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State and National Organizations

Industry and producer organizations are often coordinated by geographical area. Find a prominent national organization or a group near you.

American Fisheries Society   html

American Fisheries Society.


Aquaculture   html

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


Aquaculture in Hawaii   html

Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Aquaculture Development Program.


Arizona Aquaculture Association   html

University of Arizona. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Arizona Aquaculture Association.


Asian Fisheries Society   html

Asian Fisheries Society.


Australian Aquaculture Portal   html

National Aquaculture Council.


Australian Seafood Industry Council   html

Seafood Services Australia.


California Aquaculture   html

University of California. Department of Animal Sciences.


Delaware Aquaculture Resource Center   html

University of Delaware. Graduate College of Marine and Earth Studies. Sea Grant Marine Advisory Service.


European Aquaculture Society   html

European Aquaculture Society.