthur Glyn Leonard.  London, [Great Britain] and New York, [NY].  Longmans, Green and Co., 1894.  vii, p., 1 l., 335 p. 

NAL Call Number:  40 L55 

Descriptors:  camel, camel uses, camel management.


Lewis, Lowery Laymon.  Glanders, Texas Fever, Symptomatic Anthrax by L.L. Lewis. Stillwater, Okla.:  Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, 1897.  18 p., map.

NAL Call Number:  100 Ok4 (1) no. 27 

Descriptors:  cattle, Texas fever, glanders, anthrax, babesiosis in cattle, cattle diseases.


Lewis, Meriwether, William Clark, Paul Allen, Elliott Coues and Thomas Jefferson.  History of the Expedition Under the Command of Lewis and Clark:  to the Sources of the Missouri River, thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean, Performed During the Years 1804-5-6, by Order of the Government of the United States.  A New Edition Faithfully Reprinted from the Only Authorized Edition of 1814.  With a New Biographical and Bibliographical Introduction, New Maps and Other Illustrations, and a Complete Index, by Elliott Coues …, et al.  New York, [N.Y.] F.P.  Harper, 1893.  4 vols., ill., port., 8 maps (3 folded), 2 folded facsim.  Note:  paged continuously.  New edition, 1893 edition, reprint of 1814 edition, New York, N.Y. 

NAL Call Number:  125 L58 1893 Ed.  

Descriptors:  Lewis and Clark expedition history 1804, biographies introduction, bibliography introduction, illustrations, portrait, new maps, tables, Missouri River, Columbia River, Patrick Gass 1771-1870, four volumes, Meriwether Lewis 1774-1809, William Clark 1770-1838, Paul Allen 1775-1826, Elliott Coues 1842-1899, Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826.


Liautard, Alexander Francis (aka Alexandre Francois Augustin Liautard).  Animal Castration by A. Liautard.  New York, [NY].  W.R. Jenkins, 1884.  [5], 148 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  41 L61 

Descriptors:  animal castration, castration procedure, veterinary surgery, historical work. 


Liautard, Alexander Francis (aka Alexandre Francois Augustin Liautard).  Lameness of Horses and Diseases of the Locomotory Apparatus.  2nd ed. New York, [N.Y.].  William R. Jenkins, 1890.  313 p.

NAL Call Number:  42 L61 

Descriptors:  horse diseases, lameness, structural diseases and problems, descriptions, treatments.


Liautard, Alexander Francis (aka Alexandre Francois Augustin Liautard).  Manual of Operative Veterinary Surgery.  Liautard, Alexander Francis.  New York, [N.Y.].  Sabiston & Murray, 1892. xvi, 786 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  41 L61M 

Descriptors:  manual, veterinary surgery, 1892 edition, illustrations, Alexander Francis Liautard 1835-1918, Alexandre Francois Augustin Liautard. 


Liautard, Alexander Francis (aka Alexandre Francois Augustin Liautard.) and Henri Marie Bouley.  Vade Mecum of Equine Anatomy:  for the Use of Advanced Students and Veterinary Surgeons.  New York, [NY].  American Veterinary College, 1879.  197 p.

NAL Call Number:  444 L61 

Descriptors:  horse anatomy, equine anatomy, text book, advanced students and veterinary surgeons, manual, historical work in veterinary training.


Linne, Sir Charles and William Turton.  A General System of Nature, through the Three Grand Kingdoms of Animals, Vegetables, and Minerals.  Translated from Gmelin, Fabricius, Wildenow, &c. ... with a Life of Linne and a Dictionary of the Terms of Natural History, by William Turton ... Linne, Carl von, et al.  London, [Great Britain.] Lackington, Allen and Co., 1806.  7 vols., front. (port.) 9 pl.  Note:  Translated from the 13th edition.  Pages 5-6 and plate of vol. II wanting.  (Original in Latin NAL Call Number:  411 L64S Ed. 10 R).

NAL Call Number:  411 L64 

Descriptors:  three kingdoms of animals, vegetables, and minerals, English translation of Latin edition, natural history, dictionary, 1806 edition, seven volumes, translation of 13th edition, Carl von Linne (Linnaeus) 1707-1778, Johann Friedrich Gmelin 1748-1804, Johann Christian Fabricus 1745-1808.


Long, James.  The Book of the Pig:  its Selection, Breeding, Feeding, and Management by James Long.  Illustrated by Harrison Weir, R.M. Wood, and other eminent artists.  London, [Great Britain].  L.U. Gill, 1886.  viii, 360 p., plates, ill., plans (1 folded).

NAL Call Number:  46 L85B 

Descriptors:  pigs, pig breeding, feeding, management, plans, Great Britain.


Low, David.  Historique naturelle-agricole des animaux domestiques de l=Europe.  [Natural Agricultural History of the Domestic Animals of Europe].  Paris, [France], aux Bureau de Moniteur de la Propriete 1842-1846.  1 vol. (various pagings).  Note:  In French. 

NAL Call Number:  40 L95 

Descriptors:  natural history, domestic animals Europe history, agricultural history, David Low 1786-1859.


Low, David.  On the Domesticated Animals of the British Islands:  Comprehending the Natural and Economical History of Species and Varieties, the Description of the Properties of External Form, and Observations on the Principles and Practice of Breeding by David Low.  London, [England].  Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, Boston, [Mass.]:  Little, Brown, 1853.  cxv, 767 p., [6] leaves of plates, ill.  Note:  Rewritten from earlier work, The Breeds of Domestic Animals of the British Islands, with additions.

NAL Call Number:  SF53.L5  R 

Descriptors:  natural history, economic history, domestic animals, Great Britain, livestock, animal species, animal breeding, historical work, David Low 1786-1859.


Lugger, Otto.  An Illustrated Classification of Insects and Their Relationship to Agriculture.  [Delano, Minn.  Printed at the Eagle Office, 1893.] 72, iv p., ill.  Note:  Lugger knew C.V. Riley.

NAL Call Number:  422 L962IL 

Descriptors:  classification of insects, insect pests, agricultural pests, illustrated work, Otto Lugger 1844-1901, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Lugger, Otto.  [The Orthoptera of Minnesota]:  third annual report of the Entomologist of the State Experiment Station of the University of Minnesota, to the Governor, for the Year 1897 by Otto Lugger.  St. Paul, [Minn.] McGill-Warner Co., 1898.  296 p., ill.  Note:  Also issued as Minnesota, Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin, 55 (NAL Call Number: 100 M66).

NAL Call Number:  423 M66 3d, 1897

Descriptors:  orthoptera, insects, grasshoppers, crickets, third annual report, entomology, Minnesota, illustrated work. 


Lydekker, Richard.  Wild oxen, sheep & goats of all lands, living and extinct, by R. Lydekker.  London, [Great Britain].  R. Ward, 1898.  xiv p., 1 l., 318 p., 1 l.  61 ill., XXVII col. pl.  Game Mammals of the World.  Vol. 2.  AThis edition consists of five hundred copies, numbered and signed, of which this is no. 254.@

NAL Call Number:  412.7 L98W 

Descriptors:  wild oxen, sheep, goats, bison, muskox, mountain sheep, game mammals, game birds, illustrated work, Richard Lydekker 1849-1915.


Markham, Gervase and G. Jeffries.  The Citizen & Countryman=s Experienced Farrier Together with a Valuable Collection of the Best [R]eceipts in the Known World for the Cure of All Maladies and Distempers Incident to Horses of What Kind soever, with Directions to Know the Ailment, or Disease by J. Markham, G. Jeffries and Experienced Indians.  Baltimore, [MD].  Printed and sold by S. Sower, 1803.  349 p.  Note:  Other title:  The Citizen and Countryman=s Experienced Farrier.

NAL Call Number:  41 M344 1803 R 

Descriptors:  horses, farriers, horse diseases, cures, curing recipes, Indians methods of animal care, Gervase Markham 1568(?)-1637.


Martin, George Perkins.  The Camel, his Organization, Habits and Uses, Considered with Reference to His Introduction to the United States.  Boston, [MA], Gould and Lincoln.  New York, [NY].  Sheldon, Blakeman & Co. [etc.], 1856.  1 p. l., [5]-224 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  40 M35 

Descriptors:  camels, habits, uses, introduction to United States, historical review. 


Martin, W.C.L. and William Youatt with William Raynbird and Hugh Raynbird (eds.). Cattle:  their breeds, management, & diseases, to which is added the dairy by W.C.L. Martin, revised and edited by William & Hugh Raynbird.  New ed.  London, [Great Britain].  G. Routledge, 1858.  vii, 212 p., ill. Books for the Country.

NAL Call Number:  SF197.M37 1858 

Descriptors:  cattle, ox and dairy, cattle history, breeds, management, treatment, diseases, William Youatt 1776-1847, William Charles Linnaeus Martin 1789-1864.


Martin, William Charles Linnaeus and William Youatt.  Cattle:  their management, treatment and diseases.  3rd ed. London, [Great Britain].  George Routledge, 1854.  [139]-272 p., ill.  Books for the Country, 9. Note:  Running title:  The Ox and the Dairy. Note also:  This edition published originally in 1852 as 2nd part of a series--Cattle:  their History and Various Breeds. This work was published originally in 1834 by William Youatt, 1776-1847, under the auspices of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, with the title:  Cattle, their Breeds, Management and Diseases. 

NAL Call Number:  43 M36 

Descriptors:  cattle, ox and dairy cattle, history, breeds, management, treatment, diseases, illustrations, William Youatt 1776-1847. 


Martin, William Charles Linnaeus.  Our Domestic Fowls.  London, [Great Britain].  The Religious Tract Society, [18--].  192 p.

NAL Call Number:  47 M36 

Descriptors:  fowl, domestic animals, types and breeds of poultry, Great Britain, Religious Tract Society, William Charles Linnaeus Martin 1789-1864.


Martin, William Charles Linnaeus.  Sheep, our Domestic Breeds and Their Treatment.  London, [Great Britain].  Routledge, [1885].  132 p.

NAL Call Number:  45 M36 1885 

Descriptors:  sheep, domestic animals, breeds, treatment, William Charles Linnaeus Martin 1789-1864.


Mason, Richard, Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy and J.S. Skinner.  The Gentleman=s New Pocket Farrier:  Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, the Horse.  New edn.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Claxton, 1873.  101 p. 

NAL Call Number:  42 M38 1873 

Descriptors:  horses, pocket farrier, domestic animals, diseases, remedies, management, Richard Mason [1798(?)-1880(?)], Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy 1802-1882, John Stuart Skinner 1788-1851. 


Mason, Richard and Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy.  The Gentleman=s New Pocket Farrier, Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, The Horse, Together with the Quickest and Simplest Mode of Fattening.  Also, a Concise Account of the Diseases to Which the Horse is Subject, with such Remedies as Long Experience has Proved to be Effectual.  5th edn., with Additions.  To which is Added a Prize Essay on Mules, [By Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy] and an Appendix, Containing Observations and Receipts for the Cure of Most of the Common Distempers Incident to Horses, Oxen, Cows, Calves, Sheep, Lambs, Swine, Dogs, etc.  Selected from Different Authors.  Also, an Adenda, Containing Annals of the Turf, American Stud Book, Rules for Training, Racing, etc.  Richmond, [VA].  Printed by P. Cottom, 1830.  388 p., front., ill., 4 pl.

NAL Call Number:  42 M38 

Descriptors:  horses, pocket farrier, horse fattening, feeding, diseases, disease remedies, mules, recipes, oxen, cows, calves, sheep, lambs, swine, dogs, domestic animals, American Stud Book, Rules for Training, Rules for Racing, 1830 edition, Richard Mason [1798(?)-1880(?)], Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy 1802-1882, historical work.


