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USDA History

A U.S. Department of Agriculture employee plants a new lawn using a mule drawn tiller in June 1931

An Act to Establish a Department of Agriculture
USDA. National Agricultural Library. Provides the text of Abraham Lincoln's legislation establishing the Department of Agriculture.

USDA’s History Comes Alive at the National Agricultural Library
USDA. ARS. National Agricultural Library. Exhibits highlights of special collections at the National Agricultural Library including original artworks, the fiber collection, archival journals, correspondence, and scientific reports.

National Agricultural Library Timeline
USDA. ARS. National Agricultural Library. Presents a timeline of the National Agricultural Library.

USDA Celebrates 150 Years
USDA. Records activities of the USDA in 2012 to celebrate the 150th year of the department.

150th Anniversary of United States Department of Agriculture
USDA. Demonstrates 150 years of service by the USDA to the American public with a pictorial overview of USDA activities

Former Secretaries of Agriculture
USDA. Introduces United States Secretaries of Agriculture chronologically with short biographies.

National Agricultural Statistics Service
USDA. National Agricultural Statistics Service. Presents a historical overview of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

United States Experiment Station Record
University of North Texas. Displays full text historical publications of the United States Department of Agriculture's Office of Experiment Stations from 1889 to 1941.