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Title: Variations in preenrichment pH of poultry feed and feed ingredients after incubation periods up to 48 hours
Authors: Cox Jr NA, Cason JA, Buhr RJ, Richardson KE, Richardson LJ, Rigsby LL, Cray PJ
Journal: J Appl Poultry Res
Accepted date: 2012 Dec 18
Interpretive summary: Human salmonellosis outbreaks have been linked to contamination of animal feeds. Therefore, it is critical to use sensitive detection methods. Most Salmonella cells in feed are stressed by dryness and heat used in feed processing. In addition, this study reports that when feeds are tested for Salmonella, the pH of the commonly used media drops during incubation to a level that can kill or severely injure Salmonella which can result in this contamination going undetected.
Publication date: 2013 Jun
Volume: 22
Issue: 2
Pages: 190-5