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  • It's Time to Eat

    It's Time to Eat

    This brochure from Oregon contains information and tips on when and how to start your baby on solid foods, along with some simple steps for making your own baby food. Also available in Spanish.

  • Metabolic Nutrition Education Modules

    Metabolic Nutrition Education Modules

    • Developed by the Ohio Metabolic Formula Program and the Ohio WIC Program. This series of 12 nutrition education modules can be used with infants and children who have inborn errors of metabolism such as PKU. These children must rely on specialized medical food, or metabolic formula for the majority of their protein needs and eat very little natural proteins from foods.
  • Oral Care for You and Your Child

    Oral Care for You and Your Child

    • This bulletin board was developed by Massachusetts WIC for Children's Dental Month (each year in February).
    • English [Publisher]
    • English [PDF]
    • Spanish [Publisher]
    • Spanish [PDF]
  • hero

    Our Little Super Hero

    This handout was developed by Massachusetts to highlight the importance of iron as part of a child's healthy diet.
  • intoxi

    Water Intoxication

    This updated handout was originally developed by Louisiana during the initial WIC food package change to remind parents that adding extra water to stretch out WIC formula allotments is dangerous. Information on signs and symptoms of intoxication is included.

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