Wheat Head infected with Fusarium scab

Recent Advances in Wheat Head Scab Research in China

Li-Feng Chen, Gui-Hua Bai, and Anne E. Desjardins

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Project Objective

Wheat head scab (WHS), also called Fusarium head blight, is a serious problem in the People's Republic of China. Chinese scientists began research on WHS 50 years ago and have made great progress, especially in breeding for WHS resistance. Most of their work, however, has been published in the Chinese language, which has limited its accessibility to non-Chinese speaking scientists. The purpose of this review is to bring English language readers up-to-date on scab research that has been published in Chinese. We will critically review research on biology of the major pathogen Fusarium graminearum, on breeding for resistance to WHS, and on methods for disease control. We hope that this review in English will provide scientists all over the world with information on WHS research in China, and will help build connections between scientists from China and other countries.

Picture of the NCAUR 1997 
    Wheat Head Scab research teamNCAUR Wheat Head Scab research team - 1997. Author Chen is standing on the right and author Desjardins is in the back row third from the right.



Picture of the 1999 NCUAR Wheat Head Scab Research TeamNCUAR Wheat Head Scab research team - 1999. Author Bai is on the left and author Desjardins is in the middle.





This review was supported by the National Agricultural Library-Plant Genome Data and Information Center, USDA, USA. The authors thank S. McCarthy for coordinating the project; Z-Q Hu, J-Q Wang, Y-L Song, F-M Dai, W-Z Lu, H-B Shi, Y-J Lu, G-L Jiang, Z-Q Ma, and G-J Yu for their assistance in literature search and collection; M-G Zhou for permission to cite his unpublished data; RD Plattner and D-J Liu for their critical comments on the review.


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