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FIT WIC - Vermont
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Play Everyday! (Vermont)

The following materials are available from this project:
bullet Community Assesssment [MS Word format]
bullet Blank Community Assesssment Facilities Checklist [MS Word format]
bullet Community Assesssment for Physical Activity Facilities [MS Word format]
bullet Where can we play? [MS Word format]
bullet Sample Letter to Physician [MS Word format]
bullet Training Needs Self-Assessment for Obesity Counseling in WIC [MS Word format]
bullet Growing Healthy Families Newsletter [PDF - 4 pages]  
bullet Fit WIC Fun and Games Pages [PDF - 9 pages] - These activities are included in the inserts of the Vermont WIC Program's quarterly participant newsletter, Growing Healthy Families. The activities are designed to complement the Vermont Fit WIC Activity Book and give additional playtime activities for families with preschool-age children.
bullet FIT WIC Activity Pyramid       Front [PDF]        Back [PDF]
bullet FIT WIC Activities
  bulletNotebook format (8-1/2x11 inches) to fit standard 3-ring notebook):
Complete notebook with cover and dividers
bulletSpiral-bound format (7-1/2x9-1/4 inches):
The FIT WIC Activities document was originally created to fit a       standard 3-ring notebook. Another option is to print a slightly smaller,       spiral-bound format. For printing the document in the notebook format,       output the notebook file at 100%. For printing the document in the       spiral-bound format, output the spiral-bound files for the inside and       divider pages at 80%. The spiral-bound cover does not need to be       reduced (output this at 100%).
  bulletBooklet format without dividers and cover
Parent's pages divider:
Quiet times divider
Everyday activities & play divider
Skill-building physical play divider
Special outings & exploring divider
  bulletKit Evaluation Tool [MS Word format]
  bulletSuppliers for Activity Kit Items [MS Word format]
bullet FIT WIC Educators Guide - This guide is a resource for educators of families with young children, including WIC, Head Start, childcare, preschool and playgroup providers. It provides physical activity lesson plan ideas for preschoolers and their families. It includes the colored dividers listed below.
  bulletGuide with dividers (in color)
  bulletGuide without dividers
      Introduction divider (between TOC and page 1):  B&W   Color       WICtivity Divider (between pages 6-7):  B&W   Color
      Readings & Resources Divider (between pages 34 and 35): B&W  Color

The primary goal of Fit WIC Vermont is to increase active physical playtime and decrease sedentary time for three and four year olds through a family-based intervention.

The Fit WIC Vermont project developed the" Fit WIC Activity Kit" in response to information they collected which indicated that parents valued physical activity as a healthy behavior for their children, but were unsure about the types or amounts that would be appropriate for their preschoolers-. The Activity Kit contains a variety of written materials and hands-on items specifically compiled using Social Cognitive Theory to help WIC families overcome barriers to, and increase opportunities for, active physical play. Included in the Kit are a colorful and easily accessible book for parents that provides information on the relationship between cognitive and physical development, ideas for incorporating physical activity into everyday routines, and specific skill-building activities designed to enhance physical development and learning. The book is structured around the Fit WIC Activity Pyramid, which offers recommendations for both unstructured and structured playtime and specific information about activity resources within the community for family outings. The book promotes the role of parents as their child's first and most important teacher, and offers parents the skills and confidence needed to successfully take on this role. Hands-on play items such as a beach ball, beanbags, and a cassette tape of children's movement songs are also in the Kit.

The Fit WIC Activity Kit allows WIC staff to bypass the parental "disconnect" around recognizing overweight and obesity in their children, and to address this issue in a manner that is received positively by participants. At the same time, it serves as a preventive measure for normal weight children.

The Fit WIC Activity Kit was very well received by the participating families and by the WIC staff at the intervention sites. Because families can use the Fit WIC Activity Kit to enhance their health education and health outcomes in a manner that is convenient for them, they are highly likely to actually use the materials once they leave the WIC clinic. Ninety-five percent of WIC mothers reported ever using the Activity Kit, with 71% using it more than 4 times during the first 2 weeks. Three to five months later, at the time of follow-up, usage had dropped somewhat but was still frequent. Ninety-seven percent of mothers reported they would use the Fit WIC materials again in the future. Compared to a control group of Vermont WIC mothers who did not receive the Fit WIC intervention, mothers who used the Fit WIC Activity Kit reported an improvement in their child's active play skills, an increase in the time the child spent doing some types of active play and more confidence in their own ability to teach play skills to their child.

Additionally, mothers responded that the Fit WIC Vermont Activity Kit helped them connect with their child, inspired new parent-child activity ideas, and reminded them of the importance of physical activity and play. An unexpected effect of the Kit reported by some mothers was improvement in their child's language and communication skills. Many mothers who had children of varying ages said the Kit was adaptable to a wide range of family ages and interests.

Fit WIC Vermont
Lynne Hathaway-Bortree, M.S.
Project Co-Director
Vermont Department of Health
Phone: 802-863-7333
Email: lbortre@vdh.state.vt.us

Karen Flynn
WIC Program Administrator
Vermont Department of Health
Phone 802-652-4171
Email kflynn@vdh.state.vt.us

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