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Poultry and Poultry Production

Poultry and Poultry Production

American Poultry Historical Society (APHS) Photograph Collection 
USDA. ARS. National Agricultural Library Contains 115 black-and-white and color photographs, with related captions and texts.

ARS Research Laboratories.
USDA. Agricultural Research Service. Illustrates research on poultry and game from Agricultural Research Service laboratories across the United States.

Laying Hen Welfare Fact Sheet: Current Developments in Beak Trimming
USDA ARS. Livestock Behavior Research Unit. Documents current developments in beak-trimming.

Genetic Selection and Welfare in Laying Hens
USDA. ARS. Livestock Behavior Research Unit. Investigates genetic selection and the welfare of laying hens.

Laying Hen Welfare Fact Sheet: Housing and Welfare
USDA. ARS. Livestock Behavior Research Unit. Profiles the connections between laying hen housing and hen welfare.

Poultry & Eggs: Overview
USDA. Economic Research Service. Publishes monthly reports on the poultry and egg industry outlook and data covering supply, use, prices, and trade.

Commodity Areas: Livestock Poultry and Seed Program
USDA. Agricultural Marketing Service. Introduces USDA services for poultry and egg producers including certification and standards.

Grading, Certification, and Verification
USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. Formalizes the official classes, standards, and grades for poultry.

Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture
USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. Illustrates raising chickens and turkeys using pens, movable fencing, and pastures.

Poultry Diseases
Mississippi State University Extension Service. Coordinates articles on the identification, symptoms, and diagnosis of poultry diseases including vaccinations and external parasites.

Poultry: Topics
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center. Assembles resources on marketing, manufacturing, and producing poultry, eggs, organic poultry, ducks and geese, and wild fowl.

Poultry Selects articles on poultry, flock management, handling, animal health, equipment and facilities, pharmaceuticals, feed, and technology.