Mason, Richard, Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy and J.S. Skinner.  Mason=s Farrier and Stud-Book--New Ed. The Gentleman=s New Pocket Farrier:  Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, the Horse, with Modes of Management in All Cases, and Treatment in Disease.  By Richard Mason ... To which is Added, a Prize Essay on Mules, an Appendix, Containing Recipes for Diseases of Horses, Oxen, Cows, Calves, Sheep, Dogs,  Swine, etc., etc., with Annals of the Turf, American Stud-Book, Rules for Training, Racing, etc.  with Supplement:  Comprising an Essay on Domestic Animals, especially the Horse, with Remarks on Treatment and Breeding, Together with Trotting and Racing Tables, Showing the Best Time on Record, at One, Two, Three, and Four Mile Heats, Pedigrees of Winning Horses, since 1839, and of the Most Celebrated Stallions and Mares, with Useful Calving and Lambing Tables, etc., etc. Philadelphia, [PA].  J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1858.  415, 101 p., front., ill., plates.  Note:  Supplement has special t.p. and pagination. Prize essay on the mule, by Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy:  p. 162-193.

NAL Call Number:  42 M38 1858 

Descriptors:  horses, pocket farrier, management, disease treatment, mules, remedies, oxen, cows, calves, sheep, dogs, swine, recipes, breeding, domestic animals, American Stud  Book, Rules for Training, Rules for Racing, breeding, horse racing time records, pedigrees since 1839, calving and lambing tables, Richard Mason [1798(?)-1880(?)], Samuel Wyllys Pomeroy 1802-1882, John Stuart Skinner 1788-1851.


Maynard, Charles Johnson.  The Butterflies of New England, with Original Description of One Hundred and Six Species, Accompanied by Eight Lithographic Plates, in which are given at Least Two Hand-Colored Figures of Each Species.  Boston, Mass.  Bradlee Whidden, 1886.  iv, 65 [2] p.:  viii col. pl. (incl. front.).

NAL Call Number:  430 M45 1886a 

Descriptors:  butterflies, New England, descriptions of species, morphology, habitats, illustrated volume. 


McBride, J.A.  Prevention of Disease in the Ox and Sheep.  London, [Great Britain]. Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, [1868].  28 p.

NAL Call Number:  40 M12 

Descriptors:  oxen diseases, sheep diseases, animal disease prevention, Great Britain.


McIvor, Clarence.  The History and Development of Sheep Farming from Antiquity to Modern Times. Sydney, [Australia].  Tilghman & Barnett, 1893.  xi, 488 p., [38] leaves of plates, ill. Note:  In slip case. Pt. 1.  An account of its first introduction in civilised countries, and a statistical record up to date.  Pt. 2.  The great Merino stud flocks of Australia.  Pt. 3.  British long and short wool breeds.

NAL Call Number:  45 M18H 

Descriptors:  sheep, sheep ranches, history of the development of sheep in Australia, first introduction, British breeds, illustrations, statistical record, Merino studs, Australia. 


Millais, Everett.  The theory and practice of rational breeding.  London, [Great Britain]. Fanciers Gazette, [1889].  xi, 97 p., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  443 M61 

Descriptors:  dogs breeding, animal genetics, evolution, breeding approaches, Great Britain. 


Mills, Wesley.  The Dog in Health and in Disease Including his Origin, History, Varieties, Breeding, Education, and General Management in Health, and his Treatment in Disease. New York, [NY].  D. Appleton and Company, 1892.  xvi, 407 p., front., ill., 38 plates.

NAL Call Number:  48 M62 

Descriptors:  dog health, dog diseases, dogs, origin, history, varieties, breeding, treatment, care, education, illustrated work, Wesley Mills 1847-1915.


Mills, Wesley.  The Nature and Development of Animal Intelligence.  New York, [NY].  Macmillan, 1898.  307 p.

NAL Call Number:  BF671.M6 

Descriptors:  animal intelligence, evolution and development of intelligence. 


Mills, Wesley.  A Text-Book of Animal Physiology, with Introductory Chapters on General Biology and a Full Treatment of Reproduction, for Students of Human and Comparative (Veterinary) Medicine and of General Biology, by Wesley Mills with over 500 illustrations.  New York, [NY], London, [Great  Britain].  D. Appleton and Company, 1889.  xxii, 700 p., ill., fold. col. pl.

NAL Call Number:  444 M62 

Descriptors:  animal physiology, general biology, reproduction, human and comparative veterinary medicine, color illustrations, 1889 edition, Wesley Mills 1847-1915.


Mivart, St. George Jackson.  The Cat:  an Introduction to the Study of Backboned Animals, Especially Mammals by St. George Mivart, with 200 illustrations.  New York, [NY].  C. Scribner=s Sons, 1881.  xxiii, 557 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  444 M692 

Descriptors:  cats, backboned animals, mammals, introductory study, illustrated work, St. George Jackson Mivart 1827-1900.


Moore, John.  Columbarium, or, The Pigeon-House:  Being an Introduction to a Natural History of Tame Pigeons, Giving an Account of the Several Species Known in England, with the Method of Breeding Them, Their Distempers and Cures.  London, [Great  Britain].  Printed for J. Wilford, 1735, Philadelphia, [PA].:  Reprinted by J.M. Wade, 1874.  x, [11]-64 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  47.2 M78 

Descriptors:  Columbarium, pigeon house, domesticated pigeons, tame pigeons, species, natural history, breeding, diseases, distempers, cures, England, John Moore d. 1737.


Moore, Veranus Alva and Fred Lucius Kilborne.  Outbreak of rabbit septicaemia, with observations on the nature of the disease and its specific organism.  New York, [NY]. Sabiston, Murray & Co., 1893.  16 p.  Note:  Reprinted from the American Veterinary Review,  Sept., 1893.

NAL Call Number:  41 M78O

Descriptors:  rabbit diseases, rabbit septicemia, disease outbreak, New York, observations on the disease, disease presentation, symptoms, pathobiology, specific organism. 


Morris, Francis Orpen.  A History of British Butterflies by the Rev. F.O. Morris.  5th edition, with seventy-two coloured plates.  London, [Great Britain].  George Bell and Sons.  1870.  viii, 159, 24 p.:  74 ill. (72 col.).  Note:  AAphorismata Entomologica.@

NAL Call Number:  430 M832 Ed. 5 

Descriptors:  Lepidoptera, British butterflies, description and where found, entomology, historical work, illustrated work. 


Mosenthal, Julius de and James Edmund Harting.  Ostriches and Ostrich Farming.  New ed.  London, [Great Britain].  Trubner & Co., 1879.  xvii, [iv]-v, [v]-xxi, [1] p., 1 l., 246 p. Front., ill., plates.  Note:  AList of works and articles@:  p.[v]-xv.  Pt. I. Ostriches, by James Edmund Harting.  Pt. II. Ostrich farming, by Julius de Mosenthal. 

NAL Call Number:  47.4 M85O 

Descriptors:  ostriches, ostrich farming, 1879 edition, new edition, bibliography, Great Britain, illustrations, James Edmund Harting 1841-1928.


Murray, Alexander James.  Cattle and Their Diseases, by A.J. Murray with an Introduction on Breeding and Management of Cattle, Compiled mainly from the Writings of Hon. T.C. Jones, of Ohio.  Chicago, [IL].  J.H. Sanders Publishing Co., 1887.  270 p., front., ill.

NAL Call Number:  41 M96 

Descriptors:  cattle, cattle diseases, breeding, management. 


Murray, Andrew.  On the Pediculi infesting the different races of man.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain].  Printed for the Royal Society of Edinburgh by Neill and Company, 1861.  [2], 567-578 p., 2 plates, ill.  Note:  AFrom the Transactions of the Royal Society of  Edinburgh, vol. XXII, part III.”

NAL Call Number:  431 M96 

Descriptors:  human body parasites, lice, Pediculi parasitizing man, medical parasitology. 


Neale, Arthur T.  Anthrax:  a study of national and state legislation on this subject, [Arthur T. Neale].  Newark, Del. Delaware College Agricultural Experiment Station, 1898.  15 p.  Bulletin. Delaware College Agricultural Experiment Station, no. 37.

NAL Call Number:  100 D37S (1) no. 37 

Descriptors:  animal disease study, anthrax law and legislation, United States, Delaware. 


Nelson, Edward William, et al.  Report upon natural history collections made in Alaska between the years 1877 and 1881 by Edward W. Nelson, edit. by Henry W. Henshaw.  Washington, [D.C.].  Govt. Print. Off., 1887.  337 p., 21 pl. (12 col.).  Arctic Series of Publications Issued in Connection with the Signal Service, U.S. Army, no. III.  Note:  Partial bibliography of Alaskan ornithology:  p. 223-226.  Letter of transmittal, by H.W. Henshaw.  Narrative, by E.W. Nelson.  “Pt. I. Birds of Alaska, with partial bibliography of Alaskan ornithology,” by E.W. Nelson.  Pt. II. Mammals of northern Alaska,” by E.W. Nelson and F.W. True.  Pt. III.  Field notes on Alaskan fishes,” by E.W. Nelson, with additional notes by T.H. Bean.  Pt. IV. Insects.  Report upon the diurnal Lepidoptera collected in Alaska by E.W. Nelson,” by W.H. Edwards. 

NAL Call Number:  411 N332 

Descriptors:  report, Alaskan natural history collections, 1877-1881, illustrated works, zoology birds, Alaskan ornithology partial bibliography, mammals northern Alaska, fish, insects, diurnal Lepidoptera, Edward William Nelson 1855-1934, Henry Wetherbee Henshaw 1850-1930, Frederick William True 1858-1914, Tarleton Hoffman Bean 1846-1916, William Henry Edwards 1822-1909.


New South Wales Anthrax Board.  Anthrax (Cumberland) Disease in Sheep and Cattle.  Test of Efficacy of Pasteur=s Vaccine of Anthrax as a Preventative against-- Report of Experiments at Junee, etc.  New South Wales, [Australia].  Anthrax Board.  [Sydney, Australia], N.S.W. Anthrax Board, [1888].  6 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 N47A 

Descriptors:  anthrax, anthrax (Cumberland) disease, sheep and cattle, efficacy of Pasteur=s vaccine, vaccinations, prevention of disease, report of experiments at Junee, Australia, New South Wales, Anthrax Board, Sydney, Australia. 


New South Wales Anthrax Board.  Report on Experiments Demonstrating the Efficacy of Pasteur=s Vaccine, etc.  New South Wales, [Australia].  Anthrax Board.  [Sydney, Australia], N.S.W. Anthrax Board, 1889.  37 p. 

NAL Call Number:  41 N47 

Descriptors:  anthrax, anthrax (Cumberland) disease of sheep and cattle, test for efficacy of Pasteur=s vaccine, preventative measures, report of experiments at Junee, Australia, New South Wales, Anthrax Board, Sydney, Australia.


Newman, Edward.  An Illustrated Natural History of British Moths:  with Life-Size Figures from Nature of Each Species, and of the More Striking Varieties:  Also, Full Descriptions of Both the Perfect Insect and the Caterpillar, Together with the Dates of Appearance, and Localities where Found.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Tweedie, 1869.  viii, 486 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  430 N46B 

Descriptors:  natural history, British moths, species descriptions, illustrated work, moths and caterpillars, dates of appearance and localities, behaviors, Lepidoptera, Edward Newman 1801-1876.


Olliff, Arthur Sidney.  Australian Butterflies:  a Brief Account of the Native Families, with a Chapter on Collecting & Preserving Insects.  Sydney, [Australia]:  [Natural History Association of New South Wales], 1889.  [7]-48, [1] p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  430 O24 

Descriptors:  Australian butterflies, Lepidoptera, zoology of insects, natural history of native butterflies, collecting insects, preserving insects, New South Wales. 


Olliff, Arthur Sydney.  Report on a Visit to the Clarence River District for the Purpose of Ascertaining the Nature and Extent of Insect Svages in the Sugarcane Crops.  [Australia]. 1893.

NAL Call Number:  423 O14R 

Descriptors:  report from Clarence River District, insect damage of sugar cane crops, insect pests, Australia.


Ord, George.  A Memoir of Thomas Say.  1834. 15 p. [It is assumed that Ord published it himself.]

NAL Call Number:  120 Sa9 

Descriptors:  memoir, Thomas Say 1781-1866, entomologist, a brief sketch.


