Myiasis flies (Diptera: Calliphoridae, Oestridae and Gasterophilidae) of the African and Indian elephant (Loxodonta africana and Elephas maximus). Wetzel, H. Z Angew Zool. 1969, v. 56 (4), p. 489-502. ref.

            Language: German with Summary in English.

            NAL call no: 449.8 Z36

            Descriptors: flies, Indian elephant, African elephant.


Viscometric characteristics of blood of the elephant, man, dog, sheep and goat. Usami, S.; Chien, S.; Gregersen, M.I. American Journal of Epidemiology, Sept. 1969, v. 217 (3), p. 884-890. bibl.

            NAL call no: 447.8 AM3

            Descriptors: viscometric characteristics, blood, elephant, man, dog, sheep, goat.

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