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About the Training Materials

In 2011, the FNS peer counseling training curricula were updated.  These curricula were developed as a result of a cooperative agreement with Every Mother, Inc., a nonprofit organization providing counseling and lactation training and technical assistance to healthcare professionals.


Training for WIC Managers

“Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together – For WIC Managers,” is for State level staff, local agency managers, breastfeeding coordinators, and peer counselor supervisors. 
The management training is structured around each component of the Loving Support© Mode, providing State agencies with research-based strategies, ideas and best practices for successful implementation. Section 1 of the management curriculum presents an overview of the Food and Nutrition Service vision for peer counseling in the WIC Program.

Speaker Notes
Faciliator Prompts

Training Training for WIC Peer Counselors

“Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together – For Training WIC Peer Counselors” is the training program for WIC peer counselors.  This competency-based curriculum is designed to help introduce peer counselors to their role as part of the WIC team supporting new mothers.  The curriculum equips peer counselors with skills in counseling and breastfeeding management to promote breastfeeding and address common.

Speaker Notes
Facilitator Prompts
Handouts (Black & White)
Handouts (Color)

Presentation Platform:
  The peer counselor presentation “platform” uses an innovative design approach that allows trainers to present the training curriculum in a highly-visual, easy-to-navigate format.   All components of the platform—photo slides, picture stories, videos, case studies, animations, etc., are linked together through hyperlinks in a single platform.  This approach is designed to strengthen the connection between the trainer and peer counselors and, enhances learning through emotion triggers from photo images, picture stories, video, and audio.  The platform allows presenters to quickly and easily move throughout the presentation to respond to specific questions, access videos and other resources, and to meet targeted individual learning needs of peer counselors. 

Note to trainers: The presentation platform itself consists of only visuals, graphics, and media designed to enhance your presentation of the speaker notes. Trainers should become very familiar with the detailed speaker notes before using the presentation platform to train peer counselors. Once familiar with the speaker notes, trainers can use the the "facilitator prompts" also available separately in the curriculum files, to assist with the presentation. The facilitator prompts provide brief key messages for each visual in the platform, along with reminders and navigation options. Additional information on using the materials and the presentation platform can be found in the Training Facilitator Guide.

Peer Counselor Handbook The WIC Peer Counselor Handbook is a “take home” document for peer counselors that includes the key principles presented in the speaker notes from the training for WIC Peer Counselors “Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together.”  Use a 1” binder to create a WIC Peer Counselor Handbook for each of the peer counselors you are training.

The handbooks is available in Word and PDF as part of the platform download but is also available here in PDF format:
Binder Covers
Binder Spine
Binder Tabs
Training Modules (summary of key messages from Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together)
Handouts (BW)    Handouts (Color)

Sample CEU attendance certificates for States to modify and use:

Sample Certificate 1
Sample Certificate 2
Sample Certificate 3

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