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"Suppliers and Products" is a chapter from: Smith, C.P. and V. Taylor (September 1995). Environmental Enrichment Information Resources for Laboratory Animals: 1965 - 1995: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals, Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents. AWIC Resource Series No. 2. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD and Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW), Potters Bar, Herts, UK, pp. 237-242.

To make it even easier for you to develop enrichment programs, we have put together a lengthy, but by no means exhaustive, listing of commercial vendors and the enrichment products they supply. This listing include items as diverse as plastic tubes or tunnels for rodents to electric netting for free range chickens. All contact information is current as of September 1, 1995. Please note that "800" telephone numbers for U.S. companies may not be reached by all countries.

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Agri-Engineering, Inc. 2600 College Avenue, Goshen, IN (Indiana) 46526, USA. Tel: (219) 533-0497 or (800) 447-2751 (USA only).
Manufacturer of Plastic Piggy Playballs.

Ancare Corp. 2647 Grand Ave., P.O. Box 814, Bellmore, NY (New York) 11710-0814, USA. Tel: (800) 645-6379, Fax: (516) 781-4937.
Supplier of Nestlets, a rodent nesting material.

B & K Universal Ltd. The Field Station, Grimston Aldborough Hull, North Humberside HU11 4QE, UK. Tel: 01964 527555, Fax: 01964 527006.
Product line includes:

Big Dutchman International GmbH. P.O. Box 1163, D-49360 Vechta, GERMANY. Tel: +49 4447 8010, Fax: +49 4447 801237.
Manufacturer of Gather-all Breeder Nest System that is designed to safely handle eggs from the bird to the collection belt while providing comfort to the hen.

Bio-Serv. P.O. Box 450, Frenchtown, NJ (New Jersey) 08825, USA.Tel: (800) 473-2155, Fax: (800) 473-2167.
Manufacturer or distributor of a variety of environmental enrichment products for dogs, swine, rabbits, and primates. Product line includes:

Booda Products, Inc. 26707 Agoura Road, Suite 110, Calabasas, CA (California) 91302, USA. Tel: (818) 878-3900, Fax: (818) 878-3909.
Makers of a variety of toys for dogs, cats, and birds. Product line includes:

Boomer Ball. 24171 West Route 120, Grayslake, IL (Illinois) 60030, USA. Tel: (703) 546-6125 or (800) 858-9529.
Makers of non-toxic, heavy-duty, polyethylene plastic balls, mazes, ice floes and other devices. For use with small mammals to large carnivores and apes.
Product line includes:

Braden Industries. P.O. Box 2010, Sulphur Springs, TX (Texas) 75483, USA. Tel: (903) 439-3233 or (800) 272-3361 (US only), Fax: (903) 439-1814.
Manufacturer of the Braden Start Dry Feed Bottle that allows calves to be weaned to dry feed by suckling a rubber nipple and receiving pelletted feed rather than liquid.

Britz-Heidbrink, Inc. P.O. Box 1179, Wheatland, WY (Wyoming) 82201-1179, USA. Tel: (307) 322-4040, Fax: (307) 322-4141.
Produces animal housing systems that include "enrichment panels" that use color, noise reduction, thermal neutral surfaces, and opportunities for animal exploration.

Eisers. 360 Kiwanis Boulevard, Hazelton, PA (Pennsylvania) 18201, USA. Tel: (800) 526-6987 (USA only) or (717) 450-6130, Fax: (800) 680-3926 (USA only) or (717) 455-1593.
Manufacturer and distributor of the Giant Stallmate Apple, a scented toy for horses and pigs, and the Equi-Ball, a toy for horses.

Ethical, Inc. 216 First Street, Newark, NJ (New Jersey) 07107, USA. Tel: (201) 484-1000.
Manufacturer of solid vinyl chew toys for dogs and Squish balls for cats.

Jansen Engineering and Construction Company. Mercuriusweg 25, 3771 NC Barneveld, THE NETHERLANDS. Tel: +31 3420 21020, Fax: +31 03420 21019.
Manufacturer of Jansen automatic roll-away nests for hens. The shape, color, and floor material of the nest have been chosen according to the latest research in bird behavior.

K.L.A.S.S. 4960 Almaden Expressway, Suite 233, San Jose, CA (California) 95118, USA. Tel: (408) 266-1235.
Distributor of environmental enrichment products including Kong Toys, Boomer Balls, Nylabone, mouse nesting box, and a variety of easily sanitized play objects for birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, pigs, and primates. Product line includes:

Landmeco A/S. DK-6870 Ølgod, DENMARK. Tel: +45 75 24 55 11, Fax: +45 75 24 43 53.
Manufacturer of the Landmeco Nest. Each roll-away nest contains six nest pads that provide the hens with a warm and comfortable laying area.