Orr, S.C. and V.S. Orr.  The Farmer=s Ready Reference or Hand-Book of Diseases of Horses and Cattle:  a Short and Plain Description of the Ordinary Diseases of Horses and Cattle, with Simple, Practical Rules for Their Care and Treatment.  Manhattan, Kansas.  1894.  159 p., port. 

NAL Call Number:  SF751.O8 

Descriptors:  farmer=s handbook, cattle diseases, horse diseases, animal care, treatment, illustrations, portraits. 


Osborne, Henry Fairfield.  From the Greeks to Darwin:  an outline of the development of the evolution idea.  2nd ed. New York, [NY], London, [Great Britain]:  Macmillan, 1896.  x, 259 p. Columbia University Biological Series I. Note:  Based upon lectures delivered at Princeton and Columbia Universities.

NAL Call Number:  443 Os1 

Descriptors:  evolution history, Greeks, Darwin, theories of evolution. 


Owen, David Dale, Joseph Leidy, Joseph Granville Norwood, Charles Chistopher Parry, Henry Prattan, Benjamin Franklin Shumard, Charles Whittlesey Whittlesey.  Report of a Geological Survey of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, and Incidentally of a Portion of Nebraska Territory.  Made under Instructions from the United States Treasury Department by David Dale Owen, United States Geologist.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852.  xxxviii, [39]-638 p., 1 leaf:  ill. and atlas of plates, maps, and sections (partly folded).  Note:  Final report addressed to the Commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office.  Atlas has title:  Illustrations to the Geological Report of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota ... Appendix. I. Description of new and imperfectly known genera and species of organic remains, by D.D. Owen.  II. Descriptions of one new genus and twenty-two new species of Crinoidea, from the subcarboniferous limestone of Iowa, by D.D. Owen and B.F. Shumard.  III. Summary of the distribution of orders, genera, and species in the Northwest.  IV. Additional chemical examinations, by D.D. Owen.  V. Systematic catalogue of plants of Wisconsin and Minnesota, by C.C. Parry.  VI. Systematic catalogue of the birds observed in northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, by Henry Pratten.  Note also:  Geological survey of Wisconsin,  Iowa, and Minnesota by D.D. Owen. Geological report of a survey of portions of Wisconsin and Minnesota, made during the years 1847, >48, >49 and >50 .by J.G. Norwood.  Geological report of that portion of Wisconsin bordering on the south shore of Lake Superior, surveyed in the year 1849 by Charles Whittlesey.  Geological report of local, detailed observations, in the valleys of the Minnesota, Mississippi, and Wisconsin Rivers, made in the years 1848 and 1849 by B.F. Shumard.  Description of the remains of extinct mammalia and chelonia, from Nebraska Territory by Joseph Leidy.

NAL Call Number:  407 Ow2 R 

Descriptors:  report, geological survey, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, and a portion of Nebraska, plants, birds, fossils of extinct animals, organic remains.


Owen, Richard.  Paleontology or a Systematic Summary of Extinct Animals and Their Geological Relations.  2nd edition.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain].  A. and C. Black.  1861.  xvi, 463 p., ill. 

NAL Call Number:  402 Ow2P 

Descriptors:  extinct animals, geological relations, paleontology, natural history, systematic summary. 


Packard, Alpheus Spring.  Report on the Rocky Mountain locust and other insects now injuring or likely to injure field and garden crops in the western states and territories.  Washington, [D.C.].  U.S. Print. Off., 1877.  p. 589-813, ill., maps, plates.  Note:  At head of  title:  Dept. of the Interior. United States Geological Survey.  Extracted from:  The Ninth Annual Report of the U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories for 1875.

NAL Call Number:  423 P12R 

Descriptors:  report, insects, Rocky Mountain locust, crop injuring insects, United States, western states and territories, 1877 edition, illustrated work, maps, Department of the Interior. United States Geological Survey, Alpheus Spring Packard 1839-1905.


Paige, James Breckinridge.  History of tuberculosis in college herd; Use of tuberculin in diagnosis; Outbreak of bovine rabies; Poisoning of cattle by nitrate of soda.  Amherst, Mass.  Hatch Experiment Station of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1894.  42 p., 1 map. Bulletin. Massachusetts Agricultural Experiment Station, no. 27.

NAL Call Number:  100 M38H (1) no. 27 

Descriptors:  tuberculosis history, cattle, college herd, tuberculin use in tuberculosis diagnosis, bovine rabies, Chile saltpeter, cattle poisoning by nitrate of soda, Massachusetts. 


Palladius, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus and J.C. Schmitt.  Palladii Rvtilii Tavri Aemiliani viri illvstris opvs agricvltvrae ex recensione J.C. Schmitti.  [J.C. Schmitt=s edition of the agricultural works of the illustrious Palladius Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus. -eng.].  Lipsiae,  [Leipsig, Germany]:  in aedibvs B.G. Tevbneri, 1898. xiii, [1], 269, [1] p.  Biblioteca Scriptorvm Graecotvm et Romanorvm Tevbneriana.  [Library of Greek and Roman writers. eng. tr.].

NAL Call Number:  30.8 P17 

Descriptors:  ancient agriculture history, ancient agronomists, Greek and Roman writers, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus Palladius ca. 64 A.D., J.C. Schmitt ca. 1898, Latin language, published in Germany. 


Parker, William Kitchen.  On the Structure and Development of the Skull of the Common Frog (Nana temporavia L.).  [London, Great Britain. 1871].  137-211 p., 8 col. pl.

NAL Call Number:  444 P222R 

Descriptors:  zoology, frogs, frog skull, skeletal structure, skull development, common frog, Nana temporavia L., color illustrations, William Kitchen Parker 1823-1890.


Parvin, Theophilus.  A Physician on Vivisection:  Extracts from the Annual Address before the American Academy of Medicine, Washington, [D.C.], May 4, 1891.  Cambridge, [Mass.?] J. Wilson, 1895.  16 p. 

NAL Call Number:  40 P25 

Descriptors:  vivisection, animal testing alternatives, annual address, American Academy of Medicine, Theophilus Parvin 1829-1898.


Pearson, Leonard and Benjamin Harry Warren.  Diseases and enemies of poultry.  [Harrisburg, PA.  C.M. Busch, state printer, 1897].  116, xxiv, 750 p., [21 leaves of plates:  ill. (some col.). Note:  Originally pub. as Pennsylvania. Department of Agriculture. Bulletin no. 17.  Spine title, each pt. has special t.p. only.  Pt. 1.  Diseases of poultry by Leonard  Pearson. Pt. 2.  Enemies of poultry by B.H. Warren.

NAL Call Number:  47 P31 

Descriptors:  poultry, descriptions of common diseases, enemies, United States illustrated work, Leonard Pearson 1868-1909, B.H. (Benjamin Harry) Warren 1858-. 


Phares, David Lewis.  Diseases of sheep and calves, Bitter weed. Agricultural College, Miss.  Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station, 1889. 13 p., ill.  Bulletin. Mississippi  Agricultural Experiment Station, no. 9.

NAL Call Number:  100 M69 no. 9 

Descriptors:  sheep, calves, diseases, sneezerweed, bitter weed, toxic forage, effects. 


Philanthropos.  Physiological Cruelty, or, Fact v. Fancy, an Inquiry into the Vivisection Question. London, [Great Britain].  Tinsley Bros., 1883.  1 p.l., vi, 156 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 P53 

Descriptors:  vivisection, animal welfare, social issues regarding the use of animals in biomedical research.


Pietrement, Charles Alexandre.  Les Chevaux dans les temps prehistoriques et historiques, par C.A. Pietrement.  [The Horse in Prehistoric and Historical Times].  Paris, [France].  G. Bailliere, 1883.  xx, 776 p.  Note:  Contains a chapter on the presence of the dog in America before the discovery by Europeans.  Note:  In French. 

NAL Call Number:  42 P61 

Descriptors:  horses, prehistoric horses, prehistoric American dog breeds, prehistoric peoples, prehistoric animals, biblical animals, historic horses, Charles Alexandre Pietrement 1826-.


Randall, Henry Stephens.  Sheep Husbandry in the South:  Comprising a Treatise on the Acclimation of Sheep in the Southern States, and an Account of the Different Breeds.  Also, A Complete Manual of Breeding, Summer and Winter Management, and of the Treatment of Diseases.  In a series of letters from Henry S. Randall to R.F.W. Allston.  Philadelphia, [PA.].  J.S. Skinner & Son, 1848.  320 p.,  ill.

NAL Call Number:  45 R15Sh 

Descriptors:  sheep husbandry, southern states, acclimation of sheep to warm climates, account of different breeds, breeding manual, summer management, winter management, treatment of diseases, letters from Henry S. Randall to R.F.W. Allston, illustrated work, Henry Stephens Randall 1811-1876.


Ray, John and Edwin Lankester (ed.).  Correspondence of … Ray.  1848.  1 vol.

NAL Call Number:  120 R21 

Descriptors:  correspondence, John Ray 1627-1705, one volume, biographical information, naturalist.


Reasor, James A.  A Treatise on the Hog:  His Habits, Breeds, Management, and Diseases. With Especial Reference to the Disease Called Hog Cholera.  Together with a Chapter on Trichina. Louisville, Ky., Printed by J.P. Morgan and Company, 1870.  312 p., front. (port.),  ill.

NAL Call Number:  46 R23 

Descriptors:  hogs, treatise, swine, habits, behaviors, various breeds, management, housing,  swine diseases, hog cholera, trichinosis, historical works.


Rennie, James and John George Wood.  Insect Architecture, by James Rennie, new ed., much enl., by the Rev. J.G. Wood ... With nearly two hundred illustrations.  London, [Great Britain].  G. Bell & Sons.  1869.  xv, 439 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422 R29I 

Descriptors:  insects, insect architecture, insect designs and structure, animal behavior, entomology, illustrated works, Great Britain, James Rennie 1787-1867, John George Wood 1827-1889.


Rennie, James.  Insect miscellanies.  London, [England] C. Knight, Edinburgh, [England] Oliver and Boyd, [etc.] 1831.  xii, 414 p., ill.  Library of Entertaining Knowledge [published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.]

NAL Call Number:  422 R29In

Descriptors:  insects, entomology, illustrated works, England, James Rennie 1787-1867.


Rennie, James and John Obadiah Westwood.  The Natural History of Insects.  London, [England].  J. Murray, 1829-1835.  2 vols., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422 R29 

Descriptors:  insects, natural history, behaviors, structure, habitats, zoology, entomology, James Rennie 1787-1867, J.O. (John Obadiah) Westwood 1805-1893.


Richardson, H.D.  The hog, his origin and varieties, management with a view to profit, and treatment under disease, also, plain directions relative to the most approved modes of curing and preserving his flesh.  New York, [NY].  C.M. Saxton, 1852. 64 p., ill.  Saxton=s Rural Hand-Books.

NAL Call Number:  46 R39 

Descriptors:  hogs, origin of domestic breeds, varieties, management for profit, disease treatment, directions for curing and preserving hog meat, illustrations, H.D. Richard.


Richardson, H.D. and W. Oldham.  The Pests of the Farm, with Instructions for Their Extirpation:  Being a Manual of Plain Directions for the Certain Destruction of Every Description of Vermin by H.D. Richardson, with Numerous Illustrations on Wood by W. Oldham.  Dublin, [Ireland].  J. McGlashan, 1847.  108 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 R39P 

Descriptors:  agricultural pests, vermin control, economic zoology, instructions for pest destruction, historical work, woodcut illustrations, Great Britain.


Richardson, Sir John, William Kirby and William Swainson.  Fauna Boreali-Americana, or, The Zoology of the Northern Parts of British America:  Containing Descriptions of the Objects of Natural History Collected on the Late Northern Land Expedition, Under Command of Captain Sir John Franklin, by [Sir] John Richardson assisted by William Swainson and William Kirby.  Published under the authority of the Right Honourable Secretary of State for Colonial Affairs.  London, [Great Britain] J. Murray [etc.], 1829-37.  4 vols., ill., 110 pl. (72 col.).  Note:  Title varies.  Imprint of vol. 3:  London, R. Bentley, vol. 4:  Norwich, J. Fletcher, and sold in London by Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans.  Vol. 4 was also issued with a special title:  Entomologia Boreali Americana. By William Kirby, Norwich, 1837.

