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WQIC dynamic bibliographies are real-time searches in the NAL catalog (AGRICOLA) based on current librarian-built queries. Also known as canned searches or permanent URLs, dynamic bibliographies can contain topic-related results from any searchable source. The term "dynamic" refers to the fact that a new bibliography is generated each time you use the link, so the bibliography's citations are always up-to-date.

The Conservation Effects Assessment Project, or CEAP, is a multi-agency effort to examine and measure practices designed to reduce agricultral impacts on the environment. WQIC has supported CEAP information projects since 2003.

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  • Last Modified: Aug 23, 2012

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    A dynamic bibliography produces a real-time search result from the NAL database, AGRICOLA, based on current librarian-built queries. The term "dynamic" refers to the fact that a new bibliography is generated each time a search is run, so the bibliography's citations are always up-to-date. However, because of the automated nature of dynamic bibliographies, they have certain benefits and limitations:

    Improved timeliness. The print bibliography is by its nature limited to items published before its date of publication. However, the dynamic bibliography will always contain the most current information.

    Wider subject coverage. Citations might include related topics in addition to the specific topic covered.

    Limited database coverage. Searches are run against the AGRICOLA database only. AGRICOLA may not contain records (results) for every publication in the subject area.

    Decreased depth. To improve precision, some relevant results may not be listed.

    Irrelevant material. Irrelevant citations might be included while some relevant citations might be omitted.
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