Information Resources for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees 1985-1999 *************************

Selected Software Providers

Animal Resource Management (ARM)
8840 Complex Dr., Suite 105, San Diego, CA 92123, phone: (619) 268-4639, fax: (619) 268-1262, e-mail:
Contains modules that automate animal ordering and receiving, tracking, billing, cost accounting, animal care and use protocol design with supporting documents, and drug record maintenance, billing, and inventory.

Artac Seel Company
Post Office Box 296, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 USA, phone: (973) 425-8997, or 1-888-Just-Asc (U.S. only), fax: (973) 425-0584, e-mail:
Colony, Toxicology and Pathology Data Management

TriPhase, the only single solution for non-clinical research is the combination of products formerly known as Tiger, TecTox and PathData. One vendor with over 180 information specialists, analysts and engineers with a history of solid information systems performance now supports the system customization, interfaces and maintenance. The following modules are available:

ColonyData and GenicData represent the most advanced complete animal facility management software. These modules offer inventory control, ordering cost accounting, animal service breeding systems, identification and license administration. This product has proven to be an efficient tool with high-quality data for logistics and research purposes.

ToxData and ReproData represent a toxicology and repro-toxicology system to support the total preclinical toxicology requirements including study planning, dynamic test article preparation, in-life and clinical pathology, pairing, caesarian section, br eeding and skeletal findings.

PathData is an advanced and comprehensive software package designed by pathologists for accurate and highly efficient entry and evaluation of pathology data resulting from toxicology and carcinogenicity studies. Version 4.1C is enhanced with new features and components such as ImageBase, HistoBase and TissueBase.

Computer Program for Reporting Health Monitoring Results in FELASA Recommended Format
The Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) has produced recommendations for health screening rodents and rabbits, and defined report formats, see Laboratory Animals 30: 193-208.
A Microsoft Excel 5.0 program has been written by Karen Davis, of the Department of Laboratory Animal Science, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, to produce health monitoring results in the format recommended for breeding colonies (see Laboratory Animals (1994) 28: 1-12) and experimental units (see Laboratory Animals 30: 193-208). It enables current results to be entered, these are automatically combined with historical data to produce a standard report incorporating the latest and historical data. Any number of rooms/units can be reported. A copy of the program can be obtained by sending a 3.5 inch disc to: Karen Davis, Department of Laboratory Animal Science, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Third Avenue, Harlow Essex, CM19 5AD, United Kingdom. Further information from the same address, or by email care of the editor of notes and comments

Topaz Technologies
13091 Pond Springs Rd., Suite 300, Austin, TX 78729, phone: (512) 249-8080, (800) 274-2273 (U.S. only), fax: (512) 249-8780, e-mail:
Produces Granite 4.0 Animal Resources Management Software with four components: facility management, animal records, cost accounting, and training records. The Facility Management System has accounting, animal orders, husbandry, protocol, and system administration components. The protocol component allows processing, creating, and submitting protocols, submission approval, and data management.

NTM Consulting Services
33625 Bardolph Circle, Fremont, CA 94555, phone: (510) 797-3445, fax: (510) 797-0126 e-mail:
Sirius, NTM's flagship product, is the complete integrated information management tool engineered to reflect the life cycle of animal research: Protocol management, animal procurement, cage card generation, animal and cage census, diagnostic lab & pathology, animal records, personnel training tracking, financials.
Sirius, started in 1994, is the result of a process re-engineering effort by NTM and Stanford University.

Vetstream plc, Langford Arch, Sawston, Cambridge CB2 4EG, UK, phone: +44 (0) 1223 500123, fax: +44 (0) 1223 506565, e-mail:
Produces CD-CANIS and CD-Felis, two interactive multimedia CD ROMs that provides clinical information on dog and cat diseases, treatments, symptom descriptions, likely diagnoses, and references. Can be searched by keyword, body system, anatomical area. Training material for veterinarians, graduate students, nursing staff, and others. Workbooks are also available.

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