NAL Call Number:  411.2  R39 

Descriptors:  fauna of northern North America, British America, natural history of fauna collected on northern land expedition, Sir John Richardson 1787-1865, color illustrated works, William Kirby 1759-1850, William Swainson 1789-1855, expedition captain Sir John Franklin.


Richardson, Sir John and Edward Forbes (ed.).  The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Herald:  Under the Command of Captain Henry Kellet, During the Years 1845-51 ed. by Edward Forbes, Fossil mammals by Sir John Richardson.  London, [Great Britain].  Reeve, 1852.  vi, 100 p., 15 [i.e. 30] leaves of plates, ill.  Note:  Errata:  p. 100.

NAL Call Number:  402 R39F 

Descriptors:  zoology, voyage of the H.M.S. Herald, 1845-1851, Captain Henry Kellet, Sir John Richardson 1787-1865, fossil mammals, illustrated work.


Ridgeway, Robert, and S.A. Forbes.  The ornithology of Illinois.  Part I. Descriptive catalogue by Robert Ridgeway.  Part II. Economic ornithology by S.A. Forbes.  Pub. by the authority of the state Legislature.  Springfield, Ill.  H.W. Rokker, Printer, 1889-95.  2 vols., front. (v. 1.) 65 pl.  Natural History Survey of Illinois. State Laboratory of Natural History, vol. I, vol. II, pt.  I.  Note:  Bibliography: vol. I, p. 336-42, vol. II, Economic ornithology, by S.A. Forbes, not published.  

NAL Call Number:  413 I16 

Descriptors:  birds, ornithology, Illinois, economic ornithology. 


Ridgeway, William.  A Manual of North American Birds by Robert Ridgway.  Illustrated by 464 outline drawings of the generic characters.  2nd edition.  Robert Ridgeway Philadelphia, PA, J.B. Lippincott Company, 1896.  xiii, 653 p., front. (port.), 74 pl.

NAL Call Number:  413 R43M 

Descriptors:  manual, North American birds, illustrated work. 


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Destructive locusts:  a popular consideration of a few of the more injurious locusts (or Agrasshoppers@) of the United States, together with the best means of destroying them, by C.V. Riley.  Washington, D.C.  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Division of  Entomology, 1891.  62 p., 12 leaves of plates, ill.  Bulletin. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Division of Entomology, no. 25.

NAL Call Number:  1 En82B no. 25 

Descriptors:  locusts, grasshoppers, control of agricultural pests, United States, C.V. (Charles Valentine) Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Entomological Papers.  [Salem, 1879].  [3]-23 p., fold. map.

NAL Call Number:  422 R45E 

Descriptors:  entomology papers, insects, U.S. Department of Agriculture entomologist, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  General Truths in Applied Entomology.  Charles Valentine Riley. 1884.

NAL Call Number:  423 R45G 

Descriptors:  entomology, insects, insect control possibilities, agricultural pests, human pests, applied entomology, Charles Valentine Riley, 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Hackberry Butterflies.  1873.  Riley, Charles V.  1 vol.  U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology, [Washington, DC]. Note:  Reprint December 10, 1873.   

NAL Call Number:  430 R45H 

Descriptors:  insects, natural history, Lepidoptera, butterflies, Hackberry butterflies, description, habits, habitat, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  How to Destroy Insects that are Injurious to Agriculture.  Charles Valentine Riley.  1884.

NAL Call Number:  423 R45H 

Descriptors:  insect destruction, injurious insects to agriculture, pest control strategies, entomology, Charles Valentine Riley, 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  The Locust Plague in the United States:  Being more Particularly a Treatise on the Rocky Mountain Locust or So-Called Grasshopper, as it Occurs East of the Rocky Mountains: with Practical Recommendations for its Destruction.  Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago 1877.  236 p.

NAL Call Number:  429 R45Loc 

Descriptors:  insects, locust plague, United States, Rocky Mountain locust, grasshopper, locust destruction, insect pest control, U.S. Department of Agriculture entomologist, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Natural History of Insects.  [1858?].  40, [28] p., ill. (some col.).  Note:  Biographical sketch is in pocket.

NAL Call Number:  QL462.5.R54 R 

Descriptors:  insects, natural history, illustrated work, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Poisonous insects.  New York, [NY].  William Wood & Company, 1887.  p. 741-760, ill.  Note:  [Extracted from the Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences. Vol. 5, 1887].  American Entomological Society.

NAL Call Number:  422 R45P 

Descriptors:  poisonous insects, Arthrodopoda, poisonous, illustrated work, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Remarks on the Insect Defoliators of our Shade Trees.  Charles Valentine Riley.  [1887] 

NAL Call Number:  423 R45 R 

Descriptors:  insects, shade trees, insect defoliators, entomology, rare book, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Riley, Charles Valentine.  Social Insects from Physical and Evolutional Points of View. Charles Valentine Riley.  Washington, D.C., 1894.  74 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422 R45Si 

Descriptors:  insects, entomology, social insects, physical aspects, evolutional aspects, illustrated works, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895.


Ross, Alexander Milton.  The Butterflies and Moths of Canada, with Descriptions of Their Color, Size, and Habits, and the Food and Metamorphosis of Their Larvae.  Toronto, [Canada], Roswell, 1873.  xvi, 93 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  430 R75 

Descriptors:  Lepidoptera, butterflies, moths, color, size, habits, food, metamorphosis of  larvae, Canada, illustrated work, Alexander Milton Ross 1832-1897.


Royale, John, Forbes, Frederick William Hope, John Obadiah Westwood and William Ogilby. Illustrations of the Botany and Other Branches of the Natural History of the Himalayan  Mountains, and of the Flora of Cashmere.  London, [Great  Britain].  W.H. Allen and Co., 1839.  viii, [8], [v]-xxxvi, xxix*-xxxvi*, xxxvii-lxxviii, [2], 472 p. incl. front. (plan) and atlas (3 p. l., front., 100 pl. (part col.).  Note:  On the entomology of the Himalayas and of India, by the Rev. F.W. Hope:  p. [xxxvii]-lii; Descriptions of insects figured in  plates 9 and 10, by J.O. Westwood, p. liii-lv; Memoir on the mammalogy of the Himalayas, by Wm. Ogilby, p. [lvi]-lxxiv.

NAL Call Number:  460.12 R815 Fo R 

Descriptors:  illustrated work, botany, natural history, color illustrations, entomology, mammalogy, Himalayas, India, Frederick William Hope 1797-1892, John Obadiah Westwood 1805-1893, William Ogilby b. ca. 1713, John Forbes Royale 1799?-1858. 


Salmon, Daniel Elmer, Emil Alexander De Schweinitz and Veranus Alva Moore.  Cornstalk disease and rabies in cattle, investigations conducted under the direction of D.E. Salmon. Washington, D.C.  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, 1896.  92 p., 2 leaves of plates, ill.  Bulletin. U.S. Department, Bureau of Animal Industry, 10.  Note:  Contains:  An  investigation into the nature, cause, and means of preventing the cornstalk disease (Toxaemia maidis) of cattle, by Veranus A. Moore.  A disease of cattle not distinguishable from rabies, by Veranus A. Moore.  Chemical examination of cornstalks presumably the cause of cornstalk disease in cattle, by E.A. De Schweinitz. 

NAL Call Number:  1 An5B no. 10 

Descriptors:  cornstalk disease, toxicity based disease, rabies in cattle, investigations, U.S. Bureau of Animal Industry, causes and prevention, Toxaemia maidis of cattle, chemical examination of cornstalks.


Salmon, Daniel Elmer.  Diseases and abuses of animals in the United States.  [Philadelphia, Pa.? s.n. 1898].  15 p.  Note:  Paper prepared for the Washington meeting of the American Humane Society.  Reprinted from Philadelphia Medical Journal, Dec. 10, 1898.

NAL Call Number:  41 Sa3D 

Descriptors:  animal diseases, abuses of animals. 


Salmon, Daniel Elmer.  The Federal Meat Inspection.  1895.  1 vol.  

NAL Call Number:  50 Sa3 

Descriptors:  federal meat inspection program, United States, history, activities. 


Salmon, Daniel Elmer.  Hog cholera and swine plague.  Washington, [D.C.].  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1894.  16 p.  Farmers' Bulletin. United States Department of Agriculture, no. 24.

NAL Call Number:  1 Ag84F no. 24 

Descriptors:  two swine diseases, swine plague, hog cholera, symptoms, cause, prevention, Daniel Elmer Salmon 1850-1914.


Salmon, Daniel Elmer, Albert Hassall and Charles Wardell Stiles.  The Inspection of meats for animal parasites prepared under the direction of D.E. Salmon.  Washington, D.C.  United States, Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, 1898.  161 p., ill.  Bulletin, no. 19. Note:  AIssued February 8, 1898.@ Includes index.  Note:  I. The flukes and tapeworms of cattle, sheep, and swine, with special reference to the inspection of meats, Charles Wardell Stiles.  II. Compendium of parasites, arranged according to their hosts, Albert Hassall.  III. Bibliography of the more important works cited, Albert Hassall. 

NAL Call Number:  1 An5B no. 19 

Descriptors:  meat inspection, animal parasites, USDA Bureau of Animal Industry, flukes and tapeworms of cattle, sheep, and swine, compendium, parasites arranged by hosts.


Salmon, Daniel Elmer.  The Recent review of swine disease literature.  [s.l., s.n., 1890?].  16 p.  Note: Reprinted from the Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Archives, January, 1890.

NAL Call Number:  41 Sa3S 

Descriptors:  swine disease literature review, diseases affecting swine in the United States, symptoms, preventions. 


Salmon, Daniel Elmer.  Report on the Beef Supply of the U.S. and Export Trade in Animals and Meat Products.   [s.l.] 1890.  1 vol.  

NAL Call Number:  1 An52B 

Descriptors:  beef supply, report, export trade in animals, export trade in meat products. 


Salmon, Daniel Elmer, Exra Ayers Carman and Hubert A. Heath.  Special Report on the History and Present Condition of the Sheep Industry of the United States.  Prepared under the direction of Dr. D.E. Salmon, Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry, by Ezra A. Carman, H.A. Heath, and John Minto.  Published by the authority of the Secretary of Agriculture.  Washington, [D.C.].  Govt. Print. Off., 1892. 1000 p., xcvi pl.

NAL Call Number:  1 An52Ca 

Descriptors:  sheep industry, United States, history and conditions, U.S. Bureau of Animal Industry, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Dr. Daniel Elmer Salmon 1850-1914, Ezra Ayers Carman 1834-1914, Hubert A. Heath 1857-, John Minto 1822-1915.


Salmon, Daniel Elmer.  Texas cattle fever, etc.  [s.l., s.n., 1884].  15 p.  Note:  Caption title.  Read before the American Public Health Assoc. of its annual meeting at Detroit, November 14, 1883.  Reprint from Third Animal Report of the State Board of Health of West Virginia, 1884.

NAL Call Number:  41 Sa3T 

Descriptors:  Texas cattle fever, babesiosis, State Board of Health of West Virginia.


Say, Thomas, LeConte (ed.), John Lawrence and Geroge Ord.  The Complete Writings of Thomas Say on the Entomology of North America, Edited by John Le Conte, with a Memoir of the Author by George Ord.  Philadelphia, [PA], A.E. Foote, 1891.  2 vols., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422.1 Sa9 1891 

Descriptors:  insects, entomology, North America, writing of Thomas Say. 


Scudder, Samuel Hubbard, William Morris Davis, Leland Ossian Howard, Charles Valentine Riley, Samuel Wendell Williston and Charles William Woodworth.  The Butterflies of the Eastern United States and Canada:  with Special Reference to New England by Samuel Hubbard Scudder and Others.  Cambridge, [Mass.?].  Publisher:  The author.  1889.  3 vols., ill.:  ports., plates (part col.), maps (pt. folded).  Note:  Paged continuously.  Issued in 12 parts, November 1888-October 1889. 

