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Internet Resources

"Internet Resources" is a chapter from: O'Driscoll, Jennifer, ed. (December 1998). Information Resources for Livestock and Poultry Handling and Transport. AWIC Resource Series No. 4. U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library, Animal Welfare Information Center, Beltsville, MD. Contact us:

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Individuals and Organizations

Dr. Temple Grandin

An extremely relevant and useful site developed by Temple Grandin, Ph.D., an expert in livestock behavior, design of animal handling facilities, and humane slaughter. Includes extensive information on livestock behavior, humane slaughter, recommended handling and stunning practices, design of facilities, ritual slaughter, stress and meat quality, a survey of stunning and handling in federally inspected slaughter plants, and abstracts of over 30 articles by Dr. Grandin.

Animal Welfare Information Center

Provides bibliographies and information resource publications on livestock handling and transportation, as well as several newsletter articles on transport and welfare of agricultural animals. Links to the collections of the National Agricultural Library, which can be searched on-line.

National Institute for Animal Agriculture

A source for several educational videos focusing on animal handling in production facilities. Pamphlets on handling, transport, and non-ambulatory animals are also available here.

Farm Sanctuary

Provides information on humane handling of farm animal species including cattle, chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep, rabbits, ducks, geese, and goats. Mostly applicable to those caring for a small number of animals. Video documentaries of poultry slaughter and the marketing of non-ambulatory livestock are available as well.

International Air Transport Association

Contains information about transport of all types of animals by aircraft. Source for IATA Live Animals Regulations, published annually in October. Also provides information about training courses run by IATA for those handling live animals during the shipping process.

Tim Harris, Consultant

Source for ordering the Animal Transport Association's Manual for the Transport of Live Animals by Road (Tim Harris is the editor), which covers regulations and legislation pertaining to the transport of livestock worldwide. Mr. Harris is a consultant specializing in livestock transport issues.

University of California, Davis, Veterinary Medicine Extension

Provides series of on-line booklets dealing with agricultural animal care, including behavior, handling, and transport. Beef cattle, broiler chickens, dairy cattle, laying hens, sheep, swine, and turkeys are covered. An article on the transport of horses is available at this site as well.

National Ag Safety Database

This site, set up by the Centers for Disease Control, provides the full text of many documents on safe handling of farm animals. Information about related videos is also available.

Electronic Pamphlets and Articles

Livestock Handler's Safety

Mac Legault, Ann Swinker, and Temple Grandin, Colorado State University. Discusses livestock handling and transport in the context of avoiding injuries to human handlers. Applies principles of animal behavior to handling practices and facility design.

Livestock Injured in Transport Accidents

Animal Welfare Unit, New South Wales Agriculture. Instructions for livestock transporters on how to humanely handle animals injured in transport vehicle accidents.

Physiology, Balance, and Management of Horses During Transportation

Carolyn L. Stull, Ph.D., Extension Specialist, Animal Welfare Program, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis. A paper presented at the 1997 Horse Breeders and Owners Conference. Provides a detailed look at the causes of stress experienced by horses during transport, the effects of that stress, and how to properly transport horses to minimize stress and injuries.

Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines for Meatpackers

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., for the American Meat Institute. An extensive publication covering handling of livestock during the slaughter process. Detailed discussion of livestock behavior and how to apply it to handling, stunning practices, and handling of non-ambulatory livestock.

Transporting Poultry in a Humane Manner

Phillip J. Clauer, Poultry Extension Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension. A factsheet which provides recommendations for the safe transport of poultry. Mainly directed at small flock owners, but applicable to transport of large numbers of birds.

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