Australian Bat Lyssavirus Information for Medical Practitioners.


Information on pre and post exposure and treatment plus State and Territory Public Health contacts from the Australian Department of Public Health and Ageing.


AZA Bat Taxon Advisory Group.


Members Only Database. From the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Education, species listing, husbandry manual, regulatory, enrichment and links.

Bat Atlas.


Up-to-date information on flying-foxes, especially in Australia.

Bat Brood and Nesting Boxes.


            Purchase bat brooding and nest boxes.

Bat Conservation International.


Bat information, conservation information, publications, annual report.

Bat Conservation and Management.


            Services related to bats, roosts, links, etc.

Bat Ecology and Bioacoustic Lab. - Bristol.


Journal papers, books, short works, etc. Bat web, bioacoustics.

Bat Facts.


General information on bats from the Smithsonian Institution.

BATS - Management Initiatives for the Sustainability of Bat Populations.


Lots of good information on managing and sustaining bat populations.


Bat Research Laboratory.


            Biosonar models for research.


Bat Research at U.S. Geological Survey's Fort Collins Science Center (FORT).


            Joint study with Colorado State University of the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus).


Bat Thematic Unit.


            Resources, publications, science, art, environment.


Big Brown Bat.


            General information of the Big Brown Bat from the Nature Center.


Big Brown Bat Coloring Page.


Information and coloring page for kids from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.


Build a Bat House.


From the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension. Instructions on how to build a bat house.

Build a Simple Bat Detector.


Instructions on how to build a simple bat detector plus kits and assembled detectors.

Canadian Bat Resources.


            Information on Canadian bats and conservation.

Centre chauves-sauves Suisse occidentale/Swiss Bat Centre.


Database of more than 900 scientific bibliographic references in English and French.

Chiroptera Cabin Company.


Cabins and condos for Chiroptera Cuties. Bat houses, cabins, boxes, condos.

Chiroptera Neotropical.


Newsletter of the World Conservation Union & Chiroptera specialists Group. Articles, news, publications, links.

Chiroptera Nightfliers.


            Fossil records, Life history & Ecology, Systematics morphology.

D.I.Y. Bat Detector (low cost).


A project to convert a small transistor radio into an ultrasonic detector for listening to bats. Instructions on how to do it.

The Evolution Store.


Prints, books, medical models, fossils, etc.

The Hoary Bat.


            General information about the hoary bat.

House Bat Management - USGS.


Information and procedures on managing house bats, hazards, problems, public health hazards, repellents, bat proofing, etc.

Infant Insectivorous Bat Rehabilitation.


            Information on raising and rehabilitating of infant insectivorous bats.

Kaushik Ghose: attention in the bat’s echolocation system.


            Research information from the University of Maryland Bat Lab and links.

Little Brown Bat.


Facts about the Brown Bat from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

Mammal Image Library Catalog.


            Order Chiroptera. Slides of Chiroptera Families.

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat.


General information about the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat plus other information about bats for kid. In Spanish and English.


Model Systems in Neuroethology-Echolocation in the Bat.


 Information on echolocation and the auditory cortex in bats.


North American Society for Bat Research (NASBR)


A society to promote and develop the scientific study of bats. workshops and conferences.

Order Chiroptera.


Information on Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.


Scott’s Bat House Page.


            Bat house designs and links to other sites.

South-Eastern Australia Bat Call Library.


A directory of recorded bat calls and an exchange for bat calls. A central source of reference calls of SE Australian bats.

Walker’s Bats of the World.


            Information on bat families from Johns Hopkins University Press.

Western Red Bat.


            General information on the Western Red Bat. 

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Updated October 25, 2011