Genetics / DNA


Sequence variation at two mitochondrial genes in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population of Sri Lanka. Vandebona, Himesha; Goonesekere, N.C.W.; Tiedemann, R.; Ratnasooriya, W.D.; Gunasekera, Maya B. Mammalian Biology, 2002, v. 67 (4), p. 193-205. ISSN: 1616-5047.

            NAL call no: QL700.Z4

            Descriptors: molecular genetics, mtDNA, population genetics, variation.


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            NAL call no: 442.8 C992

            Descriptors: chromosome analysis, cytogenetics, karyotypes, chromosomes.


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            NAL call no: QH541.15.M632

            Descriptors: molecular genetics, population genetics, nucleotide sequence.


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            NAL call no: 443.8 EV62

            Descriptors: phylogeny, tRNA, mitochondrial DNA, nucleotide sequence.


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            NAL call no: 41.9 C333

            Descriptors: karyotypes, Elephas maximus.


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            NAL call no: 443.8 H42

            Descriptors: DNA, genetic analysis, genetic diversity, mitochondria.


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            NAL call no: QL751.B4

            Descriptors: animal behavior, genetics, social behavior, Elephas maximus.


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            NAL call no: QH540.M64

            Descriptors: elephants genetics, polymorphism genetics, microsatellite repeats.


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            NAL call no: 41.8 IN22

            Descriptors: X-chromosome, Y-chromosome, chromosome number, diploidy.


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            Language: Chinese

            NAL call no: QL1.T85

            Descriptors: karyotypes, chromosomes, chromosome banding, Elephas maximus.


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            NAL call no: SF140.B54A55

            Descriptors: gene identification, genetic diversity, gene sequence, tagged sites.


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            NAL call no: 49 J82

            Descriptors: sequence tagged sites, species comparison, elephant.


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            NAL call no: QL700.Z4

            Descriptors: population genetics, sequence variation, Cyt b gene, mitochondrial DNA.


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            NAL call no: QL77.5.Z6

            Descriptors: genetic polymorphism, genetic analysis, Elephas maximus.


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            NAL call no: 410 AC88

            Descriptors: inheritance, mathematical model, population dynamics.


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            NAL call no: 410 AC88

            Descriptors: tuskless bulls, human influence, population genetics.


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            NAL call no: QL77.5.Z6

            Descriptors: paternity, DNA-fingerprinting, inbred lines, Elephas maximus.


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            NAL call no: 41.8 IN22

            Descriptors: chromosomes, karyotypes, elephants.


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            NAL call no: QL351.Z4

            Descriptors: genetic distance, genetic variation, population genetics, Elephas maximus.


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            Language: Japanese.

            Descriptors: biochemical polymorphism, gene frequency, blood, elephants.

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