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Title: Potential involvement of Aspergillus flavus Link laccases in peanut invasion at low water potential
Authors: Arias De Ares RS, Sobolev V, Orner VA, Dang PM, Lamb MC
Journal: Plant Pathol
Accepted date: 2013 Mar 24
Interpretive summary: Aspergillus flavus (Link) accumulates carcinogenic aflatoxins in peanuts, mainly affecting immature kernels during drought. A. flavus can produce enzymes (laccases) able to degrade the mechanism of defense of peanut plants (phytoalexins). Though the genome of A. flavus is published, nothing is known about the possible role of A. flavus laccases on pathogenicity. In this work we used molecular tools (real-time PCR) to determine the regulation of A. flavus laccases in the presence of peanut kernels, peanut hulls and drought (low water potential). The fungal biomass was monitored as well as the phytoalexin content in peanut kernels. Some phytoalexins were identified as possible targets of A. flavus laccases. The significant up-regulation of expression of these enzymes under drought and in presence of sucrose could explain in part the higher incidence of carcinogenic aflatoxins in immature peanuts under drought conditions.
Publication date: 2014 Apr
Volume: 63
Issue: 2
Pages: 354–64