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Lawns and Turf, Landscaping, and Ornamental Plants

Children paying croquet on lawn

Green Roof Research Program
Michigan State University.
Describes extensive work on green roofs. Includes list of research articles and list of useful links.

Heat Island Effect: Green Roofs
Environmental Protection Agency.
Outlines costs and benefits of green roofs, and gives references and links to more information.

Native Plants and Ecofriendly Landscaping
USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.
Provides information about plants that have adapted naturally in your area and how to use them in the landscape to maintain and improve the environment.

Green Lawns and Gardens: Have a Beautiful Yard without Chemicals
New York State. Department of Environmental Conservation.
Provides tips and resources for a chemical free yard. Includes sections for homeowners/residents and lawn care/landscape professionals.

The Pennsylvania State University.
Provides online reference materials to resources related to turfgrass.

Center for Turfgrass Environmental Research & Education
North Carolina State University. Center for Turfgrass Environmental Research & Education.
Provides turfgrass information to a diverse audience: homeowners, students, extension personnel, and professional turfgrass managers.