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Descriptors: ecology, environmental biology, nutrition, physiology, Collembola, fungi, Hypogastrura denticulate, Onychiurus furcifer, competition, dietary shift, food preference, population dynamics, predation, behavioral biology, nutrition, nutritional status and methods, comparative and experimental morphology, physiology and pathology, laboratory study.



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            NAL call number: 56.8 P343

Descriptors: Folsomia candida, Collembola, diet, fungal feeding ecology, food availability, spatial heterogeneity, relationships, trophic structure, population dynamics, fungal grazing, nutrient availability, spatial environment, heterogeneity, nutrient availability, abiotic factors, physical factors, various laboratory conditions.



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            NAL call number: S590 R4

Descriptors: moulting, biological rhythms, environmental impact, physiology, ecdysis, Collembola, Folsomia candida, Isotomidae, pests of plants, reproduction and development, environmental economics.



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