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Title: Antimicrobial effects of vapor phase thymol, modified atmosphere, and their combination against Salmonella spp. on raw shrimp
Authors: Zhou S, Sheen S, Liu LS, Pang Y, Yam KL
Journal: J Food Sci
Accepted date: 2013 Feb 4
Interpretive summary: Salmonella contamination is commonly found in raw shrimp which can lead to foodborne illness outbreaks. Salmonella are sensitive to some natural antimicrobial compounds, e.g. thymol. In this report, thymol (in vapor phase) and modified atmosphere were found to inhibit the growth of Salmonella spp. This process can be used commercially to reduce foodborne illness risk from consumption of potentially contaminated shrimp and other seafood. The developed growth models may be used in risk assessments for consumption of seafood products.
Publication date: 2013 May
Volume: 78
Issue: 5
Pages: M725-30