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Title: Validation of a predictive model for survival and growth of Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 on chicken skin for extrapolation to a previous history of frozen storage
Authors: Oscar TP
Journal: J Food Prot
Accepted date: 2013 Jan 18
Interpretive summary: "The Predictive Microbiology Information Portal is a USDA-sponsored website ( that seeks to educate large and small food companies about proper use of predictive models for improving microbiological safety of food. Included in the website is the USDA, Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Pathogen Modeling Program (PMP), which is a computer software application that contains predictive models for cross-contamination, survival, growth and death of foodborne pathogens. Validation of predictive models is an important step in model development because it increases confidence in using them to make important food safety decisions. In addition, validation of models for extrapolation to a variable not included in model development is important because it saves time and money by identifying conditions for which new models are not needed. In the present study, a validated PMP model for survival and growth of Salmonella on fresh chicken was validated for predicting survival and growth of Salmonella on frozen chicken. Thus, investing additional time and money into development of a new model for frozen chicken was avoided.
Publication date: 2013 Jun 1
Volume: 76
Issue: 6
Pages: 1035-40