Wm. Lillico & Son (Wonham Mill) Ltd. Wonham Mill, Betchworth, Surrey, RH3 7AD, UK. Tel: 01737 247666, Fax: 01737 246783.
Produces a variety of forage mixes and is a distributer of Boomer Balls and the Scanbur A/S rabbit cage. Other products include:

P.J. Murphy Forest Products Corp. P.O. Box 300, 150 River Rd., Montville, NJ (New Jersey) 07045, USA.Tel: (201) 316-0800, Fax: (201) 316-9455.
Produces "Sani-Chips" animal bedding. Hardwood and softwood products are available.

Nylabone Products. Third Avenue and Union St, Neptune, NJ (New Jersey) 07753, USA. Tel: (908) 988-8400.
Manufacturer of Nylabone, Nylaballs, Gumabone Plaque Attacker, Gumabone tugs, and Gumadisc Flying Disc chew toys for dogs and other animals.

David Nunn Ltd. Station Yard, Hadnall, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 3DD, UK. Tel: 0939 210555, Mobile: 0836 224691.
Distributors of Sundown Livestock Bedding and Environmental Straw Products. Poultry bedding is available in 25 kg poly-wrapped bales of de-dusted, sterilized straw.

R.J. Patchett, Ltd. Queensbury, Bradford, Yorkshire BD13 1DS, UK. Tel: 0274 882331, Fax: 0274 816362.
Manufacturer of laying cages with perch frames designed to meet EC welfare requirements. Also make nest boxes.

Primate Products. 1755 East Bayshore Rd., Suite 28A, Redwood City, CA (California) 94063, USA. Tel: (415) 368-0663, Fax: (415) 368-0665.
Produces "Kong Toys" which are autoclavable hollow toys that are durable enough to withstand rough handling and biting. They can also be filled with treats. Recommended for primates, canines, pigs, and rodents.

Rappa Fencing Ltd. Steepleton Hill, Stockbridge, Hampshire SO20 6JE, UK. Tel: 01264 810665, Fax: 01264 810079.
Manufacturer of eight- line electric fence system designed specifically for free range poultry.

Renco. Unit K1A, Bath Road Trading Estate, Stroud, Glos, England GL5 3QF, UK. Tel: 01453 752154, Fax: 01453 752155.
Manufacturer of electric netting for free range poultry. Offers protection from predators and provides bird control.

Scanbur A/S. Gl. Lellingegård, Bakkeleddet 9, Lellinge, DK-4600 Køge, DENMARK. Tel: +45 56 82 02 21 or 020 79 52 44 (Sweden only), Fax: +45 56 82 14 05.
Manufacturer of environmentally enriched caging systems for rabbits. Allows for single, pair, or group housing of rabbits. This cage system increases the possibility of exercise and physical activity. Rabbits can obtain social contact with fellow rabbits, and they can retire and hide whenever they want to. Each cage contains a resting shelf and shelter. Scandinavian distributor for Special Diet Services.

Shepherd Specialty Papers. P.O. Box 804, Kalamazoo, MI (Michigan) 49005, USA. Tel: (616) 324-3017 or (800) 382-5001(USA only) , Fax: (616) 324-3026 or (800) 222-5170 (USA only) .
Manufacturer of ALPHA-dri (alpha cellulose) which is a loose animal bedding of precisely defined composition. Also produce Enviro-Dri which is a bedding developed for pen-housed primates, large animals, and canines. Enviro-Dri is also recommended for the nesting of all animals.

Société Parisiennes des Sciures. 33, rue de Gode, 95100 Argenteuil, FRANCE. Tel: 39 80 15 09, Fax: 39 80 66 64, Telex: 688214 F.
Distributor of Litalabo bedding for laboratory animals.

Special Diet Services. P.O. Box 705, Witham, Essex, CM8 3AD, UK. Tel: 01376 511260, Fax: 01376 511247.
Manufacturers of diets in mixed shapes and sizes.

Tapvei. 73600 Kaavi, FINLAND. Tel: +358 71 688 88 99, Fax: +358 71 663 234.
Manufacturer of Tapvei bedding, bedding dispensers and waste removal systems, items for cage enrichment and Aspen bricks for dogs, rabbits, and rodents.

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