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This section contains a listing of books and proceedings published from 1999-2003 relating to swine care and welfare.

American Society of Agricultural Engineers (2000). Swine Housing: Proceedings of the First International Conference: October 9-11, 2000, Des Moines, Iowa. American Society of Agricultural Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan, ASAE publication 701P0001, 401 p., ISBN: 1-892769-10-7.

NAL Call No.: SF396.3 S952 2000.

Keywords: swine housing, production, new and traditional systems for farrowing, wean-to-finish, finishing facilities, animal welfare, environment.

Cowart, R.P.; Casteel, S.W. (2001). An Outline of Swine Diseases: A Handbook, 2nd ed., Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa, 191 p.

NAL Call No.: SF971 C695 2001.

Keywords: swine medicine, veterinarian’s role in swine production, health management techniques, etiology, epidemiology, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, disease control, toxic agents, North America.

Cranwell, P.D. (2001). Manipulating pig production VIII. Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial Conference of the Australian Pig Science Association, Adelaide, Australia, November 25-28, 2001, 281 p., Australasian Pig Science Association: Werribee, Australia, ISBN: 0-957-7226-1-3.

Keywords: breeding, husbandry, nutrition, health, production, feeds, food safety, meat quality, meat hygiene, Australia.

Dohner, J.V. ( 2001). The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds Yale University Press: New Haven, USA, 514 p., ISBN: 0-300-08880-9.

NAL Call No.: SF105.275 U6 D65 2001.

Keywords: goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, equines, poultry, humans and animals, natural history, domestication, husbandry, breed profiles, conservation, endangered species.

EMBRAPA (2001). Proceedings of the 1st International Virtual Conference on Pork Quality: Welfare, Transport, Slaughter and Consumer, November 16- December 16, 2000, Concordia, Brazil, EMBRAPA Suinos e Aves, 251 p.,

Keywords: animal welfare, boars, carcass quality, food consumption, meat quality, handling, slaughter.

English, P. (1992). Stockmanship: Improving the Care of the Pig and Other Livestock Ipswich, Farming Press: U.K., 190p.

NAL Call No.: SF71.2 S76 1992.

Keywords: human-animal relationships, livestock workers, handling, production.

Ewing, S.A.; Lay, D.C.; Borell, E. von (1999). Farm Animal Well-being: Stress Physiology, Animal Behavior, and Environmental Design Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 357 p., ISBN: 0-13-660200-2.

NAL Call No.: SF756.7 E94 1999.

Keywords: behavior, stress, housing, design, biology of the stress response, stressors, control, physical environment, diet, social environment.

Federation of Animal Science Societies (1999). Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching Federation of Animal Science Societies: Savoy, IL, 1st rev. ed., 120p.

NAL Call No.: QL55 G8 1999.

Keywords: laboratory animals, guidelines, husbandry, teaching, testing, animal welfare, humane education.

Gordon, I.R. (1997). Controlled Reproduction in Pigs CAB International: Wallingford, Oxon, UK; New York, 247 p., ISBN: 0851991165.

NAL Call No.: SF768.2 S95G67 1997.

Keywords: reproduction, breeding, review of literature, reproduction control and manipulation, controlled breeding, sows, estrous cycle, associated events, artificial control of estrus and ovulation, pregnancy testing, control of farrowing, more frequent farrowing in pigs, increasing litter size, embryo transfer, breeding pigs at younger ages.

Graeme, T.; Kruger, I.; Ferrier, M.(1994). Plan It, Build It NSW Agriculture: Tamworth, N.S.W., 331 p.

NAL Call No.: SF396.3 P54 1994.

Keywords: pig housing, farm buildings, design, construction, Australia.

Grandin, T. (2000). Livestock Handling and Transport, 2nd ed., CAB International: Wallingford, UK; New York, 449 p., ISBN: 0-85199-409-01.

NAL Call No.: SF88 L58 2000.

Keywords: cattle, swine, sheep, handling, fear, human animal relationships, stock person training, manager training, stress, welfare, assessment, transport, thermoregulation, meat quality, loading, unloading, slaughter.

