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Fuels from farm products - energy from plants and animal materials - are becoming increasingly important in world energy systems. Find information about bioenergy options and related technologies, research, policies and programs.

Biomass Electricity   html

California Energy Commission. Consumer Energy Center.

Focuses on specific topics including wood heat in your home, digester and landfill gas and municipal solid waste.

Biofuels   html

Journey to Forever.

Includes a rationale for biofuels use, information on ethanol and biodiesel, and both a Biofuels Library and a Biofuels Supplies and Suppliers list.

Bioeconomy Institute   html

Iowa State University.

Information about education, research, and outreach programs on bioproducts from a large research institution. News, events, job opportunities and other information sources are also provided.

Bioenergy   html

USDA. Economic Research Service.

Showcases economic data and analysis on ethanol, biodiesel and other biofuels. Also, links to many related USDA resources on biofuels.

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy   html

USDA. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

Information about the relationship of sustainable agriculture to renewable energy including the fact sheet, Researching Alternative Fuels (217 KB | PDF).

Featured Search for Bioenergy   html

Executes an automated search for authoritative selected science information provided by U.S. Government agencies on the topic of bioenergy.

Farm Energy Alternatives   html

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Includes sections on biodiesel, ethanol, and anaerobic digesters and other biomass options covering a diversity of topics from heating with compost to switchgrass.

Exploring Ways to Use Biomass Energy   html

DOE. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Covers topics including fuels, electric power, products made from biomass materials, and wood or pellet heating for consumer homes and vehicles.

Bioenergy   html

DOE. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Covers topics including the use of algae as a biofuel, biofuel feedstocks, biorefineries, research and technologies, funding, current news, events. and more.

Biomass Energy Basics   html

DOE. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Provides information on research to develop and advance technologies for biofuels, biopower, bioproducts and other biomass energy applications.