Breastfeeding a Magical Bond of Love (WIC
Hispanic Breastfeeding and Promotion Project)

provides research-based, culturally-sensitive
breastfeeding resources that address perceived barriers to breastfeeding among Hispanic participants.

WIC agencies can now order free copies of Magical Bond of Love materials.

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Project Summary

Project Summary [PDF]
This two-page staff handout provides an overview of the project and highlights key findings from formative research.
Breastfeeding Poster

Posters [PDF]
This poster provides an eye-catching display that conveys the “Magical Bond…” theme and reassures mothers about their breast milk supply and composition.
18” x 24” Poster (English)
18” x 24” Poster (Spanish)
8.5" x 11" Poster (English)
8.5" x 11" Poster (Spanish)
Breastfeeding Brochure

Brochures for
and Fathers
These large and colorful tri-fold brochures discuss myths and barriers associated with breastfeeding, and address how grandmothers and fathers can support breastfeeding mothers.
Mother Brochure (English)    Mother Brochure (Spanish)
Father Brochure (English)    Father Brochure (Spanish)
Grandmother Brochure (English)
Grandmother Brochure (Spanish)

Video Guide

Q and A Guide for
This three-time-award-winning video-novella follows a discussion about breastfeeding among WIC mothers and family members. Animated characters, Princessa Tigressa, her baby Pepito, and Mother Hen, add an element of “magic” to the presentation as they address common misconceptions about breastfeeding.