Harmon, J.(2001). Swine Breeding and Gestation Facilities Handbook MidWest Plan Service: Ames, Iowa, 103 p.

NAL Call No.: SF396.3 S89 2000.

Keywords: breeding and gestation facilities, housing, management options, building layouts, equipment needs, manure handling options, environmental control systems, utility requirements.

Hemsworth, P.H.; Coleman, G.J. (1998). Human-livestock Interactions: the Stockperson and the Productivity and Welfare of Intensively Farmed Animals CAB International: New York, NY, 152p.

NAL Call No.: HV4757 H46 1998.

Keywords: animal welfare, moral and ethical aspects, stockperson, skills, knowledge, status, attitudes, stockperson behavior, animal behavior, future opportunities.

Hovi, M.; Garcia Trujillo, R. (2000). Diversity of Livestock Systems and Definition of Animal Welfare. Proceedings of the Second NAHWOA Workshop, Cordoba, Spain, 8-11 January 2000, University of Reading Library (RUL): Reading, UK, 165p., ISBN: 0-7049-1092-6. Available online at

Keywords: farming, research methodologies, diversity, organic livestock systems, Austria, Spain.

Kyriazakis, I. (1999). A Quantitative Biology of the Pig C.A.B. International: Wallingford, Oxon, UK ; New York, 408p., ISBN: 0-85199-273-0.

Keywords: genetics, growth, physiology, welfare, quantitative models, production, mathematical models, physiological processes, feedstuffs, analysis, environment, thermal, social environment, food intake, mating, pregnancy, lactation, body composition, endocrine, voluntary food intake, diet selection, digestion, absorption, excretion, macroelements, carbohydrate, lipid metabolism.

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture (1999). Swine System Options for Iowa, Proceedings of a Conference Held February17, 1999, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture: Ames, Iowa, 78 p.

NAL Call No.: SF396.3.S954 1999.

Keywords: housing, hoop structures, outdoor pig production, health, feeding, bedding, management.

McGlone, J.; Pond, W.G. (2003). Pig Production: Biological Principles and Applications Delmar Publishers: USA 480p., ISBN: 0-8273-8484-X.

NAL Call No.: SF395 M37 2003.

Keywords: genetics, reproduction, nutrition, growth, resource management, social farming issues, economics, handling, animal welfare, environmental concerns, modern farming.

National Research Council (1998). Nutrient Requirements of Swine Subcommittee on Swine Nutrition, Committee on Animal Nutrition, Board on Agriculture, National Research Council 10th ed., National Academy Press: Washington, D.C., 189p. + 1 computer laser optical disc.

NAL Call No.: SF396.5 N87 1998.

Keywords: nutrition, requirements, growth, physiology, water requirements, energy, proteins, amino acids, feed intake, minerals, vitamins, sex and age differences.

Pond, W.G.; Mersmann H.J. (2001). Biology of the Domestic Pig, Comstock Pub. Associates, Cornell University Press: Ithaca, NY, 745 p.

NAL Call No.: SF768.2 S95 B56 2001.

Keywords: physiology, ethology, psychology, husbandry, anesthesia, surgery, genetics, reproduction, growth, body composition, nutrient requirements, digestive system, skeletal and muscular system, respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, hematology, excretory system, integument, endocrinology, immunology, xenotransplantation.

Rothschild, M.F.; Ruvinsky, A. (1998). The Genetics of the Pig C.A.B. International: Wallingford, Oxon, UK ; New York, 622 p., ISBN: 0851992293,

NAL Call No.: SF396.9.G45.

Keywords: genetics, management, production, technology, improvement in performance, phylogeny, morphological traits, diseases, behavior, transgenics, performance traits, genetic conservation, genome mapping, linkage maps, domestication, breeds, origin, color variation, morphological traits, inherited disorders, reproduction, meat and carcass traits.

Sims, L.D.; Glastonbury, J.R.W. (1996). Pathology of the Pig: A Diagnostic Guide Barton, A.C.T.: Pig Research and Development Corporation; Bendigo Mail Centre, Victoria, Australia, 456 p.