NAL Call Number:  430 Scu2 

Descriptors:  Lepidoptera insects, butterflies, Eastern United States, Canada, New England, illustrated work, historical work, Samuel Hubbard Scudder 1837-1911, William Morris Davis 1850-1934, Leland Ossian Howard 1857-1950, Charles Valentine Riley 1843-1895, Samuel Wendell Williston 1851-1918, Charles William Woodworth 1865-1940.


Scudder, Samuel Hubbard.  Catalogue of the Orthoptera of North America described previous to 1867.  Prepared for the Smithsonian Institution, by Samuel H. Scudder. Washington, [D.C.].  Smithsonian Institution, 1868.  xx, 89 p.   Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, v. 8, art. 2.  Note:  Authorities:  p. [v.]-xx.  Publication 189.  American Entomological Society. 

NAL Call Number:  429 Scu2Ca 

Descriptors:  North American Orthoptera before 1869, locusts, entomology catalog.


Seton, Ernest Thompson.  Studies in the Art Anatomy of Animals:  Being a Brief Analysis of the Visible Forms of the more Familiar Mammals and Birds:  Designed for the Use of Sculptors, Painters, Illustrators, Naturalists, and  Taxidermists, by Ernest E. Seton Thompson [sic], Illustrated with One Hundred Drawings by the Author.  London, [Great Britain].  Macmillan and Co., Ltd., 1896.  xii, 96 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  444 T37 R Fo 

Descriptors:  animals in art, artistic anatomy, analysis, mammals, birds, anatomy for sculptors, painters, resource for illustrators, naturalists, and taxidermists, illustrated work, Ernest Thompson Seton 1860-1946.


Shaw, Thomas.  The Study of Breeds:  a Series of Lectures on the Breeds of Live Stock by Thos. Shaw.  St. Paul, Minn., Webb Publishing Company, 1897.  136 p.

NAL Call Number:  SF105.S56 

Descriptors:  domestic livestock breeds, lectures, Thomas Shaw 1843-1918.


Sidney, Samuel.  The Pig.  By Samuel Sidney a New Edition, Comprising Selecting, Breeding, Feeding, Fattening, with Illustrations of Pigs and Pigsties.  London, [Great Britain].  G. Routledge [pref. 1871].  xviii, 135 p., front., ill., 11 pl.

NAL Call Number:  46 Si1 

Descriptors:  pigs, selecting, breeding, feeding, fattening, illustrated work, pig housing, pigsties, Great Britain.


Siebold, Carl Theodore Ernst von, Waldo Irving Burnett (trans. & ed.) and Jermann Stannius. Anatomy of the invertebrata.  Boston, [Mass.].  Gould and Lincoln, 1854.  Comparative Anatomy.  470 p.  Note:  This is a translation of vol. 1 of Lehrbuch der vergleichenden anatomie by Von Siebold and Stannius, translated and edited with notes and additions by Waldo I. Burnett.

NAL Call Number:  444 Si2 

Descriptors:  invertebrate anatomy, comparative anatomy series, Carl Theodore Ernst von Siebold 1804-1885, Waldo Irving Burnett 1828-1853, Jermann Stannius 1808-1883.


Sinclair, John.  Memoirs of the Life and Works of the late Right Honourable Sir John Sinclair, Bart., by his son, the Rev. John Sinclair.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain].  W. Blackwood and Sons, [etc.] 1837.  2 vols.

NAL Call Number:  120 Si6S 

Descriptors:  memoirs of Sir John Sinclair 1754-1835, early writer on the topic of agriculture, sheep husbandry, wool other farm animals. 


Skinner, John Stuart. The Dog and the Sportsman:  Embracing the Uses, Breeding, Training, Diseases, etc., etc. of Dogs, and an Account of the Different Kinds of Game, with Their Habits.  Also Hints to Shooters, with Various Useful Recipes, etc., etc., by J.S. Skinner. Philadelphia, [Pa.].  Lea &  Blanchard, 1845.  xvi, [17]-223, [1] p., ill., plates.

NAL Call Number:  48 SK3 R 

Descriptors:  dogs, dog diseases, game, hunting with dogs, hints for shooters, useful recipes, illustrated work, John Stuart Skinner 1788-1851.


Smellie, William and John Ware.  The Philosophy of Natural History, with an Introduction and Various Additions and Alterations Intended to Adapt it to the Present State of Knowledge by John Ware.  3rd edition.  Boston, [MA].  Hilliard, Gray, Little, and Wilkins, 1829, c1824.  viii, 327 p.  Note:  On spine:  Smellie=s Philosophy of Natural History by John Ware.

NAL Call Number:  411 Sm3 

Descriptors:  philosophy of natural history, zoology, animal behavior, William Smellie 1740-1795, John Ware 1795-1864.


Smith, Sidney Irving and Portland Society of Natural History (Maine).  On the Orthoptera of the State of Maine.  [Portland, ME. Portland Society of Natural History, 1868].  p. 143-151. Note:  Detached from:  Proceedings of the Portland Society of Natural History, Feb. 1868.

NAL Call Number:  429 Sm6 

Descriptors:  Orthoptera, Maine, native insects, United States.


Smith, Theobald, and Varanus A. Moore.  Additional Investigations Concerning Infectious Swine Diseases by Theobald Smith and Varanus A. Moore.  Washington, D.C.  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, 1894.  117 p.  Bulletin. U.S. Department of  Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, no. 6.

NAL Call Number:  1 An5B no. 6 

Descriptors:  infectious swine diseases, investigations. 


Smith, Theobald and Varanus A. Moore.  Investigations Concerning Infectious Diseases Among Poultry by Theobald Smith and Varanus A. Moore.  Washington, D.C.  U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, 1896.  90 p., 6 leaves of plates:  ill. (some col.). Bulletin. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry, no. 8.

NAL Call Number:  1 An5B no. 8 

Descriptors:  infectious poultry diseases, investigations, illustrated work. 


Smith, Theobald.  On Changes in the Red Blood Corpuscles in the Pernicious Anemia of Texas Cattle Fever.  Smith, Theobald.  [s.1., s.n.], 1891.  16 p. 

NAL Call Number:  41 Sm60 

Descriptors:  red blood corpuscle pernicious anemia, disease effects, Texas cattle fever, cattle disease, babesiosis in cattle. 


Smith, Theobald.  Preliminary Observations on the Micro-Organism of Texas Fever.  [s.l.s.n. (publisher and place of publication unknown) 1889] 15 p.

NAL Call Number:  41 Sm6P 

Descriptors:  animal disease, cattle disease, Texas fever, babesiosis in cattle.


Smith, Theobald and Daniel Elmer Salmon.  Special Report on the Cause and Prevention of Swine Plague.  Results of Experiments Conducted Under the Direction of Dr. D.E. Salmon.  United States. [Dept. of Agriculture] Bureau of Animal Industry. Washington, [D.C.].  Govt. Printing Office.  1891.  166 p., ill., xii pl. (10 col.).  Note:  At head of title:  U.S. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Animal Industry. 

NAL Call Number:  1 An52Sp 

Descriptors:  swine plague, cause, prevention, swine diseases, research on the disease, illustrated work, Bureau of Animal Industry, United States Dept. of Agriculture.


Smithsonian Institution.  Animals Desired for the National Zoological Park at Washington, D.C., United States of America. Smithsonian Institution.  Washington, DC, 1899.  16 p., plates, ill., (folded map).

NAL Call Number:  500 Sm6A 

Descriptors:  animals for the National Zoological Park, animal collections, Washington, D.C., United States, Smithsonian Institution, illustrations, map.


Smithsonian Institution, John Wesley Powell, Almon Harris Thompson, Elliott Coues and George Brown Goode.  Exploration of the Colorado River of the West and its Tributaries:  Explored in 1869, 1870, and 1872, Under Direction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Smithsonian Institution.  Washington, [D.C.], Govt. Print. Office, 1875.  xi, 291 p., ill., plates, folded map, folded profile.  Note:  map and profile in pocket.  J.W. Powell in charge.  The present report does not include a narrative of the second descent of the river in 1871-1872, a detailed account of which may be found in F.S. Dellenbaugh=s A Canyon Voyage, New York, 1908.

NAL Call Number:  407 P87C R 

Descriptors:  exploration Colorado River, Colorado, Mexico, 1869, 1870, 1871-1872, illustrated work, map, profile, narrative 1869-1870 only, Smithsonian Institution sponsored exploration, John Wesley Powell 1834-1902, Almon Harris Thompson 1839-1906, Eliott Coues 1842-1899, George Brown Goode 1851-1896.


Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  The domestic habits of birds.  London, [Great  Britain].  Charles Knight, 1833.  xvi, 379 p., ill.  The Library of Entertaining Knowledge.

NAL Call Number:  QL673.D6 R 

Descriptors:  birds, domestic habits, 1833 edition, illustrations, bibliography, The Library of  Entertaining Knowledge Series, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, rare book.


Spencer, Sanders, J. Wortley Axe and Loudon McQueen Douglas.  Pigs, breeds and management by Sanders Spencer, with a chapter on diseases of the pig by J. Wortley Axe and a chapter on bacon and ham curing by L.M. Douglas.  2nd edition.  London, [Great Britain]. Vinton, 1898.  180 p., [21] leaves of plates:  ill.  Live Stock Handbooks, no. 5.

NAL Call Number:  46 Sp3 Ed. 2 

Descriptors:  pigs, pig breeds, pig management, pig diseases, bacon and ham curing, illustrated work, handbook, Great Britain. 


Spooner, W.L.  Treatise on the Structure, Functions and Diseases of the Foot and Leg of the Horse.  London, [Great Britain].  Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1840. 337 p. 

NAL Call Number:  42 Sp6 

Descriptors:  treatise, leg and foot structures of horses, foot and leg functions, and diseases.


Stansbury, Howard, Spencer Fullerton Baird, Charles Frederic Girard, Haldeman, Samuel Stehman Haldeman, John Torrey, James Hall, and United States. Army Corps of Topographical Engineers.  Exploration and survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah:  Including a reconnoissance of a new route through the Rocky Mountains.  By Howard Stansbury, Captain, and others, Corps Topographical Engineers, U.S. Army, printed by order of the Senate of the United States.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Lippincott, Gramabo & Co., 1852.  487 p., 59 leaves of plates (some fold.), ill., fold. maps, plus 1 atlas (2 fold. maps).  Senate Ex. Doc. 32d Congress, Special Session, Senate, no. 3.  Note:  includes index.  Published also in 1853 and in 1855 under title:  An Expedition to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake.  AAppendix C.  Zoology.  Quadrupeds and birds by Prof. Spencer R. Baird@:  p. <305>-379. AAppendix D.  Botany.  Catalogue of plants collected by the expedition by Professor John Torrey@:  p. <381>-397. AAppendix E.  Letter from Professor James Hall containing observations on the geology and paleontology of the country traversed by the expedition@:  p. <399>-414.  Maps bound separately:  Map of the Great Salt Lake, and adjacent country.  Map of the reconnoissance [sic] of the country between the Valley of the Great Salt Lake and the Missouri River, at Fort Leavenworth.  Note:  There is an 1853 edition with the NAL Call Number:  407 St2 1853.

NAL Call Number:  407 St2    

Descriptors:  exploration, survey of Valley of  the Great Salt Lake, Utah, new route through the Rocky Mountains, zoology, quadrupeds, 4 legged animals, birds, botany, catalogue of plants, observations on geology and paleontology of the country traversed between the Great Salt Lake and the Missouri River at Fort Leavenworth, Howard Stansbury 1806-1863, Spencer Fullerton Baird 1823-1887, Charles Frederic Girard 1822-1895, Samuel Stehman Haldeman 1812-1880, John Torrey 1796-1873, James Hall 1811-1898. 


