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You are here: Home / Publications / Bibliographies and Resource Guides / Information Resources on Spaying and Neutering Cats, Dogs and Related Wildlife / Selected Web Sites  Printer Friendly Page
Information Resources on Spaying and Neutering Cats, Dogs and Related Wildlife
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Selected Web Sites

Alley Cat Allies.
Description: A nonprofit organization for information on feral and stray cats. The group advocates trap-neuter-release (TNR) programs as a humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations.

The Alliance for Contraception in Dogs and Cats.
Description: A collaborative effort to develop and test non-surgical techniques for contraception in dogs and cats. Under Resources, there is a link to proceedings from the International Symposium on Nonsurgical Methods for Pet Population Control in 2002, 2004, and 2006.

Animal Population Control: Introduction and Index.
Description: A list of articles published by Colorado State University in a Hypertext for Biomedical Sciences called Pathophysiology of the Reproductive System. Topics include the surgical sterilization of dogs and cats, early sterilization, the effects of gonadectomy on health, behavior and performance of pets, and contraceptives for dogs and cats.

Canine Orchidectomy (Neuter).
Description: A photographic demonstration of the canine orchidectomy procedure.

Canine Ovariohysterectomy (Spay).
Description: An photographic demonstration of the canine spay.

Early Age Spay-Neuter: A Tool Against Unnecessary Euthanasia.
Online: (PDF|87KB)
Description: A factsheet published by the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. The document discusses female spay and male castration and outlines some of the controversies surrounding early spay/neuter programmes (neutering between eight and 16 weeks of age).

Early Spay-Neuter: An Overview.
Description: An online article written by T. Fuess for the Spring 1998 Illinois Veterinary Bulletin about early-age spaying and neutering.

Early Age Spaying and Neutering.
Description: A summary about early spay-neuter, including information on a project funded by the Winn Feline Foundation that looks at the developmental and behavioral effects of prepubertal gonadectomy.

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Immunocontraception in Mammals.
Description: A publication about research being conducted on immunocontraceptive methods in white-tailed deer.

Immunocontraception. Online:
Description: Informative articles by the HSUS about immunocontraceptive methods of fertity control in companion animals and wildlife.

Immunocontraception As a Tool for Controlling Reproduction in Coyotes.
Description: An online article written by L.A. Miller of the USDA, National Wildlife Research Center. Includes references.

National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.
Description: "The National Council consists of humane organizations, breeder groups, and veterinary associations brought together to work on mutual goals regarding the pet animal surplus. The Council has conducted studies regarding animal entry and exit numbers from shelters nationally and the characteristics of animals and humans involved in relinquishment of animals to shelters. A national household survey served as a control group for the relinquishment study to help indicate which characteristics of animals and humans were really significant risk factors for failed human/animal relationships. These studies have resulted in publications in peer-reviewed journals. The significance of these publications is their effect of legitimizing the field of pet population research, and therefore encouraging other scientists to address this issue in their work."

Neuter and Spay: It's the Humane Way.
Description: A list of questions and answers about the spay and neuter procedures for cats.

Operation CatNip.
Description: The official web site for Operation CatNip, "a non-profit organization dedicated to humanely reducing the stray and
feral cat population through a no-cost Trap-Neuter-Return program."

The Pet Health Library: Canine Neuter FAQ.
Description: A list of questions and answers by Wendy Brooks, DVM about neutering the male dog.

The Pet Health Library: Canine Spay FAQ.
Description: A list of questions and answers about the canine spay procedure written by Wendy Brooks, DVM.

The Pet Health Library: Feline Spay FAQ.
Description: An article written by Wendy Brooks, DVM answering various questions about spaying cats.

The Pet Health Library: Neutering the Male Cat.
Online: h
Description: A factsheet written by Wendy Brooks, DVM about the neutering procedure in male cats. Also includes a discussion of early neutering.

Spay and Neuter Information Page.
Description: Provides links to articles about spaying and neutering companion animals.

Description: A program to provide a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services.

Spaying and Neutering Cats.
Description: This web site is Dr. Foster and Smith's source for expert pet information . "Know the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering cats and kittens including when the surgery can be performed. Pet overpopulation is on the rise so find out more to help you prevent this problem in your community."

The Surgery Suite.
Description: There are 4 links in the surgery suite section that address spaying and neutering your pet. The sections are 1) Canine Neuter; 2) Neutering the Male Cat; 3) The Canine Spay; and 4) The Feline Spay. Each section contains basic information about the procedure and the associated benefits.

US Worldwide Low Cost or Free Spay / Neuter Resources FAQ.
Description: A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about spaying and neutering as well as a link to a searchable database for locating free or low-cost spay/neuter clinics worldwide.

Animal Welfare Position Statements on Companion Animals. American Veterinary Medical Association.
Description: The AVMA's official position statements on issues such as dog and cat population control, early-age spay/neuter, and feral cat populations.

Neutering Male Dogs. David Appleby.
Description: This is an article written by David Appleby for the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, a UK-based network of experienced behaviour counsellors who, on referral from a veterinary surgeon, are able to offer the time and expertise necessary to treat pets with behaviour problems.

Neuter/Spay Assistance and Information ~ Oregon, Washington, Nationwide.
Description: Oregon's first statewide spay/neuter referral resource - helping animals, the public, and animal groups since 2001. Provides information about state by state programs and includes a page on early spay-neuter.

Canine Spay. Long Beach Animal Hospital.
Description: Includes a description and photos of the ovariohysterectomy (spay) of a dog. The page also discusses reasons why spays are performed.

A New Alternative - Animal Techniques Training on Models. Sally Walshaw.
Description: Written by Sally Walshaw, DVM. Information and examples of various models used in teaching animal surgery and techniques such as injection and blood collection.

Early Spay/Neuter in the Cat. Susan Little.
Description: Written by Susan Little, DVM. Contains information about prepubertal gonadectomy in cats, including guidelines, references, and photos.



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