NAL Call No.: SF971 P382 1996.

Keywords: oral cavity, oesophagus and stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, peritoneal cavity, cardiovascular system, blood, spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, nasal passages, larynx and trachea, lungs, endocrine glands, bones, joints, skeletal muscle, nervous system, eye, ear, skin, urinary tract, female reproductive tract, mammary gland, male reproductive tract, semen, neonatal mortality, health monitoring, slaughter, diseases, diagnosis, anatomy, veterinary pathology.

Smith, P. (2001). Practical Pig Keeping Crowood Press: Marlborough, UK, 208 p., ISBN: 1-86126-388-0.

Keywords: piglets, husbandry, feeding, health, breeding, marketing, practical manual.

Straw, B.E. (1999). Diseases of Swine Iowa State University Press: Ames, Iowa, 8th ed., 1209 p.

NAL Call No.: SF971 D57 1999.

Keywords: physical examination, diagnosis, interpretation of laboratory results, differential diagnosis, viral diseases, bacterial diseases, behavioral problems, coccidia, protozoa, external parasites, gastric ulcers, genetic diseases, developmental diseases, neoplastic diseases, internal parasites, mycotoxins, nutrient deficiencies and excesses, porcine stress syndrome, prolapses, toxic minerals, chemicals, plants, and gases, veterinary practice, immune system, digestive system, mammary gland and lactation problems, nervous system diseases, locomotor diseases, animal welfare, methods of disease control, disease surveillance at slaughter, anesthesia and surgical procedures in swine, therapeutic, veterinary services.

Taylor, D.J.(1999). Pig Diseases Iowa State Press, Blackwell Publishing: Glasgow, Scotland, 7th ed., 412 p., ISBN:095069326X,

NAL Call No.: SF971 T39 1999.

Keywords: animal welfare, veterinary profession, meat quality, food safety, humane endpoint for slaughter, risks to man, disease therapy.

Varley, M.A. (1995). The Neonatal Pig: Development and Survival CAB International: Wallingford, 342 p., ISBN: 085198925X.

NAL Call No.: SF395 N46 1995.

Keywords: neonatal pig, piglets, mortality, review, genetics, physiology, gut and nutrition, probiotics, diseases, immunology, behavior, thermoregulation, environment, husbandry, human animal interactions.

Varley, M.A.; Wiseman, J. (2001). The Weaner Pig: Nutrition and Management CABI Publishing: Wallingford, UK; New York, 336 p., ISBN: 0-85199-532-2.

NAL Call No.: SF396.5 W43 2001.

Keywords: piglets, weaning, transition, liquid diet, dry feed, digestive physiology, immune status, social, physical environments, growth, feed efficiency, development, nutrition, immunology, health, ethology, physical environment.

Whittemoore, C.T. (1998). The Science and Practice of Pig Production Blackwell Science: Oxford; Malden, Mass, 2nd ed., 624 p., ISBN: 0-632-05086-1.

NAL Call No.: SF395 W48 1998.

Keywords: carcass quality, growth, reproduction, genetics, welfare, behavior, codes of practice, disease prevention, energy value of feedstuffs, nutritional value of proteins and amino acids, energy and protein requirements, water, mineral, vitamin, requirements, appetite, feed intake, diet formulation, product marketing, environmental requirements, production performance monitoring, simulation modeling, housing diagrams, photographs, charts, tables, extensive resource.

Wiseman, J.; Varley, M.A.; Chadwick, J.P. (1998). Progress in Pig Science Nottingham University Press: Thrumpton, Nottingham, 472 p.

NAL Call No.: SF395 P76 1998.

Keywords: comprehensive overview, genetics, neonate, weaning, growing pig, reproduction, marketing, meat quality, environmental aspects, management, health, welfare, marker assisted selection, immunological development, gut regulation, post weaning enteric and respiratory syndromes, crop biotechnology, feed improvement, embryo survival, nutrition-endocrine interaction in the female pig, GATT, meat assessment, aroma, flavor, robots for meat assessment, pollutants.

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