Staples, S.B. and William Haddock Dalrymple.  Charbon or anthrax:  with experiences during recent outbreak in North Louisiana, by S.B. Staples and W.H. Dalrymple.  [Baton Rouge, La.].  Bureau of Agriculture, 1896.  p. 26-52, [1] page of plates, ill.  Bulletin of the Louisiana State Experiment Stations. 2nd Series, no. 44.  Note:  Bibliography:  p. 52.  Cover title. 

NAL Call Number:  100 L93 (1) no. 44 

Descriptors:  charbon or anthrax outbreaks, north Louisiana, Louisiana State Experiment Stations, illustrated work.


Steenstrup, Johan Japetus Smith, Carl Henrik Lorenzen and George Busk (trans.).  On the Alteration of Generations, or, the Propagation and Development of Animals through Alternate Generations, a Pecular Form of Fostering the Young in the Lower Classes of Animals, by Joh. Japetus Sm. Steenstrup. trans. from the German Version of C. H. Lorenzen, by George Busk.  London, [Great Britain].  Printed for the Ray Society, 1845.  132 p., 3 folded plates, ill.  Note:  Contains report of the 2nd annual meeting of the Ray Society, held at Cambridge June 23, 1845.  Professor John Phillips, i the chair, with the laws of the Society, list of officers, members, etc. 

NAL Call Number:  442 St3 

Descriptors:  alteration of generations, propagation through alternate generations, fostering the young in lower classes of animals. 


Stephens, James Francis.  A Manual of British Coleoptera, or Beetles:  Containing a Brief Description of All the Species of Beetles hitherto Assertained to Inhabit Great Britain and Ireland:  Together with a Notice of their Chief Localities, Times and Places of Appearances, etc. London, [Great Britain].  Longman, Orme Brown, Green, and Longmans. 1839.  xii, 443 p.

NAL Call Number:  427 St42 

Descriptors:  British Coleoptera, beetles, descriptions of all British species, beetle habitats, life cycles, seasonality, behaviors.


Strangeways, Thomas and I. Vaughan.  Strangeways= Veterinary Anatomy. 4th ed.  New York, [NY].  1898.  597 p. 

NAL Call Number:  444 St85 Ed. 4 1898 

Descriptors:  veterinary anatomy, various animals described, illustrated work. 


Street, Frederic.  The History of the Shire Horse and the Origin of the English Cart-Horse Society. Together with an Essay on the Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, and Management of Farm Horses, by Frederic Street.  London, Paris, & New York, [N.Y.].  Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., 1883.  vi, 1 l., 71 p., ill., 4 pl.

NAL Call Number:  42 St8H 

Descriptors:  Shire horse, history of development, English Cart-Horse Society, origins, Shire Horse Society, Shire horse breeding, rearing, feeding, management of farm horses, illustrated work, Frederic Street.


Studer, Jacob Henry, Theodore Jasper Brehm [sic] and Alfred Edmund Brehm [sic]. Studer's Popular Ornithology.  Columbus, Ohio.  Jacob H. Studer & Co., 1878.  2 vols., ill., 160 pl.  (119 col.).  Note:  Originally issued in 40 parts, 1873-78, under cover title:  The Birds of North America, Drawn from Life and Uniformly Reduced to One-Quarter Their Natural Size, by Theodore Jasper ... (Title varies slightly in later pts.).  On completion of the work, pts. 1-39 were divided, the first 4 pages of each pt. and all the text of pt. 40 being bound together to form one vol., the last 4 pages of pts. 1-39 and extra indexes, etc., from pt. 40, were bound together to form another vol.  Title of [vol. 1] Studer's Popular Ornithology.  The Birds of North America:  Drawn and Colored from Life by Theodore Jasper ... [vol. 2]:  Ornithology, or the Science of Birds.  From the text of Dr. Brehm [sic] with illustrations by Theodore Jasper.  Bound in full leather, s .tamped in gold and blind, bevelled covers, all edges gilt, silk endpapers.  Other authors:  1829-1884, Other titles:  The Birds of North America, Ornithology.

NAL Call Number:  413 St9P R Fo 

Descriptors:  birds, ornithology, birds of North America, popular ornithology, illustrated work.


Studer, Jacob H.  Studer=s Popular Ornithology.  The Birds of North America. Upward of Seven Hundred Different Species and Variation are Represented on the One Hundred and Nineteen Crayon Plates by Theodore Jasper Including a Letter Press Devoted to Giving a Popular Account of Their Habits and Characteristics ... Ed. & pub. by Jacob H. Studer & Co.  New York, [NY], Columbus, Ohio, c1881.  5 p. 1., 182 p., ill., xxx col. pl. (incl. front.).  Note:  Corresponds to [vol. 1] of the original edition, 1878, [vol. 2] of which AOrnithology, or, the Science of Birds.”  From the text of Dr. Brahms,@[sic] is not included.  

NAL Call Number:  413 St9 R Fo 

Descriptors:  birds, popular ornithology, birds of North America, different species, habits, color illustrated works, illustrated by Theodore Jasper, includes letter press with account of their habits.


Swainson, William.  Taxidermy, bibliography and biography by William Swainson. London, [Great Britain], printed for Longman, Orme, Brown, Green & Longmans [etc.], 1840. 4 p., 392, [1] p.  The Cabinet Cyclopaedia. Natural History. [vol. 124].

NAL Call Number:  411 Sw1T 

Descriptors:  taxidermy, bibliography, biography of zoologist William Swainson 1789-1855, natural history, illustrated work, portrait.


Swainson, William.  Zoological Illustrations, or Original Figures and Descriptions of New, Rare, or Interesting Animals, Selected Chiefly from the Classes of Ornithology, Entomology, and Conchology, and Arranged on the Principles of Cuvier and Other Modern Zoologists. By William Swainson [1st. ser.] edn.  London, [Great Britain], Baldwin, Cradock, & Joy [etc.], 1820-23.  3 vols., ill., 182 col. pl.

NAL Call Number:  411 Sw1Z 

Descriptors:  zoological illustrations, original drawings, new and rare animals, ornithology, birds, entomology, insects, conchology, shelled animals, arranged on Cuvier principles, William Swainson 1789-1855.


Tattersall, George and Abraham Cooper.  The Pictorial gallery of English race horses, containing portraits of all the winners of the Derby, Oaks and St. Leger Stakes, during the last twenty years, and a history of the principal operations of the turf.  By George Tattersall [and Cooper, Abraham], illustrated with ninety engravings, chiefly on steel, after paintings by Cooper, Harris, Hancock, Alken, Hall, and others.  London, [England]. Henry G. Bohn, 1850.  viii, 336 [i.e. 386] p., [70] leaves of plates, ill.  The Royal Gallery of English Race Horses. 

NAL Call Number:  42 T18 

Descriptors:  pictorial gallery, portraits, English race horses, Derby winners, Oaks winners, and St. Leger Stakes winners, turf history, Great Britain, illustrated works, George Tattersall 1817-1849, Abraham Cooper 1787-1868, The Royal Gallery of English Race Horses, pedigrees, race horses.


Tegetmeier, William Bernhard and Charles Lindsay Sutherland.  Horses, Asses, Zebras, Mules and Mule Breeding.  London, [Great Britain].  H. Cox, 1895.  viii, 166 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  42 T23H 

Descriptors:  equids, horses, asses, zebras, mules, mule breeding, Great Britain, 1895 edition, illustrations, William Bernhard Tegetmeirer 1816-1912, Charles Lindsay Sutherland 1841-1912.


Tegetmeier, William Bernhard, Howard Bernhardt Adelmann, C.O. Whitman and J.C. Bradshaw.  Pigeons:  Their Structure, Varieties, Habits, and Management.  With Coloure Representations of the Different Varieties, Drawn from Life by Harrison-Weir, and Printed in Colours by Leighton Brothers.  London, [Great Britain], New York, [N.Y.], G. Routledge, 1868. 188 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  47.2 T23Pi

Descriptors:  pigeons, birds, structure, varieties, habits, management, plumage, illustrated work, William Bernhard Tegetmeier 1816-1912, Howard Bernhardt Adelmann 1898, C.O. Whitman, J.C. Bradshaw, Harrison Weir illustrator.


Tschudi, Friedrich von.  Das Thierleben der Alpenwelt.  Naturansichten und Thierzeichnungen aus dem Schweizerischen Gebirge.  Von Friedrich von Tschudi.  [Animal Life in the Alps.  Nature Views and Animal Drawings from the Swiss Mountains.]  Leipzig, [Switzerland].  J.J. Weber, 1853.  xvi, 560 p.

NAL Call Number:  411 T782 

Descriptors:  animal life in the Alps, nature views, animal drawings, illustrated work, Switzerland, zoology, Swiss Mountains. 


Tull, Jethro, John M. Cobbett and William Cobbett.  The Horse Hoeing Husbandry:  or, a Treatise on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation, wherein is Taught a Method of Introducing a Sort of Vineyard Culture into the Corn Fields, in Order to Increase Their Product and Diminish the Common Expense by Jethro Tull, to which is Prefixed, an Introduction Explanatory of Some Circumstances Connected with the History and Division of the Work, and Containing an Account of Certain Experiments of Recent Date, by William Cobbett.  London, [Great Britain].  Tull, Jethro, and John M. Cobbett.  1822.  xix, 330 p.

NAL Call Number:  53 T82H 1822 

Descriptors:  agriculture, tillage, horse drawn instruments, plows, plows history, experiments, William Cobbett 1763-1835, John M. Cobbett, Jethro Tull 1674-1741, Great Britain.


Tull, Jethro and William Cobbett.  The Horse-Hoing [sic] Husbandry, or, a Treatise on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation, wherein is Taught a Method of Introducing a Sort of Vineyard Culture into the Corn Fields, in Order to Increase Their Product and Diminish the Common Expense.  By Jethro Tull ... to which is Prefixed, an Introduction, Explanatory of Some Circumstances Connected with the History and Division of the Work, and Containing an Account of Certain Experiments of Recent Date, by William Cobbett.  London, [Great Britain].  Tull, Jethro, and W. Cobbett.  1829.  xxiv, 426 p., pl., ill.

NAL Call Number:  53 T82H 1829 R 

Descriptors:  agriculture, tillage, plows, horse drawn instruments, plows history, experiments, Jethro Tull 1674-1741, William Cobbett 1763-1835.


United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers, and Capt. L. Sitgreaves.  With special sections by S.W. Woodhouse, E. Hallowell, S.F. Baird, C. Girard and J. Torrey.  Report of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers, by Captain L. Sitgreaves, Corps of Topographical Engineers.  United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers. Washington, [D.C.].  B. Tucker, public printer, 1854.  198 p., plates, fold. map.  U.S. 32d Congress, 2nd Sess. Senate. Ex. Doc. No. 59.  Note:  Report of Capt. Sitgreaves.  Tables of distances, geographical positions, and meteorological observations.  Report on the natural history of the country, by S.W. Woodhouse.  Mammals, by S.W. Woodhouse.  Birds, by S.W. Woodhouse.  Reptiles by E. Hallowell.  Fishes by S.F. Baird and C. Girard.  Botany by J. Torrey.  Medical  report by S.W. Woodhouse. 

NAL Call Number:  407 Un32 

Descriptors:  United States, Army Corps of Topographical Engineers, report of expedition, Zuni and Colorado Rivers, 1854, illustrated work, maps, tables, geography, meteorology, Senate, report, natural history, mammals, birds, medical report, fishes, botany, Indians, North America, New Southwest. 


United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers, Joseph Christmas Ives, John Strong Newberry and Spencer Fullerton Baird.  Report upon the Colorado River of the West:  Explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers Under the Direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys, A.A. Humphreys, Captain Topographical Engineers, in charge, by order of the Secretary of War.  Washington, [D.C.].  Government Printing Office, 1861.  131, [1], 154, [6], 30, [2], 6, [2], 31, [1] p., [38] leaves of plates (12 folded):  ill. (8 col.), 4 maps (2 col.).  Ex. Doc. / Senate. 36th Congress, 1st session.  Note:  Pt. I. General report.  Pt. II. Hydrographic report.  Pt. III. Geological report by J.S. Newberry. Pt. IV. Botany by Professors Gray, Torrey, Thurber, and Dr. Engelmann.  Pt. V. Zoology by S.F. Baird.  Appendices A-D.

