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FIT WIC - Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona

The following Materials are available from this project:
bullet Feeding Our Children With Love (booklet) - [PDF - 7 pages].
bullet A Special Message for Grandparents (insert) - [PDF - 2 pages].
bullet Fit WIC Families: Activities for Learning About Nutrition and Physical Activity   [MS Word format]   Also in PDF
bullet Fit WIC Kids Nutrition Questionnaire and Plan   [MS Word format]
bullet Fit WIC News

bulletIssue 1 - Kids Know Best! Let Your Child Decide How Much to Eat -      [PDF - 2 pages].

  bulletIssue 2 - Make Mealtimes Happy Times - [PDF - 2 pages].
  bulletIssue 3 - Let Your Kids Help in the Kitchen - [PDF - 2 pages].
  bulletIssue 4 - Watch Your Child Grow and Glow - [PDF - 2 pages].
bullet Staff Tracking Goal Chart   [MS Word format]
bullet Staff Training Materials on feeding relationships, including evaluation
bulletWorking with Preschoolers   [Powerpoint presentation]
bulletChild Feeding Training   [Powerpoint presentation]
bulletCaregiver Discussion Groups   [Powerpoint presentation]
bulletGroup Discussion Questions for Staff   [MS Word format]
bulletDiscussion Questions - Child of Mine   [MS Word format]
bulletStaff Child Feeding Training Pre-Test   [MS Word format]
bulletStaff Child Feeding Training Post-Test   [MS Word format]


The goals of the Fit WIC ITCA Project were to:
  • Improve the staff's comfort level with providing nutrition and physical activity education.
  • Re-focus nutrition education sessions to emphasize the feeding relationship rather than the specific foods consumed.
  • Offer new educational formats to participants, such as facilitated discussion groups and classes for children.

The Fit WIC ITCA project achieved these goals by conducting a variety of activities. To help staff members feel more comfortable in discussing weight issues with WIC clients, staff members themselves were assisted in developing their own personal goals for nutrition and physical activity. By engaging in the behaviors they are promoting with clients, WIC staff members would feel better equipped to help clients develop and achieve their own goals.

Staff received training and tools to help them teach about parenting strategies that are applicable to mealtimes. A new care plan and questionnaire was developed to elicit information about feeding relationship issues from WIC caregivers during individual counseling sessions.

Staff learned skills to lead discussion groups with adults. Additionally, new classes for children were developed. These classes involved children in reading a story about food, helping to prepare a healthy snack, and participating in fun, physical activities.

Successes were realized in all project focus areas. Staff members who participated in project intervention activities demonstrated more positive changes in their own lifestyle, such as an increase in exercise, a change in diet, or watching less television, than did staff in the control group. Caregivers who participated in group activities expressed an appreciation for a change of pace and an opportunity to interact with others during their WIC visit. Staff members who facilitated group activities with caregivers or children initially felt unprepared for their role, but were gratified by the experience once they had some practice.


Fit WIC Inter Tribal Council of Arizona
Mindy Tomkins, RD
WIC Director
Inter Tribal Council of Arizona
Phone: 602-307-1511
E-mail: mindy.tomkins@itcaonline.com

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