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What Information and Funding Resources are available for Local Governments in Rural Communities?

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This online guide provides information for Local governments who are actively engaged in safeguarding America's homeland and rural heartland. Information and funding resources for planning emergency preparedness, implementing, and managing higher security levels, providing equipment and training for emergency first responders, and providing recovery assistance are identified in this resource.


Search & Rescue Team

Search & Rescue Team

This resource guide was developed by Patricia L. John in 2005. Last Modified July, 2013.
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Planning Resources

Funding and Program Assistance

Although the U.S. Department of Homeland Security funds most federal programs available to assist local communities with security programs, some are located at other departments. The federal programs supporting programs and training for first responders are located on Rural Information Center's resources pages for Emergency Medical Services, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies and are listed below under First Responders. Consult Grant Writing Resources for assistance in preparing successful proposals and in obtaining funding applications and information for obtaining a DUNS number that is required of all organizations/entities applying for a federal grant or cooperative agreement.

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