NAL Call Number:  407 W19I 

Descriptors:  report, Colorado River, North American Rockies, American West, explored 1857 and 1858, Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engineers, Office Explorations and Surveys, Captain A.A. Humphreys, Secretary of War, illustrated work, general report of the expedition, hydrographics, geology, botany, zoology, birds.


United States. Congress.  Foreign Restrictions on American Meat Products and Live Stock:  Messages and Reports, 1884-1897.  United States Congress [Washington, D.C., 1897?].  7 v. in 1.

NAL Call Number:  286.350 Un3 

Descriptors:  American livestock, American livestock based meat products, foreign restrictions, messages, reports, 1884-1897.


United States. War Dept., Randolph Barnes Marcy and George Brinton McClellan. Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana, in the year 1852 by Randolph B. Marcy assisted by George B. McClellan.  With reports on the natural history of the country.  Washington, [D.C.].  A.O.P. Nicholson, 1854.  xv, 286 p., 64 pl. (one folded). 33rd Cong. 1st. Sess. Ho. of  Reps. Ex. Doc.  Note:  Another edition (Washington, B. Tucker, 1854) has title-page headed:  33rd Congress, 1st session, Senate. Executive Doc.  Note also:  Appendixes:  A. Meteorology observations.  B. Tables of courses and distances.  C. Mineralogy:  report on the minerals collected, by C.U. Shepard.  D. Geology:  notes upon the specimens of rocks and minerals, by Edward Hitchcock.  Remarks upon the general geology of the country traversed, by George G. Shumard.  E. Paleontology:  description of the species of Carboniferous and Cretaceous fossils, by B.F. Shumard.  F. Zoology:  mammals, by R.B. Marcy.  Reptiles [and] fishes by S.F. Baird and C. Girard.  Shells, by C.B. Adams and G.G. Shumard.  Orthopterous insects, arachnidians, myriapods, by C. Girard.  G. Botany:  description of the plants, by John Torrey.  H. Ethnology:  vocabulary of the Comanches and Wichitas, by R.B. Marcy, with some general remarks by W.W. Turner.  Accompanied by: 1853.  (Senate Doc.).

NAL Call Number:  407 M33 

Descriptors:  exploration Red River, Louisiana, United States, War Department, natural history reports, illustrated work, meteorology, mineralogy, geology, paleontology, zoology, botany, ethnology, Randolph Barnes Marcy 1812-1887, George Brinton McClellan 1826-1885. 


Varro, Marcus Terentius.  The Three Books of M.  Terentius Varro Concerning Agriculture.  Oxford, [Great Britain].  1800.  257 p.  Note:  This is a translation of his De re rustica (NAL Call Number:  30 G33), and includes A Life of Varro.

NAL Call Number:  S492.V3 R 

Descriptors:  Varro’s writing’s on agriculture, animal management and care, plant production system, ancient times, Marcus Terentius Varro 234-149 B.C.


Veith, Johann Emanuel.  Die Naturgeschichte der nutzbaren Haussaugethiere.  [The Natural History of Useful, Domestic Animals].  Wien, [Austria].  Braumuller, 1856.  91 p.

NAL Call Number:  40 V53 

Descriptors:  natural history, domestic animals, animals useful to humans, Austria.


Volz, K.W.  Beitrage zur Kulturgeschichte. der Einfluss des Menschen auf die Verbreitung der Hausthiere und der Kulturpflanzen.  Von K.W. Volz.  [Contribution to Agricultural History the Influence of Humans on the Spread or Propagation of Domestic Animals and Cultivated Plants].  Leipzig, [Germany].  B.G. Teubner, 1852.  xiv, 523, [1] p. 3 pl.  Note:  AQuelienvberzeichniss@ [index or list of sources]:  p. [v]-x.

NAL Call Number:  30.9 V88 

Descriptors:  men and domestic animals, contribution to agricultural history, history of the development of domestic animals, cultivated plants, phytogeography, plant geography, Germany, illustrated work. 


Wallace, Alfred Russel.  Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection:  a Series of Essays by Alfred Russel Wallace.  London, [England], New York, [N.Y.] Macmillan & Co., 1870.  xvi, 384 p. 

NAL Call Number:  443 W15C 

Descriptors:  contributions to the theory of natural selection, theory of evolution, series of essays, Alfred Russel Wallace 1823-1913.


Wallace, Alfred Russel.  Darwinism:  an Exposition of the Theory of Natural Selection, with some of its Applications by Alfred Russel Wallace.  London, [England], New York, [N.Y.] Macmillan & Co., 1896.  xvi, 494 p., ill., map.

NAL Call Number:  QH375.W34 1896 

Descriptors:  Darwinism, exposition theory of natural selection, evolution of species, some applications are presented.


Wallace, Alfred Russel.  The Geographical Distribution of Animals, with a Study of the Relations of Living and Extinct Faunas as Elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth=s Surface.  By Alfred Russel Wallace.  London, [England].  Macmillan and Co., 1876.  2 vols.  xx pl., 7 maps (3 fold., incl. front.).

NAL Call Number:  411.2 W15G 

Descriptors:  geographical distribution of animals, study of relations of living and extinct faunas elucidating past changes of earth=s surface, illustrated work, zoogeography, paleontology, geography, zoology, Alfred  Russel Wallace 1823-1913.


Wallace, Alfred Russel.  The Pelago:  the Land of the Orang-Utan and the Bird of Paradise:  a Narrative of  Travel, with Studies of Man and Nature by Alfred Russel Wallace.  New edition.  London, [England].  Macmillan, Co., 1894.  xvii, 515 p., [10] leaves of plates, ill., maps.  Note:  Reprint of 1890 edition. 

NAL Call Number:  128 W15M 1894 

Descriptors:  Malay archipelago, orangutans, non-human primates, bird of paradise, narrative of travel, studies of man and nature, illustrated work, natural history, ethnology, description and travel, Alfred Russel Wallace 1823-1913.


Washington, George, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Knight, Richard Peters, Sir John Sinclair and Arthur Young.  Letters on Agriculture from his Excellency, George Washington, President of the United States to Arthur Young, Esq., F.R.S.  and Sir John Sinclair, Bart., M.P.:  with Statistical Tables and Remarks, by Thomas Jefferson, Richard Peters, and other Gentlemen, on the Economy and Management of Farms in the United States.  Edited by Franklin Knight.  Washington, [D.C.].  Published by the editor.  Philadelphia, [PA].  William S. Martien, New York, [NY].  Baker & Scribner, and William S. Martien.  1847. 198 p., ill.:  [6] leaves of plates (incl. frontis.), facsims., map, port.  Note:  Half-title:  Farmers= Souvenir.  Washington=s Agricultural Correspondence.  Facsimiles are included in pagination, but are also separately paginated p. 17-51. 

NAL Call Number:  31.3 W27 

Descriptors:  letters on agriculture, agricultural correspondence of George Washington, President of the United States, 1847 edition, animal production and husbandry, plant production, Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826, Franklin Knight [ca. 1847], Richard Peters 1743-1828, Sir John Sinclair 1754-1835, Arthur Young 1741-1820, George Washington 1732-1799.


Waterhouse, Frederick Herschel.  Index generum mammalium, Original Manuscript. 1894.  [Washington, D.C.].  158l [p].

NAL Call Number:  412 W292 

Descriptors:  index, mammals, manuscript, 1894 editon, Frederick Herschel Waterhouse 1845-1919.


Weir, Harrison and John Coleman (ed.).  The Sheep and Pigs of Great Britain:  Being a Series of Articles on the Various Breeds of Sheep and Pigs of the United Kingdom, their History, Management, etc.  Edited by J. Coleman, illustrated with full page engravings, drawn principally from life, by Harrison Weir.  London, [Great  Britain]:  AThe Field@ Office, 1877.  214 p., [25] p. of plates, ill.  Note:  AThis volume is issued as a companion to The Cattle of Great Britain.@

NAL Call Number:  SF375.5 .G6S5 

Descriptors:  sheep and pig breeds, Great Britain, series of articles, breed history illustrated, work, management. 


Weld, Mason Cogwell.  The Percheron Horse in America, by M.C. Weld. in France by Charles du Hays, 1818-1898.  New York, [NY].  Orange Judd Co., 1886.  viii, 9-142 p., ill.  incl. front., 9 pl.

NAL Call Number:  42 W45 

Descriptors:  Percheron horse, America, history of introduction, care and use, breeding, illustrated work.


Werner, Abraham Gottlob and Patrick Syme.  Werner=s Nomenclature of Colours, with Additions, Arranged as to Render it Highly Useful to the Arts and Sciences, Particularly Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Minerology, and Morbid Anatomy.  Annexed to which are Examples Selected from Well-Known Objects in the Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms.  2nd edn.  Edinburgh, [Great Britain].  Printed for W. Blackwood, [etc.], 1821.  47 p., 13 col. tab.

NAL Call Number:  334.2 SyC 

Descriptors:  nomenclature, colors, zoology, botany, chemistry, mineralogy, morbid anatomy, examples, animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, illustrated work, color tables, Patrick Syme 1774-1845, Abraham Gottlob Werner 1750-1817.


Westwood, John Obadiah.  Arcana Entomologica, or, Illustrations of New, Rare, and Interesting Insects.  London, [Great Britain].  W. Smith, 1845.  2 vols., 95 col. plates, ill. 

NAL Call Number:  422 W52A 

Descriptors:  new insects, rare insects, entomology, descriptions, behaviors, habitats, life histories, illustrated work, J.O. (John Obadiah) Westwood 1805-1893. 


Westwood, John Obadiah.  The British Butterflies and their Transformations Illustrated in a Series of Plates by H.N. Humphreys, Esq., with Characters and Descriptions by J.O. Westwood.  London, Edinburgh, [Great Britain].  W. & R. Chambers, 1860.  xii, 137 p., 1 leaf, 42 col. plates, ill.

NAL Call Number:  430 H88B 

Descriptors:  British butterflies, Lepidoptera, developmental transformations, morphological descriptions characters, and habitats, color illustrated work, John Obadiah Westwood 1805-1893.


Westwood, John Obadiah.  Descriptions of Some New Exotic Species of Moths.  [1881].  1 vol.

NAL Call Number:  430 W52D 

Descriptors:  moths, Lepidoptera, descriptions, new species, exotic species, insects, entomology, J.O. (John Obadiah) Westwood 1805-1893.


Westwood, John Obidiah and Edward Donovan (illust.).  Natural History of the Insects of China, Containing Upwards of Two Hundred and Twenty Figures and Descriptions, by E. Donovan.  A New Edition.  Brought Down to the Present State of the Science, with Systematic Characters of Each Species, Synonyms, Indexes, and Other Additional Matter, by J.O. Westwood.  London, [Great Britain].  H.G. Bohn, 1842.  3 p., 96 p.  50 col. pl. (incl. front.), ill.

NAL Call Number:  422.6 D71I R 

Descriptors:  225 insects of China, natural history, descriptions, taxonomic classification, synonyms, illustrated work, John Obadiah Westwood 1805-1893.


Westwood, John Obidiah.  Observations on Two Species of Indian Butterflies (Papilio castor and P. pollux).  John Obadiah Westwood. [1881], 1 vol.  

NAL Call Number:  430 W52Ob 

Descriptors:  butterflies, Lepidopterous insects, entomology, Indian species of butterflies, observations, habitat, behavior, developmental stages, Papilio castor, Papilio pollux, John Obadiah Westwood 1805-1893.


Westwood, John Obidiah.  Thesaurus entomologicus Oxoniensis, or, Illustrations of New, Rare, and Interesting Insects, for the most Part Contained in the Collections Presented to the University of Oxford by the Rev. F.W. Hope.  With forty plates from drawings by the author, by J.O. Westwood.  Oxford, [Great Britain], at the Clarendon Press, 1874. xxiv, 205 p., 40 pl. (partly col.).  Note:  AList of the entomological works of the Rev. F.W. Hope@:  p. [xxii]-xxiv. AObituary notice of the Rev. Fred Wm. Hope by T.J. Pettigrew@:  p. [xvii]-xxi.

