Laws and Regulations

United States Capitol building

Farm Bill
USDA. National Agricultural Library.
Locates online resources on the Farm Bill. Includes historical farm bill legislation, analysis, and sites dedicated to the 2014 farm bill.

Government and Professional Resources: Animal Welfare
USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.
Identifies key legislation on animal welfare and demonstrates methods of compliance.

Laws and Regulations: Invasive Species
USDA. NAL. National Invasive Species Information Center.
Provides federal, state, international laws and regulations, declarations and reports relevant to invasive species.

Agriculture Laws
Environmental Protection Agency.
Classifies environmental legislation and regulations by topic including air, pesticides, water, and compliance.

Regulatory Information
Food and Drug Administration.
Tabulates food related legislation and regulation by rules and regulations, legislation, docket management, and standards.

National Agricultural Law Center
National Agricultural Law Center.
Streamlines agricultural research with analysis of federal agricultural legislation and regulations, and state resources. Includes an agricultural glossary.

Agriculture: State Laws
Cornell University.
Indexes agricultural laws by state.

Farmland Information Center
Farmland Information Center.
Arranges agricultural laws and regulations by federal, state, and local. Search by state, topic, or type of legislation.

Agriculture and Rural Development
National Conference of State Legislatures.
Addresses agricultural state legislation, examines agricultural topics related to states, and tracks state legislation and regulation of agriculture.

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.
Summarizes state agricultural issues by topic, including animal and plant, marketing, environment, and food regulation. Lists National Association of State Departments of Agriculture meetings by state.