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Information Centers

The National Agricultural Library's specialized information centers and partnerships provid access to essential information focusing on specific aspects of agriculture.

Agricultural Law Information Partnership Supports the dissemination of agricultural and food law information to consumers, researchers and legal professionals.

Partners include:

  • Center for Agriculture and Food Systems
  • National Agricultural Law Center

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center Specializes in identifying and accessing information related to alternative agricultural enterprises, crops, and cropping systems.

Animal Welfare Information Center Provides information and training for improved animal care and use in research, testing, teaching, and exhibition.

Food and Nutrition Information Center Delivers credible, accurate, and practical resources for nutrition and health professionals, educators, government personnel, and consumers. Includes the following specialized offerings:

Food Safety Research Information Office Collects, organizes, and makes available information about food safety research activities.

National Invasive Species Information Center Serves as a gateway to invasive species information drawn from Federal, state, local, and international sources.

Rural Information Center Provides information and referral services to funding sources and relevant programs for those working to maintain the vitality of America's rural areas.

Water and Agriculture Information Center Collects, organizes, and communicates the scientific findings, educational methodologies, and public policy issues related to water resources and agriculture.