NAL Call Number:  422 W52T 

Descriptors:  Thesaurus entomologicus Oxoniensis, insects, new insects, rare insects, entomology, color illustrated work, drawings, Great Britain, 1874 edition, list of entomological works, Rev. F.W. Hope collection, John Obadiah Westwood 1805-1893.


White, Adam.  List of Specimens of British Animals in the Collection of the British Museum. (Insects).  Pt. XVII.  Nomenclator of Anoplura, Euplexoptera and Orthoptera. (Lice, Earwigs:  Parasitic Insects, Insects:  Crickets, Grasshoppers).  London, [Great Britain].  Printed by order of the Museum Trustees.  1853.  17 p.

NAL Call Number:  422 W58N 

Descriptors:  British insects, British Museum Collection listing, insects, nomenclature of Anoplura, Euplexoptera, and Orthoptera, lice, earwigs, parasitic insects, crickets, grasshoppers. 


Wiegmann, Arend Friedrich August.  Observationes zoologicae in Aristotelis Historiam animalium.  Scripsit Arend Frider August Wiegmann.  [Critical Zoological Observations in Aristotle=s History of Animals].  Lipsiae, [Germany], in commissis I.C. Hinrichs, 1826.  3 p.1., 39 p.  Note:  In German. 

NAL Call Number:  411 W63A 

Descriptors:  critical zoological observations, Aristotle=s History of Animals, 1826 German edition, Arend Friedrich August Wiegmann 1802-1841.


Wood, Rev. John George.  Bees, their Habits, Management and Treatment. A new edition. London, [Great Britain], New York, [NY].  G. Routledge and Sons.  [186-].  2 p., 114 p., front., ill.

NAL Call Number:  424 W85 R 

Descriptors:  bees, bees’ habits, beekeepers, management and treatment, hives, social insects, illustrated work, John George Wood 1827-1889.


Wood, Rev. John George.  Common British Insects Selected from the Typical Beetles, Moths, and Butterflies of Great Britain, by the Rev. J.G. Wood, with One Hundred and Thirty Figures by E.A. Smith Engraved by G. Pearson.  London, [Great Britain].  Longmans, Green and Co., 1882.  viii, 284 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  422.4 W85 

Descriptors:  common British insects, beetles, moths, and butterflies, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, illustrated work. 


Wood, Rev. John George and William Harvey (illust.).  The Illustrated Natural History by the Rev. J.G. Wood, with 450 Original Designs, by William Harvey.  7th edition.  New York, [N.Y.], Harper, 1867.  xxiv, 524 p., [2] leaves of plates, ill.

NAL Call Number:  411 W85I 

Descriptors:  natural history, plants, animals, insects, illustrated work, William Harvey 1811-1866, Rev. J.G. (John George) Wood 1827-1889.


Wood, Rev. John George, Boston Society of Natural History, G. Pearson, Samuel Hubbard Scudder, E.A. Smith and J.B. Zwecker.  Insects Abroad:  being a Popular Account of Foreign Insects, their Structure, Habits, and Transformations by Rev. J.G. Wood.  Illustrated with six hundred figures, by E.A. Smith and J.B. Zwecker, engraved by G. Pearson.  London, [Great Britain] Longmans, Green & Co., 1874.  xii, 780 p., 20 leaves of plates, ill.  Note:  Embossed cloth binding.  Library=s copy has bookplate of the Boston Society of Natural History from Samuel Hubbard Scudder.  HBO. Mss. inscription:  Sam H. Scudder. HBO.

NAL Call Number:  422 W852 1874a 

Descriptors:  foreign insects, insect structure, insect habits, insect transformation, Great Britain, illustrated work. 


Wood, Rev. John George.  Man and Beast Here and Hereafter:  Illustrated by More than Three Hundred Original Anecdotes by J.G. Wood.  New York, [NY].  Harper.  1875.  143 p.

NAL Call Number:  411 W85M 1875 

Descriptors:  man and beast, animal folklore, animal intelligence, immortality, anecdotes about animals, Rev. John George Wood 1827-1889.


Wood, T.W., et al.  Curiosities of Ornithology.  With Beautifully-Coloured Illustrations, from Drawings by T.W. Wood, and Other Eminent Artists.  London, [Great Britain].  Groombridge and Sons.  [1871].  64 p., col. front., ill., col. plates.

NAL Call Number:  422 C92 

Descriptors:  ornithology, birds, color illustrated work. 


Youatt, William.  Cattle:  their Breeds, Management, and Diseases:  with an Index [by W. Youatt]. Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  London, [Great Britain].  Baldwin and Cradock, 1834.  vii, 600 p., ill.  Series:  Library of Useful  Knowledge, Farmer=s Series.  Note:  Includes index.  Other author:  Society for the Useful Diffusion of  Knowledge.

NAL Call Number:  SF197.Y6 R 

Descriptors:  cattle, breeds, management, diseases, Great Britain, illustrations, index, Library of Useful Knowledge, Farmer=s Series, 1834 edition, rare book, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William.  Cattle:  their Breeds, Management, and Diseases:  with an Index.  Pub. under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  Philadelphia, [Pa.].  Grigg & Elliot, 1836.  viii, 600 p., ill.  Library of Useful Knowledge.  Note:  Preface signed:  W. Youatt.

NAL Call Number:  43 Y8 

Descriptors:  cattle breeds, management, diseases, prevention of diseases, treatment suggestions. 


Youatt, William and Elisha Jarrett Lewis.  The Dog, by William Youatt.  Edited with Additions, by E.J. Lewis.  New York, [NY].  Leavitt and Allen, [1846].  xii, 403 p., ill.  Note:  A 1957 version of this book is in the collection.  NAL Call Number:  48 Y8D 1857

NAL Call Number:  48 Y8D 

Descriptors:  dogs, breeds, history, care, illustrated work, E.J. (Elisha Jarrett) Lewis 1820-1877, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William, Francis Clater and J.S. Skinner.  Every Man his Own Cattle Doctor:  Containing the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of all the Diseases Incident to Oxen, Sheep, and Swine, and a Sketch of the Anatomy and Physiology of Neat Cattle, by Francis Clater.  Edited, Revised, and almost Rewritten by William Youatt with Numerous Additions, Embracing an Essay on the Use of Oxen, and the Improvement in the Breed of  Sheep, etc. by J.S. Skinner.  With Numerous Cuts and Illustrations. Philadelphia, [Pa.].  Lea and Blanchard, 1844.  [J. Fagan, Stereotyper.  J. & W. Kite, Printers].  xvii, [1], 19-251, [1] p. (last blank), ill. 

NAL Call Number:  41 C57 R 

Descriptors:  practical suggestions for veterinary care, cattle, oxen, sheep, swine, anatomy, physiology, oxen use, sheep breed improvement, diseases described, treatment of diseases, illustrated work, William Youatt 1776-1847, Francis Clater 1756-1823, J.S. (John Stuart) Skinner 1788-1851.


Youatt, William and W.C.L. Martin.  The Hog, the Treatment of the Breeds, Management, Feeding, and Medical Treatment of Swine, with Directions for Salting Pork and Curing Bacon and Hams.  By William Youatt and W.C.L. Martin. Ed. by A. Stevens.  New edn., with Introduction by Col. M.C. Weld.  New York, [NY]. Orange Judd Company, 1884. 231 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  46 Y8 1884 

Descriptors:  the hog, swine breeds, treatment, management, feeding, medical treatment, directions for salting pork, curing bacon and hams, illustrated work, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William and John Stuart Skinner (ed. Amer. edition).  The Horse, by William Youatt.  New edn.  Philadelphia, [Pa.].  Henry T. Coates & Co., [ca. 1843].  448 p., ill.  Note:  ATogether with a general history of the horse, a dissertation on the American trotting horse, how trained and jockeyed, an account of his remarkable performances, and an essay on the ass and the mule, by J.S. Skinner.” American edn.

NAL Call Number:  42 Y8 1843 

Descriptors:  horses, general history of horses, American trotting horse, training, jockeyed, performances, essay on asses and mules, J.S. (John Stuart) Skinner 1788-1851, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William.  The Horse, with a Treatise on draught, and a copious index.  Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.  London, [Great Britain].  Baldwin and Cradock, 1838.  viii, 472 p., ill.  Library of Useful Knowledge. [Farm Series]. 

NAL Call Number:  42 Y8 1838 

Descriptors:  draught horses, working horses, treatise, draft horses, William Youatt 1776-1847. 


Youatt, William.  The Obligation and Extent of Humanity to Brutes, Principally Considered with Reference to the Domesticated Animals.  London, [Great Britain].  Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, 1839.  vi p., 1 l., 218 p.

NAL Call Number:  412 Y8 

Descriptors:  domesticated animals, obligation and extent of humanity to these animals, animal welfare considerations, humane treatment of animals, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William.  The Pig.  A Treatise on the Breeds, Management, Feeding, and Medical Treatment of Swine, with Directions for Salting Pork and Curing Bacon and Hams.  Youatt, William.  Philadelphia, [PA].  Lea & Blanchard, 1847.  175 p.  Note:  Written on title page:  First American ed.  

NAL Call Number:  46 Y8 1847 

Descriptors:  swine, swine breeds, swine management, feeding, medical treatment, directions for salting pork, curing bacon and hams, 1847 edition, first American edition, Pennsylvania, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William.  Sheep:  Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases by William Youatt, Published Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, with Illustrative Engravings, to which are Added, Remarks on the Breeds and Management of Sheep in the United States, and on the Culture of Fine Wool in Silesia.  New York, [NY].  Orange Judd, 1848. 159 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  45 Y8S 

Descriptors:  sheep, sheep breeds, management, diseases, disease treatments, illustrated work, United States, wool culture of Silesia, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William and Mason Cogswell Weld.  Sheep:  their Breeds, Management, and Diseases.  By William Youatt.  New edn.  With an Introduction by Col.  M.C. Weld to which is Added Remarks on the Breeds and Management of Sheep in the United States.  New York, [NY].  O. Judd company, 1885.  159, [1] p., ill.  Note:  Remarks on the breeds and management of sheep in the United States, p. [156]-157.  Other title:  Youatt on Sheep.

NAL Call Number:  45 Y8S 1885 

Descriptors:  sheep, management, diseases, sheep breeds, United States, William Youatt 1776-1847, [Colonel] Mason Cogswell Weld 1829-1887.


Youatt, William.  A Treatise on the Choice, Buying and General Management of Live Stock, Comprising Delineations and Description of the Principal Breeds ... Together with an Appendix on the Improvement of British Wool, and on the Destruction of Vermin Infesting Farmyards, etc., etc.  2nd edn., rev., cor., and enl. by the author of the Complete Grazier.  London, [Great Britain].  B. Crosby and Co., 1810.  vii, [9]-232 p., ill.

NAL Call Number:  40 Y8 

Descriptors:  treatise on livestock, description of principal breeds, improvement of British wool, destruction of vermin pest in farmyards, illustrated works, Great Britain, general management, William Youatt 1776-1847.


Youatt, William, Henry Stephens Randall and William Charles Spooner.  Youatt on the Structure and the Diseases of the Horse with their Remedies.  Also, Practical Rules to Buyers, Breeders, Breakers, Smiths, etc., being the Most Important Parts of the English ed. of AYouatt on the Horse@ Somewhat Simplified. Brought down by W.C. Spooner, to which is Prefixed, an Account of the Breeds in the United States.  Comp. by Henry S. Randall.  New York, [NY].  Judd, 1882.  xvi, 483 p., ill.  Note:  other title:  The Structure and the Diseases of the Horse ...

NAL Call Number:  42 Y8Y 

Descriptors:  Youatt’s ideas on horse structure and diseases, disease remedies, practical rules for buyers, breeders, breakers, smiths simplified, United States horse breeds, Henry Stephens Randall 1811-1876, W.C. (William Charles) Spooner 1809?-1885, William Youatt 1776-1847.


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